The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 165

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 165

165 Episode 42. The War of Gold and Heart (3)

Rockefeller’s words were vague.

“How can I do that?”

When the Emperor questioned, Rockefeller lowered his voice and told him how.

Upon hearing the story, the emperor’s expression was strange.

Will it really happen?

“Do you think that will happen?”

“Anyway, goblin banks are the ones that should not be left alone. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to let go of your strength when you have a really good opportunity.”

“Hmm… … .”

“And if you sell it, other places might be interested. Dig it out at once. Don’t worry about the future, just keep digging. If you sell the country with the intention of selling it, you will save quite a bit of money.”

“Is this a gamble for the country?”

“You can think of it well. Considering the power of the empire, it will not fall so easily.”


The emperor didn’t like it.

However, Rockefeller was the only way to make up for the lack of finances at once.

‘Maybe this could be an opportunity.’

“Then let’s listen to your words and give it a try. To be honest, it’s not a very pleasant thing to do because it’s a gamble on the country, but like you said, if it’s the first time in the history of the continent.”

Wouldn’t it be worth a walk?

The plans I’ve heard didn’t seem too bad either.

“It is very likely.”

“If you succeed, your Majesty will be relieved to some extent in financial matters. Usually, when a country is at stake, it is often due to financial problems. On the other hand, if the country is rich in finances, the country can continue its stable and smooth governance.”

Rockefeller continued.

“What empire would you like to lead, your Majesty? Is it a financially rich empire or a financially poor empire? I think you will know this without even asking. But in order to win something, you always need to bet. There is nothing in this world that you get for free. I hope you will never forget how your Majesty got to that place.”

After talking with the emperor, Rockefeller went to visit his younger sister, Lucia, before leaving the Imperial Palace.

Lucia, who was with the palace maids, ran to Rockefeller and hugged him.

“Rockefeller brother!”

“Lucia, what should I do if this suddenly happens?”

“You’re my brother, how are you?”

“Still, I have to keep my dignity as a citizen of the Empire.”

With the maids back and only Rockefeller and Lucia left, Rockefeller wanted to inquire about the youngest’s marriage.

“Lucia, how are you today?”

“I’m fine. What about your brother?”

“What am I… … .”

After resting for a while, Rockefeller tried to ask Lucia for forgiveness.

“Lucia. I am really sorry that I married you without your doctor.”

“no. Not at all. Am I really good?”

“okay? then… … That’s good.”

I asked for forgiveness just in case, but I was worried.

Lucia was very satisfied with her marriage to the emperor, and there seemed to be no problem.

‘Well, I’m holding on like this. At least as long as my strength and status are maintained, there will be no problems.’

Even if there was a problem, Rockefeller, who knew about the emperor’s character, did not worry too much.

‘The emperor is also a good person.’


Lucia’s eyes twinkled at Rockefeller’s call, and she looked at him.

“Why, your brother Rockefeller?”

“As the Empress of the Empire, always be proud. Our family is not going to kneel, you just have to think of this older brother and live as you please.”

Rockefeller wanted to say these words to my younger brother, who married without knowing it.

live as you please

“But don’t be a bitch. Do you know what I mean?”

To that, Lucia answered with the brightest smile in the world.

“Yes, I know.”

After that day.

The Empire began to issue huge amounts of government bonds to prepare for an all-out war against the Dwarves.

As rumors of the issuance of government bonds of the Empire spread, there was a movement of big hands to buy the government bonds, including Goblin Bank.

At the roundtable leading the Goblin Bank.

Goldman wearing one-piece glasses spoke up when he heard the news of the issuance of government bonds.

“great. As we thought, the Empire started issuing government bonds.”

State bonds were, in other words, a document of borrowing, that is, a document of debt.

Unlike other IOUs that can be exercised at any time, government bonds required some time to get back the gold coins they lent.

And depending on the repayment period, there were short-term government bonds of less than one year and long-term government bonds of more than one year, and the longer the loan period, the higher the interest.

Investors who wanted stable high returns bought long-term government bonds issued by the Empire.

“It is also quite large. The war seems to be getting worse, so it seems that the Empire is also afraid of it. I’m going to print out government bonds that haven’t even been issued until now.”

Goldman’s smile widened.

“If you are foolish, the country will suffer.”

Morgan responded to Goldman’s words.

“right. So the head of the country has to be smart.”

“The first issue is to buy it unconditionally, even if you pay a premium.”

“You have to do that. Would they snort if I had soup stock in the middle?”

As Goldman emphasized,

“And when the time for repayment of government bonds approaches, the Empire bastards will not be able to repay and cause trouble again. Another war Then they will issue government bonds on their own. Shouldn’t the issued government bonds be repaid anyway?”

