The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 175

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 175

Episode 175 44. War of Gold and Veins #3(7)

“of course.”

From Rockefeller’s point of view, making the Goblin Dollar the continent’s common currency was not as difficult as I thought.

‘In order to be able to do that, you must first have gold as a store of value.’

And it was the Los Medici family and the Rockefellers who had the most gold on the continent.

‘Dwarves and goblins also had quite a few, but the goblins have already ended in investment failure, and if the dwarves lose the war for gold, they can never beat us in gold reserves. Because we have the largest gold vein on the continent.’

“I can’t explain everything here. With our gold reserves and goblin bank, it is probably possible.”

The nobles began to murmur again.

“Can’t you tell us specifically what your plans are?”

Rockefeller was like a sword in that question.



“Yes, this matter must be done in secret, both for me and for the sake of the Empire.”

The nobles had an expression that they could not understand.

What was it that was supposed to be kept a secret?

“That’s right.”

However, in front of Rockefeller’s authority, no matter how much raw meat was raised, even the nobles had no choice but to agree.

Even if you want to ask a question, if you have any questions, or if you want to stake something else.

In the end, it is said to be impossible.

“Well sir. If that is the will of the Rockefellers, we will only humbly accept it.”

So when the place ends.

Rockefeller came to visit him at the Emperor’s call.

‘It’s obvious why I called you. You’ll be curious about what I said earlier.’

The nobles would notice Rockefeller, but not the emperor.

The Emperor was about to summon Rockefeller and hear what he was thinking.

Rockefeller has been equipped since ancient times in a solemn position with the emperor.

“Did you call me, Your Majesty?”

The emperor greeted Rockefeller without being too arrogant and told him why he had called him.

“I wanted to hear more of the story I was talking about, so I came to call it this way.”

Rockefeller was able to smile lightly when his predictions came true.

“That’s right. I was still guessing. That’s what you were wondering.”

“I heard that the goblin dollars we are using are made into the continent’s common currency. Is that practically possible?”

Rockefeller answered without hesitation to the emperor who asked directly.

‘If the emperor alone knows, it’s okay if you tell me. Because it’s someone I’m going with anyway.’

Power and finance were inextricably linked with each other.

Therefore, Rockefeller decided to faithfully answer the emperor’s question.

“Yes, of course. It won’t be as easy as I said before, but it’s not that difficult either. In any case, we met the conditions to some extent.”

The emperor questioned.

“Can’t you tell me?”

“Haha, don’t worry. What do I have to hide, Your Majesty? Moreover, I am your only financial advisor. If you have any questions, I can come and inform your Majesty at any time.”

“Then can’t you tell me?”

“Yes, I will tell you. First of all, in order for our Goblin Dollar to become the common currency of the continent, Goblin Dollars must be widely used as in the Empire. Do you agree on this?”

“It will become money when it is widely used.”

“you’re right. It has to be widely used to become a common currency.”

Goblin Dollars were currently displacing talents in the Empire at an alarming rate.

In some cases, goblin dollars could be exchanged for all talents from Banco belonging to the guild, but in order to pay taxes to the empire, goblin dollars were essential, so the demand spread quickly.

“There are two reasons why the goblin dollar has replaced talent in our empire. What do you think it is, Your Majesty?”

“Trust and… … One is a necessity.”

“you’re right. You saw it right away.”

Rockefeller, who was smiling happily, began to repeat the following words.

“Then what do you think it takes for the goblin dollar to be used as a common currency on the continent as in the Empire?”

“It must be trust and necessity.”

“You got it right. So that’s why I said it was possible.”

The emperor was skeptical.

“Will the entire continent become like an empire?”

“What can’t be done? Trust is something that can be built somehow, and necessity is something you create.”

“Will that trust be built up? I am in doubt.”

As far as the emperor knew, talent was not a trusted gold coin on the continent.

It was because other races avoided it because of the low purity compared to other gold coins due to the mixture of copper after the Flame War.

“As you know, the imperial talent is mixed with copper, so the reality is that it is relatively avoided compared to other gold coins. And isn’t it Goblin Dollars that came out with this as collateral?”

Rockefeller did not deny it.

“you’re right. Goblin Dollars are based on talents. So, in terms of the continent as a whole, it is true that it is less reliable than the Goblin Ducat.”

“With that being the case, would it be possible to build trust in Goblin Dollars outside the Empire?”

Rockefeller’s resolute voice continued.

“Yes, it is possible.”

“How is this possible?”

“If we give up our talents first and use Ducat, it will be possible.”

“You’re using ducats? So you mean giving up the talents that have been used for a long time in the Empire?”

“Yeah, throwing away the old stuff for the sake of a cause. Only then can the goblin dollar become the continental currency based on the ducat on the continent.”

