The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 171

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 171

Episode 171 44. War of Gold and veins #3(3)

When Rockefeller finished introducing himself, Goldman could easily recognize him.

He was the one who took control of the money chain of the empire and quickly emerged as the core of power.

‘That guy was him. The owner of a family doing something like Los Medici.’

“Oh hey. Now I know. You were the gossip. I’ve always wondered what kind of countertop he had, but now I see he’s a blue kid.”

Rockefeller only laughed lightly at the provocative remarks.

‘Nice to meet you, good food.’

“It is an honor to see the head of the Goblin Bank at such an event.”

Goldman responded with no sincerity to Rockefeller’s words.

“Still, you are polite. Seriously, it’s not a big deal if a guy who isn’t even polite doesn’t matter. I’m the country’s biggest creditor, and if I get it, that’s fine.”

“Besides, what did you come here for? We are doing well.”

Then there was Goldman snoring.

“Hey, why did you come here? I’m here to monitor whether I’ll be able to repay the money I borrowed.”

Rockefeller smiled lightly at him, who spoke openly without looking around.

“Oh, you are. But how about this? We’re doing really well. You’ve taken a good step.”

“Is that a bad step?”

Goldman was offended.

Because the tone was a bit cheeky.

“Where does this bastard say that he has a hole in his mouth now?”

The next day, Goldman’s voice stood terrifyingly.

“Hey, you bastard! Even a dog whistle means looking at the other person and talking! If you bastards are going to pay off the money they borrowed in the first place, then what am I doing here!”

In a loud voice that deaf ears.

Rather than frown, Rockefeller admired his power as head of the Goblin Bank.

In a way, isn’t it like saying everything I want to say in someone else’s bedroom?

‘It’s really great guts. No matter how big the Empire’s creditors may be, he’s got that much guts here. Even on the subject of a goblin who has no power to protect even my own body.’

In other words, Goldman could be said to be a role model for Rockefeller.

‘That look. It will also be me in the future. But it wouldn’t be that rude. Because the level goes down.’

“Oh, that’s right.”

Rockefeller smiled and continued.

“But there is nothing you can’t really say to a debtor like heaven. We’ve been in the same industry for a long time, so I’m sure you know what I’m talking about here.”

“What do you mean?”

What are you trying to say?

Although he was not interested, Goldman wrote his impressions first.

Rockefeller’s words continued to Goldman.

“Creditors, you stand and lend only when you lend.”

Rockefeller’s smile was crueler than expected.

“When you receive the money, you have to lie down to receive it. Someone who knows that well is acting so daringly. in front of a debtor like heaven.”

“Oh, hey, you bastard. What did you say now?”

Opponents would also be talking nonsense.

Rockefeller was also unstoppable.

“What are you asking again after you’ve heard everything with your pierced ears? Can you say it again? Please show yourselves to debtors like heaven.”

It’s about Rockefeller, though I’ve been told many times.

Goldman didn’t even know he was such a cheeky bastard.

‘Is that bastard talking sane? You know what I’m going to do here and flutter your snout?’

“Are you crazy now?”

Rockefeller tilted his head.

“Are you crazy? I’m fine It’s very normal.”

Then I asked the aristocrats where Rockefeller was located.

“Do you think I’m crazy?”

Even if he lost his mind, none of the nobles who knew his position well came forward.

Anyway, anyone from the top families of the Empire, the Tepes and Sinclairs, could say anything.

Even that was not easy as both of them were already married to Rockefeller from their family members.

It was said that if there was a problem here, there was nothing they could do other than support Rockefeller.

“You don’t have an answer.”

Rockefeller found Goldman again.

“People here say I am normal.”

“Hey, this bastard is very rude about having a hole in his mouth. Yes, I will lend while standing, and as you say, when I receive it, I will lie down to receive it!”

Then Goldman flashed a double wick in his eyes and shouted.

“But I think that kind of sound would come out in front of a creditor with a stick! If I say a word now, this place will be just ashes! If your ears are properly pierced, you won’t be able to hear the Wyvern sound from outside!”

As he warned, the inside of the Hwangseong was very noisy due to the wyverns howling outside.

However, Rockefeller did not give in to this.

“Then let it cool down and just go home. What are you so scared of?”

“What, what? Are you going to burn it all down?”

“Yeah, seeing you come all the way here and worry about me. If we fail, don’t they also perish? Then we can all perish together, so what do you think is so difficult?”

“What is this bastard?”

“Or did I say something wrong?”

“This bastard is real.”

Oh, it’s blood pressure.

Goldman, who had nearly let go of his reason for a moment, came to his senses.

When it comes to money, one of his characteristics was to quickly find the opposite sex.

It was said that no matter how much he didn’t like him, he could quickly change his stance if he could meet his own interests.

‘No. I got caught up in this guy’s face.’

Again, as shown in the report, he was a great human youth.

Apparently, as a debtor, it seems that he is acting nonsensical assholes, but Goldman could not have known this.

“Wow! I got excited for a while. Yeah, because sometimes I lose my temper when I deal with guys who borrow money and sometimes gossip. You can’t beat this guy with a stick, and you can’t beat him without it.”

After a moment of anger, Goldman opened his mouth to the quiet egg scene.

“Anyway, are there any solutions?”

In fact, there was only one reason Goldman came to this place.

