The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 166

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 166

Episode 166 43. War of Gold and Veins #2(1)

In order to reclaim the land of the past, the Dwarf kings located in the three mountain ranges gathered together.

Among the three kingdoms of the dwarves, the place where lightning struck the Thunder Mountains was the closest to the Empire.


Where terrifying lightning strikes.

One of the three kings opened his heavy mouth.

“In the past, Azrak Goldmine was the pride of our Dwarves.”

When the Gold King Toglock, the owner of the Flame Mountains, lost his luck, then the Storm Mountains owner, Gold King Hawken said.

“There was endless gold. Until the gold vein suddenly stops. But are humans occupying the land?”

The last of the three to speak was the Gold King Grom Stark, the owner of the Thunder Mountains and the host of this event.

“It’s a nonsensical sound. We were the owners of that land, and we are now.”

The three kings nodded and decided to forget the trifles of the past for a moment.

“I know that many stories have not been decided yet. At least we can’t lose ours to humans.”

“To agree. Azrak Goldmine must belong to our Dwarves in the past, now and in the future.”

“If the land is reclaimed. All the gold from there is divided into thirds and shared like a sword.”

The three kings, each speaking a word, looked at each other.

If more words are said here, the three will return to wartime again without an agreement.

But no one objected.

The three kings reached an tacit agreement, and in time the three returned to their respective armies and began to command them.

* * *

Starting with the declaration of war by the Dwarves, a war of gold and veins broke out in the territory of Montefeltro.

But there was no major confusion.

Thanks to Rockefeller’s quick response, the Pope’s army, including numerous imperial troops, was already gathered in the Montefeltro estate.

Rockefeller, who came to the Montefeltro estate at the time the dwarves declared war, was incorporated into the Imperial Army and was able to meet the second Andrew, who came to restore the Montefeltro estate.

“Andrew! You’ve grown so much. Now anyone can see that I am an officer of the Imperial Army.”

After graduating from the military academy, Andrew Rothmedic, not seen often, was now a full-fledged in-house officer.

Seeing Rockefeller, Andrew got off his horse and hugged him tightly.

“Brother Rockefeller! See you at last! I was so busy with work that I couldn’t pay attention to family affairs, so I was really worried about him.”

who’s gonna say

Rather, Rockefeller said with a smile.

“What are you worried about? Rather, I was more worried. Okay, how’s your military life? Is it worth doing?”

“Hey, I’m doing fine. You really have changed so much that I don’t know.”

Andrew continued to look at Rockefeller’s luxurious attire, which was no longer comparable to that of a nobleman.

“If I had known this would happen, I would have followed Joshua and learn banco work under my brother. I regret choosing to work here at that time.”

“It’s not too late now. To be honest, I want you to stop the dangerous military life and come over here to help with family affairs. But wouldn’t it be better to have the same family help with the work than anyone else?”

Andrew responded with a smile.

“Then let me think about it. I thought it was fun to be an officer, but it’s really not that much fun because it’s a low-level life here.”

“Yeah, I’m glad you’re still in good shape. What about Stella? Weren’t we together?”

“Ah, Stella went to see the lord. I will come back with Stella in a little while.”

“I don’t care too much. If you are a soldier, you should act like a soldier.”

“no. Still, I have to say hello.”

Andrew, who had been chatting with Rockefeller since then, looked at the troops coming from all over the Empire and asked Rockefeller.

“By the way, are all the troops over there the work of Rockefeller? I’ve been to various battlefields and seen the troops being summoned, but it’s the first time I’ve seen such a large number of troops gathered.”

Andrew felt the power of his eldest brother once again, as he could even see the pope’s army.

“All I called. Dwarves can’t be beaten like this in the same field until the declaration of war, right?”

“It is. There are a lot more magic tanks than that. It was the first time I saw so many magic stone tanks.”

“It is also my work. As I said in the letter, I own 50% of the Manastone Tank Factory.”

“It’s 50%… … If your motives hear it, you will be surprised. Even if there is only one, the enemy is Abi Gyu-hwan, and it would be really surprising if we had a stake in the factory that produces them.”

Even the Imperial Army couldn’t use that level of Manastone Tanks at once.

In other words, the power of the Los Medici family was that great.

“Recently, I thought it was a bit strange for the commander to look at me when I was nothing… … After seeing the power of my brother here, it makes sense. ha ha ha!”

Rockefeller, who was smiling likewise, still said the same thing.

“So, that’s all you need to do in the military and come back here. Because he’ll take care of you so much that it can’t be compared to a rat’s tail. It’s something I’m lacking while working, isn’t it enough if I learn by following hyung?”

“Let me think about that. Lately, there have been some qualms, but I have to do as much as I can to the end.”

“Yeah, that’s your choice and you should respect it.”

As Andrew was having a conversation, he asked Rockefeller for forgiveness.

