The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 53

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 53

Episode 53 14. War makes someone fat (5)

With those words, Isabella quietly left the store with Jason.

She left without any regrets and knew from the beginning that she could not get the answers she wanted at this place.

However, he left without forcing Rockefeller to answer him anyway, believing that time would tell, not his mouth.

As she walked away, a sudden thought occurred to her.

Will he be the same as he is now when he has a chance to come back here in the future?

Or is it something completely different?

‘I’m curious.’

As she left quietly, unlike before, Rockefeller stood for a moment and narrowed her eyes.

‘Nitrodra… … .’

It was fun to meet the heroines in the novel, but for some reason, Rockefeller could not easily erase the feeling that it would not be the only time he met them in the novel.

There was absolutely no force that was not entangled with money.

And if you’re the only one standing at the center of it, wouldn’t you have a chance to meet other people besides the Night Lord?

‘If you’ve seen that woman, you’ll see the Queen of Blades someday. Trinity.’

At this time, another assistant approached Rockefeller.

It was Joshua, the younger brother of Rockefeller, who was helping Carter work inside the gold coin.

At some point, Joshua went under Rockefeller to learn the work of Carter Banco, and was training goldsmiths to become a goldsmith.

“Rockefeller, who are you just now? Are you a guest?”

Rockefeller looked at Joshua and smiled softly.

“right. A very rare guest.”

“Who is that?”

“You are a wizard.”

“really? Did the wizard just visit?”

“Yeah, a wizard.”

Joshua hurriedly ran out of the store and looked around the streets looking for the two wizards who had just left the store.

Were you lucky?

Joshua could see the two wizards disappearing into the veil of darkness in the distance.

“Wow! It’s a wizard! Great.”

The excitement of seeing a wizard was short-lived.

Joshua entered the store again and began to brag about Rockefeller.

“Rockefeller! I just came to see the wizard! Did you disappear in an instant by magic?”

Excited Joshua made a loud noise, and Carter heard the commotion and raised his voice.

“What else is going on? Who came?”

“Uncle Carter, that’s awesome! Wizards just came and went to this store!”

“What? A wizard?”

“yes! A real wizard! I just saw them disappear by magic outside!”


Carter looked surprised, too, but he wasn’t that big compared to Joshua.

“I see. Wizards come and go… … So, have you completely left here?”

The question went straight to Rockefeller.

Rockefeller nodded in approval.

“Yes, I asked and he said yes.”

“Actually, if it’s a Sinclair-side wizard, it must be difficult to hold onto it for a long time. In the first place, the price would not have been right.”

“It would be. It was probably in their interest to some extent rather than in good faith, so he stayed here despite the relatively low pay. Your precious person helps you grow or something like that. The parties will know more precisely, but I can guess this much in my line.”

“I think that too. I wouldn’t have been here long for no reason.”

Rockefeller was the greatest beneficiary of the totem war.

The lord here was rather poor due to debt due to the totem war, but Rockefeller, who lent money to such a lord and even made a deal with the dwarves, became richer than before.

As if he suddenly remembered something about the church, Carter swallowed his disappointment and brought up the past.

“By the way, seeing that it is quiet outside these days, it seems that the war that took place near the border will soon be over. There are rumors that the goblins deliberately waged a war with the dwarves in order to take possession of the manastone mines owned by the orcs, but that’s something we don’t know.”

Carter looked into Rockefeller’s eyes and continued.

“When the war ends like that, in the end, only us will benefit. Additionally, you are dealing exclusively with the Church.”

After speaking, Carter paused for a moment, then spit out regretful words.

“Couldn’t you have put me in there too? For that reason, if I had known that I was going to borrow money from here, I would have been involved in it too. All I have left is money… … .”

“I wish I had. But I wasn’t sure about that either. Even if it fails, I have to do it alone, but there is no reason to bring in your uncle and destroy it together, right?”

“Nevertheless. Where have you been unsuccessful? If something like that happens in the future, don’t just do it for you, and I’ll add some too. Don’t eat it alone.”

Rockefeller laughed at that.

“Mister Carter, I didn’t do it alone, did I? It was with the church.”

“But the Lord still doesn’t know about it?”

“I do know. We met by chance before. The Lord was quite surprised to hear that he had loaned money to the church there without interest.”

To lend something without interest.

It was difficult in Carter’s common sense.

“By the way, you have good guts too. How can you lend money without interest? How is that different from just giving money?”

“You can’t look at it that way. “If I hadn’t lent the money that way, the church wouldn’t be able to take the lead in monopolizing the beer business.”

“It should be… … .”

“So I did it alone. Even if I fail anyway, I’ll be ruined by myself. Instead, I had some fun. I looked a little bigger.”

As Rockefeller himself said, there are two main ways to make big money.

One is business.

Another is to sit down and collect unearned income.

“Hmm… … . Yeah, like you said, you have to have some guts to make money. I don’t seem to have the guts.”

“Not necessarily. It was quite an adventure for Uncle Carter to bring me in, wasn’t it?”

“That’s it… … It is not.”