I will give up my talents.

It was unthinkable for the emperor.

“Do I have to give up my talents?”

Rockefeller gave a firm answer to that question.

“Talent, you have already lost your trust. Rather than rebuilding that trust, it is enough to bring and use the existing trust. That’s the Ducat.”

“… … .”

Anyway, talents have become quite ambiguous to be considered the common currency of the Empire at this point.

It was because Goblin Dollars were already replacing many of their positions.

‘Actually, it’s been hard to see talent these days. You have to go to the Imperial Warehouse or Banco to see it.’

“Then the future Goblin Dollar… … .”

Rockefeller, who smiled a little before the Emperor could continue speaking, spoke on behalf of the Emperor.

“It will be issued with ducat as collateral.”

“… … .”

“There is no other way than that. And Ducat is a gold coin that has been trusted to some extent by all races on the continent. You have to use it.”

“I’m going to use Ducat as collateral… … So, what happens to the talents we already have?”

“Most of the previously used talents are rotting in the safe. People don’t go looking for all the gold coins, so we just need to slowly replace the talents with ducats without anyone knowing.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Even though I was a bit overbearing, everyone in the world knows that ducat contains more pure gold than talent. If the Empire encourages the use of ducats, no one will prefer talents with less pure gold. Then, through magic and alchemy, you can separate those talents into pure gold and copper, and then use the pure gold to make ducats again.”

“Is there no problem with that?”

Rockefeller replied with a confident smile.

“Is there a problem? After all, ducats are made of gold, so who would say that ducats are made with the gold we have? It is also the same as the existing Ducat in terms of pure gold content. Probably no one will object.”

“… … .”

thought the emperor.

Even if it’s a Ducat printed in the Empire, if the pure gold content is the same as the existing Ducat, wouldn’t it be the same Ducat?

‘And the Empire has the most gold and gold to make that ducat.’

The winner of the Gold and Mace War was being solidified as an empire.

So the emperor had no choice but to nod his head naturally.

“okay. Well, it doesn’t matter where you make it. In the end, what matters is the pure gold content of Ducat.”

“Yes, that’s right. I have no intention of undermining Ducat’s trust. If you do, you will lose trust from everyone.”

The Emperor was utterly stunned when he talked about trust, who was trying to deceive everyone in the world with Goblin Dollars.

However, he did not express this and asked for something else.

“If the Empire allows ducats, we may need more ducats than we thought. Do you have any workarounds for this?”

“Yes, of course it is.”

Rockefeller’s words followed immediately.

“Recently, Goblin Bank has suffered astronomical losses due to two investment failures. So who do you think the gold coin they lost, Ducat, went to now?”

Two failed investments.

The emperor knew well that it was beer and soup.

“It must be an empire.”

“you’re right. Recently, the amount of ducat in the market in the Empire has increased tremendously. That is why a lot of gold coins that were lost in the Goblin Bank were released into the market of the Empire. So, you can use this advantage to gradually replace your talents with Ducat without anyone knowing.”

“Will there be any other problems in the process?”

Rockefeller shook his head lightly at the question.

“There will be no problems. Since the goblin dollar system is being applied in the first place, ducats will not trade well in the hands of people. Ducat, like a talent, is locked in a safe and only moves to the ledger. That’s all. Not everyone will know that their gold coins are being exchanged for ducats for talents.”


“And when the time is right, you just have to announce that in the future, the Empire will use only ducats instead of talents. Then we will naturally use Ducat instead of the lost talent. And this is the first step toward establishing our Goblin Dollar as a continental currency.”

The emperor began to shake his head as if he knew.

‘Certainly, if you print Goblin Dollars based on ducats rather than talents… … Other than the Imperials, you might prefer Goblin Dollars. It’s a goblin dollar anyway, because it can be exchanged for ducats in the Empire.’

One seemed to be resolved.

Then the last question remains.

just need.

“I know that trust in the goblin dollar can be built with ducats. But why would everyone in the world use Goblin Dollars?”

Rockefeller’s confident smile continued here as well.

“If there is no use for it, why are goblin dollars so common in the Empire instead of talents?”

“Yeah… … Because we only pay taxes in goblin dollars.”

“That’s true, but the truth is, Goblin Dollars have been around a lot since then. However, some people avoided it because of the lack of trust.”

The emperor, who expressed his doubts, soon began to agree.

‘The paper Goblin Dollars are much more convenient to use than the uncomfortable gold coins.’

“Still, it seems to be lacking a lot. Can’t all races on the continent prefer Goblin Dollars?”

“There are a few ways. One of them is this.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Since we have the most gold on the continent, we are forcing each race to trade gold in Goblin Dollars. In other words, if you want to buy gold, you must have Goblin Dollars.”

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