The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 52

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 52

Episode 52 14. War makes someone fat (4)

Who the hell is the person she was talking about, whom she doesn’t know?

“What if you said that person?”

“I do not remember? There’s a Banco boy we met when we first came here. The person who puzzled us with the new IOU.”

Jason quickly remembered.

If it had been anyone else, I wouldn’t have been able to remember this.

“Oh, you mean that commoner boy?”

“Remember? that person Somehow, he seems to know.”

Even after a year has passed, she still has not forgotten the strong impression he left.

A boy who confidently said that he would be able to borrow money from the lord on the subject of commoners.

“It’s just how I feel.”

Jason narrowed his eyes and thought about the boy she was talking about.

But she didn’t feel the same way.

For him, the boy was just a young assistant working in Banco.

“I don’t think it’s very likely, but you have to stop at Banco to exchange gold, so let’s go to Banco first, miss.”

After the conversation, the two headed to Banco after a really long time.

It was a Banco that I hadn’t stopped by because I had no work.

“Come on… … please.”

Rockefeller, who was in the store, quickly recognized the two customers.

It was impossible for Rockefeller not to recognize them.

Two were wizards, and one was one of several heroines who would later be associated with the protagonist in the novel.

‘Are you back from the fortress?’

“I will see you again. I think you came back after a year.”

Rockefeller quickly thought about why the two had come.

‘Is the contract period over?’

As I quickly shook my head, the thought reached that point.

There would have been no money to pay the two wizards to the current lord who had no money.

It will be difficult to pay off interest.

Then, it was obvious how the lord, who has been doing pretty things recently, paid them.

‘Fake money’ printed in the air.

He probably paid the promised amount on a paper-only IOU issued with his credit as collateral.

And wizards who don’t need the IOU would want to stop by Banco and exchange it for ‘real money’.

‘Then it must be obvious why you came here.’

“What did you come here for?”

Of the two wizards, Jason was the first to answer Rockefeller’s question.

“Banco boy, it’s been a while.”

Despite his crude greeting, Rockefeller once again bowed his head to show them courtesy.

The two were also wizards, but the other was more polite because the other was a heroine in the novel.

“I think you said your name back then. The name… … .”

“Rockefeller Ross Medici.”

Jason couldn’t remember his name, but she remembered it very clearly.

Although it was due to his good brain, the strong impression he left at that time served as an opportunity to remember his name.

“You remember my name. thank you.”

Rockefeller bowed his head once more as a token of his gratitude to her for remembering her name, and Jason started coughing as if he was sorry.

“Wow! Yes, Rockefeller Ross Medici. I came to the store for business.”

Being in Banco felt like he was going to hell with a bunch of guys, so Jason was going to do a quick job and leave.

He strode to Rockefeller, who was facing him, and took out the IOU that he had received from the lord.

“I want you to exchange this for gold coins.”

“I mean, are you leaving here? Isn’t the war over yet?”

To Rockefeller’s worried question, Jason responded with an expressionless face without emotion.

“The time we promised with the lord is over. I have no reason to stay any longer, so I am leaving now.”

“is that so?”

The presence of the wizard felt like a kind of insurance that made this estate safer.

When they said they were leaving, Rockefeller couldn’t shake the feeling of regret.

“Even if the two of you leave, there will be no problem here, right?”

“That’s not for us to know.”

He gave an answer like the family’s hound, but as he thought of what he was thinking, he changed it back to the answer the boy wanted.

“But the defense of the territory is so strong that it will not happen as you think. So don’t worry too much, boy.”

Rockefeller nodded lightly to him, who said he was a boy instead of his name.

‘Because I’m from a hunting dog, people are cold. How are you? This person is crazy anyway, and the real thing is that woman in the back.’

During one year, Nightlord Isabella had grown significantly.

The growth mentioned here was the physical part.

Because her mental and magical abilities were not something that could be known here.

‘He has grown a lot in the meantime. After all, at that age, it’s the best time to develop.’

Rockefeller, who had glanced at Nightlord, turned his gaze back to Jason and smiled softly.

“First of all, I will check the borrowing certificate that I brought. Since they were brought by the two of you, it shouldn’t be a big problem, but we still need to confirm.”

The process of verifying the imported IOUs could be completed quickly.

It was something I always received, and the lord’s seal was large enough to catch my eye.

“It is true that the Lord wrote it.”

Meanwhile, Jason became an old woman and asked Rockefeller something useless.

“Is there any problem with exchanging for gold coins?”

From Jason’s point of view, the lord here believed in his own strength and was just going out.

A deed of borrowing was a kind of debt document.

It is a document that says that he will pay back that amount of money someday, but the lord here was issuing it without thinking too much, and this will cause problems someday.

What Jason was concerned about here was when the heck was the time in question.

It didn’t seem strange at all if there was a problem right away, but unfortunately, the timing of the problem he thought was not right now.

“Yes, I will exchange it right away. But are you going to turn them all into gold coins?”

‘Change it in moderation. Anyway, you guys are too troublesome.’

The amount of gold coins was quite large to be converted into gold coins.

So Jason decided to exchange only the amount he needed right away for gold coins, and exchange the rest for a more reliable ‘Other Proof of Loan’ that could be easily exchanged in other regions.

