The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 167

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 167

Episode 167 43. War of Gold and Veins #2(2)

When the Goblin Bank began to suck up all the beer on the continent, those who stocked up on beer in the Empire for market profit were not all in a riot.

Beer prices soaring day by day made them have sweet dreams.

But is there a law that says you shouldn’t have that dream just because it’s someone else?

Although it was late, the nobles and wealthy commoners also dreamed of a jackpot when they saw the beer prices soaring day by day.

‘It’s not too late now. The price of beer is changing every day.’

As people who dreamed of turning their lives around sold all their fortunes and started hoarding beer, the price of beer that had soared in the sky without realizing it was going to go crazy.

Let the beer price exceed everyone’s expectations and break through to 500 times the original price.

People came to Banco, where Joshua was doing business, and started taking out unreasonable loans.

Once you buy, the price goes up, and you can’t even see the risk of a loan.

“Are you here too?”

“You came too. Is it because of the beer?”

“It’s nagging to say the least. I’m going to buy some beer right now.”

“I’ve already put all my fortune in, and this time I’m going to get a loan to buy more.”

“Oh yeah? Just like me.”

“Beer is faith. It’s like a giant that never collapses.”

“Yeah, right. Beer is the only thing that goes up when you buy it. you know Now, finding beer has become as difficult as picking a star in the sky.”

“You must always have a beer with you. Sooner or later, it will go 1,000 times or 10,000 times.”

Joshua saw the speculators filling the Banco, talking only about beer.

‘It must be good.’

The price of the beer he shot.

When I saw people who were crazy about the price and even wanted to get a loan, I had fifty thousand thoughts.

‘I’m the one who is taking the lead in raising the beer price right now. As long as I continue to hold on to this position, they will not perish. However… … .’

Nothing is permanent in the world.

What would happen to them if they started disposing of their beer?

I don’t know, but Joshua could have easily predicted this.

‘I’ll probably do the grooming at the bottom of a nearby river.’

There was no ill-will or any other emotion.

After all, they are speculators.

It is said that he is the kind of speculator who likes to risk his own money and eat other people’s money.

As such a speculator, would Joshua take pity on the people who came to the casino on his own?

‘I’m sorry. It’s not uncommon to feel sorry for someone who loses money at a gambling house.’

Speculation, another name for investment, was mostly a zero-sum game.

When someone wins money, someone loses it.

‘That’s what Rockefeller did. If you want to bring someone else’s money, you have to bring it as legally as possible.’

What the hell is that legal thing?

Joshua got a rough idea of what Rockefeller was trying to say in the wake of this incident.

“At least these people won’t blame me when the beer bubble bursts later. Rather, they will insult them for forcing them into risky investments.”

Maybe this wasn’t what Rockefeller wanted to say when he was young?

‘right. Are you sure. Rockefeller must have wanted me to make money this way when I grew up. Because this is quite legal.’

to Joshua like that.

A customer asked something.

It was about the loan.

“I would like a loan for beer, but how much can you do?”

Joshua looked at him lightly with squinted eyes.

Their appearance was not shabby and they had a decent amount of flesh, so they looked just like the wealthy commoners.

Like the other speculators here, he probably came here to buy beer, which has recently skyrocketed.


“I want to borrow as much as possible.”

“Then you want me to borrow up to the limit?”


Joshua suddenly wondered what he was thinking of investing in beer as he wanted to borrow up to the limit.

And what if the price of beer goes down?

‘It’s a question I don’t normally ask.’

There are a lot of people who will lend you out anyway, and they will lend no matter what they do.

So Joshua asked him again, who was looking intently at him.

“You just said it was because of the beer. If the price of beer goes down after today, what will you do then?”

At that question, the speculator smiled softly.

“What do you mean? Beer prices plummeting?”

He shook his head.

“Ah, that sounds absurd. I was such a person. I’ve been kicking and ignoring the beer since it started rising strangely. I’m sure it will fall off. But I don’t think the price of that beer will ever drop. I saw that everyone said that no matter how expensive they were, they would buy them all because of the curse of beer the Dwarves had.”

He continued.

“I don’t think the war will end anytime soon, but beer prices are going up unconditionally. Then, even if I robbed all my fortune, I would have to buy it unconditionally.”

“Still, there must be such a thing as one, right?”

“Anyway? Well, it could be, but… … .”

As he looked inside the noisy Banco, he had certain confidence.

If they all borrowed to buy beer, could the price of that beer really drop?

‘Never fall. never.’

“It doesn’t look like that to me. Can’t you see the people here now?”

