The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 58

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 58

Episode 58 15. The Birth of a Deposit (5)

Rockefeller smiled and opened his mouth.

“I am just glad that your desire to repay the Church and to John has been well conveyed to the fact that your Excellency Bishop has shown interest in my proposal.”

Rockefeller immediately continued:

“It is the same that I suggested to Priest Peter earlier. As a token of my gratitude for having the heavenly church property, I am going to guarantee a 3% profit every month.”

In a world without deposit interest, Rockefeller’s proposal was truly shocking.

“Is that 3 percent each? haha… … Any reason to do that? Normally, you would rather receive gold coins as a storage fee for gold coins, but instead of doing that, you would rather give them gold coins?”

“Probably other bancoes will work on the concept of storage fees. However, in our case, we are always living with a heart of gratitude to God, John, and the high people of the church every day. So, it is not possible to substitute the general case.”

“That’s interesting.”

Bishop Berkis nodded his head alone as if he was satisfied.

“There are so many bancoes in Lyon too, but no one has made such an unconventional offer like you. This is also the first time I’ve been given gold coins to Banco to make a profit. This is probably not going to happen in an empire, no, the entire continent.”

At those words, the smile on Rockefeller’s lips grew stronger.

“Others don’t know how to thank God and the Church. You dare to hold the church’s property and charge a storage fee?”

Rockefeller shook his head as if to say goodbye.

“That cannot happen.”

“It’s a statement that I am very sympathetic to. Yeah, you’re on a different level compared to those of us all over the Empire, including Lyon, who dare to use the power of the gods to usury without permission. The attitude towards God is different.”

“Thank you for your words. I just thought it was normal.”

“Heh heh, but can the profit be guaranteed? 3 percent… … It must be a lot of money, right?”

“Yes, of course. We are generating profits in many ways, from gold currency exchange, gold coin storage, and profit from loans. The more our business thrives, the more we don’t have to worry about that.”

Bishop Berkis brushed his beard and continued.

“To be honest, when I first heard the story here, I didn’t quite understand it. If you deposit gold coins, you will have to pay a storage fee, but will you give me a profit? Even now, anyway.”

“If you have any doubts, you can leave it to us for testing, not all, but some. We will give you that amount every month as we promised, so you can wait and see for yourself later.”

“Is the principal guaranteed unconditionally?”

“of course. If you need the principal, you can come and visit us at any time.”

“haha… … I still can’t figure it out. I really like your proposal. If you entrust the gold coins to be left unattended, they will take care of your profits.”

“It is all my heart to repay God and the church. I would appreciate it if you would think positively without any doubt.”

As Rockefeller finished speaking, Priest Peter, who was nearby, abruptly intervened between them.

“Sir, in my case, I have unconditional trust in this young Rockefeller and Carter Banco here, so I plan to entrust all of our gold coins. You may not know your bishop because he is in Lyon, but even a passing dog knows that Carter Banco is doing very well on this estate. And you also have a dwarf-related beer business, right? It all started at the suggestion of this young man.”

Bishop Berkis was well aware that the beer business has greatly increased the profits here.

Because that’s when I started getting interested in this place.

“Oh, did this young man make that business proposal?”

“Yes, Bishop.”

“Right. Then you must trust this young man very much.”

“Sure. I have a lot of trust in this young man named Rockefeller. Even then, he came to me and suggested that he do what he had to do by himself. How wonderful and awe-inspiring is this?”

“By the way, is the beer business related to dwarves doing well these days? When I looked outside, it seemed a bit empty.”

“It is not. The beer business isn’t having much fun these days. Probably because the war is over. So, I had my own worrisome worries, and here this guy came and made a very good suggestion again. That’s the reward.”

“Great. Man, you have a very nice suit.”

“What are you talking about? You also met this young man here today, so in hindsight, wouldn’t you also have a good reputation?”

“ha ha ha!”

Bishop Berkis, who had laughed out loud once, turned his gaze to Rockefeller.

“Yeah, did you say your name is Rockefeller? Loss… … .”

“Yes, this is Rockefeller Ross Medici.”

“Yes, Ross Medici. I have a bad memory, so I have to keep saying it to memorize my name.”

“no. Please feel free to call me Rockefeller.”

“It is not. It is polite to remember your name and even your family. You are no one else and you are a benefactor of the church, can I?”

“Thank you for your words.”

Bishop Berkis, who looked at Rockefeller with a good expression, began to speak.

