The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 44

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 44

Episode 44 13. Standing up for sale #3(1)

The kiosk of all beer-related things, started under the leadership of the church, continued for several months.

Due to this, beer became scarce in all places, including the Montefeltro estate and nearby estates, and the residents of the territory were unable to drink beer to appease their sorrows, so they drank wine, a substitute for beer. It did not completely quench their demand for

And because the work was led by the church, no one dared to express any complaints against the church, and this was also true of the lord, the owner of the land.

‘I’ve monopolized the beer enough to dry up the seeds.’

Due to an all-out war between the two factions called the Totem Wars that broke out in the vicinity of the territory.

The lord, who even bought a huge wyvern, thought once again about the beer stalls, which have been talking a lot lately while stroking his most cherished wyvern.

‘If you were going to run a business by selling canteens, you would have come in really badly. There’s no one to say, so I’m running like an unbridled foal.’

His expression darkened.

‘Even if it wasn’t just led by the church.’

The grievances caused by the scarcity of beer were, oddly, pouring out on him, not on the church.

People thought that it was caused by the fact that he, the lord, could not persuade the church to monopolize beer.

It was partly because of the atmosphere where he did not dare go against the will of the church, but because there was no place for people to criticize, it could be that sparks splattered on him.

‘No, I don’t know why I should be blamed for what the church did. It’s because I’m so bothered by being a Youngju.’

Still, I didn’t take it too seriously because it was self-evident that if the church that monopolized the beer started releasing it again, everyone’s dissatisfaction would soon disappear.

But it was the timing that mattered.

‘When do you plan to release the more exclusive beer? I think the time has come for this.’

However, he had no intention of releasing beer at this bastard’s church.

It’s like waiting for a specific time.

‘It has nothing to do with me anyway. If you’re going to sell it, sell it quickly.’

It was a completely different business to him, the business of the church, where he would get a profit by selling beer.

‘It’s not even possible to put a tax on it.’

Youngju, who only sighed, flew up on a wyvern toward the sunset sky and looked around the fortress being built over the past few months.

The huge defense facility being built near the border was being built very solidly enough to withstand a siege with the enemy.

And after that, a mercenary unit of about 1,000 soldiers was stationed, who would help them and protect the territory in case of emergency, and they would not have dared to dare if it were not for the money borrowed from Banco.

‘It looks like the fortress side is almost finished. definitely like the money Such a large-scale construction project would be completed in such a short time.’

If it was to be built only with land tax, it would have taken several years.

‘It’s all good.’

The lord who was flying on a Wyvern in the sky above the near-complete fortress darkened his expression.

‘Interest is higher than expected.’

If there is no problem with the estate right now, the interest to pay on Banco was not at a level that I could not afford, but the tax collected every year on the estate is different due to various events such as a good harvest or war. It had to be a burden.

‘it’s okay. It must be a big deal. And even though.’

The lord with an expression prepared for something turned the Wyvern’s head toward the lord’s castle.

‘I am the owner here. What can a banco trader do? If I say it’s hard, I have to crawl on my own.’

with such thoughts.

Time passed like that, and in the surrounding areas, including the Montefeltro estate, the seeds of beer almost dried up.

As Rockefeller had foreseen, a delegation made up of dwarves came to the Montefeltro estate.

The reason they came was very simple.

As the war with the Redskins got longer than expected, they came to the neighboring imperial lands with their gold coins, Sobrin, to make up for the shortage.

A dwarf envoy came to visit.

They were dwarves of the Thunder Mountains, and they were the subordinates of ‘Grom Stark’, who had the formidable nickname of the thunder-breather.

The dwarf delegation consisted of a total of 10 people, and as rumored, they were dwarves with a dwarf-like body and beard, as everyone knew.

The only characteristic was that his hair and beard were scattered like he was from the Thunder Mountains.

The dwarves who came to the manor of the lord located in the Montefeltro estate immediately requested an interview with the lord. did it

In the reception room, the largest space in the castle, the lord raised his voice towards the visiting dwarf delegation.

“You are the masters of the famous Thunder Mountains! Come on. Welcome to the estate.”

Since he was not the Emperor of the Empire, he did not sit on the throne and arrogantly greet the dwarf delegation, nor did he have the guts to do so.

Now that the Emperor of the Empire ignored the circumstances of Montefeltro.

Because he knew that he could not survive if he hated them, he was even more prone to himself.

The dwarf delegation who came to visit also wanted a good relationship with the estate, so they showed courtesy to the lord, and in this way they sat down to the celebration that the lord had prepared.

