The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 162

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 162

Episode 162 41. Beer Bubble #3(2)

It was only for a few days that Bell and Bob, who smashed their fortunes into a beer that was 900 times higher than before, said they liked it.

As if the price of beer, which had soared up to 1,000 times, suddenly met resistance, it went back and forth around 900 times for a few days.

Bell complained about the price of beer not rising.

“It doesn’t happen all of a sudden. No, are you hesitating about beer prices that used to go up?”

There were similar complaints about the price of beer that didn’t even go up for rice.

“Who is unpacking where? This is normal when it keeps going up… … .”

Bob looked around the tavern, which was quieter than before.

It was usually crowded with nobles who came to buy beer.

“By the way, I haven’t seen the nobles for a few days. Where have you all gone? Now the price is good enough to aim for.”

“Maybe something happened? The dwarves suddenly withdrew.”

“Ah, please. Dwarves aren’t stupid, and there’s no way they can just give up this golden land. is not it?”

“It is.”

“First, let’s find out what’s going on. When I see it, it will keep going up, but I don’t know why it’s so frustrating.”

After talking, the two met and chatted with the hoarders in the tavern.

They didn’t know much either, but one of them told a story they had picked up outside.

“The Los Medici started selling beer?”

“It seems to be loosening up little by little. So the nobles must have gone there.”

“under… … no wonder. Why didn’t the price go up?”

The hoarder who delivered the news continued.

“I’m not going to hand over all the beer there. I don’t think beer prices will go up any time soon. They sell beer there, but it’s strange that the price of beer keeps going up.”

“Do it. If there is no supply, the price will have to be maintained.”

“But it is questionable. Why are you passing the beer here now?”

“You may have thought it was too high. But even the Los Medici would know. It will come up again someday.”

“It’s this beer. The demand for not only Dwarves but also Imperial nobles is huge. If you think about the nobles I know, the price of beer won’t come down so easily.”

“You’re right when you see the prices keep going even when you’re releasing beer on Los Medici. I think so too.”

“Anyway, that’s right. I’m pretty sure you heard it from someone you know.”

After the conversation, Bob went to see Bell.

“Hey, I figured out why beer prices didn’t go up.”

“What’s going on?”

“Looks like they’re selling beer on Los Medici.”

“what? Are you selling beer on Los Medici?”

“Yeah, I don’t know why they’re selling it. There is nothing strange about selling anything. Because the price of beer went up a lot in the first place.”

At that, Bell let out a worried word.

“Aren’t we supposed to sell too? No, they have almost every beer in Los Medici.”

“Ah, a partial sale. Would you like to sell them all?”

“Even the nobles of Hagisa are eager to buy each other.”

“Even if the Ross Medici family sells it, the other nobles will accept it anyway. And it will raise the price again. For now, let’s keep quiet and watch.”

Bell decided to agree with Bob’s decision.

“okay. For now, let’s do as you say.”

After a few days, the price of beer fell to about 700 times the original price due to an oversupply of beer in the market.

As the beer goes down day by day, the only thing that increases is the amount of alcohol.

Bob took a deep breath and said to Bell.

“How much is the quantity, and the price continues to fall because it is still not disposed of.”

“How much damage is this? Shall we just get out of here?”

At that, Bob raised his voice.

“Soundless! How do you make a stop loss here! It’s beer anyway, so if you wait a little bit, it will go up again.”

“Are you going up again?”

“Have you already forgotten? At that time, it went down to half price, and then it went up again terribly.”

Bob’s words that beat my heart continued.

“When I really think about that time, my tantrums burst out. I had to persevere. Why are you so afraid to sell it?”

Bell could agree with that.

If they had survived then, they would have been richer than Sam by now.

“under… … yes right At that time, as you said, it was better to endure unconditionally. I was just scared back then and only lost money.”

“So again, don’t be afraid this time, let’s hold on. From what I’ve heard, this war isn’t going to end overnight. It’s still in full swing, but does it make sense to sell beer here?”

“but… … If you wait a little bit, the Dwarves will also run out of beer, so they’ll buy beer here and there. Then it will rise again.”

“It’s gone down a bit right now, but if there is a rebound here, it’s going to double or triple right away.”

“know. Of course, if there is a rebound, beer prices will go to the moon.”

“So, let’s just hold on to it for now.”

After a few more days, the price of beer fell to 600 times the original price.

It was almost halfway there.

Then, in the tavern, several hoarders, who were waiting for the beer price to rise, also began to shake.

Is this not going to explode?

And it was the same with Bell and Bob.

Bell became impatient and said to Bob.

“If you sell it now, you still get more than half. Are you going to let me go?”

“Stay still. At that time, more than half fell and then rose. this is definitely a fake Fake.”