“Brother Rockefeller, I have work to do, so I think I should go first. At the commander’s order, we have to urgently summon the captains of the nearby mercenary units. Perhaps the Imperial Army will become the backbone and assign roles to the hired mercenaries.”

“Yeah, I knew. See you later when the time is right. Or tell your brother. Because hyung can take one of you out right away.”

At Rockefeller’s words, Andrew just laughed.

“You don’t even have to do that. Then we will go first.”

Andrew, who had hurriedly mounted his horse, left, and Rockefeller, who had been staring at him, was lost in thought.

‘I want Andrew to stop being a dangerous officer and come here to work… … .’

However, he did not think that his younger brother, who had no regrets, would have to work for him.

‘You must be sorry for the qualities of a soldier. Because our family has no talent over there.’

Nevertheless, Andrew remained a direct subordinate to the commander and was treated more than other officers because of his powerful position in the Empire.

‘Perhaps if it wasn’t for me, I might have beaten him up earlier, or maybe I would have gone to the battlefield and suffered bad things.’

The reason why Rockefeller did not worry too much about Andrew, who became an officer, was that he was confident that he had worked in various ways to ensure that Andrew was safe.

‘Anyway, I’m glad you look healthy.’

After a while, the golden vein war that started like that has passed.

This time, unexpectedly, beer prices began to fluctuate greatly.

The price of beer, which had been showing signs of soaring before the Gold Mac War, soared to the ceiling with the declaration of war by the Dwarves.

This was a huge boon for Rockefeller, who was trying to start a beer business with Priest Carter as before.

The problem is that the price of beer has jumped too high.

‘I’m sure you’ll find a beer bubble in a place like this.’

The only bubble Rockefeller knew about was the tulip bubble.

But instead of tulips like that, the world would have a bubble in beer!

This was really surprising, but there were a couple of things that were suspicious.

‘No matter how you look at it, something is strange. The price of beer is rising because the supply of beer is limited. It is understandable, but there is no reason for the price to jump to this level… … .’

So I found out in many ways.

My little brother Joshua is buying beer at random.

Even when competing with certain forces.

‘I understand that Joshua is buying a beer… … .’

Joshua is aggressively buying beer, so Rockefeller had no problem with it.

Anyway, thanks to Joshua, the beer business he was running was booming.

The problem, however, was that there was another giant that was buying beer on a larger scale than Joshua.

‘Who the hell are these guys? Who the hell… … .’

So, through the intelligence of his wife and Ismail family, he secretly investigated those who were buying beer in large quantities other than Joshua.

And the results were truly astonishing.

Oh My God!

The world must have intervened in them.

‘It’s really surprising No Jaro.’

It was then that Rockefeller understood why beer prices had soared absurdly.

It was thanks to Joshua, but in the end they were also a big help.

‘You seem to do anything if it really makes money.’

* * *

The Goblin Banks, who bought a large amount of government bonds issued by the Empire almost completely, began to take an interest in interesting events that occurred in the Empire before the outbreak of the Gold and Blood War.

It was just the soaring beer prices.

In the Goblin Bank, which had as much information as the Ismail family, the story of this beer suddenly came up on the agenda of a roundtable one day.

“Hey, did you hear that story? It looks like beer prices have gone up absurdly.”

The beer they knew was only cheap food enjoyed by humans, dwarves, and some other races.

But that kind of beer has jumped up to an unbelievable price in the world.

“Before that, there were some guys who made a profit by running a beer business against the Dwarves when the Totem War broke out. Perhaps someone used that as a model to stock up on beer this time.”

When Goldman was out of luck, Morgan and JP were also interested.

“Is that real? Beer prices soared?”

“It’s amazing. But yes, it’s beer. If something like that went up, how much would it go up? is not it?”

“Still, it went up quite a bit. Come on, look. How much has the beer price gone up now?”

“haha… … .”

It was an unbelievable number.

There was nothing in the history of the continent throughout the empire.

“Does this make sense? After all, this is beer.”

“Still, the increased price doesn’t lie.”

“Probably because some guys in the Empire stockpiled a lot.”

There was talk about beer like that, and someone brought up this story.

“Hey, if you do this well, the price of beer is going to go up. Why don’t we buy things like this and give them a fuck?”

“You want to fuck? who?”

“Who is who? Hogu bastards who are crazy about this beer and want to invest.”

As Morgan smiled, JP and Goldman, who were looking at it, began to smile the same.

“Actually, there was nothing we couldn’t touch.”

“There is no one richer than us in this world. If they sell it, you can grab them all and raise more.”

otherwise impossible.

But nothing was impossible for them.

Because he was the richest man on the continent.

“This is what I do with soup. How about trying some beer? Not just the beer in the empire, but also the beer of the elves and other races, buying cheaply. Then we can control the price.”

“That’s a good idea. I agree first I have to show the bitterness of beer to stupid humans. 👑👑👑”

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