The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 161

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 161

Episode 161 41. Beer Bubble #3(1)

That evening.

The two rushed to pack their belongings and left Black Label at full speed in a wagon that was prepared to commemorate their becoming rich.

and a few days later.

When they arrived at a tavern located in the Montefeltro estate.

Beer was being actively traded at a price that had risen 900 times.

The price that went out to Johan-sama because he couldn’t go crazy.

Still, having people buying meant there was room for beer prices to go up.

“Look. Am I right? Didn’t I say I was going to go higher?”

“Yeah, you were right again. It went up.”

The two were not strangely awkward because the price of beer, which was 900 times higher than in the past, was strangely awkward.

Rather, I thought that if the price was higher than the current price, it would go up, but I never thought it would go down.

“Buy it as it is. If you let it go, it will come again.”

“There is Sam.”


Unlike the two, Sam felt extreme fear at the price of beer that had risen too high, and after struggling for a few days, he was thinking of selling it all at 900 times the price.

“Hey Sam! Are you selling beer this time?”

“yes. Long time no see.”

Sam didn’t know why the two of them had come back.

There were still a lot of speculators who wanted to buy more than the crazy price.

With a vague hope that it will continue to rise.

‘Do you think you’ll be able to climb higher from here?’

Of course, it could have gone higher.

‘Cause it’s always been like that

However, Dwarves were also creatures capable of normal thinking.

No matter how cursed the beer was, this price was so high that even they could not understand it.

Buy beer at this price?

It was as if John had gone out and proposed to him.

‘At this price, do you think the Dwarves can give up the war?’

“Are you really thinking?”

Bob nodded his head proudly at Sam’s question.

“Oh, of course not! When has the price of beer ever dropped? You keep going up.”

The price of beer that went straight to the moon through the ceiling was giving everyone the belief that it would never fall as if it were a belief.

“Even at this price, if you see that there are people who want to buy it at that price, the price of beer will go up.”

“I think I’m going to go up even more… … Still, we have a lot of it, so we’ll try to deal with it first.”

From Bob’s point of view, Sam was a coward.

‘Tttttttt, I can’t make money like that.’

“Then hand it over to us. We will buy you as much as we can.”

Hogu buys it at a higher price, so why would Sam refuse?

“Yes, then we do.”

So that day, Sam managed to ‘Exit’ in the hellish tavern, disposing of all the kegs he had to the speculators, including the two of them.

who was that

Buying is a skill, selling is an art.

‘It sold well. Let’s not look at it even if it goes higher.’

Freed from the curse of beer that had been ruthlessly suppressing him, Sam glanced back at the speculators who were struggling to become richer in the depths of hell.

‘I have an iron rule. Once sold, you will never buy it again. You must keep this in mind.’

Beer prices are higher than they are now.

Even if you have stomach ache.

Sam swore to the tavern that he would never buy a beer again, according to his rule.

‘Then do your best. I’m out of here.’


* * *

Rockefeller, who started a beer business with Priest Peter in the parish of Montefeltro, learned that his brother Joshua had started hoarding beer.

‘I think Joshua is subtly talented at this kind of thing.’

It was only natural that beer prices would skyrocket if hoarding or monopolization succeeded.

‘Besides, I have the largest supply chain, so if I do well, the price of beer can go up absurdly.’

Even Rockefeller could not have imagined that the price of the beer would rise and rise, so that it would be 900 times the previous price.

And when it got to 900, Rockefeller was engulfed in some sort of anxiety.

Beer prices were going up and down without any problems right away, but this was only for a moment.

‘If the two-seam is broken, it will plummet as quickly as it has been up until now. I don’t know what the trigger will be, but it’s a bit dangerous.’

So Rockefeller hastily met Joshua to dispose of the beer he had monopolized.

Joshua didn’t know why the older brother, who had been visiting for a long time, had come.

“What happened? Did you come here for beer?”

said Rockefeller, who nodded.

“I heard the news. You say you have a monopoly on all Imperial beer?”

“Sure. I lost to Rockefeller in the Totem War. Not this time? Do you know the price of beer now?”

I didn’t mean to blame it, but the problem was the price of beer that Johann-nim went out for because he couldn’t go crazy.

“Joshua, don’t you think beer prices are too high?”

“It’s good to climb, what?”

Who doesn’t know it’s good to climb?

The problem was Exit.

Buying is a skill, but selling must be an art, right?

“Of course it’s good to go up. As hyung said before, nothing in this world continues to rise. If you were at the stock exchange, wouldn’t you know what he’s talking about? Everything has its peak.”