What is the end of that vicious cycle?

“If that happens, they will… … .”

Goldman’s smile grew more blatant.

“Becoming our faithful slaves. You’ll end up printing soup stock for the rest of your life. Then, when we reach the limit, everything in the Empire, including the territory of Montefeltro, will naturally become ours.”

Morgan and JP laughed at Goldman’s words.

“It’s a good plan. Let’s work like that.”

“Start. Soup is a must buy. To the extent of buying up the entire empire.”

When the Goblin Bank took the lead and began to aggressively purchase imperial government bonds, the imperial nobles who took issue with it visited the emperor and informed him of the danger.

“Your Majesty, the goblins are buying a lot of our government bonds. If we leave it that way, we can somehow make up for the lack of funds right now, but there is a possibility that it will become a problem when the repayment period comes in the future.”

The emperor was not ignorant of the matter either.

But in order to prepare for the coming war, money was essential.

“I need money for the war right now, so I’ll think about that later. Or will you solve the imperial financial problem?”

“It’s not, but… … .”

“It’s good to worry about me and the Empire. I have a plan too. So you don’t have to worry too much about this.”

“Is that so? If His Majesty said so… … .”

The nobility returned, and the emperor chewed the cud on Rockefeller’s plan.

Clearly, this was a risky gamble.

But in a different way, it could have been a very legitimate act of extorting goblins’ money.

‘Very fair.’

While he was buying government bonds issued by the Empire at the Goblin Bank at random.

Rockefeller went to the Imperial Court to seek help from the denomination.

No matter how special he was to the Pope, the Pope was a symbol of the Church and a son of God.

He was waiting for a meeting with the Pope.

There was a person who came to Rockefeller, who was also the fourth Leo of the family with the surname of Los Medici.

“Did Rockefeller come?”

Leo greeted him politely, and Rockefeller greeted him with a smile.

“It’s Leo. Seeing that the gods are bright, do you think you like life here?”

“no. Big brother took care of me a lot, but there is nothing else.”


Leo was sitting in a high position in the church earlier than expected, not suited to his age and experience.

Chief of the Palace.

Leo was sitting in the seat that could be called the Pope’s secretary.

Of course, within the denomination, there was a strong objection to the too young and too young a common priest to suddenly sit in the position of the Secretary of the Palace after the pope.

As his older brother was the most authoritative figure in the empire and the Pope’s old secretary, the backlash could quickly subside.

And most importantly, his older brother had the property of the church and was controlling the members with interest on deposits.

Therefore, the young plaintiff was able to sit in the position of the Secretary of the Palace, second only to the Pope.

“Anyway, there’s a lot to learn, so take care of yourself.”

“Yes, Brother Rockefeller.”

After a while.

Rockefeller, who was called by the Pope, had an interview with the Pope.

“Oh, are you here? It’s nice to see you after a while.”

“Have you been at peace all this time? I am also very glad to see the Holy Father after a long time.”

“Is there anything special?”

“It’s a big deal… … To be honest.”

It wouldn’t have come just for me.

In a separate place, Rockefeller began to dodge to ask him for help.

“Didn’t we establish a new parish in the Montefeltro estate this time?”

The Pope just nodded without answering.

“The parish is now threatened by outside forces.”

The imperial emperor could legally extort money in the name of taxes in gold-rich lands.

So why can’t the church do that?

It wasn’t.

In the church, God put God in front of him and he could do the same thing as the imperial emperor in the name of donation, so Rockefeller wanted to emphasize this point.

“Hey, I was going to help the church financially to some extent by establishing a parish on that good land. So I came here to ask the Holy Spirit for help.”

It’s the next reaction.

It was just as Rockefeller had expected.

“Of course it’s not difficult. Is that what the dwarves do?”

It was obvious that the end of this conversation could not be seen anyway.

So Rockefeller answered the question with a smile first.

“Yes, the dwarves are using unreasonable force and are targeting the territory of Montefeld, which does not even effectively rule.”

“How dare such an unscrupulous crowd dare to seek the ministry of John. This is impossible.”

“I would like the Holy Spirit to help us. You can’t lose that good land to someone else, can you?”

“Of course not. Don’t worry. Because it doesn’t seem like it’s just the Empire’s business.”

Neither the Pope was unaware that Rockefeller had intentionally created a parish there.

But in the end, it’s good for the church as well.

This allowed the Pope to make a decision quickly.

“I will send holy troops to that land to correct the chaotic order and to establish the authority of John. How dare a small heterogeneous race cross the sacred parish. It’s a no-brainer.”

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