The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 3

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 3

Episode 3 01. Became the eldest son of a commoner family (2)

What legacy are you trying to leave behind in the yard where everyone is dying?

“As for my grandfather. He was respected by many people for his excellent medical skills, but in reality, his grandfather lived his whole life watching the denomination. After all, it wasn’t an easy life. Fixing others may be highly respected by some, but may be a thorn in the eye for others.”

Little brothers, you won’t understand what that means.

But Rockefeller was different.

Although he was 15 years old, he was a mature adult with 30 years of experience as much as his mind.

‘Of course. From the denomination’s point of view, it’s all money to heal someone, but if a tough guy who hasn’t formally learned healing magic appears and says he’ll take money and heal someone, of course, it wouldn’t look nice. Even if you are like me, you will look bad.’

Hans continued to speak.

“On the weekends, he always visits the parish where there is a service and greets him no matter what. Even though he was respected by others, he was not able to lead a comfortable life. Everything was a piece of ice. Because he always looked into the eyes of the denomination and bought it.”

If his grandfather had lived without the attention of the denomination, what would the family be like now?

It probably wasn’t good.

“But one day, my grandfather saw it. It was also the day of the weekend worship service, and a magician suddenly came to visit. He said he was a very scary wizard. The rumors about the wizard weren’t good. But as soon as the wizard appeared, the heavenly priests began to bow flatly, doing nothing.”

Hearing that story, Rockefeller was able to guess to some extent the legacy left by a man called his grandfather.

‘I know roughly what this family tradition is.’

Hans continued.

“Seeing that scene, my grandfather also felt a lot of things. You thought it was better to be feared by everyone like that vicious wizard than to be respected by others. Because power is what it is. So my grandfather wanted me to become a wizard. But it can’t be. I didn’t have any qualities in the first place… … .”

He organized the story and told him about the lessons his grandfather left behind.

“From now on, listen carefully to what I say. so are you You don’t have to be respected by anyone.”

The words that followed were quite bone-inducing.

Because it was the legacy of this family.

“Be worthy of respect rather than be a fearful person. You have to be the kind of person that everyone fears. always… … .”

Those were the last words of Rockefeller’s father, Hans Rothmedich.

That evening.

He quietly closed his eyes, and his funeral was held the next day in a cemetery near Yeongjuseong.

“… … .”

A day with a drizzle of rain.

Rockefeller’s expression was not good at the funeral, which was barely held with the help of the lord.

‘It’s all money.’

This funeral was not favorably assisted by the lord.

The coffin used at the funeral and the mourning clothes worn by him and his younger brothers were all settled with the money borrowed from the lord, and it was a debt that had to be repaid to the lord here one day.

‘But I can’t go on without a funeral.’

Rockefeller looked down quietly at Hans’s coffin buried in the cold ground with a cold expression on his face.

Since he wasn’t the real father who gave birth to me, I didn’t feel any sad feelings, but I was more worried about how I would live in the future.

‘It’s still not there, but it’s a really big deal. How am I supposed to live now?’

The money borrowed from the lord for the funeral was also a problem, but the bigger problem was that of living right away.

‘It’s a real total mess.’

Then he heard a human voice next to him.

“Your grandfather was a good man, but he wasn’t Hans buried here.”

Somewhat authoritative tone.

Rockefeller turned his head slowly, and there stood a strong man who looked to be about thirty years old.

Chester de Montefeltro.

He was the new owner of the Montefeltro estate, which was renamed while incorporating the territory of the dwarf kingdom called Azrak Goldmine into the empire, and the lord who helped with this funeral.

“It’s just that I learned to write at the academy for nothing.”

His expression was not as good as Rockefeller’s.

He didn’t have any bad feelings for the dead Hans, but he didn’t have any good feelings either.

Like a lord, he told me exactly what I thought without even paying attention to the resident Rockefeller.

“Then I don’t know if I become a wizard again. That’s a slope.”

he laughed softly.

He looked down on him when he died.

“But it wasn’t. If everyone in the world becomes a wizard just by going to the academy even though they don’t have any talent, will everyone in the world become wizards? That’s not it.”

Still, it wasn’t a good thing to insult the dead so much, so Rockefeller felt bad for him.

‘Do I really need to say that? No matter how young he is, he talks too much.’

But you can’t show hatred to the lord.

As Rockefeller naturally lowered his head, the lord did not stop his mouth.

“I did something useless. I mean a person You need to know my fraction.”

Was it because Rockefeller was too young?

Youngjoo never stopped talking to me.

“If you are a serf, be a serf. If you are a commoner, be a commoner. Nobility like nobility.”

The lord shifted his gaze to Rockefeller.

“Did you learn to write from Hans too?”

Surprisingly, Youngju had dark eyes.

Of course, he had many opportunities to learn to write because he was a lumber to become a lord, but he was not smart enough to learn to write as a joke.

Rather, what was more important to him than writing was the strong body to inform his family on the battlefield called by the emperor and the power to overwhelm others.

But the people of the Los Medici family were different.

Influenced by his erudite grandfather, Rockefeller’s father was also smart, and he was also a graduate of the Academy, so he learned writing and various studies.

So, except for the youngest sister, everyone knew how to read and write because of Hans’ teaching.

“Yes, I learned from my father.”

Youngjoo smirked.

Because it was pitiful that he had learned something he didn’t know about a commoner subject.

“You go to the academy to learn how to write. Even so, the children are no longer black-eyed. Yes, it wouldn’t help much to live.”

