The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 154

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 154

154 Episode 38. Azrak Goldmine (3)

Gold and beer.

They were all symbols of Dwarves.

“The gold among them is in this land. Even if they were allied with the human empire, would they really let this land stand still? It was once their territory. If you want to make it for a reason, you can make whatever you want.”

It wasn’t that the lord had not thought about it either, but he wasn’t as sure as Rockefeller was.

How do you know what the world will be like?

“They are Dwarves… … .”

Rockefeller said to the lord who was waving his tail.

“This part is certain, so you can keep it in mind to some extent and prepare in advance for the Lord.”

“I’ll do anything about it, though. But dwarves are rich, aren’t they? If the dwarves attack, it won’t be easy.”

Even Rockefeller couldn’t deny that Dwarves had a lot of money.

“It must be a lot of money. The problem is that the unity between the races is not as good as I thought. But don’t worry too much. Because there are a lot of great generals in the current empire. Moreover, the War of the Crown must have ended. There will never be a day when empires come together so easily. Finally, since I am the real owner of this land, there will be less dissonance than I thought.”

“If even the church joins the church and the imperial family actively helps… … It wouldn’t be that bad.”

“So, Lord, you only need to pay attention to defending the territory. It’s support, because I’ll take care of everything.”

“I see. This is also my territory, so I must do as you say.”

a few days later.

A large-scale construction work was carried out in the Montefeltro estate.

With the great support of the guild, a structure comparable to that of a cathedral built in Lyon began to be built, and the fortress located near the border was enlarged and expanded more magnificently than before.

Where is that?

Mercenaries spread across the continent, including the Empire, came to Montefeldt’s estate in front of Don’s call.

At the site where the new cathedral was being built, Rockefeller was met with a very pleasant face.

It was Priest Peter.

“The day will come when I will see you again like this. It’s clearer than that. What is it that you ate so well that your face looks good?”

“Priest Peter. See you after a long time. Priest Peter, you have a pretty face.”

Priest Peter was delighted to see a new cathedral being built on the outskirts of the Empire.

“Is this what you thought?”

“I think the power of the Church is too weak in this place, which is also my hometown, so I am going to make a special request to the Holy Father to establish a new parish here.”

“ha ha ha… … .”

Priest Peter just laughed.

Who in the world cares about such a margin?

Fortunately, it was possible because he was from here.

It would have been absolutely impossible without him.

Priest Peter, who was so happy that he even wiped his tears, said to Rockefeller.

“You are the treasure of this land. With you, this land will prosper forever.”

“Haha, no. What are you talking about? I was just doing what I was supposed to do.”

“Thank you very much. Thank you so much.”

“Oh, and this hasn’t been decided yet.”

Rockefeller continued with a smile.

‘The more people I have, the better I am.’

“If a new parish is established here, I would like to make a separate request to the Holy Father to make Priest Peter the owner of this parish. What do you think about this?”

Priest Peter’s eyes widened.

“No, me? Is that for real?”

“of course. Do you want me to joke with the priest here?”

To become master of a diocese meant that he no longer had the status of a priest, but that he had taken the seat of a bishop.

“If that is God’s will, then we must accept it. If you do that, I will do anything for you.”

“It’s not about sitting down in that sense. I just wanted to repay the priest.”

“What have I done?”

“And didn’t you make a promise to me before? After thinking about that, I thought I should do that too, so I said that.”

“The donation you have already given is enough. This is such an honor that is too much.”

“Still, it hasn’t been decided yet. Please don’t think about it too much.”

“It’s okay not to. How good are words?”

“Probably, unless there is something special going on, the Holy Father will order it as well.”

“I wish I did. It would be great.”

The two of them started talking about the imminent crisis.

“You said that you even hired a mercenary unit?”

“Yes, I guess how did the news reach the church.”

“Hmm… … .”

Even Priest Peter was not ignorant of the rumors circulating in the territory recently.

After the cataclysm, this land suddenly became a golden land.

“I don’t know why the gold ore or something is suddenly appearing.”

“If you look bad, it’s bad, if you look good, it’s good.”

“That would be it. Hmm… … But aren’t you the real owner of this land?”

“It is. I could come and get it all now, but it’s not urgent, so I’ll take it slowly later.”

“You can just bring it if you like. Don’t worry too much, I’ll take care of that part.”

“The Lord seems to have no other thoughts, so there is probably no problem.”

