The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 158

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 158

158 Episode 40. Beer Bubble #2(2)

It would have swept away not only beer, but also the hops that were made for it.

Sam had many thoughts.

‘The line that will sweep up to the hops… … .’

He was late, so this was no less than a defeat.

“Congratulations. Hop prices are also going up, so I think you’ll get rich soon.”

Despite Sam’s words, Bell and Bob looked at each other and talked.

“But there was someone who wiped it out before us, right?”

“I’m really scared of that guild leader’s younger brother. Why did you even touch hops and barley a few steps ahead of us?”

“Come to think of it, the guild leader said that this time, he was also working with the church to produce beer? It’s missing ingredients. My younger brother bought it and sent it to the brewery over here, so this is the one.”

“I have to buy beer there, but they don’t sell it.”

When the two of them talked like that, this time Sam’s ears were opened.

‘Is there a place that doesn’t sell beer yet?’

“How about there? It’s the first I’ve heard of it.”

Bell and Bob looked at Sam and said.

“There will be no income. We’ve been there several times, but they didn’t want to sell it. Maybe they will keep them and sell them.”

“Still, don’t you know?”

“Then go see. I don’t think I’ll ever sell it.”

“I don’t know.”

Bell, who was watching, said as Sam, who seemed desperate for something, left the tavern.

“What would happen to something like that? I don’t think they’re selling it to anyone anyway.”

Bob said with a wrinkled face.

“If it were you, would you sell it? If there is tomorrow, the beer price will rise again.”

“But it’s really strange. What the hell is that beer? I can’t get it anymore, so it’s worth calling.”

“Someone wants to drink beer.”

“It looks like you did a lot of hoarding.”

“Isn’t that what we’re going to say?”

The two then started laughing and laughing.

“Hahaha, there’s only one thing left.”

Those who stocked up on beer and its ingredients were eagerly waiting.

The Dwarf’s declaration of war.

Waiting only for that, Bell and Bob were still grinning.

“Come on, for war!”

As Bell raises the glass high, Bob slams it against his own, shouting again.

“Long live the dwarves!”

“Long live beer!”

next day.

Sam went to see the brewery that is said to be in the church, just in case.

Barley and hops were all cultivated along the way, and the scale was so huge.

‘This is almost… … .’

I don’t know, but it was definitely the largest brewery I’ve ever been to.

And the brewery I visited was also thanks to the support of the guild head, but there were not one, but dozens.

It was large enough to cover all the beer consumed throughout the empire.

Seeing such breweries, Sam had a lot of thoughts.

‘This is how money should be earned.’

I’m not joking, it was right to make money this way.

When I stocked up on a few kegs of beer circulating in the market, it was really new blood compared to the beer that came out here.

In addition, beer prices are skyrocketing day by day, and Sam has no idea what the brewery’s future earnings will be.

‘I’m going to earn a lot of money.’

After a while, Sam asked the priests and met a man named Priest Peter, who was actually managing the brewery.

And for various reasons, he tried to secure a certain amount of beer produced here.

Priest Peter, who had already been colluded with the guild leader, only snorted at the penny Sam offered.

Sam, who had no choice but to return empty-handed, stopped by the tavern that day and was able to see Bell and Bob, who had been drinking since early.

‘No, is it a drink on a fictional day?’

Sam pretends to know them, and Bell and Bob, both drunk and happy, greet him warmly.

“Okay, how did you go?”

“Looking at your face, it doesn’t look like anything good happened to you?”

When they asked, Sam answered in a muffled voice.

“Yes, the transaction itself seemed difficult. Many nobles, including myself, went there to get beer. There were very few beers available other than beer for simple consumption.”

Bell responded to that.

“Because it belongs to the denomination, even nobles cannot easily touch it. Who is the big bread over there? This is not the real power of this empire. So there is no point.”

Bob also agreed with Belle’s words.

“So what did I say? Did I say that it would be meaningless to go?”

“I think I should be satisfied with this level.”

“So how much did you collect?”

“Not a lot, about 500 bottles. We have secured 50 hops.”

The expressions of Bell and Bob, who were flirting at the word 500 barrels and clinking glasses, quickly hardened.

Somehow, Sam, who moved slower than them, had more beer than they had secured.

‘what? You weren’t going to laugh at this, were you?’

“No, when did you collect that?”

Sam answered Bob’s question.

“Are you sure you don’t have more money than me?”

“So what happened? Aren’t you moving a little slower than us?”

“yes… … albeit a bit slow. Still, I had extra money, so I just bought it at a high price. It seemed like it was going to go up.”

When I asked what it was, it was the difference in the money I had.

Even though Sam was moving slowly, it only made the beer more expensive.

In the end, if you had more money, you could preempt more beer.

Sam’s words continued.

“Honestly, I would have liked to buy more if I could afford it. My iron rule is that I don’t go all-in anywhere. So I thought this would be the best.”

How much is 500 beers?

Bell and Bob looked at each other and almost spewed the alcohol they were holding in their mouths.

