The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 32

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 32

Episode 32 09. Brothers were brave (4)

After talking with Rockefeller, the two headed back to the mercenary camp.

The brains of the two brothers walking silently were more complex than before.

There is no need to be too honest, but this thought was all over the mind of the second Andrew, who was afraid he might lose his hard-earned job by making a small mistake.

‘I said that you can’t make money if you’re too honest. I think you’re right. People aren’t stupid, so if we’re too honest, we can’t bring their money.’

On the other hand, Joshua’s head, chasing after the second, was full of this.

‘How can I do it like Brother Rockefeller said? A way to make money without being caught by those guys… … .’

There were no brilliant ideas that immediately came to mind.

So Joshua summoned the second Andrew, who was leading the way.

“There, Andrew.”

Hearing the sound of his calling, the second quietly turned around.


“there… … What have we done wrong?”

Rockefeller clearly pointed out their faults.

It was only the two of them to chew the cud and move in a better direction.

“Did you not hear me? Rockefeller brother told me. You tried to cheat too directly. You can’t cheat like that. If those mercenaries came to the market and checked how many ingredients we bought, what would we do then?”

“I know that. But to make money, you have to do something more here, right?”

“That’s it… … It is not. But I have no intention of blaming you. It was just that I was more worried about losing the hard-earned work by touching the ingredients here. But not anymore.”

Second Andrew’s eyes lit up.

“Because being too honest seems silly.”

“So Andrew hyung also agrees with us being a little dishonest?”

“What am I… … It doesn’t matter if you can make a lot of money. Either way, money is the best. But it’s not your way. Because it’s too direct.”

“That’s right. What I suggested in the beginning was too direct. If we had found out, as Andrew said, we would have been cut off right away. Because I lost my trust.”

“After all, we were both wrong.”

Joshua asked again.

“Then, is there any way that Andrew can convince us to deceive them?”

“It can’t be too direct, like Rockefeller said.”


The two brothers stood and put their heads together, forgetting the errands they were doing.

“What is the difference between cheating directly and cheating without anyone knowing? Is it just the difference between being legal or not?”


“Then it is bad to directly touch the ingredients here, so what else can you do to make money in a legal way?”

At this moment, something crossed Joshua’s mind.

What he first proposed was a problem because of what would happen when it was found out.

But what if that doesn’t happen?

“Andrew hyung, I just came up with a good idea, how about this?”

“What? What good numbers do you have?”

“yes! The reason we can’t secretly touch the ingredients here is because the mercenaries can come to the market and ask how much they bought and how much? If we find out, we will be in trouble.”

“It is not.”

“Then how about doing this? We’re not the only ones hiding, but we’re getting along with the aunts and uncles who sell ingredients in the market. You are cheating together!”

“You mean you want to cheat with the market people? Raising food prices?”

“right. For example, if you put 20 potatoes for 1 shilling, you talk to the aunties who sell them and reduce the amount sold to the mercenary camp to 18 for 1 shilling, and so on. So, you have 2 potatoes left over the previous deal, right?”

“Then, do you want to share the remaining two with us and the person selling potatoes?”

“yes! how is it? Are you okay?”

Andrew pondered what Joshua had said.

“It seems possible, but… … .”

When Andrew said it was possible, Joshua’s face brightened even more.

“right? Do you think Andrew hyung can do it too?”

“But will the people in the market do what we think?”

“You get one potato for free, so there’s no reason to hate it, right?”

“Still, it’s a scam, so there might be some people who don’t like this, right?”

“That’s right, but… … So how about this? Except for those who said they don’t like it, I only work with those who say it’s okay. Wouldn’t that be a problem?”

Joshua continued.

“After all, we can eat potatoes or carrots or whatever. And we’re cheating with the aunties in the market, so even if the mercenaries come all the way here, there’s no way we can find out our secret. After all, the price of ingredients is set by the uncles in the market, so we only bought ingredients at that price, right?”

In response to the third statement, the second was unwittingly affirming.

‘Maybe this is what Rockefeller wanted? Even if you deceive others, you deceive more precisely. As Joshua said, there’s probably no way you’re going to get caught.’

It wasn’t clear whether Joshua’s method was the answer Rockefeller wanted, but at least it seemed clear that it was better than the one suggested.

“Let’s do it. We won’t be caught, but if we do, we’re not the only ones who cheated, right?”

* * *

Revan frowned slightly when he saw the two children who returned later than expected.

“I just thought you guys just ran away. Why are you so late? Where the hell did you do it?”

It was inevitable that the two brothers would be late as they met Rockefeller in the middle and had time to bargain again with market merchants.

Revan was slightly angered, and Andrew stepped forward in place of Joshua, who was still panting.

“That’s it. On the way, I happened to meet a flock of wild dogs. really sorry.”

“What? Did you meet wild dogs?”

Revan, surprised, lifted his stern expression and gave him a worried look.

“Where are you hurt? Even if they were wild dogs, wouldn’t it be dangerous if they were grouped together?”

“it’s okay. It was because I was thinking of throwing a stone while holding it. And the wild dogs here are afraid of people, so they avoid them. Still, I was careful because I didn’t know.”