It was to lend their troops to an incompetent empire for a fee.

Goldman’s purpose is to receive the expenses incurred there as government bonds of the Empire.

But Goldman’s intention was that Rockefeller had already seen it all.

Knowing how the goblins would later interfere with the affairs of the Empire, it was obvious what they would do.

‘I’m thinking of lending the army I have and taking the government bonds issued by the empire in exchange for that. But what about this? I can see the intent.’

“There are measures, of course.”

Rockefeller was quite a cruel man.

I kept smiling, but even a demon other than an angel could do it that easily.

“We have our own ideas, so we’re worried we’ll go bankrupt, so just hold on to it. They all have plans.”

This is what Rockefeller meant when he said that.

‘Anyway, if we fail, you will also perish, so in the end you have no choice but to help, even if it’s not even a penny. I know that, but will I be treated like a hogu?’

Evil debtors were as frightening as bad creditors.

And Rockefeller played the role of such a vicious debtor very well.

“So you can just go home without any worries.”

At those words, Goldman was almost upset.

I came here knowing that I couldn’t figure it out, but isn’t the debtor’s bastard playing the trick?

‘Are these bastards really trying to ruin it together?’

Still, Goldman, who reminded me of my purpose, decided to show condolences here.

“greatness! But if you fail, will you fail together? We are willing to help out a little.”

After all, this was not something I had to talk about with Jaesang.

Goldman looked at the emperor and continued speaking.

“If you have an idea, you can borrow a Wyvern army.”

The Emperor made eye contact with Goldman, but decided to ignore it.

He had the same thoughts as Rockefeller.

‘They have no choice but to help. Then we don’t have to pay for it.’

A look of embarrassment appeared on Goldman’s face when the Emperor knew how to avoid Goldman’s gaze, as Rockefeller had also given his words.

‘What, what?’

“No, really, what are you trying to do? Why are these reactions so dry? You don’t know anything about our independent Wyvern Troops? It is the strongest army on the continent. I will lend it to you.”

No matter what Goldman says.

Rockefeller’s attitude remained the same.

“Even if there’s nothing like that, we’ll take care of ourselves. I hope you don’t mind.”

“The orc cubs have their eyes turned upside down and now they have formed a large army, are you hearing that sound now? And if you take out the Imperial Army in the Montefeltro Territory, the Montefeltro Territory will be given to the Dwarves.”

Rather, the absurd Goldman pointed a finger at Rockefeller and said to the imperial nobles who were nearby.

“You mortals have an idea! That idiot over there is trying to roll up the country. yap! I have to dry it somehow! Or whatever!”

the dog barks

The nobles of the Empire, who had strong antipathy towards him in the first place, remained silent and consistent.

“under… … .”

Seeing the imperial nobles who did not respond, Goldman only felt frustrated inside himself.

‘Are you really going to ruin it?’

Could it be?

Only then did Goldman know what they really wanted.

‘Isn’t this the only thing they’re hoping to help with penniless?’

How would you have known that?

Rockefeller grinned and began to speak to Goldman, who had a complicated mind in the background of the silent nobles of the Empire.

“If you are so worried about us. How about free help from the Goblin Bank, which has the largest number of government bonds we have printed?”

“What, what?”

“Are you listening to everything and pretending you don’t know what?”

Next, Rockefeller’s eyes turned to the imperial nobles who were present at the scene.

“Isn’t it? If we go bankrupt anyway, the government bonds we issued will also be shit. Even a goblin bank with it wouldn’t stand still. So why should we make unnecessary sacrifices and hope for the help of the Goblin Bank? I will ask you.”

The answer to that question was the people of the Sinclair family and Tepez, the most prestigious of the nobles.

“I agree with Rockefeller Habha. We don’t have to pay for the help of the Goblin Bank. After all, if we think we’re going to perish just like Habha said, won’t the Goblin Bank take care of it?”

“We also agree. There is no need to spend unnecessary money.”

These rotten human bastards.

Are you really mad because you want to be ruined?

Goldman, whose mouth was trembling, glared at the unscrupulous nobles of the Empire, and had a strange thought.

‘I really want to burn it all down. these scumbags. Guts is also a beggar, and knowing creditors is a caregiver.’

If only he had taken the government bonds issued by the Empire in moderation.

Whether the empire collapsed or not, he was able to play his guts in the goblin bank.

But because it was a goblin bank that took almost all of the government bonds issued by the Empire.

Goldman had no other options.

‘Humans like dogs. Guess I’ll buy this shitty soup again again. If it wasn’t for the real Montefeltro, I wouldn’t have even seen it.’

“Hey, you know what to do. Because I don’t know anymore.”

He turned his back to the head of the Goblin Bank.

Rockefeller began to order something loudly, as if to listen.

“Then I will trust you and wait. Ah, our power will be concentrated in the north, where the orcs are currently moving south, so if you are thinking of us, please pay attention to the Montefeltro estate.”

Hearing this, Goldman paused for a moment, then began to move again, shaking his clenched fists.

‘Those who will be punished. In particular, I hope he goes to hell even if he searches for it.’

Goldman pours curses and curses into his heart and leaves.

Rockefeller, who knew he was going to curse himself on the inside, smiled lightly and thought:

‘I don’t know what curse you cast on me. Never go to hell.’

Why don’t you go?

‘I’ve already been pardoned.’

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