“I’ve heard a lot about you from Peter here. So I’m a little interested in your proposal… … how about If I leave gold coins in your banco, will you be able to pay the compensation like Peter here?”

The word I was waiting for came out.

Rockefeller lived up to his expectations without hesitation.

“Is it me? If you trust me and Carter Banco, I will protect the principal unconditionally and guarantee up to 3% profit every month.”

It was the conversation that I had until now to hear that.

When the desired answer came, Bishop Berkis smiled without hesitation.

“ha ha ha! You’re a really good friend. It’s only now that I’ve met such a precious person in my life. It feels like a seal that was not there is now bursting.”

Bishop Berkis, who was nodding his head alone as if he was satisfied, continued the following words.

This was his token of appreciation.

“If you ever need my help, please write to Lyon. Even if you don’t know where I am, if you send me a letter, I will receive it unconditionally. And if it’s a request that’s not too difficult, I’ll grant it. Cancer, not like that.”

“Thank you very much.”

“No, I am the one to be thankful for. There must be more people like you around me… … people don’t All of them are neglecting the church because they can’t control their greed. That’s bad. That’s bad.”

The conversation itself was very satisfying.

As expected of Rockefeller, Bishop Berkis was also interested in the interest on the deposit, and it was even said that he was able to help out with how much he appreciated the work.

‘I think we can bring that story up soon?’

At this moment, Rockefeller thought about the upcoming chaos of the estate and thought to make the two of them here on my side.

That way it will be more perfect than what you have planned.

“there… … Your Excellency.”

“Why? Do you suddenly have something to say?”

“Did you say something you just said? Would you like to help… … .

“Um, can you ask me anything?”

“that is… … no different. I also have some concerns.”

“worry? What do you mean?”

Then Priest Peter, who was nearby, was even more upset.

“No, if you have any concerns, you should have told me first! Have you been struggling all alone without telling me until now?”

“that is… … It’s something that can’t be said easily, so it happened.”

“What the hell are you worried about, but you don’t look so good.”

“There is no difference.”

Slowly, Rockefeller began to lose his luck.

The reason I have come to this point was all because of the lord who was escaping the crisis with the IOU.

Of course, that was all Rockefeller intended.

“Sir, I’m not sure what you think of this, Priest Peter.”

“Come on, tell me.”

“If someone lent us money, wouldn’t it be natural to get the money back from him?”

“Of course.”

“Of course not. Who borrowed money and wasn’t paying it back?”

“Not necessarily, but the lord is here, right?”

When discussing the lord, it was Bishop Berkis who immediately responded.

The lord is heaven here, but to him, the bishop of Lyon, the lord here was insignificant.

“You mean Chester?”

“Yes, the Lord has lent us a lot of money.”

“Then didn’t Chester even pay the money back?”

“It is not. However, the Lord’s financial situation is deteriorating day by day. So I’m worried that the default will someday happen.”

“Default? Chester isn’t like that… … He’s a tough guy, but he’s kind of loyal.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Of course, I fully understand the circumstances of the Lord here. The lord must have needed a lot of money because of the totem war that took place close to the territory. That’s what I fully understand. However, the interest that the Lord has to repay every month is now at a level I am concerned about. So it looks like you’re going to face default someday, and I’m worried about how to deal with it.”

Priest Peter, who had been listening quietly, came forward.

“Didn’t you take part of the estate as collateral in case that happens?”

“That’s right. In preparation for that, I took part of the territory as collateral.”

“Okay then, what are you worried about?”

Rockefeller protested in a low voice.

“We are just one banco vendor. We are in a position where we cannot use our power against the lord who is like the sky.”

Then Priest Peter raised a loud voice.

“Don’t worry too much about that. Because it’s me, ha-sang, on your side. Didn’t I even stand as a witness then? But to not keep that promise is to deceive me and the church. That is unacceptable.”

Bishop Berkis, who was quietly listening, also said something.

“If you borrow money, you have to pay it back. If there’s a problem there, I’m going to speak up too, so it’s not going to go as the lord here wants. Of course we don’t have too much compulsion. But to hate the church is to lose public opinion here. Chester isn’t an idiot either, so he probably wouldn’t do that.”

Rockefeller was quite satisfied with their answers.


However, these were also nerd-like people whose words might change someday.

Right now, I’m on my side because it’s in my interest, but if I go there and receive any sweet offer from the lord, I don’t know.

So Rockefeller gave them a reason to support him unconditionally.

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