The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 177

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 177

177 Episode 45. Prison Agreement (2)

“What a suggestion!”

Rockefeller continued to speak to Goldman, who shot sharply.

“I know that the loss was huge due to two investment failures. During the beer bubble, you brewed the wrong beer, and you also failed in the national bond speculation.”

Just thinking about it made my blood pressure rise.

As Goldman glared at Rockefeller as if to kill him, Rockefeller ignored it and continued.

“In particular, speculation on government bonds was a problem. No matter how much the Goblin Bank, the government has been buying too much government bonds to buy a country called the Empire, so when it turns into shit, the damage is probably hard to imagine.”

What is that guy trying to say?

Someone who won’t even pay you back anyway.

“So what do you say? If you guys aren’t going to compensate me for that, why are you stabbing me in the pain?”

“The red light must have come on in the loan business we are currently running. Don’t you need to have the money you have right now to make a loan and profit from it? That way, we will slowly make up for the loss we have suffered this time.”

Then Rockefeller made an offer.

“So, I would like to make a suggestion to you who are in a bad situation. It looks like you don’t have enough money to manage right now, so we’ll lend it to you.”


“You are the one who heard it. Wouldn’t you be able to run an interest business only if you had money? Or can you get some money from someone other than us?”

God, even if I tear it apart, the guy with the hat lends me money.

It would have been unheard of normally, but the situation of the Goblin Bank was so bad that it even came to the Empire to do things.

Two failed investments.

The loss is an astronomical amount, and in order to make up for it, the loan business it had been doing until now had to be maintained or expanded further.

What you need here is money.

However, the funds were not available due to the failure of the investment.

‘Damn it. I need money, but it’s a bit too much to borrow from him.’

said Rockefeller, who was looking into Goldman’s heart.

“I need money, but is it a bit like borrowing from me?”

I really don’t like the way you laugh while talking.

But what about it?

Here, it was Rockefeller.

“You bastards. We need your dirty money… … .”

“Is there anything dirty about the money? Even if I had money, wouldn’t it be clean money if it fell into your hands?”

“… … .”

“Don’t be foolish. Just like you have always done, let your reason go, excluding emotions.”

The next sentence was key.

“Isn’t that how you live?”

The last remaining property, the Wyvern army, who came to the Empire and demanded money forcibly was the last effort of the Goblin Bank, standing at the crossroads of survival.

Goldman, who was speechless, thought for a moment and then grabbed hold of reason.

‘Yeah, putting emotions ahead of you here is something only fools do. In the end, you have to live like that guy said. Living is the top priority.’

Until this day, they were the weakest of all races, and the reason they were able to survive in aching was because they had all the money.

However, once they are destroyed like this, it is obvious that those who have been fighting them in the dark will appear and take revenge.

In this situation, do you put your emotions first and forsake the hand of salvation that the enemy has offered?

Goldman didn’t see it that way.

Goldman thought, pondering Rockefeller.

‘No matter how dirty he is.’

Goldman, who had made up his mind like that, opened his mouth.

“Are you lending me money?”

Rockefeller’s smile grew wider than before when it seemed that he was ready to talk now.

“Yes, you are the one who heard it.”

“What is the reason? There’s no reason for you guys to help us?”

“Why is there no reason to help? We have some left over, so that’s it. Then why do you lend money to others?”

“Yeah… … Then help us and what do you guys get?”

“What would you like? interest income.”

Looking at Rockefeller’s smile, which seemed to look down on his opponent, his bua was tight, but he was still short of money.

‘It’s not wrong… … .’

“So, how much are you planning to borrow?”

Rockefeller answered that question right away.

“I am thinking of lending quite a lot.”

“Pretty much?”

“Goblin Bank isn’t even a local grocery store. Would it make any sense to lend you a snot? However, it has to be borrowed to some extent.”

Goldman opened his eyes and asked again.


“interest? Interest is… … .”

There was nothing good about raising interest rates too high.

If the interest is high, he will definitely refuse.

‘This would be appropriate.’

“How about five percent?”

Goldman’s eyes widened at those words.

I was worried that it might happen, but the interest was offered at a reasonable level than I expected.

The usual loan interest rate was 6%, which is 1% less.

‘If you borrow money at 5% here and proceed with a loan of 6% as you have done before, you will end up with 1% left, right? That 1 percent is our fixed income.’

Goldman suddenly questioned the sweet proposal than he had expected.

Why do they come out so favorably?

“What is the reason? What’s the reason why are you being kind to us who aren’t pretty? After all, if you know our circumstances, you can play with the interest on the loan.”

Goldman’s skeptical words continued.

“To be honest, if the loan interest rate is 5 percent, we don’t necessarily get a 1 percent profit when we run the 6 percent loan business we’ve been doing before.”

“Yes, that’s right. That would be it. Even if you borrow money from us, you will get a guaranteed return of 1% unconditionally. In addition, if you increase the interest on the loan further, you can aim for additional income. Unless there is a problem with the loan business.”

