The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 151

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 151

Episode 151 37. Establishment of the Ministry of Monetary and Finance (4)

Money was absolute.

If you have a lot of money, you can have a lot of allies, and it will definitely be a big help in Tepez’s favorite battlefield.

‘then… … It’d be nice to get it out that way.’

In general imperial custom, after the War of the Crowns, what the three noble families did was to marry a woman from their clan to a new emperor.

It was a long-standing tradition and custom of the new emperor to adopt a woman from three families as his wife in order to unify the empire that had been divided due to the Crown War.

Therefore, Elijah was thinking of sending Princess Trinity, the most beautiful and strong woman in the Tepez family, to the new emperor as the old custom.

If only I had not seen a man named Rockefeller here today.

‘It’s not that the emperor lacks power. If the empress is the author’s younger sister and has a good relationship with the pope, then the power of the empire will probably be the author, not the emperor. The emperor should also keep an eye on the pope, because the author won’t have anything like that.’

So, who should you give the most beautiful woman in your family?

Is it right to give it to an emperor who doesn’t seem to have much nutritional value?

Or is it right to give it to that young man who can be said to be the power of the empire?

The answer was fixed.

‘The emperor also broke the existing custom and appointed a wife and wife from a noble family other than the wife of three noble families as the empress, so it is correct to think that the following customs have already been broken. It’s even necessary to keep it.’

After thinking, Elijah called Rockefeller to leave the scene with his wife.

“I was very rude in the beginning. People in our family are not very kind to people they meet for the first time. I would like to ask for forgiveness from the Rockefellers before this meeting is over.”

There was no way Rockefeller wouldn’t know about him, who came like a serpent.

‘Looking at the situation, he seems to have changed his mind about me because he thought I couldn’t do it. Hagisa It’s me, so is there any reason why the Tepez people keep away from me? Rather, I liked it. There’s absolutely no reason to throw it out. I don’t know if it’s really full of bad feelings.’

First of all, there was no reason for Rockefeller to dismiss Tepez’s head as low-key.

They were one of the most prestigious families in the Empire, and since ancient times, there has been no family that has had Tepez as an enemy.

And soon to come was the war of gold veins.

The people most needed in the war were Tepez and the Sinclairs, and Rockefeller welcomed them with a smile.

“Oh, aren’t you, Grand Duke Elijah, who told me in the beginning? Haha, I already forgot about the unsavory argument that happened before. Tephez is the true sword of the Empire, who would hate and make enemies of the sword that protects the country? I just forgot about it, so please feel free to treat me.”

It was the same for both of them.

A world where you can be an ally or an enemy depending on your needs.

This kind of thing happened all the time, so Elijah erased the bad feeling he had before and put on a smile.

“If we are the swords that protect the empire, the Los Medici family will be the money line that moves the empire, right?”

“Is that so? So it seems clear that we both need the Empire. I want to get along well with the Grand Duke in the future.”

“Rather, that’s what I want to say. We want to maintain a good relationship with the Los Medici family.”

While the two were exchanging silly jokes.

There was someone watching them closely from afar.

It was Archduke Astin, the head of Sinclair, who was contemplating Rockefeller until just a few minutes ago.

‘What are you doing now? Are you trying to get along well with a guy with no roots like that?’

He had had an argument with Rockefeller just before, so he couldn’t think well of Rockefeller and his family.

However, when that goofy head of Tepez reached out to a strange family called Los Medici, who was bright in finance, he had to change his mind.

‘The Tepez guys have always been about money. Even though I have a lot, I have a lot of things to break.’

No matter how you look at it, the relationship between the two was quite uncomfortable from the Sinclair’s point of view.

‘If we stick together like that, our wear will eventually decrease.’

Reminds me of the Tepez family, who will become acquainted with the Los Medici family.

It felt like this was going to turn around.

‘I don’t know anything else, but I can’t see that.’

So, what can be done to prevent that?

‘At least, I shouldn’t be an enemy of that family, who can now be called the most powerful. If you just maintain a moderately friendly relationship, there is probably no case where Tepez is arrogant alone and runs wild like an idiot.’

The most effective means of maintaining that friendship was marriage between the two families.

Originally, both Tepez and Sinclair were extremely protective of the family’s blood, so it was strictly forbidden by the family law to let their blood leak out.

What they feared most was that someone with all the blood of Tepez and Sinclair would establish a new family and establish itself as the hegemon of the Empire.

However, the Los Medici family was so ordinary that there was no need to be so vigilant in protecting the family’s blood.

‘I don’t like it that much though. If you leave it there, it will become a problem later. Even if you don’t like it, it’s better to maintain a relationship to some extent.’

So, having thought about it, he selected a suitable woman from among the wives and wives in the family.

‘The only thing I can think of right now is my daughter.’

Is it really right to give my precious daughter to that young man?

However, it seemed more appropriate to give to the author, who could be called the head of the empire, rather than to the emperor.

‘It would be better to leave such a person on the same side. If that’s difficult, at least you can maintain neutrality.’

