The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 36

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 36

Episode 36 10. Faith creates wealth (4)

“If you need more gold coins, I can lend you up to 3,000 talents more. Of course, this gold coin is not ours, but the circumstances of the lord are pitiful, and it is enough for us to earn money, so this is the maximum amount we thought of.”

In addition to 5,000 talents, 3,000 talents!

From the point of view of the lord who came to think about 1,000 to 2,000 talents at most, there was no sound more welcome than this.

When the lord said that he could get 8,000 talents right away, he didn’t think too much about the responsibility behind it and looked straight ahead.

‘With 8,000 talents, the cost of hiring and maintaining an additional mercenary unit is enough to build a strong fortress right next to the border.’

Backtracking on there?

‘It’s a lot of money, but I’m the lord here, so what can they do? When lending, you have to stand up and borrow, but when you receive it, of course, you have to lie down to receive it.’

It was such a shallow thought, but it was unreasonable for a Rockefeller who had a plan.

‘Everyone has a plausible plan.’

until you get hit.

“So, you can borrow up to 8,000 talents. How much would you like to borrow from the Lord?”

At Rockefeller’s question, Youngjoo coughed first.

“Wow! First of all, since the situation is not good, it would be better to borrow a large amount somehow. In case of emergency, you can’t come all the way here and borrow again, right? It’s cumbersome.”

“Then are you borrowing all 8,000 talents?”

He had only heard of 8,000 talents, but the lord could hardly hide his excitement.

Even if there was an all-out war between the two factions in the area adjacent to the territory, it was enough money that he could do anything with his own strength until the reinforcements of the Empire arrived.

“I will borrow everything.”

After finishing his words, the young man showed a very satisfied smile.

And then I started thinking useless thoughts.

‘Wait a minute. 8,000 talents… … Even if you build a fortress, you can bring in even a wyvern.’

The wyvern roaring on the battlefield was one of the most powerful monster weapons the Empire was proud of.

Bastard Talent was born as a spoil of the flame war, and was desired by all knights on the battlefield, and it was a very expensive pet that even the lord who ruled a territory could not easily have because of the relentless maintenance cost.

‘Let’s see… … Was it about 2,000 talents for a big wyvern? be expensive too But I can take this opportunity to buy one with a big heart. About 8,000 talents are enough to bring in one.’

In addition to the Wyverns, there were ways to train and ride great horses or griffins that could fly to the sky, but they were not even filled in the eyes of the lord who was already attached to the Wyvern.

‘If you can reduce your greed, a Griffin rather than a Wyvern would be appropriate… … no. If not this time, when are you going to ride the Wyvern? You should grab it when you have the chance.’

Even though he had dark eyes, he was like a beast on the bloody battlefield.

He imagined in his head the scene of mercilessly slaughtering the orc warriors who invaded the territory at this moment with his wyvern.

I just imagined it, but it couldn’t be more exciting than that.

You can finally have the Wyvern you’ve only dreamed of!

“8,000 talents. I will lend you everything.”

In his tone of asking to borrow again, Rockefeller could see the greed he had hidden.

He didn’t know what the lord wanted with that much money, but at least he could clearly see that he was desperate for that money.

‘Okay, well asked. But it’s not easy. There’s no harm in preparing for it more clearly, though.’

Rockefeller showed a very troubled expression on the lord, who was very excited.

“Young lord. that is… … .”

“why? Is there any problem?”

“It is true that the maximum amount we can lend is 8,000 talents.”

Rockefeller glanced at Carter.

Of course, I didn’t need Carter here, but I missed Carter once in order to pretend to check the situation at the store.

Rockefeller, who turned his gaze to the lord again, began to speak.

“Even for us, 8,000 talents is a lot of money.”

When I said something, I heard a voice saying that I couldn’t just give it to you.

Youngjoo wrinkled his expression softly.

“If you need my IOU, I’ll write it for you, so have 8,000 talents ready right away.”

I thought it would end like this, but it wasn’t.

Rockefeller’s expression, drenched in trouble, still remained unchanged.

“When it comes to the loan written by the Lord, we believe in the Lord’s credit and lend it to us. However, the 8,000 talents you will be borrowing this time is too large to lend by trusting the Lord.”

“What? So you think I have a problem with my credit?”

“It may be very unpleasant to hear, but until now, I trusted the lord and made a loan using the deed written by the lord as collateral. Now, that amount is difficult for us as well.”

Carter, who was nearby, also nodded in agreement with Rockefeller’s side.

‘Yes, trust me and lend me 8,000 talents. Even if you’re a lord, you can’t just lend it out unless you’re crazy.’

“you’re right. For this loan, it is difficult only with the letter of loan written by the Lord.”

Youngju’s expression was crumpled and said in a sharp voice.

“Then what do you mean? If it doesn’t work even with my credit, what, you’re asking me to take the land here as collateral?”

As if waiting for those words, Rockefeller stepped out.

“It’s not until Youngji, but… … If you provide at least a certain amount of land as collateral, I think it will not be too difficult for us to lend you 8,000 talents.”

Whether it’s the land or the land, isn’t that what it means anyway?

The young man’s expression rotted terribly.

‘You want me to borrow the land as collateral?’

Rockefeller continued speaking to the lord who could not give an answer right away.

