The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 172

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 172

Episode 172 44. War of Gold and Heart #3(4)

When Goldman, who had gone to meet the Imperial Emperor, returned without any success, members of the same round table, Morgan and J.P., questioned him.

“No, why did you just come back? That wasn’t our plan, was it?”

“Are you going to wake up when the price of government bonds becomes shit?”

Goldman told the story of meeting the Emperor of the Empire at the beating of two ignorant goblins.

In addition, when he told the story of Rockefeller who was with the emperor, the two goblins could understand the situation.

“God damn it. There was such a rotten man.”

“He’s like a piece of junk in the world. I told you to go to hell when you die.”

Goldman responded to that.

“I didn’t mean to. Something wasn’t right.”

“I just screamed and looked. It’s a pity that I couldn’t say that.”

“Even if it were me, I would have spit out a swear word.”


Cutting off the words of the two goblins, Goldman started talking about my thoughts.

“The Imperials are starting to get crazy. They seem to know that if they’re wrong, we’ll be wrong too. No matter how you look at this, it looks like you’re helping them for nothing. Or maybe we’re the only ones who look full of shit because of the overturned orcs.”

The expression of the three goblins was not good.

“Heavenly wicked people.”

“If it wasn’t for his gold veins, I wouldn’t have even looked at such a shit-like soup.”

Sighs came from all over the place.

Either way, they only had one choice.

“What should I do? You can’t even clean up the government bonds that have fallen because of that.”

“What is tidying up? Even if the Empire bastards manage to get through this crisis well, it would be worth it.”

“It is.”

As they agreed, Goldman, who had a disgruntled expression on his face, began to comment on what happened afterwards.

“Let’s try to save them first. It’s disgusting to spend our raw money to save them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t turn the soup stock we bought into tissue paper all at once. Dwarfs, it’s enough to occupy the territory with Montefeld, but these orc cubs will drive you until the empire is destroyed.”

No goblins objected to this.

Immediately after the will of the Goblin Bank was decided.

The Wyvern Army, which was run by Goblin Bank, was dispatched to the Montefeldt estate.

It was to help the territory of Montefeltro, which had a gap in the defense force as the Orcs moved south.

Let the dry sky be filled with the roar of the Wyverns.

The lord Chester, who could not foresee this, was absurd.

“As I live, there will come a day when I will receive help from goblins. It’s amazing and my nose is stuffy.”

The Overseer, who was guarding such a lord, was equally embarrassed.

The Wyvern riders of the infamous Goblin Bank will come to reinforcing the power that was lacking due to the withdrawal of the Imperial Army.

“I am equally perplexed. I don’t even know what English this is. Oh my God, those goblins… … .”

Lord Chester saw the Wyverns inside the fortress roaring so harshly that it was deafening.

Without a lot of money, they were the strongest troops they could not even dare to dare.

‘If this happens, there is no need to carry out the plan to abandon the fortress and retreat, right?’

The extended fortress facing the border area was the front line to protect the Montefeltro estate.

If this place collapsed, it would be almost impossible to protect the territory of Montefeltro from the heavily armored dwarves.

‘In the worst case, I was thinking of giving away the Youngji itself, but I’m really glad.’

“Anyway, it’s fine. The plan to retreat by the middle of today can be thwarted.”

The Overseer also felt a sense of reassurance when he saw the wyvern riders who were said to be the strongest on earth.

“With so many Wyverns, even a dwarf army united by the three kingdoms will not be able to easily get over here.”

“By the way, why did the main force of the Goblin Bank come here?”

The lord expressed his doubts and began to point out the possibility.

‘Did you call me Donjiral?’

“You didn’t spend money on them, did you? Even if you have a lot of money, it would be difficult for you to bring the main forces of the Goblin Bank in the form of mercenaries.”

Overseer immediately responded to those words.

“The details, how would people like us know? I am only grateful that the number of troops defending the fortress has increased.”

“It is, but… … Or are you going to hand out the gold from here?”

“That is unknown. However… … .”

The Overseer shook his head.

“Somehow it doesn’t seem like that.”

The lord scratching my chin had the same idea.

‘Actually, if it was his personality, I would never tolerate that. To be honest, even if gold came out, what would he eat if he spread it all over the place?’

Right away, the imperial family and the denomination were the only places that intervened in the interests related to the Montefeltro estate.

These two places alone are overwhelming, but they even bring in goblins here?

‘If you want to eat even a little, you can do it. I don’t think it’s something.’

“Anyway, let’s focus on our work.”

The territory of Montefeltro, which was thought to be easily captured due to the sudden participation of Goblin Bank, was managed to protect thanks to the new reinforcements.

However, the news of the imperial army’s constant retreat, which had rushed to the Empire’s Beijing region, made the goblin banks ride the shit.

The news of the imperial army retreating day after day caused an uproar in the Goblin Bank.

At the hasty roundtable meeting, the three goblin elders began to discuss countermeasures with serious expressions.

“No, why do you keep retreating without being able to protect it? When did the Imperial Army become such a neighborhood drum?”

“Isn’t something wrong?”

“I heard that they are just retreating without a single victory sign… … This is a real problem.”

“Damn it… … .”

Under normal circumstances, the southern advance of the Orc army should be stopped by the imperial army, which hastily turned its forces.

However, looking at the flow of the situation, the Imperial Army did not seem to have the power to stop the orcs from moving south.

“Even though the orcs’ eyes were turned upside down. Isn’t this a bit too much?”

