The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 62

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 62

Episode 62 16. Honey, Debt Eats (3)

After a while.

Young people who were siege to the Overseer, who came out of the store without any results, rushed in.

Showing signs of concern, they surrounded the Overseer and started asking questions in a hurry.

“How did things go inside?”

“Is the conversation going well?”

“Is it resolved? Can this be exchanged for gold coins?”

“Answer me! Why don’t you say anything, I’m worried about people… … .”

“Please don’t say no.”

As the baptism of questions continued to the extent that it hurts his ears, the Overseer stopped at his seat, and the attention of Youngji people who saw it was focused on him.

But there was nothing he could say here.

What am I supposed to tell you?

There was no such thing as an ideal answer.

“… … .”

At that time, complaints from Yeongji-min continued to him, who was only consistent in silence, and a picture was drawn asking for a solution from him as an overseer.

Suddenly, Carter Banco’s door opened, revealing Rockefeller, the true power of the store.

With Rockefeller’s appearance, everyone’s attention was now directed to Rockefeller, not to Overseer, and Rockefeller, who was among the priests for safety, began to speak out when the locals who were flocking to Overseer turned their attention to him.

“Come on, everyone, please calm down. Today I will explain all the background to this commotion.”

Even if they gave an explanation, the shouting Youngji residents showed no sign of being easily calmed down.

However, it is not a problem that can be solved just by shouting, and they also need reasonable understanding, so everyone was able to quiet down for a while with the initiative of one Young Ji-min.

As the young people who were protesting in front of the store became quiet, Rockefeller continued to explain the situation.

Everything was similar to what I had explained to the Overseer.

After one explanation, Rockefeller said.

“As I have explained so far, the Gold IOU that you have brought is in a state where Carter Banco is not obligated to exchange it for talents.”

At this, some of the residents of the territory shouted excitedly, and Rockefeller, who didn’t care, continued the conversation again.

“That doesn’t mean Carter Banco isn’t accepting all IOUs. The IOU IOU, which is directly guaranteed by our Carter Banco, can still be exchanged for talents! If you have an IOU deed of borrowing, you can go inside the store after getting my confirmation and exchange it for talents.”

As those words continued, the majority of Youngji residents who were checking the IOUs they were holding began to sigh.

They were the people who abandoned the IOU IOU and switched to the Gold IOU because they thought the Gold IOU guaranteed by the permanent lord would be safer.

But not everyone can be the same.

“I am IOU! I didn’t change it because it was annoying back then!”

Among them, there were Yeongji people who kept holding IOU IOUs because they were bothersome or because they thought they didn’t care about any IOUs, and they shouted as if they had been saved.

“I live! I live!”

When a small number of Young Ji-min shouted, the majority gave envious glances, and Rockefeller also made a good impression on them.

“Yes, if you have IOU IOUs here, you can come into our store now and exchange them for as many talents as you need.”

The very few Yeongji residents, who were quite excited at the thought that I was saved alone, rejoiced alone, not paying attention to the people around me.

“I’m glad I didn’t change back then! My gold coins are safe!”

As he stood in front of Rockefeller after breaking through the young people who only gave him a cold glance, he proudly opened the IOU deed that he had, and Rockefeller saw it and responded with a smile.

“Yes, let’s go inside the store. If you go inside, my brother Joshua will exchange you for as many talents as you need.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he burst into cheers and quickly entered the store, and Rockefeller’s voice was directed to the people who were sitting on a siege.

“As you can see, our Carter Banco never lost trust with you to this day!”

All of this was caused by the lord.

Rockefeller appealed to everyone that Carter Banco’s trust and credibility stood firm in the midst of this chaos.

“We will keep your gold coins in both sides of the world, which is clearly stated in the IOU IOU you have!”

Of course, there was Yeong Ji-min who was skeptical of Rockefeller’s words.

“Then this Gold IOU! You’ve exchanged it well so far, so why come now!”

At those words, Rockefeller’s expression cooled, and he questioned him.

“I have explained everything before. The IOU is out of our liability.”

And all these arrows of reproach had to be directed only at him, not at himself and Carter Banco.

A lord is a vicious debtor wearing a mask.

“All this unfortunate incident that happened tonight was the Lord’s own initiative, and I will tell you clearly here that it has absolutely nothing to do with us!”

Some young Jimin shouted.

“Then what are we supposed to do? You are telling me to go out and die like this!”

“What are we going to do with our gold coins!”

Rockefeller, who did not blink an eye in spite of their cries, responded immediately.

“Your gold coins cannot be held responsible for me. But the Gold IOU you brought is not really a piece of paper!”

“Then what!”

“As stated there, it is possible to exchange directly for the IOU written by the lord, so if you need gold coins, you can go directly to the lord with the IOU written by the lord at our store and ask for gold coins.”

