The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 60

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 60

Episode 60 16. Girl, I’ll Eat You in Debt (1)

Overseer Chiron Mark.

Shortly after entering the Shea’s barracks in the Yeongjuseong Fortress, she delivered a good news to the sheers who were waiting only for them.

“It’s this month’s pay.”

In his hand was a Gold IOU, which was used as a salary, and the IOU was soon paid to each of the sister-in-law like a salary.

“Is this again?”

“I haven’t seen gold coins in a while, maybe?”

“This is the trend these days. is not it?”

“It’s not Banco, but the Lord guarantees it. Nothing is more certain than this.”

“It should be.”

“Anyway, it’s very convenient. In the past, gold coins were inconvenient.”

Each of the sears who got their salaries said a word, and the Overseas, who distributed their salaries to everyone, repeated the same words as usual.

“If you need the right talent, you can go to Banco. It’s the case of the land, as you guys are well aware of it, so you can just use it like gold coins.”

At those words, the seers became noisy again.

“Aren’t this IOU can only be used within this territory anyway?”

“Right. Where are you going to write this? If you bring this out from another estate, you’ll probably hear some crazy shit.”

Then the Overseer spoke harshly.

“Did you ever leave this estate? Guys who never leave, there are so many things to say. If you are really dissatisfied, go to Banco and exchange it.”

As the subordinates who did not vomit were silent, the Overseer Chiron Mark gave a brief report on the progress outside the territory.

“by the way. The war is now over. Both camps withdrew as of today. It was reported early in the morning. Of course, Yeongju was the first to report.”

There were no poets who were greatly relieved to hear that the war was over.

I had a feeling like that a few months ago, and it was nothing new to hear about it now.

“The war itself was a joke by the goblins who had their eyes on the orcs’ manastones, did you not hear anything about that, Overseer-sama?”

“Where did you hear that?”

“The mercenaries who had heard stories from all over the place did it. I heard that the Totem War itself was a war created by the goblins. He said that he purposely started a war against stupid orcs to get manastones. I heard that war requires money, and the Goblin Bank paid the money, and the orcs took the manastones instead.”

While the poet who told the story was holding his breath for a moment, another poet suddenly intervened.

“If that is true, the orcs must have been fooled. To a goblin who is smaller than the others.”

“Is it only Orcs? Even the Dwarves who have been misunderstood in the wrong way will be upset.”

“But there is no evidence.”

The Overseer made a voice.

“stop. It’s not our job anyway. You don’t have to worry about it at all. The important thing is that the war outside the territory is over.”

“It is.”

A Shea raised her hand, drawing Overseer’s attention.

“Over there, Overseer. So what happened to the mercenaries on the fortress side?”

“The mercenary units are already getting out of here one by one. If all of a sudden they rush out all at once, the territory becomes chaotic.”

“Does the Lord know about it?”

“I know. It was the Lord who directed it.”


Shaking his head to see if everyone agreed, Chiron Mark immediately ordered the disbandment.

“Then disband and thoroughly monitor the area you are assigned to today. The only reason you get paid here is for the sake of policing the territory. Never neglect your duties.”


Lee Dong-seong. The seers who answered loudly began to leave the barracks armed with them.

Chiron Mark, who was watching these poems silently, had a strange idea when he saw the remaining IOUs in my hand.

‘It would be great to have the ability to copy this.’

But it’s like a dream.

Originally, the paper used for the deed of borrowing was a special material made by Banco makers with the power of the Sinclair magician.

That is, replication is impossible.

‘It won’t be easy. I am no magician.’

Chiron Mark, who went out of the barracks with a regretful thought, started his day without a hitch.

Youngji was also calm today.

There was no intrusion from the outside, and there were no territorial residents who caused trouble inside the territory.

But the real big problem came that evening with his wife.

“Honey, I went to Banco today, and they say this IOU cannot be exchanged for talents, do you know anything?”

“What? What do you mean all of a sudden? Can’t exchange?”

What kind of thunder is that?

A Gold IOU, which has been exchanged for talents without problems for the past few years, suddenly cannot be exchanged for gold coins.

“Did you really say that in Banco?”

“Yeah, was it your payday today? So I tried exchanging talents for Bern to pay for living expenses, but it didn’t work. It was so reckless.”

Chiron Mark put back on the armor he was about to take off and called out to his wife.

“Are you saying that Banco rejected you even though I knew you were my wife?”

“Yeah, Sear or Overseer’s wife, they always nailed it. What is this?”

The Overseer scratched my head, trying to understand what was going on, but no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t figure out why.

