The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 4

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 4

Episode 4 01. Became the eldest son of a commoner family (3)

‘Didn’t another large gold vein be found in this place where you only thought that all gold veins had been cut off? I definitely remember that.’

This place, which used to be the territory of the dwarven kingdom, was able to be incorporated into the empire’s territory naturally due to the withdrawal of the dwarves who could no longer find gold.

However, another gold vein was suddenly discovered here.

It is also the largest gold vein on the continent.

‘I’m the only one who knows this. No one really knows but me. I don’t know. That gold vein has yet to be discovered.’

That thought gave Rockefeller an unexpected way to make money.

‘Yeah, if gold veins are still alive here, maybe that’s possible. If that’s possible, you can make money with it.’

As Rockefeller was thinking about it, the third of his brothers, who had been quiet, began to cry.

“Brother, what do we do now? Are you really living by plowing the fields as the Lord said?”

Commoners usually did not plow the fields.

Plowing the fields was the job of serfs who were inferior to commoners.

“You idiot! Why do you plow the field? we are commoners That’s what serfs do.”

When the third cries, the second, Andrew Rossmedici, screams.

For Andrew, going from a commoner to a serf was a terrible story.

“I will never go to the fields. What serfs are we? Why do commoners plow the field?”

“Then what do you do? You heard what the Lord said earlier. If we don’t plow the fields, what do we do to make a living? Otherwise, I’d starve to death… … .”

The third brother, Joshua, seemed to have a personality that compromised with reality for some reason.

Since it was urgent to make a living right now, he thought he could lose face and plow the fields.

But the second, whose face was more important, seemed unwilling to accept it.

Andrew urged his third child to rush to find his older brother, Rockefeller.

“Rockefeller, aren’t you going to our field? right?”

Among his peers, he was also an alley leader, but he could not ignore the decision of the family leader, Rockefeller.

No matter how much you hate it, if the eldest and father, Rockefeller, asks you to do it, you have no choice but to follow it.

When the second’s earnest gaze deepened, Rockefeller, who had made up his mind, slowly began to open his mouth.

“As Joshua said, if we don’t go under the lord right away, it will be difficult for us too. But if I go under the lord because I’m worried about starving right now, I’ll be happy right away, but that’s a problem after that.”

Rockefeller looked at his younger brothers and asked.

“Do you also have dreams?”

At that question, the rest of the brothers, except for the youngest sister, quietly began to nod their heads.

“If you go under the lord now, that dream will never come true. The lord probably won’t allow it.”

freedom to do what you want.

Those who had that freedom were commoners, and those who did not had that freedom were the serfs.

“And you also don’t want to spend your whole life plowing the fields, do you?”

At those words, Hwasaek started arguing as if the second Don was waiting.

“You heard it too! Rockefeller is right! If you become like a serf, you will spend the rest of your life chasing after the lord. That’s not living. Just like a slave without a name.”

Third, Joshua was not unsympathetic, but his hunger was the problem.

“Then what do you do? How do we live… … .”

Whatever they did in the manor, it was all tax, and it was under the jurisdiction of the lord.

It was really difficult for young children without any talent or skills to suddenly make money in such a yard.

“That’s it… … .”

As the second son, who could not find a proper answer, was talking behind his back, Rockefeller, who had been watching them silently, stepped out.

“It’s a way to make money. So, let’s not give up easily.”

At that time, the youngest sister, unable to bear her hungry stomach, began to cry again.

The fourth Leo Rosmedic, who was barely caring for such a younger sister, said hard.

“Brother, Lucia must be hungry. I’ve been crying since yesterday… … .”

It wasn’t just the youngest sister who was hungry.

Rockefeller had also been starving for several days, and the third and fourth were also starving for several days, except for the second, who somehow filled his stomach while walking around.

‘I’m going crazy.’

How did it get to this point?

I couldn’t figure out why, but if I couldn’t solve this hunger right away, there was no next time.

Rockefeller, who had been entangled in various emotions as he looked at his hungry brothers, opened his mouth again.

“I have some money from the lord to use for this funeral. There are some that I haven’t used yet, so let’s solve it today.”

“really? Is that real?”

Except for the youngest, who was crying at Rockefeller’s words, the rest of the brothers all had bright faces.

“Then are you eating today?”

“Rockefeller is the best!”

The younger brothers, who were in a good mood for a moment, started chattering, but Rockefeller’s expression was still full of concern.

‘I’ll be able to fix it somehow with that money in a few days. The problem is next… … .’

If what he had planned failed or was not possible at all, Rockefeller was even thinking of going under the lord in the worst case.

‘If you fail, there is nothing you can do. Even if you don’t like it, you have no choice but to live while plowing the field. You can’t starve to death just to gain face, right?’

Returning home from the funeral, Rockefeller went to the market to buy some vegetables for soup and a light snack.

Memories from the past are slowly coming up, so it wasn’t difficult to prepare a meal for my younger siblings in a completely unfamiliar world.

Before being possessed, it was always the case that Rockefeller took care of his younger brothers.

“Really delicious!”

“Eat in moderation! Big brother should eat it too!”

