The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 59

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 59

Episode 59 15. The Birth of a Deposit (6)

“I am always living my life with gratitude to God and the Church. If the day comes when the Lord can get back all the debt he owes, I plan to donate some of it to the church. This is my sincerity.”

“Are you going to donate a portion of what you get back?”

“Yes, that is my heart to repay John.”

“Great. There must be more people like you.”

“Sir, did I tell you? He is a person who will be great no matter what he does.”

“A small and insignificant believer like me always has a heart to repay God and the church.”

Priest Peter began to pour out the grievances he had ever brought.

“The owner here knows only you. Of course, I don’t interfere much with church affairs, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care much either.”

Bishop Berkis, who was listening, also came forward.

“I wish Chester was just like you. Chester is not like that.”

It was half joking and uttered without much thought, but it was approaching Rockefeller differently.

‘These people are also secretly dissatisfied with the lord. That means that the lord was indifferent to church affairs.’

“It would have been great if the Lord was just like me.”

Priest Peter, who sighed, responded.

“That’s it. But what do you do? I was born like that I just have to do it.”

Rockefeller secretly observed the reaction of the two and decided to make a statement that crossed the line here.

It was looking at his own reaction.

‘Because I want it to happen anyway.’

“Would it have been great if someone like me was born here as a lord?”

There was silence for a moment when he said those words, but he seemed to think that neither the priests nor the bishops thought it was a joke.

“It would have been great if that was the case.”

At the words of Bishop Berkis, Priest Peter also raised his voice.

“It would have been better if you were the lord here. You always think of the church first. There is no one like you.”

Hearing their reaction, Rockefeller smiled softly.

‘Isn’t the reaction really bad?’

“As the two of you said, I always have a heart for the church.”

It was still difficult to predict from this alone, but since the reaction between the two was not too bad even if it was a joke, Rockefeller could think that the reaction between the two would probably be small when he ascended to the lordship.

‘I’m not going to say anything about being nice to them.’

After asking Governor Lee Wang, Rockefeller decided to try another remark that crossed the line.

The previous reaction was not bad, so I decided to try it again.

“By the way. This is my opinion, but if the lord here goes on like this, he’s going to be really in debt, and then he’ll have some of our estate in Carter Banco. But to have a realm is… … Can people like us become nobles like the lord?”

At those words, two experienced church members started stroking my chin.

“Well, I guess it’s possible. If there was land, what would it be if it was not aristocratic?”

“Anyway, if a family’s surname is widely known, it will naturally become a family, and if that name becomes widely known, it will be recognized by everyone and become a nobleman. To be more certain, it would be quickest to get the royal approval.”

“Then how is the lord here? If we become nobles with the lord’s land, wouldn’t the lord not appreciate it?”

It was Bishop Berkis who answered the question with a crumpled expression on his face.

Of course, here, the object he felt badly about was, of course, the lord Chester.

“It’s the lord’s fault. So who told you to owe it? Debt is also a sin. You should only borrow as much as you can repay. If it goes beyond that, it’s not a sin, what the hell is it?”

“okay. If the lord here goes wrong because of debt, this will be a land without a ruler, but of course, I don’t think we, who own the land, would dare to take it.”

Rockefeller continued.

“To be a ruler, shouldn’t there be a force that supports him? Just because a banco contractor like us owns the land, you cannot become a person like the Lord. Do you have no support from Young Ji-min?”

“That sounds right. Just because you own land doesn’t mean you can become a ruler.”

“Just because you own land doesn’t mean you can become a ruler. You must have Young Ji-min’s absolute support.”

“I think so too.”

Rockefeller, who got a bit of luck, threw the following words:

“By the way. If you own the land, and someone who is supported by Young Ji-min happens to appear… … That person would be a completely new person, not the lord here.”

This is what Rockefeller really wanted to ask the two of them.

“If such a person comes out, are you two willing to support him?”

Bishop Berkis’s expression hardened slightly.

“Why are you asking such a question all of a sudden?”

“I asked a question out of curiosity, which is still immature. I’m really sorry if my question offended you.”

“What’s wrong with you? Us, if you are good to God and the church and you have a strong faith, there is no reason to give up. Isn’t that right, Peter?”

“Yes, Your Excellency, you are 100 times correct. If a member of the church like us, who rules one territory peacefully and peacefully, and is loyal to us and the church, is there any reason to refuse?”

