The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 150

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 150

150 episodes 37. Establishment of the Ministry of Monetary and Finance (3)

Surprised by this, the people began to roar.

You want me to be able to print Goblin Dollars with the money I don’t have.

That’s legal too.

Because it was such a shocking proposal, the disturbance showed no sign of abating.

In the midst of the commotion, Rockefeller continued.

“As I have explained to His Majesty in advance, if you solve the financial problems of your empire only with gold coins, you will not be able to adequately supply the money you need in case of a major crisis in the future.”

Those who objected to Rockefeller’s words raised their voices.

“What do you mean? Isn’t it enough to print as many gold coins as you need?”

“Then where will you get the gold you need to print those gold coins?”

“That’s it… … .”

It was then that the nobles realized the problem with the monetary system made of gold coins.

And I began to empathize with what Rockefeller was trying to say.

“However, Goblin Dollars do not require such gold, so in times of crisis, issuing and circulating as much as needed will enable us to supply the money we need right away. And with that money, we will be able to avoid the crisis.”

As Rockefeller emphasized, he continued:

“But, as everyone here knows, this is illegal, not allowed by the state. In a way, as Archduke Astin said, he could have deceived everyone. However, in times of crisis in the empire, there is no such monetary system. There’s no need to mix copper with gold coins as badly as in flame wars. Isn’t that right, Your Majesty?”

Now everyone’s eyes were focused on the emperor.

‘Both Tepez and Sinclair are financially incapacitated because of the Crown War. And due to various domestic and foreign problems, the imperial finances are not as strong as expected. In the midst of this, if Orcs or other races cause problems, it will be a great crisis for the Empire. In that sense, you need money to prepare for a sudden situation.’

So where can you get that money?

in the sky?

on the ground?

‘Even if I don’t like it, I have no choice but to choose. Rather than guarding against the greed of one family, we have to protect something bigger.’

He had already agreed to give control of the money to the Los Medici family, but the related laws were his own, so the emperor thoughtfully opened his mouth before answering.

“If you allow it. Are you willing to risk everything for you and your family to help me and the Empire when the Empire is in great danger?”

Rockefeller answered, hiding his cruel greed in a smile.

“Of course, Your Majesty. What I ask of Your Majesty is ultimately for the sake of the Empire as a whole rather than for my personal self-interest. Please consider this deeply.”

before this seat.

Rockefeller met separately with the emperor and gave a brief explanation of the reserve ratio.

This reserve ratio was to set the ratio of how many gold coins people were legally required to keep in Banco.

Originally, people had to keep 100% of the gold coins entrusted to them in Banco.

That way, they were able to retrieve the gold coins they had entrusted to them right away.

However, no names were written on the gold coins they entrusted to them, and most of the gold coins they entrusted were often left meaningless in the banco.

So, they only have gold coins deposited in a certain percentage set by the country, and it was the reserve ratio that helped them use the rest of the gold coins.

‘I don’t know how many times the amount of gold you have will allow you to print virtual money.’

For example, if the reserve ratio is 10%, there is no legal problem with Banco vendors even if they only have 10% of the gold coins entrusted to them by their customers. And the remaining 90% of the gold coins are all loaned out to make a profit through usury.

‘It seems that you are still ignorant of this part, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. At most, it will be two or three times more.’

After a while, the emperor’s words of thought continued.

“good night. Instead, it would be better if you and I meet and decide the details separately. And it is strictly forbidden to divulge this special permission to the outside. It would be better for you who are here now to remain silent about this story from now on. This is the yellow name.”

All the nobles present were frightened by the word Hwangmyeong.

You say you’re going to cheat, but you’re hiding this again.

It was crazy and jumpy, but it was led by the emperor and the most influential family in the empire, so they had no choice but to accept it.

In order to seek the understanding of all, the emperor informed the background of his approval of it.

“I made that decision because it is necessary for the safety of the Empire. If you are dissatisfied, is there anyone who can give you that kind of money later when the empire is in crisis? If there is such a person, I will also stop deceiving everyone.”

In fact, the Lyon Guild was the only place where there was enough money to save the empire.

There was no noble family comparable to that of the Lyon Guild, so all the nobles had no choice but to agree silently.

The emperor confirmed this and opened his mouth again.

“Then I know that no one opposes this. Please be extra careful so that this story does not leak out in the future. If this story spreads among the people of the Empire. I will catch the person who spread the story and punish him for violating the rule of law.”

At the threat of the emperor, some nobles swallowed their saliva with their throats.

Seeing such nobles, the emperor thought.

‘This is my best.’

The emperor needed money for the safety of the empire, and Rockefeller also wanted to do business legally within the limits of the law.

In this case, it can be seen that the interests of the two were exactly aligned.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Let Rockefeller smile pleasantly.

Sinclair, who did not see this, came forward.

“Your Majesty, do you really believe the author? The author is trying to satisfy his erroneous desires by pointing out the imperial crisis that has not yet come.”

