The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 51

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 51

Episode 51 14. War makes someone fat (3)

An all-out war between the two factions outside the territory of Montefeltro.

The totem war was gradually entering a lull without anyone’s victory.

For more than a year, the defense of the Montefeltro estate was strong, and the Redskin’s aggression and barbaric looting could be blocked in advance.

In addition, the existence of a huge fortress built near the border greatly contributed to attracting Redskin’s attention, and it was not insufficient to serve as a good breakwater to protect the territory from foreign invasion.

“Girl, until today. That was the length of the contract with the Lord of Chester.”

Jason, the wizard of Sinclair who stayed in the Montefeltro estate for over a year and stopped the invasion of numerous orcs, and the teacher of Isabella, who would later become a Night Lord, spoke to Isabella, who had grown tremendously over the past year.

“Now that the promised time is over, there is no longer any reason to interfere with the work here. Our responsibility ends here.”

“Time goes so fast. Has the time already come?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

“It’s a little sad.”

“What do you have to regret? Rather, I feel freed from this place. I don’t really like the bloody smell of battlefields. I’m tired of taking it.”

Looking inside the fortress soaked in peace, Isabella was immersed in emotion for a moment.

“In the meantime, I must have felt affection for this place without even realizing it. It’s a little bit like I’m leaving here.”

Jason shook his head at the regret she left behind.

The world was not that cramped enough for her to feel sorry for such a frontier.

Obviously, if you travel around the continent, there are many better places than this place, and Jason was hoping that she would fall in love with a more peaceful place than this.

“Girl, the world is bigger than you think. If you wander around, you’ll surely find a better place than this one. If you want to stick a stick, stick it somewhere like that.”

“know. It was just something I did.”

Before leaving the fortress I loved.

Isabella pondered for a moment what had happened.

One late night with a series of tranquility and boredom.

There were red orcs who silently infiltrated the fortress.

The invading orcs began to roar and wield heavy weapons to occupy the fortress.

In the ensuing commotion, she unleashed her magical powers and imprisoned the Red Orcs with dark magic, and in the meantime, the mercenaries in the fortress who quickly counterattack and the seers of the territory managed to protect the fortress by blocking the red orcs that invaded fearlessly. .

The next day, the people who survived the raid by the Redskin still praised her as a Sinclair wizard, and she was able to feel quite proud of the fact that she protected everyone with her own power.

‘There were many dangerous moments.’

Another day, while out on a reconnaissance with a hound mercenary, I ran into an orc hero called a ‘spine crusher’ in Redskin.

A monster orc that was smaller than an ogre, but slumped enough to crush a human head with a single fist.

It was a very dangerous moment that could cost the entire reconnaissance team, if done wrong, but with the wit of seasoned Jason, many of the scouts, including her, escaped safely.

‘I think it will be a memorable place in many ways.’

As such, the Montefeltro estate was very important and particularly memorable for her growth.

‘I want to stay a little longer… … It can’t be.’

However, there was no reason for her to stay in the outlying land for too long, as she came from a high family who was not even a noble.

Jason also considered this and made an agreement with the lord to leave at an appropriate time, and that day was today.

“Let’s go, lady. The lord here will also be waiting for you.”

Before they left, they decided to meet with the lord Chester.

There was a price to be paid from the lord, but it was polite to say hello to the owner and leave.

Arrived Youngjuseong.

The lord held a grand banquet to congratulate the two departing wizards for their hard work, and the two wizards, who enjoyed it lightly, immediately became alone with the lord.

“Haha, you’ve worked hard all this time. I really listened to the two of them so much that my ears were worn out. You did a really good job.”

The lord handed them the IOU to pay the promised price.

It was a IOU issued directly by the lord.

Then Jason and Isabella, who had expected the large sack of gold coins, could not hide their embarrassment.

It was because the form of the expected payment was completely different.

“this… … What is it?”

When Jason asked a question, the lord looked more surprised at this.

“What? This is the amount to be delivered as promised at the beginning. Maybe the amount is wrong?”

“This… … Isn’t it just your IOU?”

“Ah, I suddenly asked why, and it was because of this.”

Youngjoo continued speaking with an expressionless expression on his face.

“If you bring this to Banco here, I will exchange all of them for sacks of gold coins. If the bag of gold coins is cumbersome, you can take it with you in lieu of another IOU guaranteed by the Lyon Guild. There is no problem with the IOU, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

“Is there any reason to give it as a IOU instead of gold coins?”

“Isn’t it troublesome to take the gold coin bag? That’s why I gave you this IOU out of consideration for the two of you.”

The fact that a fairly heavy bag of gold coins was cumbersome was something the two wizards could all agree on.

However, the IOU that the lord gave me now was a problematic one that they had pointed out once before.

‘It’s a IOU issued with that person’s credit… … Is this still not causing any problems?’

If the lord’s credit was satisfactory, it was also a deed of borrowing without any problem.

However, when the two wizards thought about it, the trust of the lord here was not so strong.

There was a lot of money that had been poured into the defense of the territory.

And even a wyvern that doesn’t fit the theme.