As the lord, there was another reason he didn’t learn to read.

“If you know the writing, you become a coward. They’re of no help on a battlefield of blood and flesh. When I see human blood, my eyes turn over and I am busy running away. They are of no use.”

It has been over 30 years since I neglected to write with such rationalization.

Of course, it wasn’t that he didn’t know how to write.

Some of the lords he knew were also black-eyed, and for similar reasons did not learn to write.

When he finished speaking, he patted Rockefeller on the shoulder.

“Hey, did you understand what I said?”

Rockefeller bowed her head in response.

“Yes, I got it.”

“What I’ve said so far is that people should know their fractions. Don’t go crazy like Hans here without knowing my fountain. Those guys have no manners.”

After speaking, the lord saw his younger brothers with Rockefeller.

Those who belonged to his estate were a property to him.

However, it was difficult for commoners, who were not serfs, to be ruthless.

Because the freedom they had was guaranteed to some extent in return for the lord’s receiving a certain amount of tax.

“Looking at it, it seems that the future life is difficult. Would you like to stop being presumptuous now and come in under me and quietly plow the fields with the younger brothers? It’s a piece of land to plow. If you look for it, you’ll find it.”

What he said was telling Rockefeller to forsake his commoner status and come under him and become a serf.

His words were not sweet to Rockefeller, who knew that serfs had no freedom unlike commoners.

‘Even if you die of starvation, you are not a serf. Why do people say it’s okay to be a commoner? I am not a serf.’

The commoners had freedoms that serfs and slaves did not enjoy.

Rockefeller decided to politely decline his offer, thinking that hunger could somehow be tolerated for the sake of that freedom.

“I am very grateful for your words, but my grandfather was a doctor who healed the sick, and my father was a person who helped the lord with the knowledge he had learned at the academy and looked at various business affairs within the territory. It is impossible for us, who have such grandfathers and fathers, to suddenly abandon the will of our ancestors and return to the fields. I would be grateful if the Lord would deeply consider this point of ours.”

It was an age-inappropriate answer.

When a completely unexpected answer appeared, Yeongju gave a slightly puzzled expression.

‘What’s the young man’s answer? Was the eldest son here so clever?’

Young-ju was unable to speak for a while.

Because it wasn’t wrong.

“okay. Your grandfather was a doctor, and your father worked under me as a tax collector and a herald. It wasn’t really useless… … But that was possible because of your father. Isn’t that what you, who simply avoided black eyes, would say?”

Private education in Korea was quite good, but where would that learning go?

Rockefeller’s mouth was itchy, but he decided not to go too far, because he had another seat.

It’s because you shouldn’t go out of your way and show hate towards him.

‘He’s the king here. You shouldn’t say anything that goes against your heart for nothing.’

“Then let’s try our best to become a person essential to the lord and this estate. Until then, can you give us a little more time?”

As I said, even the lord, he couldn’t force himself the way he wanted.

Of course, considering his position, he could have forced him recklessly on the young man, but in that case, there was a great possibility that problems would arise later.

Either running away at night to another estate with the younger brothers, or feeling dissatisfied.

In any case, dealing with people was difficult for him as a lord.

‘What a good number… … Yeah, I’d rather that.’

Then I changed my mind.

He thought that the given reality would force him to make a choice, without having to force it on him.

‘I’m about to starve to death right now, so what can I do? You should quietly come under me and plow the fields.’

“You are the head of a family in your own way, so please respect that. I’m still young, but… … Still, he’s a decent head of the family, so I can’t just ignore him.”

Yeongju continued to speak immediately.

“But keep this in mind. There’s really nothing in the world to get for free. I don’t think there are many options left for you, who are busy living right now.”

The lord, looking at Rockefeller and his younger brothers, put a meaningful smile on his lips.

“If you change your mind even after seeing the younger brothers, come to me anytime. As I said before, this estate needs a lot of people to plow the fields. Do you really need to maintain a free status while paying a lot of money? It’s not even feeding them.”

“I want you to give me some more time to think.”

“What did you know? But be mindful. The most important thing for people like you is a safe place to protect them and a boat that doesn’t starve. As far as I can see, your fountain is just that much. Anything more than that is really disrespectful. You don’t know how to be a human being, you can’t be without politeness. I always have to live by my fountain. It fits my fountain.”

The lord, who spoke of such manners and fountains, left as soon as the funeral was over, as if waiting for him, along with the Seers who followed him.

Here, Shea was like a guard who followed him, the lord, in charge of policing the territory.

‘I’m going crazy.’

Near his father’s grave, where everyone had left and only his younger brothers were, Rockefeller’s expression was more serious than ever.

‘The status of a commoner is all maintained with money… … .’

Los Medici was something that the lord of this place recognized, so he could have it.

But is there any money that can maintain the status of a commoner in the yard where it is urgent to eat right now?

‘It’s difficult to eat right now, but even the freedom you have can’t be taken away… … .’

Money was the problem.

From the beginning until now.

‘How do you make money? What a good number… … .’

Then something flashed through his brain.

It was definitely something I saw in the novel.

‘Wait a minute. The territory of Montefeltro… … .’

Among the many events seen in the novel, there was one great war that remained in his memory.

Gold War.

In the past, this was the place that became the cause of the war that broke out between the dwarves who tried to reclaim their land and the empire that did not allow it.

The former name of the Montefeltro estate was Azrak Goldmine.

In the past, after a huge gold vein was discovered, it was a place where Dwarves mined gold at random until the gold vein was cut off.

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