“I will go once. What a nonsense all of a sudden. So far, talents have been exchanged without any problems, but suddenly the exchange is not possible?”

If you think about the trust Carter Banco had, what happened to his wife today was inexplicable.

“wait. I will go and hear the story.”

When the sun goes down and the day’s work comes to an end.

However, the Overseer came to see Banco in a hurry.

The Banco I visited was not a riot due to the local residents who had already come for the same reason.

“What kind of bullshit all of a sudden! You’ve been exchanging for a while now, but you can’t do it from today!”

“Open this door and exchange it for gold! I need talent right now!”

“Open the door!”

“carter! Carter, what the hell are you doing!”

There were a lot of angry Youngji in front of Carter Banco.

Each of them was holding a paper IOU and screaming in the inside of the banco.

“What’s happening?”


“You are here, Overseer!”

Young Ji-min, who recognized the Overseer, began to show respect towards him at once.

He was of a higher rank of knights than commoners, and he was also a key figure in charge of policing in the territory, so the people of the territory treated him with respect and told him about the situation inside.

“Well, Banco says this IOU cannot be exchanged for talents.”

“We don’t even know English. Talents have been exchanged for the past few years without any problems, but now, is it reasonable to say that exchanges are no longer possible?”

“I’m really going back. I don’t understand why you’re doing that all of a sudden.”

When I heard the story, most of them came for the same reason as myself.

At some point, the number of people who came to us doubled.

All of them were Youngji residents who had heard the news and came in haste.

“Let me ask.”

“Ask Overseer-sama!”

“Yes, Overseer-sama, ask me one more question! Aren’t we supposed to know why?”

“The money to send tomorrow is urgent. It’s really urgent!”

When Overseer stepped forward in front of Carter Banco, there were people who stopped him, and they were by no means a match for this place.

“It is like a sanctuary where the property of the Church is enshrined.”

The one who stood in the way of the Overseer was a person with quite a bit of experience among the priests.

“I don’t know who you are, but if you’ve come here to make a fuss, you’d better stay back. Doing any harm here is the same as harming the church.”

Oh my gosh!

The church people, who hated the usurers the most, were rather protecting Carter Banco from the angry locals.

In this absurd situation, the Overseer felt puzzled.

‘What’s the matter?’

From what the priests were saying, it appeared that the church’s property was in Carter Banco.

‘How is the church property here? There’s no reason to be there, right? I don’t know at all. What the hell happened?’

In spite of so many territorial residents, everything that Carter Banco has been able to escape from so far seems to be due to the power of the priests guarding the entrance.

If not, Carter Banco may have already ravaged the store due to the angry locals.


Although he was an Overseer who oversees the security of the territory, he did not have the power to recklessly attack the church members.

In a way, it could be a greater sin than disrespecting the lord.

That is how powerful the church was.

So, the Overseer, who had no choice but to hide his uncomfortable feelings, began to speak as if ejaculating.

“I am the one in charge of policing in this territory, so I came here to hear the details of the situation. As you said, this is a church property, so I have no intention of making a fuss. I promise you I will never make a fuss.”

When the priest, who was lightly scanning the politely requested Overseer, reluctantly paved the way, the clamoring locals from behind took a step to enter the store, but this was soon stopped by the other priests with torches.

“You have no right to enter here. Let’s all take a step back!”

“This is a sanctuary with the property of the Church! Are you going to cause trouble in Sanctuary?”

“Get away from Sanctuary! This is no place for you to dare to make a fuss!”

While the angry Yeongji-min and several priests are facing each other outside the store.

Upon entering the store, the Overseer saw the Banco people who were standing there as if he had anticipated this and Priest Peter, who was with them.

“The priest was there too.”

“You are here.”

As a courtesy, the Overseer, who greeted Sasaejang, immediately began to speak to Carter.

“Carter, what’s the fuss?”

“Aren’t you Chiron Mark? Why did you come all the way here?”

“Isn’t it obvious why I came? It’s very noisy outside. Why the hell are you saying you can’t exchange these for talents?”

“That’s what… … .”

Rockefeller, who had been watching, walked out of the dark of the store, and raised a voice as Carter faltered, as if it was difficult for him to answer.

“You don’t have to be so excited about us. This is a natural result of the Lord, not us.”

“The Lord caused this? What does that mean? What the hell did the Lord do wrong?”

Fully revealed from the darkness of the store, Rockefeller leaned on the light of a candle to illuminate himself dimly.

light and darkness.

that borderline.

Rockefeller, who stood on the borderline, continued to speak.

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