“The orcs seem to be in great shape. In fact, they touched their totems twice outside, and if you overlook this, rumors will spread that the orcs are also neighborhood drums. Orcs know that too, so they have no intention of doing anything in moderation.”

“Let’s see for a few more days. Will the Imperial Army be pushed to the vicinity of the Imperial Capital?”

“okay. For now, let’s calm down and watch the situation. Even so, he is an imperial army that has accumulated experience in various fields. It doesn’t make sense to keep falling apart like this.”

“Yeah, right. Let’s wait a minute. We will have good news soon.”

But that’s their wish.

The imperial army was pushed to the front of the capital and was shattered to pieces.

The heads of the Goblin Bank, who had been waiting for the imperial army’s victory news, were at a loss for words due to the collapse of the imperial army.

“What… … are you sick No, it should be pushed in moderation. I don’t understand if it’s an open retreat or not. The zodiac is already in front of you. This… … It’s just messed up.”

If the emperor passed into the hands of the orcs, the empire had no choice but to stand at the crossroads of its existence.

It is obvious that the price of government bonds, which is falling sharply at the same time, also becomes the price of shit.

“It sounds like the situation in the Montefeltro estate is not very good.”

When the Dwarves heard about the poor situation of the Empire, they launched an all-out offensive, and the Wyvern army, which is called the strongest on earth, had no choice but to face a crisis in Montefeltro.

As the Dwarfs’ offensive intensifies day by day, stories of abandoning the fortress, the first and last line of defense of the territory, are flowing from the inside of the fortress.

“If it is, I think he is thinking of giving up the fortress in the Montefeltro estate and giving it to the dwarves.”

“It’s a shame we helped. If we hadn’t helped, this would have been ruined a long time ago.”

“under… … How do you do this?”

The collapse of empires was the same as their collapse.

That is why the cost of investing in the imperial government bonds was not enough.

“Why don’t we sell our government bonds before it’s too late?”

It was unimaginable when they bought imperial government bonds in bulk.

However, the situation was so bad that they thought of selling the government bonds they had bought, even at a bargain price.

Rather than keeping it and ruining the empire and turning it into shit, he was thinking of selling it at a bargain price to get some money.

“No, if you sell it for that price… … we’re just messing around How much did you buy it for?”

Due to the all-out war between the two powers, the price of government bonds issued by the Empire fell and fell, and trading was not going well even at a tenth of the current face value.

If a large amount of government bonds purchased from Goblin Bank are thrown in such a situation, it may become a waste paper rather than a poop price.

“Are there people who live for throwing?”

“Once there is a price, there must be someone who will take it if you throw it.”

“If we throw government bonds like that, we will perish together. you know How much we bet on it.”

“under… … Damn it. After the beer, the soup will taste so bitter.”

“If you suffer like this, let’s not touch the Empire again. Because it looks really messed up.”

They were the ones who knew how to move in the world as they wanted.

Oddly enough, this time, things didn’t go their way.

“shit. This time it was dry. We got the bet completely wrong. I should have walked towards the dwarves… … .”

“The Empire bastards under the world. I must pray that the emperors and nobles there die and go to hell.”

“Can’t you help it? Still, I need to get some. If the empire collapses, wouldn’t it all be trash?”

In the end, their will was inevitably gathered into one place.

“I just want to sell. Sell everything and get out of here.”

“It would be better than toilet paper, though.”

“Yeah, a penny is better than toilet paper.”

“Please, let the Empire bastards go to hell.”

* * *

Even within the empire, many words were coming out due to the imperial army being pushed to the vicinity of the emperor.

If this goes on like this, stories that the empire might be destroyed due to the orcs that moved south began to come out, and the outrage of the nobles against Rockefeller, who repeatedly ordered the meaningless retreat of the imperial army, grew day by day.

In particular, the position of the emperor, who had to endure even after hearing the wrath of such nobles, became very difficult.

“Your Majesty, I have heard that our Imperial Army, which has demonstrated valor in any battlefield, continues to repeat meaningless retreats. Because of this, the momentum of the Orcs is skyrocketing, and the fact that they continue to give them a good position and the imperial forces are meaninglessly retreating to the vicinity of the ecliptic is definitely a problem.”

No matter how strong Rockefeller’s prestige and his power is.

Let’s stand at the crossroads of whether the empire is destroyed or not.

Even the impatient aristocrats dared to criticize Rockefeller.

“As far as I can tell, all of this happened under the direction of someone.”

His gaze was fixed on Rockefeller, who stood closest to the Emperor.

Burari’s eyes were quite bitter.

“We have no idea what he was thinking when he gave these instructions. But if this continues.”

He, too, seemed determined.

“We have no choice but to take extraordinary measures.”

Then, the nobility began to roar, and their public opinion had no choice but to flow badly for Rockefeller.

The emperor, who had to intervene, sweated and tried to calm them down.

“It’s not that I don’t know where you are dissatisfied. But if you wait a little bit, I will surely be able to deliver the good news to you.”

“When is the good news coming? The enemy is right in front of you. In this situation, shouldn’t we do something right away?”

Rockefeller was not unaware of the shouts that erupted here and there.

‘I think the goblins are holding up pretty well… … But now they’ll have their limits. If the situation is like this, they have no choice but to throw.’

at that time.

Rockefeller, who heard something from the person below who had come in a hurry, began to put a smile on his lips.

‘It’s over.’

Finally, the long-awaited goblins sell out government bonds began to appear.

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