The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 152

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 152

Episode 152 38. Azrak Goldmine (1)

The story of the gold ore that only circulated in the Montefeltro estate began to spread across the continent, and sooner or later, the story was passed on to the goblins, the richest race on the continent.

At a roundtable meeting that is the key to moving Goblin Bank and only key people can attend.

An agenda related to the Montefeltro estate has been raised.

Among the goblins, only three people with a stake in the Goblin Bank could attend the Round Table, and Goldman was the most powerful among them.

Goldman, wearing one-eyed glasses, let out a deep sigh as he read the report related to an imperial estate.

“Hmm… … Does this make sense?”

Likewise, the two goblins who were reading the same report also began to speak.

“Isn’t it already dead land?”

When Morgan spoke, JP immediately opened his mouth.

“That was not it. This yolk land has survived until now.”

They were the center of moving the world through the round table.

And they were also unscrupulous goblins who would do anything for the revival of their race.

It was their work that caused war by separating the orcs and dwarves the other day.

“If I do this well, I think I’ll have something to eat.”

“It’s an empire land. After all, it’s an empire, so what are you eating here?”

“Hey, what are you talking about? You see, this is Azrock Goldmine. I don’t know? Azrock Goldmine?”

“what is that?”

“It was an old dwarf thing.”

“What? Was this a dwarf land long ago?”

“Yeah, it was a dwarf land. Did you not know this?”

“How would I know?”

Goldman, who had gone through all the contents of the report, opened his mouth immediately after taking it down.

“Let’s work like last time. It’s like fighting ignorant orcs and dwarves. This is the story of trying to break apart and try to break through here too.”

Hearing that, Morgan raised a voice.

“But these are not ignorant orcs. Talking about humans and dwarves. If you want to separate yourself from each other, it’s good if the relationship between the two is bad. It’s not really like that, is it?”

JP also agreed with Morgan.

“right. The two are allies for once. Well, I can’t say we’re really good friends. Last time during the Totem War, the dwarves went to the humans to get beer. That’s how close they are to each other.”

Goldman started kicking his tongue at those two.

“Ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttts This yolk land?”

“No, I don’t mean to give up. It’s a lot harder to work with than I thought.”

“What do you think?”

At Goldman’s question, JP thoughtfully opened his mouth.

“By the way, these dwarves are also bastards who admire gold. Moreover, since this place is called Azrak Goldmine, it used to be a dwarf land. Even if this is an alliance, if this amount of gold mine was found, I don’t think the Dwarves would stand still, right?”

Goldman agreed.

“I think so too. This is unconditional war. No matter how allies, humans and dwarves will never give up. Both of them are crazy about gold.”

In the end, Seth’s thoughts were focused on a war between the human empire and the dwarf realm.

“Then how are we going to eat here? … .”

“The fight is going to get a little bitter. There will be no concessions to each other. Especially if you are fighting over this kind of gold vein, you will be beaten very hard until one side goes out.”

“i think so too.”

The three of them, who had lost their words, kept thinking about how they could get even Kongomul and eat it.

Then something flashed through Goldman’s mind.

“If the fight is long. money will be tight Then let’s aim for it.”

“Are we going to lend money there?”

“right. I’ve heard that the Empire’s financial situation is particularly bad. There’s been a crown war recently. But will the empire stand still because of no money? If the Empire doesn’t want to lose the land, it will try to protect it somehow.”

The eyes of the two goblins were focused on Goldman.


“So it is. They won’t do anything when they run out of money.”

Then Morgan nodded and raised a voice.

“Right. Then we will issue government bonds. Because the only answer to the lack of money is issuance of government bonds.”

“right. We’re fucking buying that bond. And when the Empire wins. Using those government bonds as an excuse, I can get them some interest in the yolk land. Or we can use those bonds to make them our slaves.”

“Oh! That’s what I was thinking.”

“What do you think? Isn’t it pretty quirky?”

Then JP expressed his doubts.

“No, what if the Dwarf wins?”

Goldman replied with a wrinkled expression on his face.

“Dwarves can’t win.”

JP said with a wrinkled expression, apparently something he didn’t like.

“Dwarves also have a lot of money. Would they easily lose the war?”

Morgan also spoke up.

“If the Dwarf wins, the empire will be destroyed, right? Then the imperial government bonds are all shit, so why are we doing such a business?”

But Goldman’s thoughts were firm.

“Dwarves can never win. They don’t get along well with each other, and if they don’t have beer, they start riots like crazy people. So, if we act well, the Empire is bound to win.”

The meeting was prolonged, but their answer was to buy all the bonds from the empire that issued them during the war.

Only then would they be able to exercise their influence using government bonds as an excuse.

“Not recently, but they say something like that happened in the Human Empire. It is said that in a certain human Banco, the lord sat in debt and ate the estate.”