Carter, who was nodding his head involuntarily, suddenly remembered something related to the lord, and asked Rockefeller about it.

“More than that, the loan to the lord is becoming more like what you said.”

It has already been a year since I lent a large sum of money to the lord.

Meanwhile, the lord was troubled by his debt, and, as Rockefeller had expected, he began to pay the interest instead with a deed of loan, not gold coins.

He began to deceive the two with the ‘fake money’ he created with his own credit while protecting the ‘real money’ collected by the estate tax.

“If we can’t afford the interest, we started replacing the interest that we have to pay each month with a IOU.”

“Yes. Did I do what I said?”

Everything went according to plan, but Carter couldn’t get a single worry out of his head.

The opponent was no one else but the owner of this land.

Because he was such a person, it was natural to be worried.

It was just ‘Bear’.

“By the way. There are only such a lot of borrowing, so I’m worried about whether we’ll be able to get our money back properly.”

“Did you explain? We don’t have to worry too much about that.”

“Is that really okay?”

“Yeah, because that’s not what we’re going to get.”

Rockefeller continued the following words as emphasized by Joshua, who was present at the meeting, in a voice that could be heard sufficiently.

“Rather, what we should do is not worry about the lord’s ability to repay the debt, but rather lend more than now so that the lord will never think about repaying the debt.”

“Are you lending me more?”

Rockefeller was a man with a smile that was crueler than he thought.

“Yes, I have to borrow more so I can’t pay it back at all. And when that debt is at its peak.”

Rockefeller’s eyes gleamed like the eyes of a beast.

“The debt will pay off.”

“Are you fed up with debt?”

“Yes, have you ever seen such a case? A person who used to be rich because of debt becomes a beggar for an instant.”

“Well. No one has ever done it like that.”

“Then I’ll see you this time. A person who is fed up with debt.”

Rockefeller, smiling lightly, spoke to Joshua, who was nearby.

“People don’t kill with knives.”

Joshua looked at Rockefeller with a dazzling look in his eyes, and Rockefeller continued the rest.

“Crush it with debt and kill it as noble as possible.”

Joshua shook his head as if he understood, and Carter, who was nearby, spoke again.

“Once you say, it will take a little longer to grow the debt. Roughly when are you looking at that period?”

“I will have to do the calculations separately, but if there are too many IOUs issued by the lord, it will probably be then. In other words, from the moment we do not receive the loan written by the lord, the lord will die in debt. You probably can’t afford it. Because in the first place, I intend to increase the Lord’s debt for that moment.”

If that day comes

And what would happen if everything went the way Rockefeller had envisioned?

Carter, who had been imagining the various situations, began to utter a word of concern.

“By the way. If it goes like you said, there would be great chaos in this estate… … .”

At least, the lord seemed unable to keep his place.

If you can’t afford that much debt, it’s best to run away at night.

“If the lord runs away without paying the debt, what will happen then?”

“Then we will have the territories that we received as collateral before. forgot? At first, when the lord borrowed 8,000 talents from here, did he take the land as collateral? Since the debtor has fled, the creditor has no choice but to exercise its rights.”

“You know that. However… … What I’m worried about is who will become the lord here if that happens. Just because we own the land doesn’t mean we can be the owners here.”

The lord was also the owner of the land, but he was the one who occupied the place with the absolute support of the local people.

However, not a single banco trader could sit in such a place.

It was a situation in which Young Ji-min’s absolute support was absent even if they owned the land.

Rockefeller gave a meaningful smile to the question.

‘Where does absolute support for the lord come from?’

“If there is an empty seat, of course, a worthy person will be seated.”

Carter was still skeptical.

“Who do you mean? As you said, we own the land, and if there is anyone who will become the next lord, we should first come and buy the land.”

Rockefeller’s smile was the same.

“I don’t know. But don’t worry too much. When the time comes, the right person will naturally take the place.”

It wasn’t wrong, but Carter still looked worried.

It was good to be able to make money by incurring a large debt to the lord, but it was because he did not want the situation of the estate to become extremely unstable.

“I get it. It wouldn’t do us any good if we worried about it. If I let it go, another lord will come and take it, huh?”

Here, Carter had no idea that he could become a lord.

Even if you own the land, if you do not have a supportive force, you could not easily sit in the position of lord.

‘I’m absolutely not.’

But that kid?

Carter didn’t think so.

‘That’s not it. Even if that kid rolls his head wildly, that’s not the case. what a lord At such a young age.’

Rockefeller, on the other hand, had a different idea.

Rockefeller said with my mouth.

If there is any vacant seat, someone worthy of it will be seated.

‘I don’t think I need to give someone a seat where I can sit.’

The issue to consider here was the support force of the person who wanted to become the new lord.

Without the absolute support of the Youngji people, they cannot sit even if they try to sit in the seat of a lord.

‘Everyone will support me. Because I’m going to be everyone’s savior.’

What is that savior?

Only Rockefeller knew the answer.

‘Everyone has no choice but to acknowledge me. Because I have no choice but to do that.’

“Anyway, don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”

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