“I would like to exchange only some of them and exchange the rest for other IOUs that can be used in other regions. It would be nice if it was another IOU guaranteed by the Lyon Guild or Black Label Union.”

Upon hearing the answer, Rockefeller couldn’t help but laugh inwardly.

“Of course you should. How much gold do you need right now?”

“About 100 talents.”

“Yes, then, I will exchange 100 talents and the rest of the amount with a IOU elsewhere. Please wait.”

After Rockefeller had finished speaking, he disappeared into the store, and Jason, who was still there, quietly looked at Isabella behind him.

“I don’t think there are any problems yet.”

Isabella also had a look of surprise, but they were the only ones who had to take care of their gold coins and leave anyway.

After that, whatever happens in this estate has nothing to do with them.

“It seems so.”

“Okay, then let’s start with the exchange, girl.”


Rockefeller came out with a bag of gold coins and handed it to them.

“Here you go. All in all, it’s 100 talents.”

It was a fairly heavy bag of gold coins, but it wasn’t a big deal for a wizard who could hold something in his own subspace.

Jason used magic to float a bag of gold coins into the air and then moved it to his own subspace.

Maintaining a specific subspace also consumes some magic power.

The greater the number and weight of the objects in the subspace, the more magical power was consumed, and for that reason, Jason only exchanged gold coins for immediate use.

For the rest of the gold coins, it was enough to exchange the other IOUs I received here at Banco in another territory.

‘What I was trying to check here was whether the deed of loan given by the lord was valid or not.’

“Good job, boy.”

After Jason had finished speaking, he grabbed his pockets of gold and was about to leave, but Isabella, who was still in her seat as before, began to open her mouth to Rockefeller.

“People, did you say your name is Rockefeller?”

Jason, who was about to leave at her attention, paused for a moment and looked at her.

‘You’re like this again.’

There was nothing surprising.

If you have any questions, it’s not a bad idea to solve them here.

However, what makes him a bit gritty is that the field that she is interested in at this point is not magic, but finance related to the game of money.

Because finance was not as noble as magic, but rather low-level knowledge.

‘In my wish, I want you to ask questions in moderation and finish it. You don’t even need to know.’

Jason didn’t care the slightest bit about what happened next.

What’s that got to do with you, and what’s the benefit?

But she was a very curious person.

“Yes, that’s right. You even remember my name, my lady.”

“I want to ask you something.”

“Tell me. I am listening.”

She narrowed her eyes slightly and then asked honestly what she was curious about.

“Hey, since this deal is over, we don’t have anything to do with this estate anymore, but from my point of view, I think you’ll have a big problem in the future… … What do you think about this?”

At that question, Rockefeller tilted his head in disbelief.

“Is it a problem? What problem are you talking about?”

Last time, she said she was in front of a heroine for nothing, but she only lost money, so this time she was going to move on very quietly, and when Rockefeller pretended not to know, her expression hardened slightly.

It looked slightly disappointing.

“Are you sure you know what the problem is?”

“I know what the problem is… … .”

“That deed. The deed of borrowing that the lord wrote with only trust in me. Do you think there will be no problems there?”

“Yes, of course. The Lord is heaven, right? Is there a problem with the IOU written by heaven?”

“The lord… … Heaven?”

“Yes, it is heaven. You are a heavenly lord, what will happen to you? No problem.”

“okay? Do you really think so?”

“yes! Of course I think so.”

It seems that unnecessary conversations are going on, but she was the owner of Jeong-an.

Rockefeller’s dark inside was clearly visible in her eyes.

However, he did not know exactly what that unclean inside meant.

Is it natural greed to be a banco assistant, or is there something else in the matter?

saying you don’t know at all.

“miss. As I said before… … .”

When Jason tried to convince her, she noticed first and raised a hand to cover his mouth.

Unlike back then, she had grown quite a bit.

He clearly knew what kind of power he had and what limitations he had.

That’s why I made him shut his mouth, who was trying to go out in vain.

Receiving her signal, Jason shut his mouth and wrinkled his expression softly.

‘You’re just wasting time. As a matter of little significance.’

No matter what Jason, who came with me, was thinking.

She wanted to make sure she had a purpose for coming here.

“To be honest, what I saw of you is not at all honest. This is something I can see with my own eyes.”

Just as she clearly knew the limits of Jeong-an, Rockefeller knew exactly the limits of her power.

‘know. That’s why you couldn’t even read the main character’s heart. What can you tell from such a clumsy thing?’

“Are you honest? I do not know. I was just saying what I thought.”

Isabella actually smiled at the words that passed like a snarl.

“I thought you would say that. I’ve been thinking about what you’re going to say all the way here, because I definitely expected you to say that.”

She nodded as if she had found the answer inside of me and turned her body halfway, keeping her gaze intact.

As she pretended to leave, Rockefeller watched her closely, her eyes narrowing, and she gave her one last word before she left.

“If my intentions are right, you will somehow get the money you lent to the lord like you are hiding. If that happens, the lord here will lose his power, and you will become a completely different person than you are now. that is… … He may be a nobleman.”

Like a heroine, he didn’t seem like an idiot.

As Rockefeller laughed inwardly, she continued the conversation she had cut off.

“But if you don’t, you will be a beggar for a moment.”

Assuming these two situations, she gave a meaningful smile at the end.

“If you have the chance to come back here in the future, you will know what happened to you. One way or another, the result will be there.”

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