The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 57

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 57

Episode 57 15. The Birth of Deposit (4)

Because good words were exchanged, the two were busy looking at each other and smiling.

Then, Priest Peter, who had come up with something, began to see concern.

When I think about it, there was an interest problem.

Interest was taboo in the church.

That was the problem.

“Hmm… … .”

Since the words came out with good intentions, even Priest Peter could not be cold-hearted by rejecting Rockefeller’s offer unconditionally.

Rockefeller saw it and immediately noticed it as the expression of the good-looking Sasaejang suddenly changed.

‘Is it because of the interest? Because interest is bad for the church?’

Rockefeller had struggled with this issue for several days.

I had a good relationship with the priest, but the priest is a member of the church to the core.

He could have had a position.

No matter how much interest income is beneficial to the church, in principle, the church forbids interest.

So Rockefeller came up with a trick.

Oh, it’s different, uh, what’s the point of saying that it’s different?

Even if the meaning is the same anyway, depending on the expression, the meaning can be completely different.

“Are you doing this for interest?”

Priest Peter reluctantly nodded his head at Rockefeller’s remarks.

“To be honest, there is no such part. Of course, you said that with good intentions, but if the fact that our church benefits from interest income is known to the outside, bad words may come out from the top.”

It was impossible for a small church on the outskirts to not take notice of the denomination.

If the church did anything that might go against the doctrine of the denomination, there had to be a reasonable explanation and justification for it.

Because it was a rather vertical and uncomfortable organized society called the denomination.

“I am concerned about that. I’m okay. You just have to look around.”

“okay. I also didn’t think the interest-hating church would just accept my offer. So I thought about it.”


Rockefeller paused for a moment, then brought out what he had been thinking about before.

“In principle, what the church forbids is interest on loans. But this time, it is the concept of compensation for deposits. To explain this easily, I expressed it to the priest as interest, but it is a completely different concept from loan interest.”

“Hmm… … From what I’ve heard, I think you’re right. It’s a concept of compensation, not interest… … It could be interpreted that way.”

After thinking briefly, Priest Peter began to shake his head.

First of all, the interest forbidden by the church was, as Rockefeller said, interest on loans, not other interest.

Rockefeller continued.

“The church entrusted the property to me, and I have it, so I have to repay the church every month with my own sense of duty and gratitude.”

“right. That’s right.”

“And the interest on the loan is an act of taking advantage of God’s power, but the concept of compensation for deposits is the opposite of that, rather, it is a concept of thanking God and repaying the church for it.”

Then the priest suddenly shook his head.

Of course, it was not meant to be negative.

“It is not. After all, the concept of compensation has nothing to do with God. So there is no need to interpret it that way.”

“But other members of the church may interpret it differently than you. Even for them, this kind of explanation seems to be necessary.”

“It could be. But I am not. Even God probably doesn’t know your pure intentions.”

Rockefeller couldn’t help but laugh inwardly at the sight of the priest trying to interpret it in a good way.

The church forbidding interest on loans made me think that in some way they might have looked down on usurers who were having fun with interest.

If not, could the attitude toward interest be changed in that way?

‘Anyway, the doctrines they have advocated can be sufficiently changed according to their interests or interests.’

“I am so grateful for saying that.”

Still, the denomination was not a happy place.

So the priest kept changing his mind.

‘Even though I said this with good intentions, it would be a bit difficult for me to proceed with this arbitrarily alone. Depending on what you think, you can sell me and this church by charging it with interest… … .’

But he was also an experienced teacher.

Also, I was not relaxed enough to simply reject Rockefeller’s proposal, and since I had spent a lot of time inside an organization called the denomination that was more rigid than anywhere else, I decided to come up with my own scheme.

‘Yeah, that would be better. Rather than deciding this on my own, I’d rather speak to Sir Berkis in Lyon. Even if you don’t know, you won’t hate it. Who’s good?’

After thinking, Priest Peter opened his mouth.

“Our church is a good thing, so why not turn down your proposal? Depending on what you think, you can interpret it as you like, or you can explain it in my own way.”

“I’m sorry if I made the priest feel uncomfortable by saying Izara in the first place. It had to be done to make it easier to explain.”

“No, you explained it that way from the beginning, so I could understand it quickly. Taking advantage of God’s power is definitely a bad thing, but if it’s for the sake of the church, it’s not a bad thing.”