“Of course you know. So you’re saying the price is at its peak now?”

“No one knows the best. But it could be intentional by someone.”

Joshua questioned Rockefeller’s words.

“Who intends that?”

Rockefeller stared at Joshua with no answer.

“lets think. Who can decide that.”

Joshua pondered for a moment and later realized that it was them.

“Is it me? With Rockefeller?”

Rockefeller shook his head lightly.

“For once it is. But there are other factors besides us that can set the peak. Suddenly the Dwarves withdrew from the war and returned to their home country. Or that the Dwarves could get enough beer from other places. There are many other factors, but among those factors, we are the most influential.”

Scratching his chin, Joshua saw Rockefeller’s arrival as a sign.

Let’s not run any longer and fall slowly.

‘900 times was enough to raise it. No, it’s more of a lift than a lift… … .’

“Is there anything else like this in the history of the Empire? Something like beer beats 900 times.”

At Joshua’s question, Rockefeller calmly shook his head.

“That would be difficult. 900 times the beer?”

The current beer price has even tilted Rockefeller’s head.

“Joshua, of course, this price is for you and me. Still, didn’t you think it was a bit harsh?”

“It was bad, but it wasn’t that bad, was it?”

“That’s also what happens when we get out quietly. What matters is us. We must never lose.”

Rockefeller did not even dream that beer would have this level of foam while running this beer business.

‘After all, the world is unknown.’

“Let’s stop now and get things sorted out. This is enough, and it will take some time to get our supplies to market.”

Joshua began to sympathize with the suggestion to dispose of it slowly.

Even if the price of beer went up, it was too high.

“But how are you going to dispose of it? If we threw in all at once, beer prices would plummet.”

Rockefeller responded to that.

“So, you should release it gently, as if to appease a child. That way there won’t be any crashes.”

Beer prices are currently skyrocketing.

If we release the quantity here, it will be difficult to rise further.

“If we release the quantity now, the beer price will be kept at a reasonable level, just like I did before. Then it will break in a moment, though.”

“Then you can raise the price, save your two hearts, and sell it again.”

Joshua expressed one concern.

“But if we sell like that, we can’t sell all of our stock at the current price, right?”

“It’s not natural. We are different from ordinary people. We can’t sell everything at that price because we’ve stockpiled it.”

“Then what do you do?”

“How are you? I have to pass it on though. After all, it’s ours.”

If it was a reasonable price, he would have grabbed a beer and steered the Dwarf.

But holding a beer at this crazy price was like holding a bomb.

“The important thing is how much money we made for the amount we invested. The price of beer is 900 times higher than in the past, so even if we can dispose of it all at half that price, around 450 times, in the end, we are profitable.”

“Are you saying don’t think about 900 times?”

“Of course. If we could sell the quantity we have at the current current generation, that would be a god. But realistically, that’s not possible. If we release a large quantity, the beer price will go sideways at best and plummet immediately at the worst. If there is no supply and demand, it is the end.”

“Hmm… … I heard it and it is.”

“First of all, since the market situation is good, we can release as much as we can, and when we think the price has come down, we can stock up again and pretend to save it a little bit.”

“You mean you just want to buy the price? Aren’t you doing hoarding again?”

“right. It’s only giving me a slight rebound.”

The next sentence was key.

“In that way, Hogu, who consider themselves to be speculators, will eagerly take our beer at that price. Well, there was a good example in the past. There was a time when beer prices fell sharply, right? It was in the early days.”

“There was a time like that. At that time, I was cold too. I didn’t know the price of beer would drop by half.”

“There are good examples like that, so it’s good for people to be deceived. Even if it drops more than half from this price, if you give it a slight rebound, the hukou will keep sticking like a conditional reflex.”

Rockefeller continued, emphasizing:

“Never miss those hukou and hand over all the supplies as if to soothe them.”

Joshua began to nod as if he understood.

“okay. So, will you dispose of all the beer from now on?”

“Sell it slowly. Don’t throw them all at once.”

“Your brother is selling slowly.”

“Hyung, even if you can’t sell it anyway, it’s okay because you can cook dwarves with it. You just need to be good. To be honest, it’s your work, not me, that caused the beer price to skyrocket, right?”

Even Joshua couldn’t deny that.

“It is not.”

“Anyway, get out. Anyway, at this price, no matter how you get out of it, it’s definitely a gain, but wouldn’t it be better if you earn more for your family? is not it?”

“Of course!”

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