The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 38

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 38

Ep 38

Words that say that they ran in a hurry or that they were rough.

Sitting on it, she felt like a beautiful knight wearing a sword belt and fluttering her hair in the wind.

An aristocratic young girl with elegance and dignity that cannot even be compared to the two brothers sitting on a donkey cart.

Joshua got off the donkey cart and bowed his head down towards her, who could be harsh on anyone.

“Hello Miss Stella.”

Unlike the polite Joshua, Andrew was busy avoiding Stella’s gaze.

When I first met her without knowing anything, I think I was very comfortable with her, but now that I know who she is, I can’t.

“Yeah, nice to meet you. Was his name Joshua?”

“yes! But where does the good smell come from? It doesn’t smell like wild flowers here, what is it?”

“Does it smell good? Oh, I changed the perfume I used this time. My father bought me a good one.”

“Smells really good!”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Andrew, what are you doing? I have to say hi to her!”

Stella tilted her head towards Andrew, who was less talkative than usual.

When we met before, it seems that we had a comfortable conversation with each other, but it felt strange to him, who became so quiet that the meeting was overshadowed.

“Is that Andrew? Hello Andrew?”

“uh… … yes… … .”

“what’s the matter? What’s wrong with you?”

“No, not that… … .”

Seeing him unable to even make eye contact, she could quickly understand why his attitude had changed.

There were a lot of people like Andrew around me.

“Can’t we just treat you like that back then? At that time, you didn’t even know who I was and treated me well.”

“that is… … .”

“I am. I’m from the military academy, so unlike the people here, I don’t really care whether it’s aristocrats or commoners. Even there, I am trying to make friends with commoners.”

Joshua questioned that.

“Why, Ms. The lady is a noble. Then, shouldn’t you only hang out with nobles?”

“That is a bad idea. It is a world where commoners can rise to the ranks of nobles at any time depending on their efforts.”


“Yeah, you’ll find out later. The world is changing rapidly.”

What do you do when you say it like that?

In the beginning, becoming a nobleman was like picking a star in the sky.

Andrew hesitated to say anything, and she wiggled my ass over and over with a slightly uncomfortable look.

Then Joshua saw that and tilted his head.

“Where are you uncomfortable?”

“that is… … My father bought me a horse to commemorate becoming a squire this time, but the saddle doesn’t seem to fit me. It’s a little uncomfortable.”

“Then can I change it to something else? Lord, you must have a lot of money.”

“It is, but… … But it’s hard to just change anything. I think I need a custom saddle that fits me, but as you know, people are very busy these days. It’s just that I’m a bit bothered by the people around me because of me. When I go back to the military academy later, I’m trying to fit in there. And the saddle is good there. Everyone suits their style.”

“Oh, is that so?”


Stella looked again at Andrew.

“Are you going to keep saying nothing?”

“… … .”

Disappointed with Andrew, who was still speechless, she glanced at Joshua and left.

“See you later, Joshua.”

“Yes, Miss Stella too!”

“Andrew, you too.”

Seeing Andrew without a word even though the lord’s daughter had left, Joshua had a question.

‘I think Andrew hyung is a little weird?’

As Stella left a long way away, Andrew raised his head and looked at her as she left.

‘… … .’

One thing is clear.

The point was that emotions that had not been there before were slowly taking place without my knowledge.

That evening.

Rockefeller learned something very interesting when he heard Joshua’s story.

“Did something like that happen today?”

“yes! Because Andrew hyung was unusually quiet. No matter how good Stella is, this is Andrew’s fault.”

Then Andrew growled lowly at Joshua.

If Rockefeller had not been present, he would have been fed with honey.

“It’s not like that! I was just uncomfortable because I was the daughter of the young lord. It’s completely different from when we met before. I had no idea who it was then, and now I know.”

It’s the daughter of the lord whom the two sisters met by chance today. Rockefeller wasn’t a big deal.

‘You are the daughter of the lord… … .’

The lord had only one child, but due to the character of the lord who liked the sword more than the pen, he sent his only daughter to the imperial palace early to raise him as a knight cadet.

Recently, it is said that he has come down to the estate for a while to commemorate becoming a squire, the previous stage of the article, but Rockefeller himself was well aware that he was not a person to be concerned about.

‘If you were a squire at that age… … It’s not that fast. It’s not too late though.’

Stella de Montefeltro.

He was influenced by a lord who likes war, swords and fights, so he had a talent as a knight, but it didn’t seem to have as strong a ripple effect as the main character in the novel or his heroines.

Is it just this story that appears as if passing by in a novel?

‘You don’t have to worry too much. It’s said that he has a good personality unlike the somewhat harsh lord.’

While Rockefeller was thinking about it for a while, Andrew, who had been thinking differently since meeting Stella, called his eldest brother, Rockefeller.

