The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 168

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 168

Episode 168 43. War of Gold and Veins #2(3)

At the same time as the soaring beer price plummeted, many nobles and wealthy commoners who started hoarding beer fell into debtors in an instant.

In particular, a certain lord who bought beer by force, like the lord of Montefeltro, even took most of the territory as collateral to the guild or banco.

Where is that?

Most of the investors who went into the beer speculation, including the lord, became debtors in an instant, and the status of the Los Medici family, which lent them money, could be raised one step further.

After the beer bubble.

The people of the Empire began to regard the Los Medici family, which had amassed enormous wealth, on a par with, or slightly higher than, the three leading families of the Empire.

Even as the status of the Los Medici family was rising day by day, the war for gold and veins continued, and Rockefeller, who had some fun with the beer bubble, began to paint the next picture.

‘The final finale of this fight will probably be to bring back the government bonds the goblins bought.’

The goblins who took the government bonds will at some point ask the Empire to repay the debt.

In the future, it would cause problems and prevent the Empire from repaying the debt, and there was a high possibility that the Empire would quickly print out government bonds and give them to the goblins.

‘If that happens, then only the Empire owes a lot. Even if you win the war and own the gold mine, the wealth will eventually go to the goblins.’

The goal of the Goblin Bank was to have the Empire continue to print government bonds and ultimately become the Empire’s largest creditor.

‘I have a favorite saying. Everyone has a plausible plan. Until you are beaten.’

Here is Rockefeller’s plan.

It was to make the government bonds the goblins a poop price and force them to sell the government bonds.

And the plan that Rockefeller was drawing was to buy all the government bonds that became shit and return the price of those bonds to the previous price.

‘It’s a beautiful thing that goblins buy government bonds that they bought at a high price at the price of shit.’

After the beer bubble, most of the lords and nobles were watching the Los Medici family.

This was because the Los Medici were their biggest creditors.

So what would happen if the Los Medici family had a monopoly on government bonds issued by the Empire?

‘Our family can achieve what the goblins wished for.’

Government bonds are sacred and inviolable, and if trust in them is damaged, there will be strong protests from the purchasers of government bonds, which inevitably causes major problems both internally and externally.

‘The most problematic thing is that if trust in government bonds is damaged, we cannot issue government bonds again. Even if I issue it, I know I won’t pay it back, but what kind of idiot would buy it.’

Therefore, if they were to protect the trust of the government bonds in the Empire, they had no choice but to become servants of the Los Medici family.


It would be the Los Medici family who have the most government bonds issued by them.

And no matter how much tax they collect.

‘These taxes will ultimately come back to us.’

It was Rockefeller’s last painting.

Taking government bonds issued by the Empire at a low price and making the entire Empire into slavery to himself and his family.

‘In the end, if things go as I wish, my family and I will be able to live for the rest of our lives without worrying about money. Even if we don’t work, the country that has become in debt will take care of feeding us.’

A tax paid by all citizens of the Empire, including himself, regardless of whether he was aristocrat or commoner.

Those taxes will ultimately return to the Los Medici family to further fatten them.

And this was the most beautiful ending Rockefeller hoped for.

‘Now then, shall we turn the government bonds issued by the Empire into shit prices?’

Treasury bonds issued by a country could not be refunded, let alone interest, until the time to repay.

So, those who needed urgent money could sell these government bonds to others to earn money.

As an extreme example, if country A, which issued government bonds, is suddenly invaded by country B and goes bankrupt, the price of government bonds issued by country A cannot be returned even if it is due later, let alone the principal, even interest. When the country collapsed, it had to be almost the price of shit.

Rockefeller was well aware of this, so he knew very well what position he had to take in the current empire so that the government bonds they printed could become shit.

‘For now, you have to act like you’re ruined.’

In addition to the imperial army, the papal army was also added to protect the territory of Montefeltro.

Taking into account the mercenary units independently hired by the Los Medici family, it was not an easy task for even the Allied Dwarfs to invade the territory of Montefeld.

‘So the price of government bonds jumped ignorantly.’

When there was a beer bubble.

The price of imperial government bonds also soared horribly.

Since there were quite a few troops gathered in the Empire, people predicted that the winner of the Gold and Mac War would be the Empire, not the Dwarfs.

But what if the situation changes here?

‘Perhaps the soaring imperial government bond price will become shit again.’

Before the Gold and Vein Wars, the Empire was in a very financially difficult state due to a number of wars, including the Crown War.

‘At least, because a gold mine was discovered in the Montefeltro estate, the price of the imperial government bonds went up, but I didn’t get it right before that. Because the situation in the empire was so difficult, people felt deeply skeptical. It is said that the question arises as to whether the government will properly repay the government bonds issued by the Empire.’

So, if the winner of the golden vein war is predicted to be a dwarf.

It was obvious that the price of government bonds issued by the Empire would be the price of shit.

‘Fortunately, Goblin Bank bought a large amount of government bonds at a high price.’

Goblin Bank aggressively bought the Empire’s government bonds despite the higher-than-usual price.

