The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 39

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 39

39 Episode 11. Standing up for sale (3)

Andrew and Joshua pricked up at Rockefeller’s words.

“What is it? I’m curious.”

“I wonder too!”

Rockefeller, without hesitation, immediately told the two brothers what they were curious about.

“It’s just a kiosk.”

“A kiosk?”

“what is that? It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Simply put, kiosk means buying a lot of certain things at once.”

Joshua raised his doubts.

“Why are you doing that? Do you need to buy that much?”

Andrew was also skeptical.

“If you buy a lot of ingredients, it will rot later, right? Then it’s not good.”

“right. The mercenary uncles say that it is always good to be fresh. So, we have to buy the ingredients we need that day and bring them home.”

“For food ingredients, there needs to be something like a warehouse where the ingredients can be stored for a long time. There is also magical power here, so if you borrow that magic power, you can keep ingredients fresh and longer than you think.”


“Then why do you buy so much?”

“I’m curious too.”

“me too.”

Toward the two brothers, Rockefeller began to speak again.

“The reason for the kiosk is simple. If the price of the item goes up a lot, you can make a big profit. Let’s say there is an object A. At first, this item A is so common that it will be traded at the normal price.”

“Yeah, because it’s common.”

“It’s common, because it’s not expensive.”

“But the item A suddenly became precious. Neither the market nor the people around you can get it. Then what will be the price of that item A?”

It was Andrew who quickly answered that question.

“Of course I will!”

“right. But what if the person who monopolizes the item does not continue to offer it?”

This time, Joshua opened his mouth.

“Aren’t prices going to keep going up? After all, if the person who owns the item does not continue to offer it, the price of the item will not continue to rise.”


“Or maybe I’ll find something else… … .”

“If there are other substitutes other than item A, the price of item A will not rise much. But what if there is no substitute for it?”

“Is there no substitute for that thing?”

Andrew said with a worried look on his face.

“then… … I can’t afford to pay for things that are so expensive.”

“right. So what happens to the person holding the monopoly?”

It was then that Andrew made an expression of understanding.

“Will I make a lot of money?”

Instead of answering, Rockefeller just shook his head.

“Yeah, you’re making a lot of money. This is a kiosk, and hyung is interested in the kiosk right now.”

Joshua’s eyes lit up when he said that he could make a ton of money.

“Then what do you want Rockefeller to buy?”

To the two brothers’ question, Rockefeller answered in a calm tone.

This was also important for the education of the younger siblings.

“What is the situation now?”

“What is the situation now? of course… … .”

The story of an all-out war between the two factions near the territory was something that the two younger brothers were also familiar with.

Because of that, the mercenaries that came to subdue the orcs became busier, and the news that additional mercenaries were hired continued to be heard, along with the construction of a huge fortress in the border area facing the territory.

And for a few days ago, a strange roar resounded in the castle, and the adults around said that the lord had a big heart this time and bought a giant flying monster.

The fact that it was a Wyvern was only recently known.

In this way, Youngji was in a condition comparable to that of an exhibition.

“Outside the territory, Orcs and Dwarves are trying to fight.”

“right. It’s all a mess right now because of that. They say that if we make a mistake, we are all in danger?”

“The aunts and uncles next door are also very worried. Is this not going to be a big deal for us?”

Rockefeller nodded lightly at the words of the two brothers.

“right. I know it well. It’s almost like an exhibition right now. It may not be directly related to the Montefeltro estate here, but it is a situation where we can get involved if we make a mistake, just like the adults around us are concerned.”

Rockefeller deliberately gave a faint smile when the two brothers showed concern.

“But don’t worry too much about it.”

“why? Aren’t you worried about Rockefeller?”

“I am afraid… … .”

Rockefeller was still smiling.

“Because of that, the lord borrowed a lot of gold coins. War is a battle of money. It’s a fight that the rich always win.”

Andrew raised his doubts.

“If you really have a lot of money, can you unconditionally win a war?”

“I can’t say that this is necessarily the case, but from a probabilities point of view, it is unconditional that the rich have an advantage. Because the more money you have, the longer the war will last and you can buy better weapons and weapons than your enemies.”


“War is money. It takes a lot of troops to fight the enemy, and money to run them. Aren’t you supposed to pay monthly salaries to the soldiers you hire?”

“right. If I were a soldier, I would have to pay money to fight.”

“me too! If you don’t give me money, there’s no point. I’ll just run away. What am I fighting for?”

Rockefeller had the same idea.

“It is only temporary for some soldiers to fight for me out of patriotism or other good feelings. After all, if you don’t have money, you can’t maintain that army. Why? Even if you leave your salary, what about rice? Once you live, you don’t have to eat. But it’s all money. Without this kind of money, we can’t buy the soldiers a salary, food, and even good weapons.”

