The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 179

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 179

179 episodes 46. Continental Common Currency (2)

“Life is what it is. It’s really fleeting.”

Bell and Bob, who suffered huge losses from the beer bubble, and turned into idiots in an instant, could not return to their hometowns, so they were left on the Montefeltro estate.

What about those who return?

I don’t have anything, and now I’m empty.

Fortunately, after the end of the Geummaek War, jobs were overflowing in the Montefeltro estate.

It was the miner’s job.

“Yes, you are right. Life is so fleeting.”

It was Bell, who had gone bankrupt together, who sympathized with Bob’s complaint.

The two of them worked like dogs in the mine all day and came to the tavern to wash away the hardships of the day.

That too, along with beer, the favorite food of the common people, who was the one who ruined them.

“How crazy is this? It had to be beer.”

Bob looked at the glass of beer in his hand and said, Bell looked at the same glass and sighed.

“Ehh… … That’s it. As you said, it had to be beer. we were crazy Even if I was crazy, I was seriously crazy.”

In that event that will go down in the history of the Empire as a beer bubble.

Both were the biggest victims.

“When I was able to get out of that time, I should have gotten out unconditionally… … .”

“no. When I went back to Black Label, I should have been there. No matter who beat him to death, he shouldn’t have come out of there. Then I just came out… … In the end, it was ruined.”

“Aeg. Why do you have to take it to a high point? I really should have gotten out of it at that ridiculous price.”

“Looking back, we were really stupid.”

“Ehh… … .”

If he had escaped when he could have escaped, he would have remained a rich man with several wives in the mansion by now.

The regret still lingered, and the two of them endured each day with alcohol.

“I’m glad I have a job here. If it weren’t for that, we’d have been left behind and begging on the street.”

“Working for money every day is going to be hard work. I really enjoyed living as a shopkeeper.”

Mining work was so arduous that many people quit it, so it was being conducted on a daily basis.

It was said that it was a daily job where you work day to day and earn money every day.

“What kind of bullshit are you at this age? They are all getting old and being stuck in a mine where even young people don’t do that hard work. Oh my gosh, it’s Saksin.”

“What can I do? I guess that’s what we sell.”

“Isn’t Sam eating better and living a better life?”


When they are biting the peak of the historic beer bubble and having a hell party with the same ants.

Sam disposed of all the beer and walked out of the help party.

In a way, art.

In other words, he was the son of God.

“Isn’t Sam really possessed by a ghost? How did you come up with the idea to just sell it out there?”

“That’s it. It looks like he has a ghost attached to it. How did you come up with the idea to get out of that price?”

“The only thing I can think of is that when I see the real Sam succeed, it’s amazing. I think it was just yesterday when I was polishing shoes in our store.”

“That’s it. I’ve seen a lot too. I don’t think that nosebleed would have made him the richest man in the world.”

The rice was also quite honest as to whether there was alcohol in it.

“At first, when Sam said he succeeded in investing in trading ships. To be honest, my stomach hurt a lot. And I was a little jealous. The guy who polished the shoes at our store was successful, so who wouldn’t?”

Bell seemed to agree with those words.

“Was it only you? Did I get a stomach ache after seeing Sam succeed? lets think. It’s not funny. What does that guy say?”

“Now that I think about it, that reminds me.”

“that word? What do you mean?”

“Do you know what that means?”

“what is that?”

After a brief rest, Bob told us about the words he had heard before.

“It’s someone else. If you live ten times better than me, you can say that you are jealous.”

“okay? Come to think of it… … It seems like that.”

“Then, if you live 100 times better than me. At that time, I thought it was envy, not jealousy.”

“I think you are right. To be honest, when you said that Sam was more successful, you were just envious rather than hurting your stomach, right?”

“It did.”

As I listened quietly, it was their story.

When Sam first succeeded in investing in trading ships, the two were jealous and jealous of Sam’s success.

Then, when Sam got richer, they looked at him with envy, not jealousy.

“Is that just what we’re talking about?”

“That’s it. It’s just us. And there is one more.”

“Is there another one?”

“Yeah, maybe that’s what I’m thinking right now.”

“what is that?”

“Come on, if someone else lives a thousand times better than me. Do you know what I was thinking then?”

At that question, Bell pondered to find an answer.

‘Are you living 1,000 times well? If you live 1,000 times better… … .’

I don’t know, but it seemed like Sam’s story.

Didn’t he make a fortune by investing in trade ships, and after that, he became even richer by doing various things, and at the end of the day, he made a fortune in the beer bubble and became a rich man who lived 1,000 times better than them?

“It would be very embarrassing. I don’t think that’s the answer… … I don’t know? What if someone else lives 1,000 times better than me?”