Then, a muffled voice came from all over the place.

“How do you go to the lord and ask for our gold coins… … .”

“You have to say something that makes sense.”

“What power do we have!”

Rockefeller raised his voice towards Young Ji-min.

It was all to convince them.

“If you were a minority, of course you would be powerless, but now you are the majority! There is absolutely no Lord in this world who can defeat all of Young Ji-min. I’ll give you the lord’s IOU, so go and claim it! Go and get your gold coins! Are you sure you will lose your gold like this?”

At those words, Young Ji-min’s face, who had been depressed, quickly changed.

When I looked around, most of them came for the same reason as me.

“Yeah, let’s go get it! Am I not the only one who did this?”

“right! Here, Overseer-sama suffered as well, and we are not alone.”

“Let’s go and ask!”

“Yeah right! Let’s go and ask!”

cliff edge.

Young-ji-min, who was trying to catch even the straw, all came together without you and me, and started to make a fuss to turn a reality that they had not even dared to think about until a moment ago.

The Overseer, who was quietly watching the Youngji people, recognized the seriousness of the situation.

‘It’s not even a fuss. If the rumors spread here and there, then the whole estate will be overturned.’

Ordinarily an Overseer, he had to step out to rectify the situation.

He has to catch a young man named Rockefeller who calms the excited Youngji people and instigates them knowingly and unknowingly.

But he, too, became a victim, so he could never do that.

Rather, he also thought that it was better to move with a large number of residents than to argue with the lord on his own.

‘It was rather good. Only then will the Lord be aware of the seriousness of the situation.’


With a cough, the Overseer began to move quickly toward the lord’s castle.

In the meantime, the interest of Youngji people was still on Rockefeller, but only a few Shears who came to Carter Banco for the same reason as the Overseer quickly attached themselves to the Overseer.

“It’s not really a fuss.”

“Isn’t that a real riot over there?”

However, none of them had any intention of stopping Young Ji-min from getting excited.

They had the same thoughts as the leading Overseer.

“Still, if such a large number of people gather at once, even the lord will not be able to play with his guts.”

“I hope it goes well… … .”

“Isn’t this really a big deal?”

The big thing here was not that the stability of the land was destroyed.

“If all of this becomes a piece of trash… … .”

It was a big deal when the Gold IOU in his hand became a piece of tissue paper.

“It’s terrifying to even imagine.”

At those words, the Overseer opened his heavy mouth.

“It will never happen. If that happens, it will be overturned from the lord’s castle, not the manor.”

Not only himself, but most of the sears have been receiving Gold IOUs in the form of salaries.

Most of the people in the territory do not exchange it for gold coins because they are used like money.

But does this become a piece of tissue paper overnight?

‘You can’t look down on us.’

“Is there anyone here who doesn’t have the IOU? Even if you don’t know Young Ji-min, our poets should never be taken lightly.”

A certain poet was taken aback at those words.

“Then do all our seers move together?”

“Let’s move together and try to figure out a solution somehow. Youngji people, no matter what happens, we have to live first.”

For anyone, my rice bowl was important.

The seers seemed to fully agree with the words of the Overseer.


“First, we need to secure our gold coins. That is the most important thing.”

Said the Overseer, who had made a decision.

“Anyway, we’re all thinking the same thing, so it’d be better if we rushed around right now.”

To keep his gold coins tied to mere shards of paper, the Overseer gave instructions to the seers who followed him.

“Leave only the minimum number of people, and call them all to the lord’s castle. We have to find a way to live.”


The seers moving in unison moved looking for their fellow seers, and in the meantime, the Overseer, who arrived in front of Yeongju Castle, could feel the chaos in the villages adjacent to Yeongju Castle.

The clamoring people and the torches increasing one by one.

It was completely different from usual.

‘It’s not all a riot. Of course it would be Now my money seems to be flying, can you sleep?’

The Overseer gripped the Gold IOU he had and the Lord’s IOU from Carter Banco.

‘You must have gold coins.’

please… … please!

But inside, this anxious thought was not easily shaken off.

He was the one who knew more about the lord and the situation of the land than anyone else.

‘You won’t be too much. Still, he is the owner of a realm.’

He, too, was unaware of the lord’s use of a IOU to bring money from Banco whenever he needed money.

I was aware that it was being overused, but I never foresaw something like today.


The biggest reason was that Carter Banco exchanged the Gold IOU for the talent without any problems.

‘ね! I should have expected it in advance… … .

Now, what do you do when you regret it?

Anyway, I had to make a deal with the lord tonight.

Young Jimin? Whatever it was, they had to prioritize themselves and their gold coins first.

‘It must be so. Otherwise, I won’t be able to stay there for long.’

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