The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 181

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 181

Episode 181 47. Epilogue

Money, what is money?

Is it really worth more than anything else?

And does it really bring endless happiness?

Of course!

‘Money is really important. More than anything else in life. lets think. If I get sick, I can use it to heal my body, and if I want anything, I can live with it.’

Because of the money, he was able to succeed, and his brothers and sisters were also able to rise to good positions.

‘Andrew also helped me a lot.’

Second, Andrew was enjoying unprecedented success at the military headquarters thanks to the halo of Rockefeller, the imperial supreme power, and recently had his first child.

‘The most important thing is that he is living well with the daughter of the lord, whom he has had a crush on since childhood, in a mansion that could not even be dreamed of with a soldier’s salary. Perhaps there is nothing happier than that for Andrew.’

What did Andur do like that?

‘Did Andrew do anything to get that happiness? If there is, it’s thanks to meeting this hyung well. Some say you should get along well with your parents, but not for us. My brothers met me really well.’

Third, Joshua was helping Rockefeller increase the family’s fortune.

In particular, he stands out in the field of investment, and at one point he was making money that surprised Rockefeller.

‘Joshua is the best fit for this family of all the brothers. The strange thing is that you have a better sense than me. I have an amazing knowledge of when and where to invest. As long as you don’t overdo it, you’ll only get good results. Or you can lose a little. Because that’s what investment is.’

And the fourth Leo was also gradually increasing his position in the church by becoming the secretary of the palace and secretary to the pope.

‘Leo is doing well. As Andrew has established his position within the denomination, there is a high probability that the next pope will be Leo, who serves as the Archbishop. Or just let me sit there. I made the pope now too, wouldn’t it be difficult to do it twice? In the end, I can sit in that place with money.’

Finally, the youngest, Lucia, became the empress and mistress of the empire.

‘It was all done with money. Without money, all of that would have been impossible.’

In this way, money was everything and everything in Rockefeller’s life.

There’s no point in that kind of money?

‘It’s funny. money is everything Everything.’

who says

Money isn’t everything, and there are some things that money can’t solve.

‘I can understand. Because they never had money that didn’t dry out. Or ask yourself a question.’

To those who say money can’t make you happy.

Rockefeller suddenly wanted to ask this question.

Did you have enough money back then?

‘Absolutely not. It is regrettable because it was insufficient, and it must have been impossible to achieve it because it was insufficient.’

Oh, except for one thing.

‘Yeah, maybe one is right. There’s only one thing money can’t buy.’

What is it?

‘It’s health. There are times when a dying body or an old body can’t be solved even with money.’

Rockefeller, acknowledging that one thing, unknowingly ripped the corners of his mouth.

‘But can’t you prepare for all of that with money? Well anyway.’

Even if he came to a position where he could create something out of nothing by printing money out of the air.

Rockefeller mainly worked at the small guild headquarters in Lyon.

If the most powerful and wealthiest man in the Empire asked why he worked on the narrow Banco Street, Rockefeller would probably answer:

‘Because it’s convenient here.’

Then someone will ask you this.

If you have that much money, wouldn’t it be better to work in a better environment?

If there was such a question, Rockefeller would have snorted.

‘Work is not what I do. Neither the money nor I earn it.’

Even at this moment, the Banco traders belonging to the guild, or the many who borrowed money from them, were working like dogs to accumulate the wealth of the Los Medici family.

‘Money makes money. All I do is lend money. Then the money will take care of the work and bring you the money.’

Suddenly, a commotion broke out in the quiet streets of Ghetto Nuovo.

Rockefeller got up and walked over to the window.

What happened?

“This clearing year! If your father borrowed money, you should pay it back by selling at least four years of your body!”

“I will pay the interest somehow within the next month! Please take a look at this one time!”

“interest? What about the principal?”

“It’s hard to get the money. please! I will ejaculate like this!”

“It’s not too late, bitch! If you don’t have the money to pay it back, go to a brothel and sell your body!”

I saw a girl from the ghetto ejaculating while grabbing the banco vendor’s crotch.

Rockefeller saw the scene and had no way to hide his complicated feelings.

‘I don’t know what it is, but it looks like it’s stuck.’

making money yourself.

In the end, it was an extension of that.

If he lends money, the banco operator proceeds with the loan business with the money.

And they started usury business to make a certain profit, and the poor people who got the loan were hit with ridiculous interest and did nothing but work today and tomorrow without doing anything else, and sometimes they were humiliated in that way.

‘It’s something I see when I’m bored, but it always makes me feel uncomfortable.’

But I didn’t want to go out and help.

Help me once or twice with that, and all the debtors on this street will probably disappear.

Or borrow money and not pay it back.

That was the thing Rockefeller hated the most.

‘If you borrow money, you must pay it back. Whatever the form, if you borrow money, of course it’s right to pay it back.’

Rockefeller tried to distract himself from things outside.

Until someone familiar stands in front of an angry banco trader.

“How much is all that debt?”

“Mrs. Ross Medici.”

“I’m asking how much money this child’s father has borrowed.”

One of Rockefeller’s three wives, one of Rockefeller’s three wives, fired a terrifying shot, and the helpless banco contractor simply bowed his head.

“that is… … If you add up the accrued interest… … Five goblin dollars.”

A little girl was sold to a brothel for a small sum of five goblin dollars, which almost ended her life.