“If we are not that much, 8,000 talents is too much. However, if we lower the amount, we think we can make some adjustments.”

Rockefeller saw the greed hidden in his countenance, so he knew he was going to borrow 8,000 talents in some way.

Otherwise, there would be no need to worry too much.

“The land… … no. What will I be if I lose this land?”

The lord continued.

“The reason I act as a master here is because I am the owner of this land. Do you think that if I take this land as collateral and lose it, I will be able to continue to rule as a lord in this land?”

Can’t take land as collateral?

If so, stop taking collateral with something else.

“Or, you can secure this year’s harvest produced in this estate as collateral.”

“You want to take this year’s harvest as collateral?”

“Yeah, if you use it as collateral, you can get a loan to some extent.”

The serfs were receiving a certain amount of crops in lieu of tax.

Taking it as collateral was no different from reducing the tax revenue collected within the territory.

“ね… … Man, you want only the most troublesome.”

“Lord, wouldn’t we be able to lend that much money to the lord if we secured something as collateral?”

At this point, Carter was not part of the conversation, but inside he was cheering for Rockefeller.

Rockefeller is probably the only Young Ji-min who can push against the lord like that.

‘Because one thing is really crazy.’

No matter how much the lord, he could not handle the banco business in his land as he wanted.

Because they formed the ‘Banco Alliance’ and cooperated against the monarch who harmed or disadvantaged them.

‘These are things that will go to hell, so I can’t do what I want. His banco alliance is in trouble. If it weren’t for that… … .’

If the rumors were wrong, I could not do business with all banco vendors in the future.

The issue of the imperial family deeply related to the Banco Alliance.

There were many cases in which urgent power was needed while operating the estate, so the lord who needed a banco contractor had to compromise with them somehow.

“Wow! great. instead of land. But this year’s harvest will be taken as collateral. To what extent can this year’s harvest be secured as collateral?”

“If you simply secure your collateral with this year’s harvest, you can earn up to 4,000 talents.”

“Isn’t that just that?”

“This is also the amount that takes into account the deed of borrowing written by the lord. The limit of 2,000 talents is simply the harvest.”

“ね! Then, how long can it be possible with the land as collateral?”

What I wanted came out.

In order to borrow a large amount of money, in the end, the most valuable land had to be secured as collateral.

Rockefeller continued, trying to dry the corners of her lips that naturally rose.

“If you use the land as collateral, you can have all 8,000 talents without even thinking about it. It’s enough to hold that amount of land as collateral. And here, you don’t even need the IOU from the Lord.”

An assistant belonging to a store that was not even a banco contractor could not say something like that aiming at his land.

It was very unpleasant for the lord to take his land as collateral, but the thought of being able to fly a Wyvern was slowly letting go of the string of reason.

‘If you overdo it, it’s a Wyvern. Wyvern.’


Of course it was possible.

It was his greed to ride the Wyvern, but this loan was a matter of the existence of the estate.

If you do it wrong, you can become a shrimp caught in a whale fight and lose your territory.

“great. land as collateral Instead, will the loan be immediately available?”

As if waiting for those words, Rockefeller pulled out a quill and a bundle of the store’s IOUs from the drawer.

The only amount of gold coins that could be given in kind right now was 2,500 talents, but using this paper IOU, you can print out the missing 5,500 talents from the air and lend it to the lord.

‘This is the magic of paper money.’

“Yes, Lord, if you wish, I can lend you 8,000 talents right here right now.”

Seeing this, the lord was puzzled for a moment.

‘Are you going to give it all out as a deed of borrowing? It doesn’t matter.’

People also preferred to take paper IOUs from Banco rather than take real gold coins.

With the IOU issued by the store, you could visit Banco and exchange it for real gold coins at any time.

‘Paper money was born in this way.’

Before the lord could question him, Rockefeller hit the player.

“It would be very cumbersome for the lord to take all 8,000 talents in gold coins, so I will give the required amount in gold coins and use our store’s IOU to replace the rest.”

“If I have that IOU, can I exchange it for gold at any time?”

Rockefeller opened his mouth with a small smile.

“Sure. You can exchange it for gold at any time. That’s why this IOU is so convenient in many ways.”

After a moment of thinking, Youngju opened his mouth again.

“great. Instead, break the IOU into small pieces of 100 talents and write several copies. Because it’s easy to trade.”

“Yes, then, I will break it down into smaller units and issue it for the lord to use.”

Since it was a loan with the land owned by the lord as collateral, Carter brought a high priest from a nearby parish and presented it as a witness to the deal. .

Carter expressed concern in the shop, which was quiet after all the trades had ended.

“This is it… … Wouldn’t that be a problem?”

From Carter’s point of view, he lent him money he didn’t have, so he thought it would be a problem, but Rockefeller never thought so.


‘There is already a proven world.’

“There is absolutely no such thing as a problem. Trust me.”


“And if the Lord pays only interest every month, we will get 480 talents, which is 6 percent of the 8,000 talents, as monthly interest income. And in one year, this would be 5,760 talents. We had only 2,500 talents in our hands, but after a year, that’s 8,260 talents. I got interest from the money I didn’t have.”

“So much? Are you saying that I earned 1,000 talents by working all my life, and earning that much in just one year?”

The corners of Rockefeller’s lips curled long.

“Uncle Carter, after all, money is money. This is how you make money.”

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