The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 5

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 5

Episode 5 02. Go on a Gold Hunt (1)

As the head of a family and the eldest brother, Rockefeller, who left another motto to the younger brothers yesterday, gathered the younger brothers before dawn.

The third Joshua, who appeared rubbing his eyelids, spit resentful words at Rockefeller, who had called them out since dawn.

“Why are you like this in the morning, I’m sleepy… … .”

The fourth, who appeared holding the youngest’s hand, continued to yawn with sleepy eyes.

It was too early to start the day for the sleepy little ones, but Rockefeller, who had to find a way to make a living as the head of the family, couldn’t even hear the cries of the younger brothers.

So, just as the eldest brother was about to say something harsh, the second, who moved the most quickly among the younger brothers, started raising his voice towards the younger brothers who were displeased.

“If the eldest hyungs get together, we need to get together soon! Why are you so slow? You guys keep doing this!”

The second remembered clearly what Rockefeller had said yesterday.

Even if we put aside the new motto that the brothers should stick together, it was said that starting today, the eldest brother is moving in search of money.

“Rockefeller hyung, are you going to make money right now?”

Andrew, who was young but couldn’t be unaware that money was important to them right away, asked Rockefeller with twinkling eyes, and Rockefeller responded to his expectations with a light nod.

“Really? Are you going to make money now?”

The third Joshua was able to come to his senses as soon as he heard that he was going to earn money.

Rockefeller said to the two younger brothers, who were full of willpower.

“Yeah, did you know what he said yesterday? Let’s find something that can make money from today. We need to earn money to live.”

At those words, the third gave a small cheer, and the second, too, could brighten the dark expression a little.

But it was good for a while.

The third began to speak worriedly again.

It was because it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

“But how do you make money? Making money is not that easy… … .”

The second shot sharply towards the third, whose tail was blurred.

“Idiot! who doesn’t know that That’s why you’re looking for it from now on!”

The third, who looked at him at the threat of the second, visited Rockefeller again.

“Aren’t you thinking of anything else?”

If you suddenly ask them to make money at their age, it would be really difficult.

It wasn’t because I didn’t have the job I had been doing for a long time, and I wasn’t going to enter the position the lord suggested.

Rockefeller, like his younger brothers, would have felt the same if he hadn’t thought about it yesterday.

“I have one thing in mind. But I’m not sure about this. Still, I’m going to give it a try, how about you, would you like to follow me?”

Not a single brother turned down the offer.

Rather excited, the younger brothers followed Rockefeller’s instructions without hesitation, and after a while they were able to take their younger sister and leave the house.

early morning dawn.

Village adults who could not sleep at night came out early and started their daily routine, and the same was true of Bee-Kip, a beekeeper in the village.

Bekip was puzzled when he saw the children of Hans who lived next door to him rushing out.

They weren’t empty-handed, and coming out with various tools seemed like children going to do something.

“Where are you guys going so early?”

Beekeep was also a commoner with the surname Honeywax.

To that question, Rockefeller was silent, but the third, who had the brightest smile, answered with a shout.

“Let’s go make some money!”

They were the children who had lost their father just yesterday and had a funeral.

When he heard that these children were suddenly going to earn money early in the morning, Vikip had no choice but to raise a strong question.

‘No, you’re going to make money? What channel?’

“Where the hell are you going to make money?”

It was the second who passed by him who answered the question.

“That’s it, let’s go find it! I haven’t decided how to earn it yet.”


Bee-Kip couldn’t stop the kids next door who said they were going to make money.

If he didn’t help them himself, it would be a far-fetched task.

However, I was a little worried to see the children next door, who were under the age of majority, moving around early in the morning.

‘It’s nothing special… … Wouldn’t it?’

“Be careful! A man named Hobbs in the neighboring village was attacked by an orc the day before yesterday. Don’t be too far from town either. And if something happens, you have to run away to the village unconditionally. Because there are sears in the village. Did you understand what you said?”

The second and third responded vigorously to his worried voice.

“Yes, I will be careful!”

“Do not worry! Just looking at the shadow of an orc will make him run away!”

Even after hearing the children’s powerful replies, Bi-Kip was somehow reluctant.

But there is nothing I can do for them right now, so I decided not to get involved in their business any longer.

Because it was the children who returned home when they were tired.

Shortly after breaking up with Bekeep like that.

“You guys made a mistake earlier.”

As Rockefeller moved a little further away from town, he began to point out the mistakes his brothers had made earlier.

“We’re going to make money, so we shouldn’t talk about it too much.”

The third questioned those words.

“Why? It’s not a bad thing that we’re running around for money, right?”

The second muttered a little to himself as if he also sympathized.

“I’m not stealing anything from anyone… … .”

Rockefeller calmly explained the reason without urging his brothers.

“That’s why you think the world is too easy. What would happen if we made money right now? Will the world just close their eyes and move on as if nothing happened? no. They’re going to ask where we got that money and whether that’s a problem or not. Because that is the world.”

The third was an expression of still not knowing.

“Why is that? That’s the money we worked hard for. I don’t know what that has to do with anyone else.”

The second also waited for the eldest brother, Rockefeller, to answer with the same expression as the third, and Rockefeller explained more for the younger brothers.

“Everything we earn here on the Montefeltro estate is, in principle, not ours. Even if we work hard and get results, in the end we become the lord, the owner of this land. That means that the money we earn on this land cannot be entirely ours.”