‘I even built a fortress.’

Jason, who coughed briefly, asked the lord.

“greatness! It may be rude to ask a sudden question, but is the financial situation here okay?”

It was literally a sudden question.

“that… … Why are you asking?”

“You seem to have a lot to spend on defense of the territory, but I was curious to see if there was enough financial power in this frontier.”

Jason was skeptical.

Even though it was a territory, it was located on the outskirts, so the number of residents was small, and there seemed to be no big business going on.

There were no gold mines here, and there were no magic stones or silver mines.

“As far as I know, there doesn’t seem to be any big business in the territory… … However, it’s not like we do a big business with Dwarves like here.”


When the story of the church came out, this time the lord coughed in vain.

That was because it was such an uncomfortable story.

‘I should have done that.’

“I am well aware of the business story of the church. It is a very regrettable thing for me as well, but since it is a church job, I decided to think of it as good as possible.”

Jason asked again.

“There are a lot of mercenary units hired there, and if you want to maintain such a large number of troops, you will have to spend money on munitions and supplies, right? Even in this situation, is there no problem with the finances of the estate here? I doubt that.”

Who doesn’t know that?

The young man’s expression hardened slightly.

“actually… … It was a financial problem, of course. That’s because expenses are very large compared to income. I’ve been messing around with my hair for a while. I was worried about how I was going to pay the interest payment.”

There was also a limit to repaying the banco interest with the land tax collected.

So, from some time on, the lord has been issuing loans in his name at random and paying them in lieu of interest.

It didn’t take long for the hardened lord’s expression to open up again.

Rather, he began to chime in, as if he had found a solution.

“But it is.”

A smile spread across the lord’s face.

“Am I not the one who owns this land? You don’t have to worry too much about that, since you’re deceiving these stupid Banco bastards.”

At that, Jason expressed his strong doubts.

“What do you mean? Are you deceiving the people of Banco?”

“The interest you owe on the banco every month is quite a bit. At that time, I was in a hurry so I spent a lot of money, and this one covered my navel more than my stomach. But I later found out that it was foolish to pay that exorbitant interest in estate taxes.”

Jason didn’t respond and decided to listen to what he had to say.

“If you just bring me the IOU in my name, you’re paying the interest, so what are you giving them real money for?”

Youngjoo laughed.

“Like this, it’s like printing money out of the air and paying it back.

There was a lot of confidence in his smile.

“Even if they take issue with it, I am the owner of this land. What the hell are these banco dealers doing?”

Rather, the lord asked.

“Will those two guys in Banco come to me and even shout for my money back?”

Youngju shook his head.

“It’s nonsensical. If you are sane, the correct answer is to come to me and get down on your knees and ask me to pay you back some interest.”

Upon hearing the lord’s answer, Jason and Isabella could not say anything.

It wasn’t that the words of the lord were completely wrong, but it was because he was unwilling to do something and felt very uncomfortable.

“And now, the IOU can be exchanged for gold coins without any problems so far, so you can go to Banco with the IOU and exchange it for gold coins.”

It was not very reluctant, but as the lord said, if the loan he gave him could be exchanged for gold coins in Banco without any problems, there was no reason for the two wizards to have to die.

But Jason was still unwilling to do something, so he asked the lord for something else.

“Did you know that the people here in the territory are using another IOU secured by your IOU as if they were money? As far as I can remember, it is a new IOU called Gold, not IOU.”

At that question, Yeongju smiled brightly.

“That’s what I’ve heard, and I’m well aware of it. I don’t know what the banco guys are trying to do because he’s been rolling on the battlefield all his life, but I can’t even touch those things from a position of giving out the IOUs without hesitation. Wouldn’t that be more of a problem if I stopped that and didn’t get my IOU from Banco?”

“Are you the only one who thinks that way?”

“Yes, and using the IOU as money instead of gold is now taken for granted. Come to think of it, I can’t quite understand why people carry heavy gold coins. It’s a gold coin you need anyway. If you go to Banco and exchange it, that would be enough. Why do you want to carry gold coins that are inconvenient to carry? I was not like that before, but now I only carry a IOU instead of gold coins.”

The two wizards and the lord who had nothing more to say sent them away with a smile.

“Anyway, thank you. If you ever need my help, please feel free to contact me. If you have been favored, wouldn’t it be reasonable to repay it in return? What’s more, it’s a relationship with the Sinclair family. No money can buy this.”

After finishing their solo session with the lord, the two came to the castle and sat down.

“… … .”

Jason was thoughtful and quiet, and Isabella wanted to know the answer.

I was curious because it was just disgusting.

“How is that going?”

“that is… … I can’t figure it out either. How it will go… … .”

“Is there something Jason didn’t know?”

“That field is not my area of interest, and it is a very low field. Probably no one in this empire can predict that. There has never been anything like that in the history of the Empire.”

But Isabella had a different idea.

“No, I don’t think it is.”


Of course, she wasn’t sure either.

It’s just the touch.

“just… … It’s a feeling. Somehow, he seems to know what’s going to happen here.”

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