After thinking, the head of Sinclair and Prince Astin quietly left his seat.

After seeing the opportunity later, he was thinking of meeting Rockefeller separately.

until then.

The story of Rockefeller and Tepez continued.

“The Prince is still young, but if you have an idea, how about having a wife and wife in our family as an acquaintance to improve our relationship with us? If you allow me, I will choose and select the most suitable wife for Hapha.”


Rockefeller coughed as he looked at his wife nearby.

Fortunately, she seemed to have no expression on her face.

“Thank you for the suggestion, but I already have someone I know.”

Elijah saw Rockefeller’s wife.

She looked like a typical Ismail person, but she never thought that she would be Ismail’s housekeeper.

“In the Empire, there is no better means of linking two families than marriage. I would like Prince Rockefeller to take the wives and wives of our family, even to promote the friendship between our two families. And it’s also the most effective means of clearing up the clutter after the Crown Wars.”

He continued.

“I have been married four times since I came to this position. It was all for the Empire and our family. It is true that people in our position should marry many times.”

It was not uncommon for a person from a prestigious family to marry multiple times due to various interests related to the family.

In the Empire, there was a saying that the number of wives was the power of a man.

“I am no Majesty, why do I need to get married so many times?”

At this meeting, Rockefeller’s wife, who had been thinking about it, began to stop Rockefeller from rejecting him.

“It will definitely be a good thing for you and your family. It doesn’t look good to say no simply because of me.”

It was the head of Tepez who smiled broadly at those words.

“This is a common occurrence in the imperial aristocratic society. If the people in the house allow it, please let the Rockefellers take the wives and wives of our family as well. This is good for both families and for the empire.”

“Let’s think about the Archduke’s proposal for a moment. It’s a bit too much for me to make a decision right here.”

“If you’re like that because you can’t see anyone else. I’ve already allowed it, so it shouldn’t be a big problem. Then we’ll get back to you soon, so we’ll see you then. Then I’m busy.”

So, the head of Tepez leaves.

Rockefeller asked her, his wife, as if curiously.

“Are you okay? You said you had another wife?”

Surprisingly, she was a woman of noble origin.

“I don’t care. On the contrary, if you decline that offer, you will get in trouble for the Tepez family later on. In that case, it would be better to just understand and make sacrifices. Even for everyone.”

At the time of the fall of Ismail in the past.

Having a memory of surviving the hardship, she knew well how painful it was to live with several families and chucks.

So it was.

“One nightmare as a child is enough. Instead, my first wife is me. I just want you to remember that fact.”

“If you say so. If I don’t mind the Tepez family, it’s better to accept their wives and wives.”

“That would be a good choice for you and me, for your family and for your empire. I’m not going to stop you, so please accept the Californian’s offer over there.”

“If that is your will.”

After a while.

Rockefeller and his wife were traveling in a wagon to escape from the imperial castle when they encountered an unexpected person.

It was Archduke Astin, the head of the Sinclair family who had a big argument with the former Rockefeller at the egg scene.

Archduke Astin still did not like the man Rockefeller, but this was for the family apart from his feelings.

“Can we talk for a moment? It’s not a bad thing, so you don’t have to be too vigilant.”

With that said, Rockefeller looked at his wife for a moment.

She avoided her seat and climbed into the wagon first.

Meanwhile, the head of Sinclair, who faced Rockefeller, opened his mouth.

“First of all, I want to apologize for the unfortunate incident that happened before.”

“Can I have an apology? Rather, I am only sorry for hurting the Archduke.”

Although he was still not happy with this position, Archduke Astin made up his mind to forget everything and focus only on reason and reality.

‘I really don’t like it. I can’t help it.’

“I heard you had a pleasant conversation with Archduke Elijah earlier. Is there any other reason?”

Why did he call himself?

I guessed roughly why.

Rockefeller, ignorant of this, answered the question.

“It’s not a big deal. He just said something like that he was giving me the wife and wife of the family. Tepez people, is there any good in having a bad relationship with those of us who spit money? In that sense, we talked about something like that to promote mutual friendship.”


It didn’t take long for him to open his mouth again.

“If you take your wife and daughter, it seems appropriate to bring your wife and children along with you. What do you think about this?”

I’d get an offer like this from two families in one day.

“I already have a wife, and I am embarrassed to receive such an offer.”

“Even if you are already married, if you take only the wife and children of the Tepez family, that will be a problem in its own way. If you are going to take them, it would be good for each other to take them all.”

While speaking, Archduke Astin’s gaze was not pretty.

“To be honest, I don’t really like you.”

“Is that so?”

“There was an argument we had before, and the Lyon Guild has been a Banco faction that has been under us since ancient times. But I don’t think this uncomfortable relationship will be good for you, me, or each other. So I’m going to give it to my daughter, but I hope you don’t turn it down.”

“It’s my daughter… … .”

“I want you to think carefully before making a decision. I hate making decisions like this. In a different way, it means acknowledging you and your family.”

He, who was about to disappear splendidly like a master of magic, disappeared the last time he said these words.

“I hope to see each other with a smile next time.”

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