The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 47

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 47

Episode 47 13. Canteen #3(4)

When the story of the fee came out, the faces of the Dwarves who came to the delegation all hardened at once.

“Do you want to exchange money here?”

The gold coin used the most in transactions between other factions, not the same faction, was by far the ducat.

As Carter explained in the past, the pure gold content of the Imperial talent was a problem, and in the case of the Dwarf, the Goblin’s Ducat was the most used, but for the Dwarf, the Goblin’s Ducat was the most used. At the words, the Dwarves had no choice but to panic.

“Yes, you have to exchange money to buy beer here.”

“What nonsense! Buying beer here with imperial gold coins of questionable gold content.”

Orin thought Rockefeller was insane.

People with common sense would know that their Sovrin is better than the Imperial Talent.

“Are you saying you know that our Sovrin is better?”

“I have to say the same thing again. I admit that the quality of Sovrin is excellent. But this is an empire. Dwarven gold coins don’t roll around in the Empire.”

It was a lie to say that because it was an empire, only the imperial gold coin, the talent, was used.

In fact, Sovrin and Ducat were equally welcomed within the Empire because the people of the Empire preferred gold coins of other factions with higher pure gold content than their own gold coins mixed with copper.

“I don’t think that’s a little bit. As far as I know, the Empire prefers our Sovrin.”

Orin continued.

“Of course, this is not the currency used here, so the cost of reprocessing it into talents will of course be incurred. However, even if you take that into consideration, the gold content of Sovrin is very high, so in the end, it’s an advantage for you guys. Does this mean you are rejecting our Sovrin?”

Rockefeller’s attitude did not change.

“Is Sovrin’s high gold content always good? I admit it. When did I not admit it? But, as I said before, the beer here can only be traded for talents. I will not accept any claim here that Sovrin is more valuable and does not need to be exchanged for talents.”

“I kept saying something, and I was playing with my guts.”

Rockefeller chuckled at that.

“No matter what you say to me, you will eventually need the talent. After all, we only get talents.”

Orin frowned, and the dwarves who came with her also didn’t look very good.

After a while, the dwarves exploded.

“I know there is nothing to do but here! Beer is all over the world!”

“okay! just let’s go! Stop arguing in a place like this!”

“Where do you get your guts? A young human being mis-learned!”

“Come on, get up! Let’s go and find another place!”

However, not a single Dwarf stood up intact from his seat.

They had beer mugs in their hands, their gazes swept over their colleagues, and their hips were only a few dozen centimeters from the chair.

“… … .”

“Why is nobody waking up?”

“Let’s go… … .”

“Okay, let’s go.”

“know. But why… … .”

They needed beer, and that beer was plentiful here.

Instead of sticking to beer here, you could go to another place to get beer, but the location of this place was too good for that.

It was not far from their camp, so they could get a quick supply of beer.

“Why are you like that? If you don’t like it, just leave.”

Rockefeller knew it well.

The fact that beer is an indispensable commodity for Dwarves.

‘what’s the matter? You guys also ran out of money. Then you have to spend money.’

“go. Never dry.”

Rather, the words of Rockefeller, who even sneeze, made the dwarf delegation mute for a moment.

I couldn’t speak because I was so smart, but I didn’t want to give up this position easily.

look out

That wide field of barley and hops.

And a decent sized brewery and workers to run it.

Are there any other facilities like this around?



The dwarves who sat down coughing in succession chatted among themselves.

“There is no other facility like this around.”

“right? That’s exactly what I was thinking too.”

“It won’t be easy to find anywhere else. There was no lord here, right? But what’s different about it?”

“Just give me a few more bucks. shit.”

“If it’s really nonsense, why don’t you bother paying a few more bucks? Just do it here.”

Their original purpose was to quench their thirst with the gold they had brought.

In some cases, Orin thought that the other person might be pushing their guts, so after much deliberation, she opened her mouth.

“I don’t really like it though. If you have to stick with your talents like that, I’ll exchange it for you. But how much do you plan to charge?”

Rockefeller responded as if waiting.

“The exchange ratio is 10 to 7. Sovrin is 10 and talent is 7. To put it more simply, it takes 10 Sobrins to get 7 Talents.”

There was nothing more to hear.

The indignant Orin slammed the table in front of me with her clenched fist.

“What nonsense! Our Sovrin is better, you mean to convince the nonsensical proportions!”

Orin wasn’t the only one.

The dwarf envoys who followed Orin to the imperial lands also rose up all at once, revealing their nasty temper.