“There is nothing lacking, so please eat as much as you like.”

It seems that Youngji’s situation was very good.

The table was about to break with the food that was filled with it.

Orin, who came as the representative of the delegation, thought about the food the lord had prepared.

‘It seems that the situation is not bad for a human spirit on the outskirts. Usually, this area is prone to being marginalized.’

It wasn’t a faction that was fighting with hostility right away, but looking at the huge fortress being built near the border, it was enough to know that the financial condition of this place was not bad.

‘I don’t know where the money is coming from, but that’s what we don’t need to know. by the way… … .’

As the celebration began, the faces of the Dwarves who were filling their stomachs with the prepared food began to harden gradually.

The lord Chester, who was curious about this, opened his mouth questioningly.

“How come it doesn’t suit your taste? Everyone’s face… … .”

A dwarf named Imli, who was not happy with the question, was drenched in wine and sprinkled the wine from the glass on the floor.

It was very rude to those who were with the lord, but it was the Dwarf delegation who thought this position was rude.

“You don’t seem to know us very well.”

Orin, who came as the representative of the delegation, continued.

“We don’t like wine. Exactly, should I say that I am not familiar with it?”

There was an expression in those eyes that was blatantly wanting something.

“Then something familiar to us should come out. There’s no way humans wouldn’t drink it. Or maybe he’s knowingly trying to fuck us.”

The dwarves, who were chewing poop as much as Orin’s, looked around the table and began to pound the table with their spoons and forks in their hands.

“My throat is burning!”

“I’m going crazy for thirst!”

Seeing this, the lord wiped the sweat from his forehead and opened his mouth.

“If you are looking for beer… … .”

“Yeah beer!”

“Bring me a beer!”

“We must have beer!”

The lord gave a troubled expression to the dwarves who spoke somewhat harshly.

“that is… … .”

Orin, the representative of the delegation, said with a rather firm expression.

“Did you say your name is Chester? Our dwarf delegation came here to buy your things with the gold we have. Yours and ours are not very different, so we will buy a lot of things, but beer is especially important. Unless you can quench this thirst with beer.”

Orin’s expression turned really cold.

“We dwarves will soon riot. Even if you starve for food, you can’t live a day without beer!”

At those words, the dwarves who had come together began to roar and pound on the table in unison.

Some of the food on the table fell to the floor due to the wind, but the Dwarves didn’t care and kept raising their voices.

“My throat is burning!”

“I haven’t had a drink in a week! I don’t know if I’m going crazy like this!”

“Beer is said to be drunk by humans too? Was it all a lie?”

“There can be no beer here. Everyone came with that expectation.”

Orin, who had left the noisy dwarves behind, spoke again to the troubled lord.

“Without beer, there is no talk with us. I’d rather go somewhere else.”

Orin grabbed a handful of the gold coins from the product and placed them on the table.

“I’ll have to bargain for this Sovrin. There will be the beer we want.”

The lord, who recently learned about the importance of money, widened his eyes when he saw the gold coins brought by the dwarves.

‘If only I had that Sovrin… … .’

Money was power and power.

Everything that drew the land was itself.

‘Your Majesty doesn’t matter. If only they had the gold coins they brought.’


First of all, a lord started talking to the excited Dwarves from a cough.

“We don’t have beer right now, but we know where it is.”

“okay? Where’s that beer!”

“Do you have beer?”

“Look if there is.”

“It’s also humans. Do you think our tastes are almost the same?”

The lord, who was talking, suddenly remembered the beer that the church had monopolized.

‘no way… … .’

Did you see this far and monopolize the beer?

Youngjoo didn’t see it.

Since the monastery located in the nearby estate monopolized the winery business, he thought that he had monopolized the beer as a self-help measure.

And it was purely coincidental that the Dwarves came and cried for beer.

‘It must be just a coincidence.’

Of course, I couldn’t deny even the slightest possibility.

After all, the beer wasn’t his.

“that is… … Beer is monopolized by the church. If you wish, I think I can set up a separate room with the head of the church.”

“At church?”

“The church monopolizes beer?”

“What is a church?”

“The religion of man.”

“okay? You’re monopolizing beer there?”

Excited about the beer, the dwarf delegation all stood up from their seats, to their surprise, regardless of the food on the table.

That’s why he was thirsty for beer.

“I will guide you to that church right now!”

Orin, the representative of the delegation, took another gold coin from his bosom and held it.

“We will buy all the beer there with our gold.”

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