“Then why are you doing things that you don’t get much benefit from? After all, we are competitors. If you don’t lend, we’ll lend and make a profit. Why are you doing this?”

The world was smaller than I thought.

As long as the economy does not grow larger than it is now, the people who can borrow money are limited to some extent.

So, from Goldman’s point of view, Rockefeller’s attitude of trying to eat away my profits by giving them the loan business that Rockefeller could do was not understood.

As the question continued, Rockefeller answered with a light smile.

“Yeah, there’s something I want.”

“Anything you want?”

What do you wish for?

Goldman didn’t get the hang of it.

“No matter how much I think about it, I don’t know. What do you want?”

“Your loan business. We can take them all. because? Because we have grown as much as your financial power has died. We are empowered. But that’s not what I want. I am looking a little higher.”

“A higher place?”

“Yes, I mean someone who is in a higher position than one creditor. I want to be that person.”

“I have no idea what it is?”

“You may not know. Anyway, I also wish for you to do this favor. If my bowl was small, I probably wouldn’t have offered this to you. I probably killed you and took my place.”

Goldman wrinkled his expression knowingly and unconsciously, not knowing what Rockefeller was inside.

‘I really don’t know what he’s thinking.’

“It looks like I’ll lend you some money though. I don’t know what’s on the inside.”

Rockefeller’s expression turned serious for an instant.

“Instead, the money we lend you is the goblin dollars you hate.”

When Rockefeller offered to lend the Goblin Dollars, Goldman immediately expressed his displeasure.

“Now you guys took it. Will you give me that piece of paper?”

Goldman’s reaction that followed was something Rockefeller could have expected.

“Hey! Who do you know as a dog hogu cub? It’s you… … .”

“All items can be exchanged for two carts.”

There was silence between the two for a moment.

“What? What did you say now? Can it be exchanged for Ducat?”

“Yes, it can be exchanged for your gold coin, Ducat.”

“What do you mean? The original Goblin Dollar was… … .”

As far as he knew, the goblin dollar was the new currency of the empire based on talents.

“It was based on your talents.”

“you’re right. So far it has been. But after today, if this prison deal with you goes well. In addition to talents, we will make it possible to exchange for ducats.”

Rockefeller continued.

“We have as many talents as we do, because your currency is the ducat.”

The Goblin Bank’s Ducat, which suffered huge losses from two failed investments, is now stored in the Los Medici family’s vault.

So Rockefeller could say it with little confidence, and Goldman couldn’t dispute it either.

‘Well, where did the Ducats we lost go? Everything will be in his hands.’

“then… … Will you exchange those goblin dollars for ducats?”

Rockefeller responded with a friendly smile.

Of course, the intent was different.

‘After all, you don’t have a choice. If you want to have a choice in the first place, don’t go broke.’

“Yes, no doubt. If you bring the goblin dollars, I will give you the equivalent amount of ducats right away.”

There was definitely a problem that stemmed from that.

First of all, in Goblin Bank, I had only been doing business with Ducat until now.

However, if they borrowed Goblin Dollars from here, it was no different than saying that they would do business with Goblin Dollars in the future.

‘okay. Now I know. He had every reason to favor us.’

“Yeah, he wanted us to spend the goblin dollars you made. That piece of paper.”

Rockefeller did not deny that.

“You know it well. That’s why I favor you. To be honest, I have to do this, so why don’t you guys take Goblin Dollars and do business? Otherwise, they wouldn’t even take the goblin dollars they couldn’t trust and trade them.”

Everything was good.

But there was only one thing Goldman was worried about.

“Is that goblin dollar exchangeable for ducat?”

When asked with skepticism, Rockefeller confidently answered.

“Yes, it is possible. It will be like that in the future.”

“Then, if you change your words later, it’s just us… … .”

“It will not happen. It’s an oral negotiation now. This will later be written into a contract and published across the continent.”

Rockefeller continued.

“We place trust as our top priority as you do. In fact, without mutual trust, both you and I will be beggars for a moment. Without faith, how will the world do business with us?”

“… … .”

Goldman did not deny that he lived on trust.

Because in the first place, all their business was based on trust.

“If you even write a contract and make it public… … .”

There was virtually no doubt about it.

But Goldman was skeptical of this.

“No, our money wouldn’t be small. No matter how many ducats there are. Will you later exchange all the goblin dollars we brought for ducats?”

Let him doubt it till the end.

Rockefeller passed on to him exactly what he had told the emperor.

“Oh, you don’t know about this. If this negotiation goes well, the talent will probably disappear from within our empire.”

“What? Get rid of the talent?”

“As you know, copper is mixed in the talent, and everyone’s trust has fallen. I don’t like this. Like gold coins and gold coins, you only need pure gold. What kind of copper is mixed with it? This is a scam.”

“… … .”

“So, I plan to exchange all the Imperial Talents into Ducat and distribute them. 100% pure gold like Ducat.”

Then Rockefeller asked Goldman.

“Then you have nothing to worry about. It’s the kind of misfortune that doesn’t allow you to exchange goblin dollars because you don’t have enough ducats.”

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