“But what if it stays like this and really goes down? To be honest, the price of beer was outrageous.”

“Hey, this guy. That’s how it was then It was a crazy price back then. But what happened? Did you eventually get up or did you get off?”

“Yeah… … I did go up.”

“We can survive even if the class is missing, so let’s be patient and wait.”

Unable to break Bob’s will, Bell reluctantly agreed.

“Yeah, that’s how it happened. Let’s go to the end as you said.”

So another few days pass.

To their surprise, the price of beer, which had plummeted as they wanted it, suddenly began to soar.

The Los Medici family, who had been selling beer fearfully, suddenly began to purchase large quantities of beer.

As a result, nobles came to the tavern, where there were only people selling beer, and started to buy beer again, which soon instilled an absurd belief that beer prices would rise unconditionally to everyone who stocked up on beer.

“Look. What did I say?”

When the price of beer, which had dropped to 500 times before, recovered to near 800 times, Bob’s voice was strengthened.

“Am I right after all? You said that if I hold out, I will unconditionally climb.”

With that being the case, Bell, who had been asking Bob to sell beer for several days, was speechless.

Indeed, as Bob said, the beer price, which had plummeted as it persevered and endured, is already returning to its previous price.

“Yeah, I was wrong. From now on, I will only believe what you say.”

“So, I said I could hold on. wait quietly We will soon break through the highs and break new records.”

Bell suddenly had a question.

That’s beer.

How far will it go up?

“When you look at it that way, it’s amazing. Wasn’t Queek beer? But now, even rich nobles can’t buy it, so it’s become a wine made of gold.”

“Ah, this man. It’s a drink made of gold. Even if there is a drink made of gold, I prefer beer. Beer is faith!”

That day, even the rare bullshit that beer is faith.

It was the last day they could escape from Hell.

Since that day, beer prices have started to fall again, somehow in English.

However, despite such a price change, both the hoarders and aristocratic investors who stockpiled beer had no intention of selling the beer they were holding.

With the vain hope of climbing again, he went straight to the depths of hell holding a barrel of beer.

“how… … how did this happen Is the war still over?”

The price of beer, which had risen up to 1,000 times, has now completely plummeted to the point where it has returned to its normal price.

Bell and Bob, who became beggars in an instant, lie on the floor of the tavern in a devastated state.

There were people everywhere who made big investments like them, but became beggars after being caught up in a rare scam called the beer bubble.

Some even committed suicide by aiming at my head with their self-defense guns.

“No, how could this be?”

Bell had nothing to say.

Seeing beer prices plummet.

Because of the hope that one day it will rise, and because of the faith in rice and beer.

In the end it didn’t do anything.

“What do we do now? I’m completely ignorant.”

“under… … .”

Bob sighed and looked around.

I saw hoarders who were completely ruined like myself.

Until just a month ago, they were speculators who shouted ‘Let’s go beer!’

‘Completely ruined. completely… … It’s ruined.’

Everyone in the tavern, including the two of them, seemed to have lost the will to live.

Then as time goes by

Now, the tavern is now visited by former guests who have not been seen before.

And they called the tavern owner and ordered beer after a long time.

“Kyaa~ I’ve never seen this taste before.”

After tasting beer in a pub after a long time, he wrinkled his expression when he saw the pathetic lives lying on the floor.

‘Things like that stopped me from drinking this beer for a while. That’s great.’

“What the hell is this? I don’t know. I really don’t know.”

If you think about it, what they invested on the floor was.

It was just beer, the favorite food of ordinary people.

“This is just beer. It’s not a wine made from gold. Does it make sense to say that it jumped up to 1,000 times in the first place? It was just a fuss with crazy people.”

Then, a hoarder lying on the floor got up from his seat and came to him, who was talking nonsense.

“This bastard has a hole in his mouth. I want to listen, I want to listen, what, what, why?”

An unknown customer who could not drink beer because of them was also angry.

Even the tall man got up from his seat and wrote an impression on him who was staring at him.

“What did I say wrong? Because of you bastards, I’ve never been able to drink this favorite beer, and I’ve never drank that much rum I didn’t like! I’d be happy to be like you, would you? Even if it was ruined, it was ruined well!”

“이런 개새끼가! Talkin’ shit like that’s not a thing! You kill me today!”

“Who knows what to scare? Come on, you bastard!”

Eventually, the fight between the two of them turned the quiet tavern into a very messy place.

in the meantime though.

Unconscious, Bell and Bob just sighed deeply and thought about their entire fortune, which had been blown away in an instant.

Even if I didn’t laugh and run from Black Label back then… … .

You must be living in a very sullen place by now.

“under… … life.”

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