The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 174

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 174

Episode 174 44. War of Gold and Veins #3(6)

“Are you threatening me now?”

Goldman did not hesitate to ask Rockefeller’s question.

“Threat? It has nothing to do with threats or anything. I’m getting a fair price now. Do you know what kind of hogu we were and helped you? How much is the price of the food the Wyverns eat for a month? No matter what I do, I have to pay for the food.”

“No, you have to make threats while going to places. What is this? What kind of a threat?”

“What? Yeah, I didn’t like you from the start. You still don’t seem to understand the situation?”

Rockefeller shook his head lightly.

“I can’t. I’ve never liked it before, but if it keeps coming out like that… … .”

The next sentence was quite terrifying.

“We can’t help it either.”

Goldman put his nose on his nose at the absurd remarks.

Then, as Rockefeller touched the pendant, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Yeah, you bastard!”

Goldman was the first to recognize him.

Goldman, with his eyes wide open, was stunned at the sudden appearance of Lee Han.

“How are you here?”

On behalf of Lee Han, who came without knowing the situation, Rockefeller smiled cruelly and said:

“Oh, you didn’t know. If I had known even the slightest bit of my relationship with Lee Han, I would never have done it.”

Lee Han, who came due to the sound of the wyvern roar from all directions, crumpled up from the start.

“Hey Rockefeller, what is this?”

Lee Han is probably the only person in the Empire and on the Continent who has no respect for Rockefeller.

Rockefeller greeted Lee Han with a smile.

‘Come here, Lee Han.’

“You have come. I have a job to call.”

Lee Han could roughly guess why Rockefeller sang.

The head of the Goblin Bank, and the roar of the Wyverns from outside.

There is no reason for Rockefeller to call himself expensive because of a frivolous thing, so it must be obvious, isn’t it?

‘I know roughly.’

“What did you call me for?”

Believing in Lee Han, Rockefeller, who now has nothing to fear, has no hesitation.

“It’s a threat that doesn’t even turn into a goblin, so I called to borrow your power, which has no match in the world.”

“You know that my labor costs are very high, right?”

“If you help me this time, I probably won’t be able to call you for a while. Still, am I not good at covering my face?”

“I don’t even have to call you… … .”

“You must have benefited from me a lot. I’d like to ask you a favor.”

Lee Han glanced lightly at the emperor and the aristocrats who were buzzing in the hall.

Some of them were people who didn’t get along well with them.

Since when did you remain in such an ambiguous relationship with them and not as enemies?

‘What is certain is that work in the Empire should be discussed with that guy.’

Lee Han was quite calculating.

Such a han thinks.

If you ever needed anything in the Empire, you could just go to Rockefeller and ask for it.

In that sense, Lee Han was willing to do Rockefeller’s request.

It’s like a flying lizard that cracks outside.

what is nothing

“Wait a minute. I’ll come back after a little while to unwind.”

When Lee Han disappeared, Goldman, bewildered, looked around looking for the missing Lee Han.

“Uh, where did you go?”

That moment.

Outside the palace, the wyvern’s roar grew wilder, and deafening roars began to follow.

Then, as if something huge collided with the Hwangseong, the Hwangseong itself shook greatly.

However, since the castle was built strong enough to withstand hundreds of years, the inside was all dust falling from the ceiling.

Rockefeller calmly searched for the emperor in a fairly noisy imperial castle.

“Your Majesty, there seems to be some commotion outside. If you have suffered any damage, our Los Medici family will compensate you for everything, so please don’t worry too much about this.”

The emperor, who was listening to all the stories beside him, nodded his head without saying a word.

It meant I understood everything.

Rockefeller’s gaze then turned to Goldman, who remained restless.

“Recently, someone who has tasted investment failure has even done something worthwhile. How about this? The Wyvern I grew up with while feeding precious rice seemed to disappear in an instant.”

Goblins were originally a timid race.

However, he became somewhat arrogant as he seized all the wealth on the continent through usury.

When the sound of the Wyverns being slaughtered from outside reached the inside of the Imperial Castle, Goldman began to tremble in fear.

‘Bill, damn it. How could he… … .’

Lee Han was definitely unexpected.

If only I had known that the relationship between Rockefeller and Lee Han was so deep.

He probably wouldn’t have done anything stupid to come to the Imperial Palace and threaten them with the Wyvern Army.

‘This is a big deal. It’s a big deal.’

The Wyverns being slaughtered outside were also a problem, but what became more problematic was that he was left alone in the Imperial Palace.

“How come you have no words?”

As Rockefeller smiled and broke his fortune, Goldman, who was unknowingly backtracking, fell unsightly.

The laughter of human aristocrats filled the hall, and even in the midst of such ridicule, the armed knights stopped in front of Goldman, who was trying to escape somehow.

“Hey, these guys! You don’t know who I am! Don’t move right now!”