It was then that the expressions of the second and third changed.

It was a look that I hadn’t even thought of.

“Then what did I do wrong?”

As the third began to cry, Rockefeller shook his head with a gentle smile.

“No, you didn’t make such a big mistake. Because we are young, even if we say things like we did before, adults will not believe them. But later, we will earn money, and when it comes out, the rumor will unconditionally flow to the lord. Then the Lord or someone below will come and ask us where we got our money. Then there are unexpected problems.”

“Then are we in trouble?”

“It’s a big deal, it may or may not fly. In the end, it’s all about money, so there’s no need to worry too much. Just like my father did and the uncle Bekeep next door did, it is a matter for us to take a certain portion of the profits and give it to the lord. Of course, this is only when it ends well.”

The second, who was quietly listening to their conversation, looked back on the mistake he had made earlier and spoke quietly.

“Rockefeller is right. Oops, we were too frivolous. From now on, we must not tell anyone where we are or what we are doing. Because those people have absolutely nothing to do with us. So you won’t even look after me.”

Because he is the second child who often gets along with his peers, he seemed to know more about relationships than other younger siblings.

When the second said that, the third also reflected on the mistake he had made and bowed his head.

“I will be more careful in the future. Oh, I like it so much, I think I acted a little frivolously.”

Even Rockefeller decided not to take the matter any further.

Rather, if this was a good lesson for my younger brothers, that would have been more.

“You have to be careful in the future. Even if you lose the little things, if you don’t lose the big things, that’s more.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Everyone makes small and big mistakes. Never be ashamed of those mistakes. Instead, repeating that mistake is not a good thing. Because that’s what fools do. Did you guys understand it too?”

The younger brothers also began to nod their heads to see if they agreed.

How long have you walked since then?

Rockefeller and his younger brothers arrived at a creek some distance away from town.

“Why are you here? Can you make money here?”

“You didn’t come here to catch fish, did you?”

When the younger brothers who followed him expressed their doubts, Rockefeller explained why he was here.

“I’m going to mine gold from now on.”

Before coming here, Rockefeller had been pondering what he could possibly do to make money and what would generate the most wealth for his effort.

Combining the contents of the novel that he knew and what he had experienced and learned so far, he found one way.

It was gold mining.

‘It’s been a while since I went to a gathering to gather gold.’

It may be a very eccentric hobby for some, but there were meetings to gather gold, such as a bike club or a mountaineering club.

The gains are small compared to the effort, so most of the meetings were made just for fun, but Rockefeller had been active in such meetings for a while, and that experience led him to come here.

‘I was a bit interested in watching You-butt where gold was mined, so I also attended a couple of times? I only learned the basics and came out, but who knew that such an experience would be helpful here?’

If I had not known how to mine gold, I would not have come this far.

But knowing how to do it, it was a challenge that Rockefeller could look forward to.

‘If a war of gold veins breaks out here, it means that there are still huge veins of gold around here. Then there must be a lot of placer in a river like this.’

But someone might have this question.

If you’re mining gold anyway, wouldn’t it be better to go to a gold mine to mine gold ore rather than placer?

‘No, gold ore mining is something that a non-professional who knows nothing about can easily do, but mining gold ore is completely different. It is difficult to find gold veins, and the process of extracting gold is also very complicated, so nobody can do it.’

In addition, there is a risk of meeting wild beasts or monsters in the abandoned mine, so from Rockefeller’s point of view, gold mining was the best option considering safety and non-professionalism.

‘If only there was gold dust here.’

This was something even Rockefeller could not be 100% certain of.

Nowhere in the previous Rockefeller memories had I ever heard of gold being mined here.

‘People here don’t even think that gold is coming out here.’

If, very, if placer comes out here, how would you interpret this?

Rockefeller made a guess about the reason based on the knowledge in the novel I had read and the circumstances of the Montefeltro estate here.

‘First of all, only I know that new veins of gold will be found in this estate. It’s not known to people yet.’

It was a long time ago that this land was rumored to be the continent’s best gold mine under the name of Azrak Goldmine.

‘If those petty and sassy dwarves just leave this land and go, this is already a dead land. When the Empire incorporated this place, they probably didn’t expect much. It would have been like picking up and eating the land that was abandoned by others. If I had even a little bit of such expectations, I would not have left this land this far.’

The fact that there are no gold mines in operation right now and that the history of gold mining is very long shows how irrelevant this land is to gold.

‘So everyone has abandoned the possibilities of this land? To the point where I thought there was no gold at all. If that’s the case, it’s understandable enough… … .’

Rockefeller nodded his head involuntarily as he got a rough feeling.

‘Well, if I had never known that new veins of gold were being discovered, I wouldn’t have thought of coming all the way here to gather gold. Because I thought there was no chance. And this is a dangerous place. It’s close to the next town, so it’s also a place where you can occasionally run into orcs.’

It was in this area that the story of meeting orcs twice a year comes out.

There weren’t a lot of orcs roaming around that people couldn’t live at all, but it was a place where they would occasionally run into if there was no real luck.

‘If I hadn’t thought of digging for gold, I would never have come.’

After finishing his thoughts, Rockefeller began to speak to his younger brothers who were waiting.

“You will find gold here. Did you know that there used to be a lot of gold mines here?”

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