The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 155

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 155

155 Episode 38. Azrak Goldmine (4)

“Casura… … .”

It wasn’t a very good name, but it didn’t come up with another good name either.

“I have to change the name anyway, so I’ll take a look at it first.”

“If you have a better name, you can use that.”

But who gave it a name?

Priest Peter immediately changed his words.

“No. Come to think of it, it’s nice to hear the name you gave me. Cassara… … Yes, the beer produced here in the future should be called Cass.”

Seeing that he took the name he accidentally came up with, made me feel sorry for Rockefeller for nothing.

‘name… … I don’t think it was built. It doesn’t matter.’

“Anyway, please expand your business as you did before.”

Priest Peter asked again to confirm.

“Then, are you planning to sell the beer produced here outside the Empire under a different brand?”

“Yeah, I think I will.”

“Then we will need a middleman to sell for us.”

“Then the elves will be better off. Orcs can’t make beer and sell it, and Dwarves will probably think that beer produced by orcs is tasteless.”

How well can ignorant orcs brew alcohol?

“I have one question. Were the elves originally made with alcohol? I have limited knowledge and haven’t heard anything.”

“It’s soaked. It’s not commercially sold. But those who tasted it said they would never forget it.”

“Actually, if it’s a drink made by an elf… … It must be something mysterious. once you know First of all, as you said, I will prepare the beer business as before. If it’s going to expand into a parish at this point, we’ll have to recruit more young priests.”

Rockefeller did not forget these words.

“If you ever need anything in the middle, you can always come to me and ask. We will do our best to help whenever possible.”

“Haha, don’t worry. If you need anything, I will come to you right away.”

“Then I’ll ask you something about beer.”

39. Beer Bubbles (1)

Joshua, the third of the Los Medici family, who occasionally exchanged letters with Rockefeller, heard the news that his older brother Rockefeller had returned to the Montefelto estate and started the beer business again as before.

Joshua was thinking about something while holding the letter from his older brother in his hand, then curled his lips long.

‘That would be nice.’

Previously when the Totem War broke out.

He recalled having fun with mercenaries with his second brother, Andrew.

‘At that time, I was earning less than Rockefeller.’

how much was that

But now it wasn’t.

‘It will be different this time. Because I’m going to make more money than Rockefeller.’

In a way, this was an opportunity.

What’s more, he’s located in Black Label, the wealthiest trading port in the Empire, so he’s financially quite free, so it’s the perfect place to do something.

‘I’m going to stock up on beer this time. In the continent, beer is to buy all the beer. enough to dry the seeds.’

Having listened to Rockefeller deaf about the upcoming War of Gold, Joshua had some knowledge of how the Dwarves would come out of that war.

‘Like last time, if there are necessary supplies, I will try to buy them nearby. I have a lot of money, so I’m not going to take it from where I am. Like Rockefeller-hyung said, Dwarves like to solve things with money.’

It was difficult to monopolize food here.

This was because the Dwarves had similar diets to humans, so they had a lot to use as food.

But beer was different.

Unlike food, beer was a favorite food, and its quantity was limited to some extent, so it was possible to monopolize it.

‘If you’re careless, you’re bound to get hit.’

Do the dwarves know that there is not enough beer to be consumed in the upcoming war for gold?

‘No, I don’t know. Who would have predicted that the Dwarves would declare war on their allies in the first place?’

So this could only be done by those who predicted the future or knew the future accurately.


As his older brother Rockefeller said, life is a bet.

Joshua, who engraved those words to the bone, got up from his seat and instructed his people to buy all the beers on the continent, and he started to buy beer at random, starting with the beer on the black label.

After a few days, it became difficult to find beer in the neighborhood, let alone Black Label.

Bell, the owner of the clothing store, who was only drinking alcohol, was also in trouble.

Just like any other day, I went to a pub to lament my life and found a beer that was relatively cheaper than other drinks, but the store owner said there was no beer.

“What do you mean? No beer.”

So Bell had this idea.

‘No, I haven’t been traumatized in the past, isn’t this too much?’

“Now, you’re going to get a guest because I’m ruined, what do you mean?”

When the angry Bell asked, the shopkeeper said with a puzzled expression.

“Isn’t that because it really isn’t? Since yesterday I have been to the brewery and ordered a beer, and they say no. What can I do?”

“Stop bullshit. Come on, get me a beer.”

“No, is it real?”

“No, this bastard!”

Angry, Bell kicked out of his seat and grabbed Berkan, the tavern owner, by the collar.

“When have I ever had a traumatic injury? Why are you saying there is no beer, damn it!”

“No, what should I do with something that doesn’t really exist? Are you really not?”

“So what kind of bullshit is that! Does it make sense to say there’s no beer in the tavern? So what are you doing business with?”

“There’s a lot to do. There is wine, and there are other drinks. There is also a solo.”

Burkan, the owner of the tavern, who barely removed the hand by the collar, looked at Bell and continued.

“It’s expensive.”

“Are you really like this too? If I went bankrupt due to investment in a trading ship, can you do this to me too? How much money did I really spend here? No matter how bad I am, you can’t be like this!”