But shouting was a thing of the past.

Still, it wasn’t a good image, but the actions of the knights who caught him were quite rough.

Eventually, toward the captured Goldman, Rockefeller went up to him and raised the corner of his mouth lightly.

“Even if I don’t know.”

There was nothing savage about killing opponents.

Goldman is one of the three heads of the Goblin Bank.

If I had done that, I would have had to prepare for an all-out war with the Goblin Bank.

So Rockefeller decided to use him in a better way than that.

“It is unlikely that we will do any harm to you, the head of the Goblin Bank. While you’re held captive, I’ll treat you accordingly. Instead, the goblin bank will probably cost you quite a bit to get out of here.”

Rockefeller was the ruler of the goblin dollar he had created.

And while the goblin dollar had a great power within the empire, it wasn’t on the continent as a whole.

So, this work could be seen as a part of dominating the entire continent with the paper currency he made.

“And we. Only Goblin Dollars are accepted as currency.”

“What do you mean? You guys were using talents.”

“Talents are nothing more than a basis for printing Goblin Dollars.”

“What? Since when?”


“What have you been up to lately? It’s up to you to decide what your bastard is!”

“This is embarrassing. Have you already forgotten my position? He is the prime minister in charge of the Monetary and Finance Ministry of the former empire. The monetary system of this country is managed by me. So if I say yes, of course it is.”

I am released and I have to pay money.

I was able to do anything like that.

However, when asked to pay in Goblin Dollars, Goldman was shocked.

“Ok, fine. It’s your job, so do it yourself. But is it only Goblin Dollars to be released?”


“We only have Ducat?”

“So, to put it simply.”

Rockefeller’s smile was quite eye-catching.

“When you are released, you will need to pay your goblin dollars, not your gold coins, to be released.”

“So what does that mean? We only have two carts?”

From Goldman’s point of view, it was absolutely absurd.

“We should have the goblin dollars… … .”

It was funny while talking.

No, why is the currency of the Empire bastards called Goblin Dollars?

‘But why is the name Goblin Dollar?’

Come to think of it, it was a really funny name.

‘What does it matter?’

“We don’t have those goblin dollars. But what kind of bullshit is that!”

Rockefeller responded to that.

“Oh, you are. There is no goblin dollar, the common currency of the continent in the world.”

“What is common? The common currency of the continent is the ducat we made, the goblin dollar or something, it’s just a piece of paper you made! You are telling me what kind of currency that is!”

“Anyway, you can’t be freed with Ducat, so if you want to be freed. We can handle our Goblin Dollars at the Goblin Bank.”

Then Rockefeller said.

“And we’re printing goblin dollars based on gold coins. Then at the Goblin Bank, you can get Goblin Dollars with Ducat.”

Gold alone could not have known that the talent was a cheap gold coin.

“Our ducats are better than that! What a nonsensical thing to say! If there is common sense in the world, we’ll just get our Ducats with good purity! Give us the goblin dollars that are useless, damn it!”

Rockefeller’s answer to this was quite obvious.

“That’s not up to us.”

“What? Don’t you know?”

“Of course we don’t know. Anyway, we only accept goblin dollars. If you don’t have Goblin Dollars, you too will rot in prison forever. And common sense.”

The words that followed made a wedge.

“You can find it in every corner of your house. This is not your home, this is your empire. In the Empire, obey the laws of the Empire. Do you not know this word?”

“What a dog-like bastard! You’re talking nonsense!”

Goldman rolled his eyes and shouted at everyone.

“Where are you tinkering!”

“Whether this is a refurbishment or not, that’s not for us to know. Anyway, without Goblin Dollars, you’ll never be freed for the rest of your life. If you want to be released, please discuss it with the people there.”

The conversation ended with that.

Rockefeller chased Goldman away with a light chin, and the hall became quite noisy with the screams of Goldman being dragged away, then quiet again.

Then a nobleman opened his mouth to Rockefeller.

“By the way, do you think Rockefeller will make the Goblin Dollars we are using as the common currency of the continent?”

The noisy nobles waited for Rockefeller’s answer.

It didn’t take long for Rockefeller to answer that question.

“Yeah, that’s what you heard. My plan for the future is to make the Goblin Dollars we are using as a common currency of the continent.”

At those words, all the nobles began to roar.

Then another nobleman spoke again.

“Is that possible? Other than us, other races each use their own currency. Even Dwarves are wearing Sovrin, and Goblins are wearing their own ducats. And the elves use silver coins called denarius instead of gold coins as their currency. If there is one thing that is recognized as the common currency of the continent, it is the ducats printed by the goblins. Will everyone use the goblin dollars we use as the common currency?”

Rockefeller just smiled at the question.

“Of course it won’t be easy. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.”

“If not impossible, do you have a plan of your own?”

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