He pointed to the guests in the banco and asked, Joshua glanced briefly at them as well.

As he faced Joshua like that, he continued.

“They are all here to buy beer. But will the price of beer go down?”

Joshua almost certainly said so.

If it hadn’t been for the words Rockefeller had warned me about.

‘Rockefeller said nothing lasts forever. This would be the same for beer.’

“okay. Let’s take a look at the ledger first. Perhaps more loans will come out if you have something to hold as collateral.”

He came to him when he heard that a loan was possible, and the thought of becoming rich became haggard.

Then Joshua said something like pouring cold water on him.

“But you must never forget that you are responsible for all your investments. Even if beer prices plummet, we have no intention of looking at it. Even if everyone here says no, we will silently go into debt collection.”

This was a warning.

But it was unheard of for those who were thinking of becoming rich with beer.

‘Even at this moment, beer prices are going up.’

“Stop nagging and give me a loan.”

They weren’t the only ones like that.

So was the next guest, and so was the next guest.

Joshua thought about the beer bubble he had created while lending money to greedy people.

‘I thought it would be so easy to make money in the world.’

It was good that he lent them a lot of money, and it was even better that the borrowers bought the beer he had stocked up in advance.

‘Not only can you profit hundreds or thousands of times with beer stocked up in advance, but you can also have fun with the money people borrowed.’

They could not have intended a point in time when beer prices plummeted.

But it wasn’t Joshua.

If they just released their beer on the market, that was the starting point of the collapse.

At this moment, Joshua had only one thought.

‘The loan has to be more aggressive.’

If you have something to hold as collateral, you can lend it to anyone and fan it to jump on the beer craze.

‘What are you doing now, try making a loan product for beer investment?’

The idea soon became a reality, and Joshua actively made loans to everyone, commoners and nobles, during the beer bubble.

So beer prices skyrocketed even more, and it was Joshua himself who was smiling.

Then one day.

Rockefeller, the elder brother and pillar of the family, came to visit.

Rockefeller warned Joshua about the price of beer that had jumped too much, and Joshua, who heard this, had something in mind, so he had no choice but to agree with Rockefeller.

‘Beer prices can be forced down by factors other than myself. Beer prices are too high now.’

let’s think like that

Now Joshua was afraid too.

The crazy beer prices are now a horror.

‘Isn’t it better to organize things soon?’

let’s think of that

Joshua began disposing of his beer in bulk.

At that time, demand for beer was still there, and even as Joshua had sold enough beer, the price of beer did not plummet immediately.

‘I’m glad the demand is alive. If Soyou had been dead, it would have collapsed immediately.’

When the price of beer, which had soared up to 1,000 times, plummeted to 800 times and 500 times, the sound of music started to come from a completely different place than Joshua.

They were the Goblin Banks who, like Joshua, were hoarding beer.

“Hey, something is strange. Why are you suddenly doing this?”

Seeing the price of beer that had plummeted in an instant, even the goblins were puzzled.

“Why did this happen? I climbed well, then why all of a sudden… … .”

Then Morgan said with a wrinkled expression.

“You can buy more. After all, we can all figure it out.”

At those words, JP shook his head.

If they were in the past, they could have forced the beer bubble today.

However, it became impossible to catch the falling beer prices and toss them back up again as they bought large amounts of government bonds issued by the Empire.

said Goldman, who had a similar expression on his face.

“I can’t afford that. We are investing in government bonds to the point of buying up our empire right away, so we can’t afford to invest more in cheap beer.”

“God damn it! Who the hell lowered the price of beer?”

“By the way, I heard that some guys bought a lot of beer from the human side, didn’t they throw them all away?”

At this point, there was only one conclusion they could draw.

“Damn it… … .”

“Let’s sell it all. This needs to be moved quickly.”

“That would be nice. We need to get some before it’s too late.”

“But if we toss it, the price of beer would be absolutely shit? Are you okay though?”

They bought as many beers as Joshua did.

“shit. But what do you do? Even if you take a loss, you should make a stop loss as quickly as possible.”

Unlike individuals, institutions and large whales could not easily throw their stock at a desired price.

It takes a lot of time to throw them all because there are so many, and if you ignore such time and throw it, you will taste the bitter taste of the collapse.

However, this is the first time a bubble has occurred in the history of the continent.

Even the goblins did not even know how much damage they would lose if they threw that much quantity into the market at once.

“Let’s throw it all away! All so cheap!”

The steeper the climb.

The same goes for going down.

Since that day, beer has been plunging again and again, creating the myth of Bell and Bob amongst Imperial investors.

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