“Hey, Rockefeller.”

Rockefeller naturally looked at me, and Andrew began to repeat my words.

“There you are… … I’m just saying If I go to the military academy, would it be okay?”

“What are you talking about?”

“no… … It’s nothing. I’ve been thinking about becoming a knight for a long time.”

Joshua, rather than Rockefeller, responded first.

“Andrew, what do you mean? a knight Did Andrew hyung want to be a knight?

“I was just thinking about it all along. I think it would be nice to be an article… … .”

Why are you bringing up such a story all of a sudden?

Rockefeller, who had tried to lead his younger brothers down the path of money like himself, was a little perplexed.

‘Leo is very interested in the church. Even so, I didn’t know Andrew would be like that.’

But not everyone can be the same.

In the end, even if money is the best, he cannot force his thoughts on his younger brothers.

Rockefeller, who had been silent for a while, began to open his mouth as if he had finished thinking.

“great. Instead, if you think there is no possibility, you better give up on that path quickly.”

Taking the swordsmanship master Tepez, for example, they were monstrous people at the same age as Andrew, able to catch even monster-type monsters with blood and blood.

It was an area of talent that couldn’t be beaten by hard work alone, and that’s why Rockefeller wanted to stop Andrew.

Because he already knew of the endless frustrations Andrew would face at the end, no matter what way he went.

“Because people can never ignore the talent they have. Especially in this world. But I won’t dry it out if you want. If necessary, my brother will be able to pay the tuition for the military academy.”

Andrew’s face brightened even more when Rockefeller’s unexpected permission fell.

“really? I’m just saying… … But can I really go to the military academy?”

Joshua had the same thoughts as Rockefeller.

I knew that my second brother likes to play war games and fight swords with his friends, but I was worried that the same thing would happen to his father, who wanted to become a wizard, in the end, who was frustrated.

“But Andrew hyung, then you can’t become a wizard like your father, and you only spend money and then come back?”

“What are you talking about! A wizard must have talent, but a knight is not!”

It is true in a world where knights who can use magic are treated more as magic knights.

However, in an empire where chemistry was also developed, there was also a special soldier called Dragoons who used a gun with a dragon-shaped butt, so just because they couldn’t use magic didn’t mean there was no way out.

“There is such a thing as a courageous soldier. A knight who shoots a gun called a dragon.”


“No, the gun’s name is Dragon. Not a real dragon.”

“Oh yeah?”

“So, if you don’t have the talent, you can become a dragon-shooting dragoon.”

“Aren’t you still a great knight with magic?”

“That’s it… … It is not. But dragoons aren’t bad either.”

Rockefeller, who was listening, stepped out.

“Coming to think of it, I don’t think it would be bad for Andrew to go to the military academy. You can make good connections there. Of course, if you want, even if you become a dragoon there, I won’t stop you. If that is the path you want, and if it is a dream you want to achieve, then of course you have to push it.”

“Thank you, Rockefeller! It’s really great!”

“Our family is different now. If each of you has a dream here, you can go towards that dream. But if you don’t have that dream, you don’t have to worry too much and just follow this hyung. Because the road he’s going on won’t be bad either.”

Joshua, who was listening, interrupted.

“I’m only going to make money like Rockefeller! I have no interest in knights or priests.”

“Yes, Joshua. I’m glad you’re coming with me too.”

“Instead, I will be a goldsmith! I’ve decided to become a goldsmith so that Rockefeller doesn’t keep working for Uncle Carter!”

“I want to become a goldsmith, too. That way we can open a banco shop in our family name.”

“Wow, are you and Rockefeller going to be goldsmiths with me?”

“Joshua should learn goldsmithing from Uncle Carter like his brother. It also takes quite a while to learn.”

“Wow, that’s exciting!”

Feeling alienated, Andrew quietly intervened between them.

“But there is me. If you go to the military academy and think you don’t have any real talent, you’ll come back here and make money with Rockefeller. If you say there is no real chance, you are right.”

“Andrew hyung, if that’s the case, why don’t you go from the beginning? I hate that hyung goes to the military academy. I mean, I’m sad.”

“I still want to go to the military academy. just… … It’s like a dream.”

Rockefeller nodded as if he understood everything.

“Each of us can do whatever we want to do. Instead, I always come back under hyung if I don’t think that’s going to happen. My brother has already decided the way to go.”



So, having finished talking about Andrew, Rockefeller changed the topic to another place.

“By the way, are you looking for another way to make money?”

The loudest voice here was none other than Joshua.

“yes! Rockefeller, is there any good thing? We want to make big money like Rockefeller. Not what you are doing now.”

Good business item.

Of course there was.

War has always brought wealth.

“Actually, hyung has one thing in mind.”

“really? what is that?”

“But you two are too young to do this, and you will probably have to move with your brother.”

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