“But you don’t eat Rockefeller?”

It’s been a long time since I had a meal, so the younger brothers ate even the one meal that Rockefeller had made tasteless.

Even at a time when the youngest sister, who had only cried so far, was in a hurry to fill her hungry stomach with both hands, Rockefeller, who ate and drank, strangely did not feel any appetite.

‘It should be possible… … .’

More important to Rockefeller than appetite now was the responsibility of a family head to live with these youngsters.

‘I can’t just say I don’t know these little things.’

Even if it’s a raw man, it’s not strange at all.

But he wasn’t that ignorant and cruel to just say that he didn’t know me about those young people who called him older and followed him.

‘I don’t like taking responsibility, so I haven’t even raised a dog.’

He had never had any pets before, but he couldn’t just throw away his little sisters who got entangled by chance, so he decided to make up his mind.

Let’s take responsibility for those little ones who call themselves older and follow them.

‘But not just. As much as I was prepared, they must also have something to prepare for.’

As the thought struck his head, Rockefeller called his younger brothers, who were barely filling their stomachs and flirting.

“Your brother has something to say, just like his father.”

As the eldest, he had something to say, so the younger brothers began to look at Rockefeller with bright eyes.

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“Rockefeller, is it important?”

Rockefeller said he had something to say and went out for a while and picked up a bunch of stuff.

It was a tree branch that was easily available outside the house.

said Rockefeller, who gave one of the twigs he brought to his brothers.

“Try breaking the one that hyung gave you.”

With that said, the three brothers, except for the youngest, were able to break the branches without too much difficulty.

Rockefeller handed the now clumps of twigs to his brothers and told them to break them again.

Even the second, who had the best power, could not break the bundle of twigs Rockefeller gave him, and after struggling for a while, he finally gave up.

Then Rockefeller asked his brothers.

“What lessons do you learn from that?”

Even at Rockefeller’s question, the three younger brothers made an expression that they did not know at all.

“As you all know, one branch is weak. Easy enough to break each one. But when we come together, we have no choice but to become stronger.”

It was then that the three brothers began to shake their heads as if they knew what Rockefeller meant.

Rockefeller continued.

“As you all know, my family has no talent. It’s a bit serious.”

The second tried to strongly refute that statement, but then he closed his mouth and bowed his head.

There were some things that he couldn’t dare to vomit at the eldest brother’s words, but even after that, he had implicitly thought so.

On the other hand, the third showed a strong sympathy from the beginning, and the fourth seemed reluctant to speak out.

“It’s sad, but that’s our reality. So what to do? Should we just live without talent?”

At that question, the third cautiously opened his mouth.

“We have to stick together like the branches before.”

“Yeah, right. As Joshua said, each of our brothers will be insignificant one by one, but like a bunch of branches, we have to become strong as one.”

Rockefeller broke a branch in front of his three brothers.

“A single branch like this can be broken really easily.”

Rockefeller then tried to break the bundle of branches.

However, the clumped branches were not broken even though they were slightly bent.

Rockefeller said, checking the bundle of unbreakable branches.

“If even this insignificant branch of a tree sticks together like this, it will become so strong that even this hyung cannot easily break it. So, as of today, keep that in mind. From this moment on today, our brothers will become one. Brother’s work is mine, and my work becomes brother’s work. That is our destiny, born less than others, and it is also the power that enables us to live in this harsh world.”

Rockefeller gave another example to make it easier for the younger brothers to understand.

“Some brothers. We fight each other a lot to get our own rice bowls. They even kill each other. In a way, they can do better than us personally. But they don’t come together like us. Because it’s more important for them to take care of their own bowls than to get together with the brothers?”

The third, who was listening to that, expressed his doubts.

“Rockefeller, then, who are stronger than us and who have a stronger brotherly friendship?”

The second quietly bowed his head to see if he had a similar thought.

Rockefeller then gently shook his head and calmly refuted the third question.

“Joshua, my brother assures me, it will never happen. Even though they are brothers, in the end they are each other. They say that even if they can join forces, they can’t last a lifetime. Everyone has their own bowl, and it’s human nature to want more of them.”

At those words, the second raised his head and looked at Rockefeller, and the third, who had doubts, also had bright eyes.

Rockefeller took a moment to catch his breath and continued.

“But we have to be different. We all know each other’s shortcomings so well that we have no choice but to unite unconditionally and go to the end. For those who have no shortage, uniting with brothers is not a necessity, but a choice, but for our brothers, it is not an option but a necessity for survival. Did you guys understand what he said so far?”

When Rockefeller asked, the three brothers began to nod in unison.

“Yeah, Rockefeller is right. Even if we betray anyone, at least we must not betray each other. We are brothers.”

The second responded first, followed by the third.

“No one else… … I think Rockefeller is right. Others may betray you, but if we don’t, I think that can be a big advantage for us.”

The fourth didn’t say anything, but he quietly nodded his head to show how much sympathy he had, and Rockefeller confirmed this and continued.

“No matter what happens after today, our brothers believe in each other and go to the end. Because that will be the strength and weapon of our Los Medici family that others do not have.”

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