Later, when the Empire won, it was to exercise its rights.

‘Now then, shall we turn the price of government bonds, which we deliberately raised, into a shit price again?’

Therefore, the first person Rockefeller visited was the Pope at the Imperial Court.

“Would you like to inherit Seong-gun for a while?”

“Yeah, just give it to me for a moment.”

“Then the land will be lost to the dwarves, is this not what you want?”

Rockefeller did not deny the pope’s words.

“Of course, that’s not a good thing. However, I have a purpose and I have to create a situation in which the empire loses, so I am asking you to come here.”

It was an unknown word.

What the hell do you have plans?

“No matter how much you think about it, I don’t think it is. If the land is taken away like that, you will have to put a lot of effort into trying to get it back later.”

“I know. But I’m almost certain who will be victorious in the Gold Medal War. So you don’t have to worry too much.”

“Hmm… … . Why?”

The information power of the Goblin Bank was greater than expected.

Rockefeller, who did not even believe the pope, decided to ask him for forgiveness.

“Can I tell you when work is done? I am well aware that the Holy Father has a heavy mouth, but can anyone here hear me?”

“Is that going to happen?”

“Still, I want to be careful. Because there is something I want.”

I couldn’t understand it right away, but the Pope, who trusted Rockefeller, nodded his head as if he had agreed.

“I see. I don’t know what you meant to say that, but I’m sure you have your own thoughts.”

“Thank you so much for looking at me that way. If things go well in the future, I will become a person more faithful to the Holy Spirit and to the Church.”

“Hahaha, thank you for your words. I see. For now, I will let Seong-gun be bitten for a while as per your request.”

“Oh, if you need a reason. Please tell the people around you that you’ve been bitten by Seong-gun for a while because of a feud with me. It’s absolutely necessary. That way, people won’t be suspicious of Seong-gun’s resignation.”

The Pope pondered what Rockefeller had said and then nodded as if he understood.

“Yeah, it looks like you have something. I’ll do that for now. Instead, I’ll let you know why I did that later when I’m done.”

“Yes, I’ll explain everything to the Holy Father when I’m done.”

Right after Rockefeller stopped by the Imperial Court.

Seonggun, who was stationed in the Montefeltro estate, suddenly began to retreat.

Those who did not understand English found out why, and soon heard of the feud between Rockefeller and the Pope from church members located in the Imperial Palace.

I don’t know the details, but they fought each other.

And the content of the discord quickly spread to the Goblin Bank.

“what? Is Seong-gun returning?”

To the goblins who aggressively bought government bonds, predicting the empire’s natural victory in the Golden Mace War, it sounded like a clear blow.

“God damn it. How much money do we put on the soup stock that we don’t eat even if we give it? But why are you suddenly reuniting and you’re a jerk!”

They had a rough mouth like goblins, and they looked quite embarrassed by the sudden change of situation in the Empire.

“No, wouldn’t the empire be lost in this way?”

“It is not. Although the size of the castle is not small, that doesn’t mean that the Imperial Army will lose immediately. Even if the Empire bastards don’t have money, they say that they have a lot of experience in combat. Have you been through a crown war recently? Where does that experience go?”

“No, why the fuck is that bastard fighting the Pope? Wasn’t he even shot in the head?”

What they are talking about now is Rockefeller.

“I don’t know. Why did it suddenly happen… … .”

“Is there no way to find out more? This is important.”

“Even though there is a banquet on our side in the Beop Hwang Office. Given that there is no news, I think the rumors are probably true.”

“Then, isn’t that saying that if Seong-gun retreats, the Empire should block it on its own?”

“It’s kind of difficult… … .”

“Let’s watch it one more time. Or maybe we’ll have to come out and help.”


“We also have the Wyvern troops. If you don’t want to, you should move before the government bonds become shit.”

“Yeah, what else do we have but money? If you don’t want to, we can send in the military to help.”

“Ah… … .”

After Seong-gun left.

Rockefeller’s next destination was the imperial capital, where the imperial emperor resided.

Upon arriving at the Imperial Castle, Rockefeller immediately met the Emperor alone.

“Are you saying you want to inherit the Imperial Army?”

If the emperor and the pope reacted similarly, they were similar, but never different.

“If we remove the defense forces right now, the Montefeltro estate will be owned by the Dwarves.”

“There is a mercenary unit that I hired, and there is also a Manastone Tank, so the Dwarves won’t be able to occupy it right away.”

“Is there any other reason?”

It had already been explained to the emperor, so Rockefeller gave a brief explanation.

“Didn’t I tell you once before? The government bonds that the goblins bought should be brought down again. If left unchecked, they will forever be a problem for the Empire. Then you have to catch it before that happens.”

It was then that the Emperor understood why Rockefeller wanted the Imperial army to retreat from the territory for a while.

He had asked himself to do so in order to deliberately lower the price of government bonds bought by the goblins.

“But you don’t have a reason?”

Rockefeller’s answer to this was quite clear.

“You just have to make it for a reason.”

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