Bob’s words followed Bell’s question.

“If you live 1,000 times better than me. At that time, it was not that I was envious, but that I was willing to work for that person.”

“What? If you live a thousand times better, would you work for that person?”

“Yeah, that’s just how I feel. Now if Sam shows up and asks you to wash his shoes. I’d be happy to clean Sam’s shoes.”

“Hey, this guy. Still, why do you say you clean Sam’s shoes?”

“You are a strange one. Would Sam ask you to clean his shoes for free? They will all pay you to clean it up.”


“If you give me one talent at a time to polish my shoes. Aren’t you going to clean it?”

“One talent each?”

“Sam’s ability is enough.”

“then… … Is it worth doing?”

“Because it is. everyone is like that So am I now.”

“I’d rather be like Sam’s coachman than polish shoes. If Sam wants to get around, doesn’t he need a coachman?”

The two looked at each other as they talked and then smiled.

“When alcohol is added, it makes all sorts of strange noises.”

“That’s it. In the first place, there’s no reason for Sam to look for a bastard like us, right?”

“Of course it is. What’s wrong with Sam, I’m looking for someone like us. It’s Sam anyway, now that I’m a rich man, I’ll live with nothing to be ashamed of.”

The two of them chatted and drank alcohol until late at night, and then they slept in a warehouse or something.

next day.

Bell and Bob, who naturally went to work in the mine to make a living, were able to run into Sam, who came to the mine by accident.

“Is that Sam?”

“No, Sam? What’s going on here?”

When the two scruffy Molgol miners recognized him, Sam, who had been visiting the mines with several nobles, almost did not recognize them.

“who… … Could it be Bell and Uncle Bob?”

“Yes, it is us. us.”

Pomsae, carrying a pickaxe on one shoulder, was an unstoppable miner.

Sam, who had been hanging out with several nobles, apologized to them for a while and chatted with them for a while.

“What are you doing here? It’s a store thing.”

To Sam’s question, the two answered with crawling voices.

“that is… … Because we are ruined.”

“You know. It was all rolled up with beer investment.”

“ah… … You did.”

Sam immediately understood.

I’ve seen a lot of people who, like them, started investing in beer and then got caught up in a historical bubble and became a jerk for a moment.

“I got out of it well, but the uncles are really sad.”

After meeting Kim.

Bob decided to ask Sam how he thought he would get out of that price.

“But how did you think of getting out of there?”

Sam had nothing to say to that question.

It was just too high to get out, and luckily it was near the peak.

“just… … I have no words to describe it other than luck.”

“okay? but… … It was too high. But what’s going on here?”

When asked what he was really curious about, Sam glanced at the aristocrats murmuring from behind, and then told them why he had come this far.

“that is… … It’s nothing. The gold veins spread here are so large that it must have been difficult for the Los Medici family to manage them all. So we gave people like us a chance. They said that if they find other gold veins here, they will share some of the profits.”


“Did something like that happen?”

“Perhaps a clumsy person would not have been able to participate in this business. I only gave this opportunity to people with a decent amount of money.”

With Sam’s wealth, Bell and Bob could immediately sympathize.

“Right. It happened.”

“Actually, the gold veins here are so good. Even the former miners seem to be surprised.”

“If you take a pickaxe, gold ore will come out. I don’t know, but the owner here probably isn’t a wealthy man, but he thinks he’s going to build a castle out of gold.”

Sam, unaware of the situation here, felt he needed the strength of the two working here.

‘It’s all right. It’s better to have someone you know than to use a random person here.’

“Are you working here right now because you guys need a job?”

Bell and Bob stared at each other at that question.

Somehow, I was reminded of the story I had yesterday.

‘If others live 1,000 times better than me.’

‘I am willing to work for that person.’

Then, after talking with their eyes, the two of them turned their gazes back to Sam and said.

“It should be. Why are you asking that?”

“We are in need of money, so we work here as miners. Even if it’s hard, I can’t help it The only property I had was because I ate it all because of the beer.”

Are you right?

Immediately, smiling Sam made a proposal to the two of them.

“I’ll give you three times the rate here. How would you like to work with me in the future? I also have a lot of businesses here and there, so I need someone to manage the work here.”

Sam continued.

“Still, it is better to know someone than someone else. And since the two of you have shop experience, managing money will be easier than others.”

that suggestion.

Bell and Bob never refused.

“Gosh! We are fine.”

“Don’t be fine. If you tell me to, we’ll throw this pickaxe right away.”

“Haha, that’s good. So, I wish you all the best in the future. I think I’m going to be in charge of a section here.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Then I will follow you from today.”

“ha ha ha! That’s it. I have to follow you from today.”

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