The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 160

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 160

160 Episode 40. Beer Bubble #2(4)

“To Sam?”

“Yeah, there’s Sam over there. Come on let’s move We should sell it before Sam changes his mind.”

The two of them moved quickly and were able to stand in front of Sam.

“Sam, are you sure you’re not buying it at this price?”

Sam immediately recognized why the two had come to him.

“Are you selling beer?”

“Of course I came here to sell. It’s half the price. Who is holding this?”

When everyone is clamoring to sell the crashed beer.

Rather, Sam tried to buy back the beer, which had temporarily plummeted, using advanced information only he knew.

‘Considering the size of the army that the Ross Medici family gathered and the size of the dwarf army, this war is unconditionally long-term. Besides, the main units of both sides have not arrived yet.’

In addition, the Empire and the Dwarves had a clear reason that they could not make concessions to each other.

‘It’s said to be the largest gold mine on the continent, re-evaluated after the Cataclysm, and it doesn’t make sense to just give it to your opponent.’

“Yeah, I think this is an opportunity. If you have money, you can monopolize the volume somehow.”

At Sam’s words, Bob couldn’t help but laugh.

‘Is this an opportunity? Are you sure you’re not talking sanely?’

Before Sam could answer, he saw the hoarders clamoring to sell each other beer.

Just yesterday, they were the people who had the guts to say they wouldn’t sell beer.

‘This is only a temporary phenomenon. If beer becomes rare again, the price will be higher than it is now. It’s clear.’

“If you sell it, I will buy it all.”

Bell and Bob had no sympathy for Sam’s actions.

“No, this is out of the war, so beer prices are crazy. It’s still expensive, but I can’t even imagine how much it will fall, but is that kind of sound coming out?”

“After all, isn’t life a gamble?”

In this way, Bell and Bob were able to sell the beer to Sam in a hurry, earning 120 times the original price.

“after… … Still, it’s a shame to sell it at this price. To be honest, it was a crazy price. No, the price of some beer is 240 times higher. It was a crazy price no matter how you look at it.”

When Bob, who was disillusioned with the crazy beer price, said, Bell, who was with him, could sympathize with him.

“Sure. Oh my god, do you think the price is right? After all, it’s beer. Even if it’s been hard to see lately, it’s just beer.”

“Even though it’s a curse on beer, it’s ridiculous to buy at that price unless the dwarves get shot in the head.”

“It sold well. To be honest, this is our win at about 120 times. Sam who bought it will surely regret it.”

“right. We sold well. If it’s 120 times, we can now live in awe. Rich!”

“Not cancer! Our life has just begun!”

After that day, Bell and Bob packed their things and were able to leave the Montefeltro estate and return to their hometown, Black Label.

In the meantime, I checked the price of beer that fluctuated in the middle, and it did not deviate much from the price they sold in English.

“Aren’t beer prices lower than expected? Isn’t this supposed to go up?”

“What crazy is that? more from there? hey this guy That’s not it.”

“right? Am I wrong now?”

“Of course. Just forget it. Stocks are the same. I thought it would go up, but it didn’t go up again. The way I see it, this is a fake. It’ll be gone soon, so just forget it.”

That’s the beer price I’ve been wanting to forget.

As soon as they arrived at Black Label, they started running like crazy.

This could be seen as the fact that the gold and vein war, which was supposed to be short, began to take on a long-term warfare due to the difference in the positions of the empire and the dwarves that could not yield to each other.

“this… … Does it make sense?”

Bob, who arrived at Black Label and checked the beer prices with the people around him, was absurd.

Just a few days ago, the price of beer, which had fluctuated, tripled in one day.

“Hey, isn’t this crazy? No, at least it’s beer. It’s just beer. But why are the prices going up?”

To be honest, the 120 times the price they put together was too crazy to be honest, so I ran away from my mind to the moon.

However, as the price of such beer fluctuated again, this time it jumped 360 times.

“I guess this is Sam. As the war prolonged, beer prices skyrocketed again.”

“No, no matter what. People buy it at that crazy price? Aren’t they all shot in the head?”

This was the thing Bob didn’t understand the most.

“We raised the price because of speculation anyway, so I understand. But if the Dwarf doesn’t buy it at that price, isn’t it the end? Still raising the price of beer like that?”

“Beer prices have risen not only in the Empire, but throughout the continent. No, honestly, because of people like us, beer has become so precious.”

“That’s it, but… … Still, this is not it.”

Bob couldn’t help but tilt his head.

“It’s too expensive. It’s not like beer, it’s a drink made from gold.”

Bell couldn’t help but agree with this.

“right. To be honest, at that price, I’d rather make a drink out of gold and buy something like beer.”

Bob, who was shaken by the three times higher price, quickly made up his mind and told Bell.

