The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 26

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 26

Episode 26 08. Money is Faith (1)

“Here it is.”

A man in a long robe that reached down to his knees expressed his doubts.

“this is… … What is?”

He had obviously given the manastone, and he was of course expecting talent, the gold coin of the empire, for the price.

A moment of embarrassment.

A young girl who was with me raised a questionable voice.

“Is something wrong?”

His face was invisible as he pressed the hood down deeply, but the way he spoke, he seemed to be in a higher position than the man he was with.

“Miss Isabella, interest gave me something other than talents for my mana stones. So I was questioning myself if it was the right deal.”

“You said you gave me something other than a talent?”

“Yes, lady.”

Although she was young, she had time to wander outside, so the girl was not so dark about the world.

“What did you give me instead of your talents?”

The man quickly looked at the paper that the magic stone merchant had handed him.

At a glance, it was a certificate of borrowing issued by a certain Banco.

“that is… … It is a certificate of borrowing.”

“The IOU?”

As the girl knew, she sometimes received a IOU in exchange for an item.

“It’s a IOU from a place called Carter Bancor… … .”

“If it’s a IOU, why don’t you go to Banco and exchange it for talent again?”

“It should be… … .”

There was another reason for the man to be in trouble.

What he was handed over was an IOU of a slightly different form from the commonly known IOU.

Usually, when it comes to a deed of borrowing, there is usually a statement that says that you will pay the corresponding amount of gold coins when you take the deed of loan to Banco.

“It’s kind of weird. There is no guarantee of any gold coins in this IOU.”

He was a highly educated magic instructor.

Therefore, Yeongji-min had a strong suspicion, biting on what had been overlooked and passed on.

“Are there no guarantees? It would not be possible.”

“It seems to have been issued with the lord’s credit as collateral.”

Suddenly, the shop owner began to speak out when he was on the verge of becoming a scammer.

“Ah, I know about that. But if you take it to Carter Banco, the owner of the Banco will give you that amount of talent without any problem. If Banco does not provide it, please visit our store again. Then I will pay for the mana stones in a different way.”

If you go to Banco with this strange IOU, you can exchange it for gold without any problem!

The two guests who came had a face that could not be understood.

“Are you really going to exchange this for gold coins if you take it from that banco?”

“Yes, it is. So far, there have been no problems.”

“It’s strange. We don’t quite understand. The credibility of the lord here is not comparable to that of the imperial family.”

“Still, you are our lord. It used to be a cracked place, but now no one cares, so is there any problem? As long as there is no war in the Empire, there will be no problems.”

While the man was having a conversation with the store owner, the girl who was examining the IOU immediately shook her head in denial.

‘There is nothing here that guarantees gold coins.’

The girl raised her head and looked at the shopkeeper.

Even though he washed his eyes, he couldn’t find any lies in his face full of bewilderment.

They believe in this strange IOU.

‘I don’t think he’s lying.’

The girl was interested in the banco they were talking about.

‘I’d rather go and ask.’

* * *

Rockefeller encountered two unidentified customers who came to the store.

One was a tall man with distinct features, and the other was a young girl about the size of my younger brother.

The girl was wearing a robe hood, so her face could not be seen clearly, but the man took off the hood to reveal his presence.

‘What are they doing?’

Among the people who came to Banco, there was no confusion.

Most of them were nobles or merchants who touched money.

Their identities were unknown, but Rockefeller dealt with them with a smile naturally, like a business.

“What did you come here for?”

As Rockefeller broke his luck, the man looked inside the store and spoke up.

“Where is the owner?”

“Are you the owner? Why are you looking for the owner?”

The man didn’t even think that Rockefeller was the kid working in the store.

Because Rockefeller was too young for that.

“I have something to talk to you about here.”

When the man answered with a blank expression on his face, Rockefeller began to question what he had been doing.

‘Isn’t that a big deal?’

“If you are doing this because of work at the store, I think you can just tell me. I’m watching the shop work.”

At that, the man put on a slightly surprised expression.

How can such a young boy watch the grown-ups in Banco?

‘Is this young boy doing a banco job?’

Then the girl, who had never even been interested in their conversation, began to look at Rockefeller.

‘Did you use a young person in Banco?’

Although he was young, he was curious to know that a boy who looked only a few years older than him was working instead of his owner in Banco.

‘that’s interesting.’

The man, confused for a moment, looked into Rockefeller’s eyes.

He was a wizard.

The person telling lies was not so bad that he couldn’t read the turbid and unclean energy hidden inside, so looking into his eyes, he was able to determine the truth of the words.

And this was also true of the girl who followed him.

‘It’s not a lie. I don’t think it’s pure either… … .’

While the girl was thinking about this and that, the man said.

“I don’t think you dared to lie. Yes, tell me why you came.”

The man took the IOU from his pocket and showed it to Rockefeller.

“I came here straight-forward because of this. I want to change to talent, is it possible?”