In this world, in addition to powerful magic, gunpowder and monster weapons were active.

It was also money to be able to hire a wizard who could perform powerful magic here, and it was all money to operate and maintain a military force armed with gunpowder or a huge monster weapon.

After all, money is everything in war.

“What do you think? Can we win the war without money?”


“Never win!”

“Yes, but now the lord has a lot of money. My brother and Uncle Carter lent a lot to the Lord.”


“Wow, great. So, our lord, are you rich?”

Rockefeller couldn’t help but smile softly at that.


It just looks rich.

In fact, it was an empty Gangjeong with nothing.

“There won’t be much difficulty in defending the territory right now. They said they would build a large fortress near the border, and the shortage of troops would be compensated to some extent by hiring additional mercenaries.”

“Then you don’t have to worry too much, right?”

“thank god. I mean, I was a little worried.”

“Still, I can’t be reassured. Because nobody knows what the world is. But from a probabilities point of view, there’s not much going to be a danger here. A fight that takes place outside the territory has absolutely nothing to do with this place.”

Hearing Rockefeller’s story, the two brothers were quickly relieved.

Then Joshua began to question it again.

“I understand the situation. By the way, what kind of thing Rockefeller wants to buy at a time like this?”

Rockefeller smiled softly at those words.

“Usually in a situation like this, the people around you will buy a lot of weapons and ingredients to prepare for an unexpected situation.”

“right. The price of potatoes and carrots has gone up a lot this time. I think the items to bring to the mercenary uncles have been greatly reduced. Because I was again suspicious that I might have stolen something because of something like that.”

Andrew asked.

“Then are we going to buy a lot of ingredients together with the people around us?”

Rockefeller shook his head slowly.

It meant negation.

“No, you can’t make a lot of money out of that. Even if I did, I had to move ahead of time.”


At this moment, Rockefeller’s eyes began to glow intensely.

“What he’s interested in right now isn’t something like common ingredients.”

“Then what are you interested in?”

“It’s barley and hops.”

“Barley and hops?”

Neither brother knew what it was used for.

“Isn’t barley and hops used to make beer?”

“right. I’ve also heard that you need barley and hops to make beer.”

Beer, the friend of all, was made by filtering the wort made by sprouting barley, adding hops to it, and fermenting it with yeast.

“right. What he’s interested in is the barley and hops needed to make that beer. And even beer.”

“Why beer? You don’t need beer right now.”

The two brothers looked at each other in disbelief.

The situation in the estate is urgent, but is there anyone here who wants to enjoy a beer?

There may be, but I didn’t think it was more valuable than potatoes and other ingredients that could fill your stomach right away.

“I don’t know. Why is Rockefeller so interested in beer?”

“me too.”

“Is beer that important?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s beer in a country where you don’t know what’s going to happen right now.”

Then something crossed Andrew’s mind.

There was an answer out of the conversations I had with Rockefeller so far.

“no way… … Rockefeller-hyung, are you going to monopolize the beer and sell it to the dwarves?”

Andrew’s words continued.

“War isn’t just for us, right?”

Hearing that, Joshua also had a look on his face that was beaten.

“right. Dwarves are crazy about beer. I’ve heard of that. Dwarves live drinking beer every day. They said I couldn’t live a day without beer.”

The younger brothers didn’t seem so stupid.

At those words, Rockefeller bowed his lips long and affirmed it.

“You’re right. War isn’t just for us, right? And when it comes to dwarves, even if they don’t have rice, they can’t really do anything without beer. They even riot over beer. That kind of race.”

Dwarfs were different from humans.

They were dwarfs in the ground who had to drink beer and die unconditionally even if they died soon.

It sounds like you don’t like beer that much, so you’re welcome.

“And this is Taji. In a place like this, you have no choice but to buy beer from the surrounding area other than bringing it from your home country.”

The dwarves were a very wealthy race, possessing as much gold as that of goblins among other races.

Since they are a wealthy tribe, they preferred to randomly purchase supplies from other countries rather than supplying them from their own country.

“Dwarves absolutely need beer. However, because of their wealthy nature, they will not bring beer from their home country and will try to buy beer from the surrounding area. And that beer is as essential to them as air, so they’re going to buy it anyway?”

one question here.

“But the beer here is very expensive. So will they buy beer or not?”

The answer to that question has already been decided.

“Absolutely buy!”

“Dwarves are rich! Of course I will!”


right! Rockefeller snapped two fingers, making a strong friction sound.

“right. Absolutely buy. So what will happen to us, who monopolize that beer?”

This, too, was the answer.

“You’re going to get rich!”

“You are making a lot of money!”

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