“no. This is temporary. It’s already crazy price. To be honest, it doesn’t make sense to go higher here. It’s really absurd.”

“right. Isn’t that absurd?”

“Of course it’s absurd. Let’s just ignore it and do our own thing. After all, we got a 120-fold nonsensical profit, right? That’s it. From now on, I can live with it.”

“I think so too. If you climbed it, how much further will it go up? If I climbed it, it wouldn’t go up much.”

“right. It’s definitely a bubble. It’s a bubble, so let’s ignore it and forget about it.”

I said so.

They were to the point of being upset by the soaring beer prices day by day.

Shortly thereafter, the price of beer jumped up to 700 times the existing price, and beer could now be established as a religion.

Beer became a measure of wealth in the empire to such an extent that even nobles were now divided into those who could drink beer and those who couldn’t.

“700 times… … what is this… … .”

Every day was a succession of miracles.

When I saw the price of beer, I could hear people talking.

“No, 700 times… … I just buy a can of beer and set it aside. Who on earth would have known that beer could jump 700 times?”

At a tavern I frequent.

When someone said that, Bob, who was having a drink with Bell, couldn’t help but think so.

The one he sold was 120 times the price.

However, the crazy price is now up to 700 times, and it is showing a momentum to rise further.

“I don’t think this is crazy.”

At Bob’s words, Bell began to tell what he had picked up.

“It seems that there are nobles who live even at 700 times that price. After all, it’s beer, isn’t it going to keep going up as long as the war goes on?”

“Does that make sense?”

“It’s not okay. To be honest, Dwarves can’t go to war without beer, can people like us convince us of this?”

“under… … If I had known this would be the case, I would have had to hold on to it without selling it to Sam.”

“Yeah, right. That’s right.”

Then, the two were able to secretly overhear the story of two customers talking beer next to each other.

“Hey, the beer price went up again?”

“Now, rum has become a drink for the common people. Who in the world would have known that such a rare beer would become the finest drink even the nobles could not drink?”

“Is it because nobles can’t drink well unless it’s the same as the Imperial Family or the Grand Duke?”

“It should be a penny or two.”

“Honestly, even the nobles would have had no idea that beer would be like that. right?”

“By the way, the Los Medici family or something monopolized the beer?”

“Oh, I heard that too.”

“There is a story that the reason the price of beer keeps going up is that the family buys them unconditionally. It’s true, I’ll have to check it out. Anyway, the price of beer went up. I don’t think it’s going to go down strangely.”

“Even if it’s a crazy price… … .”

“I heard rich ladies even bathe in beer.”

“Hey, are you taking a bath with it? How much money do you have to do that?”

“It’s unimaginable for people like us.”

“under… … Had I known this would happen, I should have bought a bottle of beer, but damn it.”

Bob was listening to the two of them.

I put down the glass I was holding and looked at the bell that was nearby.


It felt like I was prepared for something.

Bell questioned.

“Why all of a sudden?”

“You have beer.”


“I think it will go up even more.”

“What? What did you say now?”

“I think it will go higher.”

Let’s say it’s going to go up even more at a price that’s gone up 700 times.

Bell thought Bob was crazy.

“Then what will you do if you fall?”

But Bob didn’t say it very thoughtlessly.

“That’s not important. The price of beer has never gone down in the first place.”

“You’ve been there once.”

“No, did it fall off? It’s been tweaked for a while. And do we have anyone around with beer? All of them are monopolized by the Los Medici family, and the price of beer never goes down until the family releases the beer they own.”

“Are you going to go higher here?”

“Even though the price was crazy in the first place, it went up even more. believe. It will be higher than it is now.”

“Then how? I have already come here.”

“How do you do what? We have to go back to the pub in the Montefeltro estate. Not all hoarders are going to die there.”

Bob’s decision made Bell ponder for a moment.

Is Bob really the right choice?

Or maybe you are thinking wrong.

‘Yeah, even at that crazy price, it’s almost five times higher. To be honest, even if the price goes up even more, it’s already crazy, so there’s nothing strange about going up even more.’

After thinking about it, Bell began to nod his head.

“right. From what I can see, the price of beer is going to go up even more than it is now. Think about it, there’s no beer around, right? And the dwarves couldn’t give up the land. So, if it’s a long-term battle, can they continue fighting without beer?”

“So it will be worthwhile to call for beer. Dwarves are the ones who have no choice but to buy beer at that price even if they hate it.”

“Yeah, right. In a way, the Los Medici family knew that and monopolized the beer.”

“It was said to be the largest gold mine on the continent. The Golden Vein War will never end so easily. Beer prices will definitely go up. And at that crazy price, the Dwarves will buy it unconditionally. It’s a loss anyway. It is the largest gold mine on the continent.”

“right. If we were wrong in the first place, beer prices would have already plummeted.”

“Let’s go! To the estate of Montefeltro.”

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