The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 63

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 63

Episode 63 16. Honey, I will be eaten by debt (4)

Late night when the moon hung in the sky.

Lord Chester received a report from the seers about the disturbance in the estate.

What’s going on is that Carter Banco is not exchanging the IOU that Young Ji-min brought for gold coins.

So it was a report of angry Youngji people visiting Carter Banco and making a fuss.

‘That’s probably not for me.’

How did things come to be like that?

Youngjoo couldn’t get a hold of it.

He was only thinking to the extent that Carter Banco had a problem and could not give out the gold coins to simply think, but he never dreamed that he was deeply involved in the matter.

Of course, it was not without suspicion.

Tonight, before that happened, a young man named Rockefeller went to meet him.

‘It wasn’t a good story… … It wouldn’t have anything to do with it. This is Carter Banco’s own problem.’

Rockefeller, who came to the lord, talked seriously about repaying the debt, unlike any other.

And I was told to pay back the interest in gold coins as much as possible, but the lord was not the one to hear it.

The lord said to Rockefeller who had come.

“What would I do if I suddenly refused to accept it even though I had been receiving it as my IOU?”

Rockefeller protested at the words of the lord.

“I don’t know when it started, but I continued to receive only the Lord’s borrowing certificate. The IOU is the Lord’s promise to repay the debt someday. However, we cannot always receive that promise. Please give me your talents as interest.”

“I can’t pay interest like that. You know where can I get that kind of money?”

“Isn’t the estate tax steadily rising?”

“Ah, the estate tax is not waived. But you can’t give it away for gold? I don’t have enough gold coins either. Shouldn’t we be prepared for emergencies? Then you should have some gold coins.”

“I think that was too serious.”

“Anyway, there are no gold coins.”

The lord’s outspoken guts made him think of the bad debtors that Carter had talked about before.

‘I said that every debtor was not a bad debtor from the start. Just like him.’

Rockefeller found out at this meeting that a good debtor, who had been paying off his money like a lord, could be turned into a bad debtor depending on my circumstances.

But all of this was his intention.

It was he who secretly induced the lord to take on such a debt.

To put him into debt and kill him.

‘It was exactly what I was looking for. Nice to meet you, lord, no, bad debtor.’

“Then you’re going to use a IOU instead of gold this time?”

At that question, the lord began to frown.

“When did I say I wasn’t going to pay it back? It’s difficult right now, so I’m going to replace it with a IOU.”

“How long are you talking about?”

Youngjoo was overconfident in his own strength.

‘I won’t give you gold coins, so what will he do?’

“Why are you asking? Thank you for writing me a IOU.”

Rockefeller also threw in a word at those words.

“Young lord. As I said before, we can’t just continue to accept IOUs. We took the land as collateral in the past, so if there is a problem, we have no choice but to take the land.”

Then the lord snorted openly.

“You dare take my land? What kind of talent does a single banco contractor have?”

“Didn’t we promise each other like that?”

“It’s a promise… … I did. But in what way are you going to take it? I am alive and well.”

At those words, Rockefeller laughed at the lord inwardly.

‘You’re overconfident that you’re the owner here. Don’t hurt yourself like that.’

“This is what I promised in front of Priest Peter.”

Nevertheless, the noble attitude of the lord did not change.

“Come on, make sure you know this. The land is not given by the church, but by your Majesty. Whatever promises you make in front of me and the members of the church, your Majesty decides to weigh them, and simply because I owe you, you cannot take the land as you please.”

There was nothing wrong here.

Even if the promise with the church members was valid, in principle, the imperial land was decided and distributed by the imperial family, so if the imperial family did not acknowledge the promise here, any promises made here could be null and void.

Because that was the power of the imperial family and the land that the emperor ruled.

“Still, I made a promise while God was watching, and even if I dare to abolish it, it cannot be overturned.”

In an instant, the voice of the lord stood up.

“How dare you mention His Majesty!”

As Rockefeller faltered, the lord with a vein in his neck stared intently at him.

“you… … You’ve grown so much while I haven’t seen you. Come to me and talk to me.”

Rockefeller admitted to himself.

that he had grown up a lot.

‘Anyway, that guy won’t last long. The moment I get out of here, I’ll pull the trigger first.’

“This is what the church promised. Your Majesty is also heaven, but above it is God. It is a promise made in the presence of God watching. No one can beat it.”

The church was the place the lord hated the most.

Because it was the least listened to, and there was no obligation to listen to me.

It’s always been a troublesome place, and I still don’t have good feelings.

“Of course, it was supposed to be an appointment at church.”

“If you make a promise, it will have some effect. Your Majesty will surely appreciate this. You must know this better than me, right?”

“Of course it is. But what you want will happen on the premise that I will not pay the debt.”

Youngjoo smiled openly.

“But when did I say I was not going to pay off debt and interest? I plan to pay it back.”

The lord took out a bunch of IOUs with his own seal from the drawer of the desk.

“And I plan to pay it back today. Will you pay interest with this?”

The lord, who did not have deep learning, believed only in his own strength and admired the ‘power of money printed in the air’.

He thought he could deceive Carter Banco, the torch bearer, into paying him back by issuing an IOU in his name anytime, anywhere with this bundle of IOUs stamped with his own seal.

“Come on, let me tell you. How much interest do you need? I will write you down the interest as much as you need here.”