Andrew patted the food furoshiki as if to purify it.

“And we are not alone, are we? So I was more concerned about it. Everything here is safe.”

When I saw wild dogs, it was the children playing in the village who grabbed wooden sticks and jumped.

So, the wild dogs I met by chance were just excuses and not a threat.

But Revan, unaware of this, was still looking at the two children with concern.

“I’m glad nothing happened. Even wild dogs are dangerous if you touch them. Good job. There’s nothing wrong with being careful.”

“I don’t know if it’s too late for that.”

“It’s something you guys have to work harder tomorrow. Don’t worry too much about that.”

After a while, Revan opened the bag of ingredients that the two children had been whining.

confirmation was needed.


But I had a strange feeling.

It seemed that the amount of food was strangely less than usual.

‘Something… … Does it look smaller than usual? Is it just a feeling?’

When I took out the tea ingredients and counted them one by one, it was clearly visible that the amount was less than usual.

“Guys, why is the amount so small than usual? You guys haven’t touched this, have you?”

If Joshua had swiped a few ingredients as initially thought, he might have made a mistake here because he was still young.

However, regardless of Revan’s suspicion, he had deceived him in a different way, so Andrew, who faced him, was able to go out without hesitation.

It also had a steel plate on its face.

“yes? why? What’s wrong?”

“Doesn’t the amount of food here seem to be a little lacking? We order ingredients every day, so why is the amount of ingredients less than yesterday? Oddly enough, it seems to be lacking a little bit, did you not peek at a few here?”

“Is it possible?”

Joshua, who was watching this, also came forward.

“We never touched it! Really.”

“Then why is the amount of food less than usual? The money I gave is the same, but the amount of ingredients has decreased slightly.”

Andrew snapped his shichimi and asked.

“Is everything like that? We only found fresh ingredients and bought them from various vendors.”

Although the amount of ingredients has decreased unknowingly and unknowingly, not all ingredients are like that.

Some of the ingredients were the same as before, and others were given so little that they could be seen.

“It’s not like that, but some of them seem to be lacking a lot. Guys, did your uncle definitely warn you? You must never cheat.”


“Absolutely not!”

Andrew, who even slapped his hands, came out and started acting like he was looking at the ingredients he brought.

“Hey, why is this happening? Did you really give a little? We sometimes go to the market to shop. I really did give it a little less, just like you said.”

“Where do you guys dare to take the shichimi? Do you really want to scold your uncle?”

“no! We really took what the market vendors gave us. I can swear this to the sky.”

“Are you telling me to believe it now?”

“yes! Is it true?”

As Levan crossed his arms and blew out a strong nostril, Andrew stepped out to calm him down.

“We are really innocent. Did you really bring it exactly as the market vendors gave it to you?”

“Of course, you can’t prove it, right?”

“It’s proof, of course!”

Revan was slightly perplexed by the unexpected words.

“What? Can you prove it?”

“yes! Of course it does! We are innocent.”

Andrew continued.

“I saw that when we bought these ingredients at the market, they said we had to bring them to the mercenary camp and asked for the freshest and best ingredients, right? Even when I see it, for that amount of money, they don’t give me this much money. On the contrary, if the rural people were generous and cared for them more, they would have taken care of them. Do you think the merchants gave a small amount of this as a part of it? There is a story that mercenaries have a lot of money.”

Joshua, who was watching, came forward and helped.

“Is it possible that the mayor’s uncles gave me less money just because the mercenaries had a lot of money? We only asked for something fresh, right?”

“I think so?”

“under… … Rockefeller hyung said that mercenary men have a lot of money, is it because of that?”

Revan, who had been watching silently, glared at the children with wide open eyes.

‘I don’t know. Maybe it’s a lie or maybe it’s not.’

“Then let’s do this. Only tomorrow, this uncle will put a colleague here, so buy it exactly like this for the same money. If you’re right, his market vendors must have hit us in the eye.”

Those words gave Andrew and Joshua great relief in their hearts.

anyway the result will be the same.

next day.

Revan looked at the result in front of me and put on a look of disbelief.

‘Is it almost the same? So the bastards in that market hit us in the eye? Is that so?’

“Hey, did you follow along and see?”

When Revan asked a fellow mercenary who had followed the children, he nodded without a word.

As the children said, it seems that the merchants in the market have opened their eyes to them.

“Are we right? We did not cheat!”

“We are only guilty of buying it from the market! You are so innocent!”

As Andrew and Joshua fired with equal momentum, Levan had nothing more to say.

“under… … These bastard merchants dare to hit us in the eye? We make some money, right?”

The rumors that the mercenaries were touching money seemed to have spread to the market.

Besides, they weren’t all grown ups, and they had the kids run errands, so it started to make sense to some extent that the shrewd market merchants had their eyes on them.

“… … I’m sorry for everything. I misunderstood you.”

At the end of Levan, Andrew and Joshua could be relieved at the same time.

“it’s okay. It could be, what?”

“yes! We’re fine! So, can I keep bringing it like this in the future?”

Mutual trust is the lifeblood of a transaction.

Since that trust was kept, there was no reason for Levan to cut the deal with his two children.

“Sure. Please don’t be so good in the future.”

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