“If there is, no big deal. Even if no one else knows, I won’t leave it alone.”

“Thank you for your words.”

“Anyway, you must be busy. Do you care here or the fortress side? Even two bodies are not enough.”

“Fortunately, the wives and wives who later decided to marry me are experts in that area.”

“By the way, you said you were married?”

“I wonder how the news got here.”

“I heard about your marriage through Carter. It’s late, but congratulations.”

“What is marriage? … I think I’ll do it again soon, but it doesn’t mean much. Anyway, thank you.”

“In addition?”

“Yes, both families insisted on doing it unconditionally. He said he knew what to do with refusal.”

“Hmm… … .”

After contemplating briefly, he gave me some advice.

“I am a person like you, so it would be right to get married several times. It’s easier to think of this as a job for the family and the country rather than love.”

“I think so too. In retrospect, it must be something I do for myself.”

After speaking, the priest was looking at the same place as Rockefeller, and by chance he was reminded of the totem war that had taken place in the past.

At that time, he could certainly benefit from the beer business against the Dwarves.

“Because I was a dwarf, I thought of it now. Haven’t you started a beer business on your recommendation in the past?”

The priest’s accidental remarks reminded Rockefeller of his former beer business.

‘If there’s a war this time, I’ll get beer elsewhere.’

Where can a beer have a name?

If sold in the Empire, it is Imperial Beer. If it’s sold elsewhere, wouldn’t it be the beer there?

‘This has nothing to do with war. And if you can subordinate them to this, it will have a lot of meaning in its own right.’

“Ah, I remember that time. At that time, I had a lot of fun selling beer to Dwarves.”

Priest Peter could not contain his disappointment.

“I want you to have fun this time too… … That would be difficult. I’m sure he’ll be my enemy.”

Rockefeller shook his head at that.

“It is not.”


“Is the beer production facility still alive?”

“The production facility is still alive. I was making beer for a while to finance the church. It wasn’t as big as it used to be when dealing with Dwarves, but it’s still not that bad.”

“Then let’s start again after we’ve talked about it.”

At that, Priest Peter asked with a surprised face.

“No, let’s make beer again?”

“Yeah, shouldn’t we go and sell it again then? If there’s a war with the dwarves, the dwarves will want beer anyway. If we supply that beer, we can earn money again.”

Priest Peter didn’t seem to understand.

“It’s strange. If we go to war with them, aren’t we enemies? You mean to sell beer to the enemy now?”

“If we don’t sell it anyway, the dwarves will buy the beer sold elsewhere. Then, of course, it is a loss for us. We could sell it, but wouldn’t the wrong people benefit?”

“I don’t quite understand. Doing something good for the enemy… … .”

“It’s not about doing something good for the enemy, it’s about making money apart from war anyway.”

“haha… … What you’re saying is somewhat understandable. Still, it’s a bit embarrassing for me to say that you, who should protect this land.”

“You can’t look at it in that sense. War is war, and business is business. Everything has to be looked at thoroughly.”

“Then what if the Dwarves don’t lose their strength?”

“I don’t know what the beer business will be like here in the future. If you can roast them in beer here, it will definitely work for you when the war gets more intense.”

“That makes sense. If we subordinate it with beer, later on, if the number is wrong, we will stop supplying it.”

“Then there will be chaos. It will be good for us again.”

“By the way, can the dwarves know this is beer and take it? If I knew that, I don’t think I would even do a deal in the first place.”

Rockefeller said, hiding a sly in a smile.

“Dwarves probably don’t like Imperial Beer. But does the beer even have a name on it? Dwarves probably wouldn’t even know if they sold it under a name outside the Empire. How would you know that?”

“It is not.”

“If you have been in the beer business for a while, haven’t you developed a new beer?”

“Fortunately, we have developed a better beer than before. It tastes better than it was back then.”

“Then I’m glad. If you do business with the same beer, the dwarves will notice it right away.”

“The taste is a little different, so you probably don’t know. The beer here has improved considerably.”

“That’s good. So, do you have a different beer name?”

“Beer name?”

The priest scratched my cheek and answered Rockefeller’s question.

“No, there is nothing special about it. They just came out of the Montefeltro estate, so they were selling Montefeltro beer.”

“It would be difficult to roast them under that name.”

“Then do you have any good names?”

After pondering for a moment, Rockefeller came up with a name.

“How about Cass?”


“Yeah, that’s just the name that comes to mind.”

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