Peter continued.

“It might be better to have another lord to rule here than the lord here. That’s probably not the case, but I’m secretly dissatisfied with the lord here. No one needs to take care of us or has any obligation to take care of it, but they come all the way here to help us somehow, and someone who forgets that duty is a very shameless guy who just doesn’t know whether we die or not. He’s just busy looking for his own way. My faith is questionable.”

Rockefeller simply nodded quietly.

‘You think so, right?’

When all conversations are over.

The final atmosphere was friendly.

“Then I think you two have accepted my offer. The compensation fee for deposit is calculated according to the period of deposit of gold coins, so please keep this in mind.”

Saying to deposit the gold coins as soon as possible.

The response that followed was also what Rockefeller had expected.

“I see. Let me send you my gold coins.”

“I plan to send it to Lyon as soon as I get back to Lyon, so please take good care of me in the future.”

After returning from church work, Rockefeller returned to Carter Banco and met Carter, who was guarding the store with a nervous look.

“What happened? Did the conversation go well?”

At Carter’s question, Rockefeller let out a deep smile.

“Yeah, that thing worked out for me.”

“okay? Then gold… … .”

Carter, who had not yet had the concept of a deposit, thought that Rockefeller had gone to church to borrow gold coins.

“Did you borrow it from there?”

“No, uncle. I didn’t borrow gold coins, but I deposited those gold coins in our store.”

“Did you deposit gold coins?”

Carter replied with a questionable expression.

“As far as I know, the people over there aren’t the people who will deposit the gold coins, even paying the gold coin storage fee, right?”

It was Carter who knew Priest Peter better than anyone.

“Did he really say he puts his gold coins here?”

“Yes, no storage fee instead.”

“You don’t charge a storage fee? what is that… … .”

“Rather, I decided to take a 3% interest income every month.”

“What, what?”

Carter only thought I had heard it wrong.

“What do you mean? We’re not going to charge you 3% per month to store your gold coins, but you’re going to pay us interest?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

Carter took a step forward and questioned Rockefeller as if he was not convinced.

“What kind of crazy is that? Even if we receive gold coin storage fees, we would rather give interest income to a country where there is not enough money? Are you crazy now?”

Then Joshua, who had gone to church with Rockefeller, began to speak up.

“Mister Carter, we are all in the business, so don’t get too excited.”

“How is this profitable? It looked like we were giving away our money for nothing.”

Rockefeller was silent, and Joshua stepped in to explain the rest.

Of course, it was all I heard from Rockefeller.

“First of all, our loan interest rate is 6%. And 3% of the interest income from depositing the gold coin is returned to the original owner of the gold coin. If we assume that our store has run out of sound loans, we continue to profit by 3% of the difference.”

Carter, who had stretched out his fingers to measure his understanding, reluctantly began to agree.

“No, but, aren’t our yields getting smaller?”

Rockefeller came forward in a small protest.

“Right now, returns can be small. But if you do it this way, the scale of how you manage your money will change. To put it simply, it would be like eating 3% of 10,000 talents rather than eating 6% of 100 talents. Why?”

Rockefeller continued.

“In other bancoes, there is a negative profit from depositing gold coins, but we pay 3% interest as a compensation fee for depositing gold coins. I’ll leave it to you. Then our banco will have a much larger amount of funds than other bancoes.”

After that, it was Joshua.

“Then you lose 3 percent in terms of return, but in terms of income, it’s 6 talents and 300 talents, so wow, there’s a difference of 294 talents.”

“Is that a difference of 294 talents? A 3% drop in returns?”

“It is an extreme example. This makes it easier to understand.”

Joshua asked Carter.

“Then, Uncle Carter. Would you like to eat 6 talents on a smaller scale? Or will you grow up and eat 300 talents?”

“Yeah… … .”

“It’s like that. Of course, you have to eat 300 talents. Because that’s natural.”

Rockefeller, who thought Carter understood enough, narrowed his eyes.

‘A bank is actually a place where people make money with other people’s money. Most people don’t know this.’

Either way, the fire was put out immediately.

Carter Banco’s credibility will not be damaged even if a large number of mercenaries come to seek gold coins right away.

“Anyway, the church is now supplying the gold coins we need right away, so our store will no longer be closed just because the war is over. I have enough gold coins to give to the mercenaries right now.”

Having passed the crisis once, it was time to attack.

“Now let’s move on to the next step.”

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