The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 34

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 34

Episode 34 10. Faith creates wealth (2)

Things seemed pretty dire.

As Carter thought about the gold coins he could borrow right away, he saw Rockefeller secretly beckoning him.

‘At this place?’

You don’t know what the estate will be like right now, but you’re trying to make money here?

He was a guy who was crazy about money.

It was more than he had been a goldsmith all his life, but never worse.

Maybe he’s more poisonous than the goblin who is said to be the brightest in the world.

‘He’s a really scary guy. What do you want to be when you grow up?’

The lord, who could not see Rockefeller’s gaze, stared intently at Carter, and waited anxiously for his answer.

“I want to borrow as much as possible. In addition to the hound mercenaries, you have to call other mercenaries, and you need money to keep more wizards participating in the subjugation. I didn’t know I would suddenly need so much money, but your help is desperately needed given the circumstances.”

“What will the villagers near the border do?”

“First, we evacuated as much as possible into the manor. I can’t defend in town, so I’m going to build a small fortress in the back and watch the situation. We’ll have to hold on until His Majesty sends reinforcements.”

“The situation is urgent. Then I think it is right for me to do my best to help the Lord.”

“If you don’t want to quit your business because of the ruin of your estate, you should help me with all your heart.”

“It’s okay.”

Carter, nodding his head, pulled out the book of the store and rummaged through it for a while.

“Let’s see… … .”

Carter, whose tail was blurry, continued to think about the look Rockefeller had given him.

‘Maybe this is an opportunity. Because this is not common.’

Rather than making gold coins, the goldsmith’s main income was mostly interest income from gold coin loans.

In other words, the more you borrow, the more you earn.

‘If you pay back the gold coins you borrowed, you can make a lot of money with the money you borrowed this time.’

Yeongju was the most trustworthy person in the territory.

If he lends him as much as he can repay, it would be a very good thing for Carter.

‘If you think about the taxes collected from the estate last year… … .’

The maximum amount of gold coins that could be given to the lord right now was about 2,500 talents.

The sum of his 1,000 talents in gold coins and 1,500 talents in gold coins left by customers who came to Banco was, in effect, the total amount that could be borrowed.

‘If you give as much as possible, you can give up to 2,500, but the risk is too high for that.’

As he had previously told Rockefeller, Carter was extremely wary of the lord’s failure to repay the borrowed money using the power of his ruler.

The lord was the one who was the owner of this land.

He believes in him and does business, but no one knows what kind of attitude he will take in the future.

So Carter decided to lend him about 1,500 talents instead of the 2,500 talents he could lend.

Originally, he wouldn’t lend that much, but since the situation in the estate was so urgent, it was the result of taking the risk as much as possible on the other side.

“Looking at the ledger here, the maximum amount of gold coins I can lend to the lord is about… … .”

Before Carter could finish speaking, Rockefeller interrupted him and interrupted.

“Up to 5,000 talents.”

Carter’s eyes widened involuntarily when the absurd sum of 5,000 talents suddenly appeared.

I have 2,500 talents of gold coins in my hand, and I can lend you twice as much!

Is this guy sane now?

Rockefeller nodded his head slightly as he looked at Carter, who was staring intently at him.

The explanation has already been completed.

It’s just that Carter didn’t have the guts to do that, he did.

Rockefeller gave the lord, who was looking at him at this moment, a smile of sachichi.

“Of course, if the Lord borrows the most.”

“Did I say 5,000 talents now?”

When the large amount that exceeded expectations came out, Youngju also had a somewhat bewildered expression on her face.

No matter how well the goldsmith running Banco made money, he never dreamed that Carter would have enough gold coins.

The lord, unable to hide his bewildered expression, immediately looked at Carter with a displeased expression.

“you… … He was richer than I thought.”

The lord’s estimate of Carter’s fortune was about 1,000 talents.

So I was planning on borrowing about 1,000 talents in a hurry, but I’m sure I’ll have 5,000 talents on hand, which is five times more than that.

When something unexpected happens in his own territory, can the ruler of that place really like it?

At least he said he didn’t.

“You must have made quite a bit of money without me knowing? I thought you had about 1,000 talents. But, I’m sure you’ll have up to 5,000 talents.”

Carter, who was as bewildered as the lord, reflexively waved his hand, and then decided to ask him for forgiveness for a moment as he thought about what was going on.

“Young, my lord. Could you give me a moment to talk to my assistant here?”

“why? Is your assistant telling you so frankly that you intend to go and discipline him?”

“Oh, no. Absolutely not. I have something to talk about with the assistant here for a moment, just in case there is anything else I can do to help the lord.”