He was truly arrogant and ignorant.

‘I think it’s a bit simple to think because I’m a person who’s been rolling around on the battlefield all my life, isn’t it?’

Rockefeller decided not to forget the perverted smile the lord had at this time.

“The day will come when the Lord will regret this today.”

It was the best provocation a commoner could make against a lord.

Although he was a lord full of energy, he still admired his guts and raised the corners of his mouth.

‘Because I’m young, I’m not afraid. Who dare you to snout in front of?’

“regret? If you regret it, it will be with those of you who don’t take this.”

The smiling lord seemed to provoke Rockefeller by telling him to do it wherever he could.

After all, I thought the winner would be me.

“You are nothing but Young Ji-min. They are just poor commoners who have come to my land and have rented it.”

The lord continued to speak as if it was a pity.

“Do you remember what I said the other day?”

Rockefeller protested in silence, and the lord blew out the following words with a deep smile.

“I mean, it’s a person. You need to know my fraction.”

what to say next?

Rockefeller certainly knew.

“A serf like a serf, and a commoner like a commoner. And nobles should live gracefully by themselves.”

His words are not over yet.

“Always live with courtesy and respect. Where did you dare say that a bubbly bastard who acts as an assistant in Banco, who looked hateful to God, came to the heavenly lord to ask for debt? You need to know your subject before you swear by debt.”

After the lord had finished speaking, he sent Rockefeller back.

“That’s all I have to say, so if you have anything else to say, come back with Carter. Even if you come back anyway, what I will give you is not gold coins, but this document of loan.”

The lord’s smile still hadn’t faded.

“I might even get it on my knees, depending on how I feel.”

Now, this situation is the limit of powerless creditors.

And it was the natural guts of a powerful debtor.

“Did you even know? Even if you lend while standing, you have to lie down to receive it. Isn’t that the pity of a banco trader who plays interest games like you? If you understand, go back quietly. When I come back, I will come with Carter.”

That was the last thing the lord remembered.

‘Then that’s how it ended, did they suddenly give up? Why don’t you convert Young Ji-min’s IOU into gold coins?’

Here, the lord was thinking that the primary problem in the matter was not with him, but with Carter Banco.

Of course, he thought that it was Banco’s responsibility not to exchange gold coins on Young Ji-min’s deed of borrowing.

‘Or did you hear me bitter and your stomach twisted? Seriously, I can’t be so brazen as these guys. Because people’s greed is the same law.’

The lord started thinking about how to punish Carter Banco.

The fact that Carter Banco didn’t work normally was a problem that had to be fixed from the lord’s point of view.

‘This time, I’m going to have to raise my banco tax, or give me a stinging punishment. That way, Young Ji-min’s dissatisfaction will go away.’

late night.

He never dreamed that the commotion that started in Carter Banco would soon return to him.

Youngjoo headed to the bedroom to sleep.

Carter Banco’s fuss, because I was going to get up tomorrow and settle it calmly.

However, there were a lot of people blocking the front of such a lord, so of course they should not be here.

“you… … .”

The lord clouded the end of his speech and saw the flock of Shea rushing in.

“Why are you here?”

The Overseer, who had come to the lord with excited seers, took a step forward and handed him a bundle of IOUs he had received as a salary.

“I came here because of this.”

“What is that?”

“Take it. We all came here for that.”

It was Carter Banco’s Gold IOU that had been used like money in the estate for some time.

The lord, who received the Gold Deed of Loan from the Overseer without even knowing English, asked the question rather.

“Why are you showing this to me?”

At those words, the faces of all the seers including the Overseer hardened at once.

“Do you really have no idea why we came all the way here late at night?”

Although he is the owner of a manor, he is interested in defending the territory and the battlefield, and he did not know even the smallest details inside the territory.

“Isn’t this the old new IOU from Carter Banco?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Then why did you bring this to me?”

“You don’t know anything about that IOU?”

“Don’t you know? Isn’t this just Carter Banco’s IOU?”

“You don’t know… … Take a closer look at that IOU. Then you will know why we came.”

With an expression of ignorance of the English language, the lord looked closely at the loan deed he had been handed over as Overseer had said.

There were clearly written words on it that I had accidentally skimmed through before, but I thought it was insignificant.

It is said that this deed of borrowing was issued with the deed of loan written by him as collateral.

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  1. MrPojsomnoj says:

    Oh, I missed this point all this time: mc have to give original contract is he doesn’t want to pay in gold coins, so instead toilet paper is changed for original contract, and officially lord is in dept to whole estate by contract on 8000 coins, that he have to return them, not to bank.

    In other words bank is not in dept to anyone as it repaid dept by another dept. To rob Peter to pay Paul. This scheme is pretty complicated, lol. If you did not understand anything, I’m the same…

  2. MrPojsomnoj says:

    Maybe I missed it somewhere, but I think before going to lord mc gave them the contract on gold coins the one that said to be transferable. I think, in the end mc will give them coins as he have to get back contract and to claim land as contract’s collateral.

  3. MrPojsomnoj says:

    I got it, it’s not a check for lord bank, it’s literally useless piece of paper that only useful when lord paying his interest! No interest, means it’s toilet paper and have no legal value! It means lord scammed people and the only way to return value to paper is pay interest or give the land.

    Lord is a scammer and always has been!

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