Again, everything was up to interpretation.

“From another perspective, isn’t it the concept that God is fattening himself with his own power?”

“Maybe not.”

Rockefeller laughed, and Priest Peter was smiling too.

“But I can’t do this on my own. So I’m going to ask Sir Berkis in Lyon and ask for permission in my own way. If it’s not urgent, can you wait a few days?”

Carter Banco had its own gold coins, so just because they didn’t bring the church’s gold coins right away did not cause any major problems for Banco.

‘The mercenary units in the estate will not run away in an instant, and if you close the shop in the middle for various excuses and take a break, you will be able to survive for a few days.’

But there was nothing good about being long, so Rockefeller, who had hidden a sign of impatience, only smiled.

“Is it me? I will.”

“Anyway, thanks to you, I feel like I have eased my worries a bit. You are also a benefactor of the church. I’m always thankful, so if you ever need it, don’t hesitate to come over here. If there is anything I can do to help at the church, I will help in any way.”

“Thank you for your words. I am only sorry that the priest sees me like that.”

“ha ha ha!”

and a few days later.

Surprisingly, an old church member in a red uniform was also seated at the place where the priest called and visited again.

Rockefeller knew immediately who he was.

‘Is it that person in Lyon? A man named Sir Berkis.’

I didn’t know his face, but the fact that he was wearing a red uniform that only high-ranking priests could wear even in the church, and that even a priest couldn’t wear it was very good information to get a rough idea of his identity.

“no way… … Sir, Bishop Berkis from Lyon?”

As Rockefeller asked, a deep smile appeared on the faces of the two church members.

“When was the last time you saw your bishop?”

The priest asked, and Bishop Berkis, who was with him, opened his mouth with a bright smile.

“As you said, he is a very clever young man. Yes, as you said, I am that person.”

Rockefeller showed respect to the bishop who had finished introducing himself.

“The humble see the High in Lyon.”

Rockefeller bowed his head and kissed the ring that the bishop had offered, and Bishop Berkis nodded his head alone as if he was satisfied.

“Yes, your name is Rockefeller? Rockefeller… … .”

When the bishop was speechless, unable to remember his name, Priest Peter, who was nearby, rushed out.

“The Ros Medici family. Bishop, didn’t there used to be a doctor named David Rossmedici?”


“The doctor who wore a red gown. He was a person who visited our church and the Parish of Lyon several times to worship and donate a lot.”

“Oh, was there anyone like that? A red robe?”

After thinking about it for a while, the bishop began to react violently as if he had just remembered.

“Five! I remember now. I’m sorry. There was such a person before. right. There was such a brave man. He was such a talented person that his medicine was second to that of a saint.”

“This young man here is his grandson.”

“Oh, that’s right. From a great doctor came a very good man.”

The two of them remembered the Los Medici family and were just busy laughing in a friendly atmosphere.

Seeing this, Rockefeller immediately knew why the bishop of Lyon had come all the way here.

‘It wasn’t really my intention, but it worked out very well.’

Why would a person who could be called the owner of Lyon come to the church on the outskirts?

The reason was obvious.

He, like the priest here, is interested in interest income.

‘I don’t know how it came to be, but it’s good for me anyway.’

“Excuse me, but why did you come here from the Most High of Lyon?”

At Rockefeller’s question, the priest came first.

“Wow! The one we talked about a while ago… … Is there any compensation fee? You are here for that.”

“Ah, you mean compensation for deposits?”

“Yes. you came here for that It seems that the Bishop was as much interested in your proposal as I was.”

“Is that so?”

The bishop, who had been listening quietly, came forward.

“Let’s talk about that interest. I came all the way here to hear the story.”

Then Priest Peter, who was nearby, was in an uproar.

“Sir, it is not interest, it is precisely compensation.”

Bishop Berkis looked at him with a crumpled expression on his face.

“Compensation or whatever. That’s it anyway.”

“Isn’t that still a different meaning?”

“Anyway, it’s all good for the church. Whatever it means, it’s good for God and our church, so what does it matter?”

“That’s it… … That’s right.”

Unlike the priest, who had to keep an eye on the surroundings, the bishop seemed to have nothing to hide.

Bishop Berkis went straight to Rockefeller.

“Let me tell you. I’m here because it’s interesting.”

Why would Rockefeller turn down this great opportunity?

‘This is luck. It’s impossible to miss an opportunity like this.’

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