The lord, who had maintained a friendly gaze, reluctantly gave permission.

What would you do if the two of you had more conversations?

Since I had already heard the story of 5,000 talents, I was planning to borrow 5,000 talents even if I died.

“I see. Instead, keep it short. I am not that patient.”

“thank you. I will be back soon.”

Carter, who was sitting apart from Rockefeller, was conscious of the lord who was not far away, and with a small but sharp voice, pushed Rockefeller.

“What were you thinking of saying that? 5,000 talents in the world? We don’t even have that kind of money in our hands.”

“Why? I’ve already said everything about lending you money you don’t have, right?”

Rockefeller continued.

“And now the golden opportunity has come to lend me the money I don’t have. Have you been like that before? No one now needs that much money to borrow even the money they don’t have. But what do you see now? Then, of course, you have to borrow it.”

Rockefeller re-emphasized the following words.

“Is this an opportunity?”

“But how the hell did you lend us money we didn’t have?”

It sounded pathetic.

Rockefeller looked at him with a sullen expression.

“I think I’ve explained it enough before, but have you already forgotten?”

Of course I heard Rockefeller’s explanation.

Of course, I was worried about him.


“I had to listen.”

“Uncle, to be honest, have you ever seriously considered what I said?”

It was within Carter’s common sense to lend out the gold coins he had and even the gold coins he had entrusted to them.

However, it was actually completely beyond his common sense to make and lend out gold coins that Rockefeller was talking about, and Carter only understood it theoretically and had no guts to implement it.


Because that was a way of making money that was completely outside of his common sense.

“Actually, there was nothing more to think about. I just thought it was nonsense. Isn’t that just the corner theory? Lyon doesn’t lend like that. Are you going to make a loan that doesn’t exist in the world? It’s crazy.”

“Did you really think that was nonsense?”

“Are you sure you’ve never done it before and you know what it will be?”

At those words, Rockefeller called to him with a serious expression like never before.

“Mister Carter. Have I ever been wrong even once since I got a job here?”

“Something like that… … There was none.”

“Weren’t you? Instead, your income has increased significantly, hasn’t it?”

“That’s it… … .”

“Do you know why that happened?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I was just lucky.”

“Are you lucky? Well, maybe you were lucky. But this is a talent.”


“Yes, it is a talent. There are people who use swords well in the world, people who know how to use magic. Even people with very good dexterity, or even those who only run well. Everyone was born with great talent. Of course, I was born with that talent for making money.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Uncle, given that I was born with such a talent, I have to make and lend money that I do not have unconditionally. That way you can make a lot of money.”

“… … .”

“I can assure you, if you do what I think this time, you will make a lot of money. If not, I’ll quit my job here. What would a guy with no talent do if he was left with a guy like Uncle? It makes no sense.”

I couldn’t agree to lending money that I didn’t have, but I couldn’t afford to lose a good assistant like this.

Carter went out to convince Rockefeller to quit his job.

“No, don’t stop. Can’t we just go on a regular basis just this one time?”

“What is that normal?”

“What? They just want to lend you the gold coins you have in hand, as you have always done. Don’t even create gold coins that don’t exist.”

At that, Rockefeller slowly shook his head.

Even a person who expresses disapproval right now will have a different opinion when he earns a formidable amount of money.

Knowing this, Rockefeller decided to push forward.

Because the result will change his mind anyway.

“no. never. If you want to keep me by your side, you have to make a decision too. Will you trust me again this time? Or just stick with the old way and lose me.”

Rockefeller gave strength to his eyes, forcing him to make a choice.

“The decision is yours.

“Huh… … this guy.”

At Rockefeller’s suggestion to choose one of the two, Carter looked quite embarrassed.

What kind of assistant do you have?

‘What is this guy really doing? You want me to lend you money that doesn’t exist in the world?’

If that boy wasn’t Dorai, what would it be?

What the hell did you mean by thinking like that?

‘I don’t know. What the hell am I doing and working with?’

Carter, who was wasting time with only a deep sigh, reluctantly agreed.

He decided to believe what Chuck Rockefeller said.

It’s been running well so far, and if it runs well without any problems, you’ll be able to make a lot of money just like Rockefeller said.

“To be honest, I don’t know. If you weren’t good at your job, I probably wouldn’t have allowed it. It is beyond my understanding.”

Rockefeller smiled at that.

“Mister Carter, don’t over complicate things, just look at the results. Even if you don’t know, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.”

“Yeah, it would be. Unless there are real problems.”

As he gave him a slightly worried look, Rockefeller gave him a confident expression.

“I assure you, there will never be any problems with this. Surely there will be people who eat like this. If it is not in this world, it must be in another world.”

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