The reason he came to us was very simple, unlike the expression on his face.

‘What are these people?’

Rockefeller, doubting whether he was cheating on him, naturally took out a special identification artifact from his pocket.

It looked like a magnifying glass and was a magic tool said to have been made by the Sinclair family.

Then, there was a subtle change in the faces of the man and the girl who watched it.

He recognized the magic tool that Rockefeller had pulled out.

After a while, Rockefeller, who finished checking, answered with a bright smile.

“Can I exchange all of them for talents? Or do you need a shilling here too?”

Hearing those words, the man couldn’t help but laugh outrageously.

He was shocked to learn that that absurd IOU could be exchanged for gold coins without any problems.

“Is there any problem in exchanging them for talents?”

“Is it a problem? What problem are you talking about?”

In that moment, Rockefeller could see why they didn’t look so good when they first came.

There was no such person at all.

‘Is it because of that? After all, not everyone is the same. There must be people who are suspicious of dogs.’

“If you are asking about this IOU, is there any problem?”

Rockefeller shook the special identification artifact he was holding in one hand.

“This is a magic tool made by the Sinclair family, and I was able to identify it with this. There is no problem with the IOU.”

“No problem… … .”

As if something was not desired, the man lengthened the tail of his horse.

‘There’s no way there’s no problem, but it’s strange.’

And the same thought was also true of the girl who followed him.

‘No problem? Could it be?’

In fact, for the two of them, there was no need to question the strange IOU if they could exchange the IOU they brought with them without any problem.

Because it wasn’t their business, and it was a tedious, far-reaching job.

“Exchange some for shillings and give the rest for talents.”

“Okay, then wait a minute.”

As Rockefeller disappeared into the store to get talents in exchange for the IOU, the man politely asked the girl.

“Lady, what are you going to do?”

Every decision had to be made by her, not him.

Because she was his superior and a member of the largest family on the continent.

Isabella still had a look on her face that she didn’t understand.

“How can you possibly have a problem with that crappy IOU? Are all the people here stupid? Or do you not think that the lord or lord here will never perish for the rest of their lives?”

From the standpoint of the majority of Youngji-min, it was common to think that the lord was like heaven and could not dare to perish.

However, from her point of view that such a lord looks ridiculous, the existence of a lord was never an undisputed power and an immortal existence.

In the end, lords were only human beings, and they were enough to lose their status if they got involved in a political battle or made another mistake.

So she had strong doubts.

“The deed of borrowing is not directly guaranteed by the imperial family, and it is not guaranteed by another family, right? If the lord here goes bankrupt, it’s a deed of borrowing that will be a piece of paper right away, but will you exchange it for talents?”

The man had the same idea, but it was not that he was completely ignorant of the thoughts of the young people here.

“Generally, Youngji people often believe that the power of the lord is absolute. So, most of the people of Youngji often think that the lord will never perish. So the people here in Youngji seem to think differently from us.”

“It can’t be, can it? There are only a few spirits that our family pushed out this time, but people here don’t even hear such rumors?”

“I do, but… … However, since this place is located on the edge of the empire, it is relatively stable compared to other territories where various interests are intertwined. So, as long as the lord here doesn’t cause any trouble, it’s unlikely that this estate will be destroyed.”

After talking and thinking about it, the man got a rough idea of why the young people here trust such a loan.

Just as the empire will be immortal, the lord will not perish either.

Also, since the IOU can be exchanged for talents without any problem, why do we need to doubt it tiredly?

“I still don’t understand. Isn’t it funny that he’s not even the Emperor, and that he trusts such a loan with the trust of the lord as collateral?”

“It seems to be possible here.”

“Have you ever seen such an IOU before?”

“no. This is the first time I’ve seen such a loan. Even so, the merchants here are strangely using the IOUs as if they were money. Each estate is different, but this seems to be a somewhat special place like Lyon.”

Lyon was one of the wealthiest cities in the empire, with trade and finance developed.

But, how is the territory on the outskirts similar to such a place?

“Isn’t this the outskirts? But how do you compare it to the wealthiest places in the Empire?”

“Even so, the system itself is something… … It has a lot of similarities to Lyon. I don’t know why.”

“Doesn’t Jason know anything about money too?”

“If you’re talking about finance, those lower tiers aren’t really the area of the noble wizard’s interest.”

“Then who cares? If it’s a money issue, isn’t it really important?”

“As important as it is, it is usually the responsibility of an indulgence priest, or the interest of fearless commoners who know how to deal with numbers and fear no hell. It’s definitely not something a noble wizard would be interested in.”


The girl who had been thinking a lot murmured a little.

“Did they choose money over heaven?”

in between.

Rockefeller came out of the store with the talents and shillings they wanted.

“Wash it. Everything will be right.”

As soon as the man finished checking and informed the girl that there was no problem, the girl started asking questions about me rather than going out of the store.

“You are working in Banco, so of course you are a commoner. There is something I want to ask you.”

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