“Dogs and cows alike know that Sovrin has a higher gold content! But how do you do currency exchange? It’s a no-brainer!”

“That is absolutely ridiculous! What a ten to seven!”

“I’d rather not know if our Sovrin becomes 7! Ten is too early!”

“right! It’s a pity even one to one for those false babbling humans!”

Priest Peter, who was with him, was slightly nervous as the Dwarves, who had become uncomfortable with planting, protested all at once.

‘I think 10 to 7 goes too far.’

According to his common sense, the most realistic exchange ratio for talents and sobrins was 1:1.

Since imperial gold coins were originally mixed with copper, a one-to-one ratio was the most appropriate even considering the normal craftsmanship cost.

But 10 to 7?

‘I think a one-on-one would be just fine in the field where the imperial people also prefer Sovrin… … .’

Of course, this was his own opinion, and he didn’t say it out loud.

But Rockefeller was determined to keep his guts going.

In the first place, with that thought in mind, I relentlessly bought and sold, and I didn’t give the Dwarves any other options.

‘Therefore, it means that you must use it unconditionally.’

Relationships with dwarves?

‘If the war with the orcs is over anyway, the next war will be us. So there is no need to look good.’

In the end, the relationship with the Dwarfs was going to go wrong.

So I didn’t have to look good, so I decided to just leave.

‘Of course, we’ll still sell beer then. Apart from war.’

“It’s definitely 10-7.”

Orin said with a look of indignation.

“You did a very good job.”

Then, as if he had changed his mind, he raised one corner of his mouth and continued.

“Yeah, good. As you said, if you need talents, I’ll trade you with them here.”

Everyone has a sensible plan.

“It is not the only place where you can get talents. If they all have the same talent, can I get them from another place?”

Oh my, are you going to roll your hair like that?

But for Rockefeller, it was a no-brainer.

“Of course you can. To buy beer in the Empire, of course, you need the Imperial currency, Talents. It doesn’t matter if it’s not the talent that we exchanged at our store. Aren’t talents scattered all over the empire?”

Hearing those words, smiles appeared on the faces of the Dwarves all at once.

Then yes.

Even if your guy rolls his hair.

But Rockefeller’s words aren’t over yet.

What people say is that you have to listen to the end.

“But if you want to buy a beer here, it’s a bit special. Unlike other taverns in the Empire, here, we need this Proof of Loan issued by our store unconditionally, in any case.”

Rockefeller pulled out a new IOU issued in Carter Banco’s name.

“This is 1 drum. There are as many as three IOUs from our store. 1 IOU, 1 Gold, and a new IOU for the beer here, 1 Drum. If you want to get this 1 Drum, you can first come to our store with Sovrin and exchange it for Imperial Talents, then you can get it. The conversion ratio is 10 to 7.”

The Dwarves could not hide their bewildered expressions at the word of the loan.

what, what?

You need that IOU, not your talent, to buy beer here?

Is that also a completely new IOU issued by a specific Banco?

“Without this 1 Drum IOU, no, this paper currency, you can’t buy beer here.”

“Then what about talent?”

“You can take your talents and go somewhere else and buy a beer. But you can’t buy beer here. Because I made it that way.”

Only then did the dwarf delegation realize that there was no way to buy beer here without being ripped off.

“very… … You made a plan.”

At Orin’s dazed words, Rockefeller gave him luck with a grim expression.

“You know what?”

Everyone’s attention was focused on Rockefeller.

“A few months ago, when I heard that there was a war between orcs and dwarves near the estate, I had a gut feeling. If you monopolize all the beers here and in the nearby estates, you can probably make a lot of money. because? A dwarf is beer, and a dwarf without beer is not a dwarf.”

Why are you suddenly saying something like that?

As the Dwarves seated in their seats looked at each other, bewildered, Rockefeller continued the rest of the words.

“The time I thought has arrived, so me and the church will have to make a lot of money, and all of you here will have to spend unconditionally.”

Rockefeller was still relaxed.

“If you don’t like this, just get up and go. We don’t dry it.”

It was great guts.

You put all the boards on it enough to say that.

“Beer, you can get it elsewhere!”

“I bet you won’t be able to get beer so easily. It’s because we have all the ingredients to make beer. After all, you have no other option.”

Rockefeller’s words are not over yet.

“If you are really in doubt about what I said now, you can go somewhere else and find a beer.”

“her… … .”

“If you can get it elsewhere, you can buy it there, and if you have no other options, you can use our beer. Of course, the price is not cheap.”

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