‘It’s also a different size. 500 cans in the world?’

‘Somehow I said something strange. Yes, he has a lot of money, so whether it’s expensive or not, it’s enough to just buy it, right?’

Soon after, Bell and Bob looked at Sam with envy.

“Beautiful. 500 bottles in the world… … .”

How much is 500 bottles?

It was such a large amount of money that it was difficult to estimate even with all fingers folded.

“If there is a real war like this, you will become a real rich man.”

“I think I have 500 bottles.”

Sam gave these words to the two of them, whose voices were lower than before.

“If war breaks out with the dwarves like this, everyone who owns beer will become rich, so what are you worried about?”

Still, there was something about it.

Somewhat rich.

really rich.

Richer beyond that.

From there, even the Untouchable, which is called the king of the final version.

Here, Bell and Bob thought of the richest man as the first richest man.

Somewhat rich.

“It is, but… … .”

“It’s not sad though.”

“Anyway, I hope a war with the dwarves will happen. Prices keep going up, but I don’t know what the price of beer is going to be if there’s no war.”

“Then you have to deal with it quickly.”

“right. Of course it should be. I’m holding on to what beer is. No one would be looking for it.”

“Then I will go first. I have work to do.”

“Yeah, go. If you have any good news, let me know.”

“Yes, I will.”

After Sam had left, Bell and Bob felt a sense of loss of alcohol.

“Ah Sifal. We wrinkled in front of slugs without knowing the subject.”

“Somehow I said it was a little weird. Sam isn’t a beggar, and if he had more beer than us, he got it, so why not have less than us?”

“This is how the rich get richer, and ordinary people like us continue to live like ordinary people.”

“Still, beer prices are still going up, so let’s keep an eye on it. Do you think this will go a few dozen times more?”

Bob’s words made Bell a little skeptical.

“But even now, it has risen a lot, should I go up even more here?”

“Once the war is over, won’t it go higher?”

“It is, but… … I don’t know how high this will go. Isn’t this going to go up to a thousand times and not just collapse?”

“A thousand times?”

They thought that no matter how much the price of beer went up, it would be a hundred times more difficult than a thousand times.

“Hey, a thousand times is completely nonsense. Queek, several dozen times. It has risen even now, but if the war broke out here, would it be 30 times higher?”

“30 times? Is it 10 times higher now?”

“Still, if the price goes up three times the current price, it will go up 30 times the original price.

“I think so too.”

“Let’s watch it first. I don’t know how long this will last. Still, there is no beer on the market, so in the end, it’s worth the price, right?”

“It is not.”

“It’s a living expense right now. You can eat and play happily even if you sell just one beer, so let’s hold on for a few more months.”

“I think so too. Let’s go to the end.”

So after a few months

Finally, the declaration of war by the dwarves they had been waiting for began to shake the whole of the empire.

The news that a gold mine is being developed in the Montefeltro estate spreads across the continent.

The Dwarves, who were the owners of the land in the past, protested strongly and declared war on the Empire.

Most people were taken aback by the sudden declaration of war by the Dwarves allies, but the few who had anticipated the event in advance burst into cheers immediately after hearing the news.

“The dwarves declared war!”

Like Bell and Bob.

The beer hoarders who almost lived in a tavern located in the Montefeltro estate, waiting only for the Dwarf’s declaration of war, began to shout out loud cheers with the trio of hurrahs all at once.

“Kyaa! Let’s shake it to the point that it’s crazy! We are rich now! What a rich man!”

“Master! Here’s all the rum one by one! This is what I shoot today!”

Bell and Bob, who were having fun shaking and joking around in a tavern reminiscent of a festival site, received news the next morning to the point of losing their minds with a terrible hangover.

“What, what? What did you say now?”

Bell, who had managed to come to his senses after drinking until late the day before, heard unexpected news from the owner of the tavern.

It is said that the price of beer, which had risen by a whopping 20 times over the past few months, tripled with the Dwarf’s declaration of war the day before.

That said, the price was as high as 60 times higher than the old price.

“Now the price of beer has tripled?”

“Because it is. Right now, the nobles are trying to buy beer with money, it’s a riot!”

The aristocrats, who heard the news too late, moved to secure beer, but there were no beers on the market, so they had no choice but to buy beer at a very high price, which soon became the starting point of a rare event called the beer bubble.

“No, is that really true? Until yesterday, it was 20 times, right?”

“I guess that’s why it jumped up to 60 times since the war broke out.”

“60 times? So it’s three times higher than yesterday, right?”

“That’s how it happened.”

At the unbelievable sound, Bob collapsed on the spot.

I couldn’t tell if this was a dream or real life.

‘What is this? Oh my God, the price of that beer has jumped 60 times? haha… … .’

Although I have visited the stock exchange a lot in the past, there is no such thing as a stock that has risen 60 times its face value.

But it’s not that kind of stock, and it’s not even a cheap beer!

In a single day, it has been transformed into a high-class favorite food that even the aristocrats cannot easily taste.

“I am rich now! What a rich man!”

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