“No, calm down. First calm down and listen to me. Really. It’s real! The brewery doesn’t have any beer to sell. Who swept away?”

“So what kind of bullshit is that? Who sweeps away beer like that! Who the hell!”

at that time.

Someone rushed into the tavern.

He wasn’t as good as Bell, but he was the shoemaker Bob, who lost half of his fortune because of a bad investment in a trade ship.

“Oh, you were here!”

Bob jumped up and spoke to Bell right away.

“Hey, did you hear that?”

Bell, who had been offended by the beer business, responded bluntly.

“story? what are you talking about Anyway, that guy was arguing over a nonsensical thing, and he was making me feel better.”

“Ah, well, here’s the guild leader’s brother. That little brother is sweeping away all the beer here.”

Bell, who was about to get offended by the tavern owner’s attitude, immediately showed his doubts.

“What? what kind of bullshit is that? You’re drinking beer here.”

Bob, who came in a hurry, asked Burkan, the owner of the tavern, to confirm.

“Is there no beer here? They say there is no other place now.”

It’s like he’s trying to complain about that.

Birkan looked into Bell’s eyes and said.

“Of course not. No, how do I get something that doesn’t even go to the brewery?”

Bell couldn’t help but question those words.

“No, why no beer? Does it make sense that the common beer is suddenly gone?”

Then Bob, beating my chest out of frustration, explained to Belle.

“So I told you before. Now, the guild leader’s brother is sweeping away all the beer here.”

“No, why are you doing that? Is something going on?”

“How would I know that? I don’t know, so I’m doing this.”

“But how did you know that?”

Half of his fortune was lost due to the Morning Glory, which never returned, but he was going to and from the stock exchange every day, unlike Bell, who had no way to stop the taste of capitalism once he had tasted it.

While looking for another revival.

As a result, I naturally became close with the exchange employees, and for that reason, I happened to hear the story of the guild leader’s brother, who is currently stockpiling beer with the exchange employees.

“I don’t know what it is, but because of that, the price of the brewery’s stock has doubled in the world. I wanted something, so I asked the staff of the exchange right there.”

“So, you mean that the guild leader’s younger brother is sweeping beer here?”

“Well, because it is. So that’s what I’m doing right now. I’ve come all the way here to make sure it’s real.”

Bell was still in doubt.

“why not?”

“Yeah, I don’t know.”

“haha… … No, what kind of beer… … What are you doing with beer? Aren’t you going to eat all of that?”

“It must be so. No, people with so much money will drink beer from the common people and sip on the eaves, no matter what. Even if I drink it, I will sip on expensive liquor.”

“Then what?”

“I don’t know either?”

Soon, their eyes turned to the tavern owner, Burkan.

“What do you know?”

“If you know anything, please tell me.”

It was equally frustrating that Burkan did not know the situation.

Beer accounts for half of the sales, and without that beer, I was about to explode.

“Anyway, because of that, sales were cut in half a few days ago. I’m curious too. No, why are you even touching beer that has nothing to do with it? Is it because you have nothing to eat like that?”

“Any other drink?”

“It’s another drink.”

“Is it the same?”

“It’s all the same. It’s another drink, no problem. It’s just beer. He said he was obsessed with beer.”

“her… … .”

The three of them, who could not find the answer, had only long sighs in the air, and only the guild leader’s brother, who had committed an unknown thing, was pictured in their minds.

“What are you doing… … .”

“I never know. Are you going to do business with it?”

“Hmm… … But why do you leave the other drinks alone and buy the cheapest beer?”

“So I don’t know.”

“Isn’t that a mental illness all of a sudden?”

“Hey, that person is the guild leader’s younger brother. That guild leader is now the power of the empire.”

“Oh, did that happen?”

“Look at this man. It was dark because of the news like that.”

When the three who couldn’t find the answer are babbling all over.

After a long time, a familiar face appeared inside the tavern.

He was the most successful shoeshine Sam of them all.

“No, it’s Sam, isn’t it?”

“What kind of punishment is this since broad daylight… … .”

“Didn’t you move over there? You don’t live in this kind of place anymore, you live in a nice place.”

“They say it’s a mansion… … .”

Sam approached the tavern owner at some point and asked him something.

It was exactly what Bob asked.

“Is there no beer here?

“Beer? Yes, there is no beer now.”

“It’s not even here. all right. Do your best.”

When Sam finished checking the facts and went outside, the eyes of Bell and Bob, who were watching it, met briefly in mid-air.

And the two immediately followed Sam as if they had made a promise to each other.

Bob, who had managed to catch Sam before he got into the chariot, politely asked Sam, who had been polishing his shoes under him before.

“Hey Sam, what are you doing here? I haven’t been able to see your face lately.”

Now that the playing water has changed, Sam didn’t even want to say hello to Bob, but as a courtesy, he shook his head.

“It’s Uncle Bob.”

“Yeah, what did you come here for?”

“I just stopped by to check. I’ve been hearing some interesting news lately.”

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