Goldman responded immediately to Morgan.

“Isn’t that the Montefeltro estate? That’s what I heard.”

“Oh, was it there?”

“Yeah, I know that.”

“He’s lucky. I’m going to eat that yolk land instead of the lord. Anyway.”

A gleam of greed flashed in Goldman’s eyes as he was about to end the roundtable.

“After the war, all bonds issued by the Empire will be bought. That way, you will be able to exert influence over the Empire later.”

* * *

Montefeltro estate.

The place where he was born and the place of his childhood memories.

When Rockefeller returned there, he was already a married young man.

In the carriage heading to the Montefeltro estate.

Rockefeller looked out the window at the wide field of gold.

‘It’s a golden war… … .’

Moving much faster than the war in the novel, Rockefeller was determined to somehow protect this estate, which would be his hometown and the inexhaustible line of money for the Los Medici family.

‘In the end, the winner will be the empire… … That’s not important.’

Rockefeller knew all too well the impure forces behind the war.

‘The problem is those who will have huge amounts of government bonds to be printed by the Empire in war.’

Rockefeller knew exactly how the goblins would move in this war of gold and veins.

‘War is always money. And there are two ways to raise that money in one country. It’s government bonds and looting.’

But the Empire was far from plundering.

Predation was the prerogative of the orcs and some savage races, and in places where the state was to a certain extent like the Empire, the state issued bonds to cover the lack of money, and it was often used to cover the lack of money.

Here the empire was the latter issuing bonds.

‘The lord here is also ruined like that. And the Empire too.’

The Empire will win the war against the dwarves through the issuance of government bonds, but due to the huge bonds printed in the process, it will later become a puppet of the goblin bank.

And this was the foreordained future.

‘It shouldn’t be like that. Would it make sense for a human to live with such goblin eyes?’

Therefore, Rockefeller’s current focus was not on winning the Gold and White War, but on protecting the Empire from the Goblin Banks.

‘First of all, I need to know the circumstances of Yeong-ji. And unlike the novel, we have to attract the denomination’s forces as well.’

Upon arriving at the Montefeltro estate, Rockefeller went straight to the lord.

Seeing Rockefeller, who had been visiting after a long time, Yeong-joo felt very upset.

On the other hand, the Overseer Chiron Mark, who was with him, treated him with great respect, who had a higher status than before.

“Long time no see. I thought you would come back to your homeland someday.”

Unlike the overseer, where the waist naturally bends.

The young lord raised his head and threw his scornful gaze at Rockefeller.

Apparently, he knew that his daughter had married to his family.

“No matter where you are in the Empire. Don’t even think about being respected by me. If that were the case, I would bite my tongue and commit suicide right here.”

The lord was quite sincere, and Rockefeller had no choice but to laugh when he met such a lord.

‘Well, I wouldn’t want to do that either.’

At the funeral home where his father was buried when he was young.

He was the one who spoke politely about manners and fractions.

Anyway, Rockefeller.

“Long time no see. Lord.”

“The divine water is very clear. Yes, since I lived in Lyon without any shortage, of course Shinsoo would be good.”

“Your Lord is still the same.”

“I’m a half lord after all, what do you want from me like this?”

“Haha, I have no intention of being respected by the Lord.”

Rockefeller with a smile continued.

“After all, there are too many people in this empire to respect me other than the lord.”

“Hey, you’re good at talking. yes you are welcome You know why I came.”

Lord Chester never knew why Rockefeller had come to this outlying land.

Although he was the lord of this place, the actual owner of the estate was the Los Medici family.

The lord took out the gold ore he had and handed it to Rockefeller, saying:

“Honestly, I was waiting for you to come here. Even though I am the lord here, every day has been like hell since this came out. It’s a pity that you’re on a winning streak. If it wasn’t for that, I’d probably have walked dozens of times even if there was an argument from another place. Maybe it’s already been sold out.”

Rockefeller looked carefully at the gold ore the lord had given him.

There were some glittering things.

“At least I’m glad I won.”

“I heard that your Majesty’s financial advisor? And what… … Did you say that you are a regent?”

“Yeah, some sort of position with the power to control all the currencies of the Empire.”

“It worked out well. If a commoner with nosebleeds had achieved that level of success, wouldn’t it be really Bravo?”

“How about moving outside the territory? Have there been any suspicious movements lately?”

The Overseer, who was nearby, answered that question.

“Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be. But we too are anxious like the Lord. It’s like having enemies everywhere.”

At those words, Rockefeller nodded as if he understood, putting the gold ore down on the lord’s desk.

“I understand. I will too.”

The lord asked Rockefeller like that.

“What else are you going to do? It’s your land anyway, so you’ll figure it out.”

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