Then, Empress Lucia, who had been standing there without a word, harshly pushed him.

“Are you still doubting my brother’s true intentions?”

The young empress, who I thought was nothing, said that.

No matter how much Sinclair was, he had no choice but to bow his head.

‘You’ve laid the plates very well. I forgot about it because I didn’t have a presence for a while, but that the Empress has such a personality… … I was so careless. Hopefully things will end up like this.’

“His Majesty the Empress. If you were offended by what I said, I apologize first. I just… … .”

Lucia was as ruthless as Rockefeller.


The emperor, who was conscious of the young but bold empress, also raised his voice to take care of his wife.

“The person sitting next to me is my wife and the Empress of the Empire. Since you are in the same position as me, I will never tolerate disrespect towards the Empress after this time.”

No matter how disliked Rockefeller, there were too many mountains to climb to attack him.

How could the world’s Sinclair be so humble?

Never before in the history of the Empire… … .

But times have changed, and he has to adapt himself to the changed world.

“I guess I was too frivolous. Please stop that anger.”

So let the head of Sinclair lower his tail.

It is now Rockefeller’s world.

A place where no one dares to vomit on his own words.

Rockefeller gave me a very proud voice.

“Your Majesty, I have a deep concern for you. It is true that Goblin Dollars are still ignored by some of the people of the Empire despite all my efforts.”

Some of the people of the Empire who did not trust the Goblin Dollar were still sticking with their talents at this very moment.

But Rockefeller wasn’t going to allow them.

Unless they need goblin dollars.

Stop when it makes you need it.

“So I would like to make a suggestion to your Majesty. In order to activate the Goblin Dollar, please allow all taxes in the Empire to be paid in Goblin Dollars.”

The last thing that completes the Goblin Dollar.

It was to give the world the value of goblin dollars.

“Are you going to pay your taxes only in Goblin Dollars?”

“Yes, if you do that, Goblin Dollars will become more valuable and widely used within the Empire.”

Then there were the nobles who were against it.

In the first place, Tepez and the Sinclair family had no place for them to step forward.

In addition, the young Empress, who had previously threatened the former head of Sinclair, was so concerned that only the voices of Rockefeller and the Emperor roamed the hall.

“Are there any problems there?”

“Haha, your Majesty. What’s the problem there? Originally, the Goblin Dollars were exchanged for all talents in our Lyon Guild. There are absolutely no problems stemming from it. Rather, it will be an opportunity for the goblin dollar to be widely used.”

The emperor was a bit quarreled, but he was already married to Ismail’s headmaster.

Even if there was a problem, the Emperor decided that there was nothing to worry about as there was the head of Ismail, so he reluctantly approved it.

“good night. make it so From now on, all taxes in the Empire will be paid in Goblin Dollars, not talents. Let it be widely publicized and implemented.”

Rockefeller, who smiled faintly as soon as permission was granted, showed a pretentious example to the Emperor.

“Thank you, Your Majesty. From now on, I will once again swear that I will faithfully contribute to the prosperity and peace of the Empire as a faithful servant of His Majesty.”

The nobles, who were unable to open their mouths even though they had something to say, finally acknowledged the birth of a new prestigious family.

The master swordsman Tepez and the master magician Sinclair, who had dominated the empire until just a few hours ago, were pushed down, and the Los Medici family, the financial master, rose to the top.

‘That’s great. Not long ago, I heard that you were a commoner… … .’

‘I heard that there are commoners that crawl raw meat, but… … Even a lowly born person would be like that.’

‘It’s almost the level of an anti-aircraftman. At first, I thought it was no big deal because I didn’t have any estates, but I feel ashamed of myself for thinking that way. If you look at the influence that the author can exert right away, this would be next to the emperor.’

The noisy aristocrats looked at Rockefeller and were immersed in their thoughts.

But their last thought was this.

‘You have to look good. It’s over if it’s taken by the author.’

‘I have control over money, so this is nothing like an emperor.’

‘I can’t help but look hateful. Do I have to send you a precious gift at this time?’

‘You look young too… … did you say you got married? Still, my daughter is pretty, so I think I can try it… … .’

Rockefeller could not have known about the thoughts of such aristocrats.

‘It would be better if you know how to crawl in front of me so that it doesn’t bother me. The power I have here is absolute.’

There was a man who watched closely as Rockefeller stepped back from his seat.

He was Elijah Tepez, the owner of the Tepez family, who had had a brief quarrel with the former Rockefeller.

He was watching Rockefeller with great interest.

‘At first I didn’t like it.’

At least, seeing him wielding his authority in front of the emperor at will, he had no choice but to change his first thought.

‘I keep looking, it doesn’t look that bad. At least I think it’s much better than the Sinclair guys.’

Unlike his rival, Sinclair, he was a person with excellent financial skills.

In other words, there is a lot to be gained by being friendly.

‘It looks like there’s nothing wrong with getting along. It’s our family that worships radish anyway, because there’s absolutely no reason to be hostile to a family that only reveals money.’

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