After barely holding back her sigh, she ordered the maid who had come with her to pay the money back.

When the matter was settled, a young girl, freed from the banco dealer’s magic, got up, brushed the dust off her clothes, and bowed flatly toward her.

“Thank you, madam!”

But if you let it go like this, he’ll definitely hate it.

“I have nothing to thank. If you work, you can pay it back.”

It’s not enough to pay off your debts, so you’re giving me a job.

The ghetto girl did not easily straighten her bent back toward the Los Medici hostess.

“Thank you so much, madam! My name is Cecilia!”


She turned her head to make eye contact with Rockefeller, who was standing in front of the window.

As Rockefeller averted her gaze, she said to the ghetto girl, who was still bowing.

“Wait here for a moment. I have something to see inside. After work, would you like to go home with me?”

“Yes, madam!”

Isabella, who went to the guild headquarters, immediately after meeting Rockefeller, asked him like a question.

“I was watching, but I didn’t help again.”

Listen and drink.

Rockefeller, who was trying to ignore it, answered dryly.

“Whether it’s the father or the child, if you borrow money, you must pay it back.”

“Could you have repaid it for me?”

“Who do you like?”

“That kid.”

“I don’t even care about annoying things like that. And when I’m even doing that, I mean that I’m interested in him.”

Rockefeller asked.

“You want something like that?”

“You don’t think so, do you?”

“How do you know if it is or not? There are still three wives to look out for, so I’m careful about everything.”

“Do you have any excuses?”

“Anyway, you have to deal with it. why are you bullying me Do that.”

She began to talk about the reason she came to him, who had been angered inwardly.

“Mayer wants to see you.”

Meyer was the boy born to the two of them.

“Mayer? Okay, I’ll stop by in the evening.”

“You still take care of it as your own child.”

“Of course. He is my child.”

“… … See you in the evening.”

“okay. See you in the evening.”

This marriage is clearly wrong.

It was also a problem to be deceived into getting married, but it was later found out that being a person did not change in the first place.

She was dissatisfied with everything related to him, but decided to just live with it.

Because I’ve come too far to get a divorce stamp.

“I will go.”

“Go carefully.”

As she left, Rockefeller got up and went to the window.

Then I stood for a while and saw Isabella’s carriage leaving the ghetto girl.

‘Twitter, how many maids did you get? It doesn’t matter.’

Whether the maid she has with her becomes a hundred or a thousand.

For Rockefeller, it was a nonsensical concern.

It’s a paycheck for them. Just print out the goblin dollars and give it to them.

Will there be a financial crisis in this world?

‘It still has a long way to go. As long as our family holds gold, the demand for Goblin Dollars will continue.’

Goblin Bank was now significantly increasing financial services using Goblin Dollars, and from some point on, Goblin Dollars began to be widely used outside of the Empire as their currency.

The world that Rockefeller had really hoped for had arrived.

‘They don’t know anything. How they are being deceived.’

Standing by the window, Rockefeller watched the people bustling down the street.

do they really know?

The fact that their wealth is being taken away metallurgically within the ‘goblin dollar monetary system’ he created.

‘If only gold coins were circulating in the market, and the gold coins were 100% pure gold coins. They must have been able to keep the value and wealth they worked for safely no matter what time passed. Gold doesn’t increase over time. But not goblin dollars. Goblin Dollars increase in quantity as much as I print them, and as time goes by, their value becomes shit.’

Even with that thought, Rockefeller did not feel the pity or pity of them.


They must be ignorant and stupid.

Because he and his family called Los Medici will establish themselves as the continent’s leading financial giants and rule over them for eternity.

‘You mean it. never tell me How are you being deceived?’

The thought that followed was quite sincere.

‘That’s why I’m good.’

-Founder of the famous financial house 完-

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  1. MrPojsomnoj says:

    ^ending is the same summary of events as always, just without future plans. Modern economic achieved step by step and that is the end.

  2. Ask_Ether says:

    Finally finished before a new year. What a money hungry mc he is yet he did it for his family and himself. Well greta solid 4 star story despite the ending seems rushed but overall a good epilogue

  3. Mori says:

    Kok tiba2 jadi harem asw. Aku suka MC nya sampe bisa si kintil gini tapi… Ya kasih juga emotional plot nya napa. Awal chapter kece bersaudara pada saling bekerja sama mendukung gitu, ehh masak bonding moment nya nihil, masak ngak ada point of view mendalam dari karakter lain. Tiba2 dah nikah, tiba2 bini dah hamil, tiba2 dah nguasai dunia, tiba2 aja trus sampe masuk akhirat. Ini malah gembel pinggir jalan yang dikasih karakterisasi komplit dengan author, bukan nya karakter2 yang emang berarti. Padahal dari dasarnya personality karakter disini udah mantap anjir, malah ngak di kembangkan :))))

  4. Hiro says:

    Tuhan tolong hapus ingatanku, yang telah membaca novel ini. Haaaaaaaaaah (menghela nafas)

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  6. Hiro says:

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    I’m not entirely satisfied with this ending, but I’ll accept it.
    I wish Rockefeller had shown more love, but I like that he is so rational and calculating.
    I know that this novel has 8 volumes, are they included in these 181 chapters or is this just the first volume?

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    Its all over?! Myghad
    Its great! But well I hope it have side stories where I can see the relationships between mc and his wives and children, nevertheless its good. Thank you very much!♡

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