The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 67

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 67

Episode 67 17. My dear, I will be eaten by debt #2(3)

“You didn’t know at the time that it was going to be like this, did you?”

Youngju bowed her head at the daughter’s question.

like a sinner.

“I didn’t know then. I also have the power, so I never thought that things would turn out like this.”

The lord continued to say if he had anything to say.

“There was a lord who went bankrupt while overusing the loan.”

“Why did you do that, knowing you were there?”

“The method was completely different. What I do know is that the deed of borrowing I wrote went to your Majesty’s Majesty or another lord. In such a case, the opponent also has the power and can legitimately ask for gold coins from me. Also, your Majesty will take sides with the one who lent the gold coins, so there will be a good cause for fighting with the one who lent the money.”

“Are you sure you didn’t think of anything like that?”

Young-joo answered without strength.

“I couldn’t. Because this happened inside, not outside the territory. I never dreamed that all of Young Ji-min would be creditors. And to the seers… … .”

When I heard the excuses, just hearing them made me sigh.

Then, suddenly, a thought occurred to me.

Whose fault was this?

I needed urgent power, but was it the lord’s fault for borrowing more than necessary and becoming a debtor?

Or was it the problem of Carter Banco, who lent a lot of money to such a lord and colluded with all of Young Ji-min to pay off the debt later?

Her arms were bent inward, but she made a rational decision.

‘It’s the father’s fault. I can’t just blame the person who lent me the money.’

It was a clear mistake and mistake for the lord to abuse the loan more than necessary.

However, it seemed difficult to see that his father was all at fault.

He also borrowed money to defend the territory, not because he borrowed money solely for personal greed.

“It’s clear that my father was wrong, but it wasn’t just that he was wrong. The father sacrificed nothing but to defend the territory, right? Have you ever spent a lot of money privately other than the Wyvern?”

“No, there has never been. It was just too much, because most of it was used to defend the territory. I’m not good at managing money.”

“Then it would be difficult to see that this was all the father’s fault. This is something everyone needs to understand. Have you fully explained that to your creditors? It is said that all the borrowing of a large amount of money was for the defense of the territory.”

The work had come to this point, but the lord had something to say.

“Yeah, it was only my judgment that protected this place from the totem war. you should know that But people don’t know that. The debt I owed back then is because I think it is only my share.”

“Isn’t that too much? Are you saying you didn’t understand that part at all?”

“They were rather angry that they didn’t pay fair taxes. Youngji Bangbi, of course, everyone said it was my job and ignored it.”

“under… … .”

In any case, the situation was not very pleasant for the two women.

A crisis is a crisis.

In fact, the situation was so serious that it was impossible to say that it was the end of the cliff.

“I think I need to explain that part again. I’ll go to Carter Banco and try to convince him. Andrew knows it well, don’t you think he’ll have to pay his father’s debt somehow?”

“How are you going to persuade that bastard? Even if it’s any other guy, I can’t convince that Rockefeller kid. He is a man who never has blood or tears in front of money.”

Stella was silent, but it seemed that there was only one way to survive.

Since the death of the first lady, the lord Chester has lived a life of terribly cherishing his daughter.

So, Stella herself thought that it was her turn to repay the lord for something she had received.

Stella had a hard time opening her mouth, as if she had made up her mind.

“I’m just asking, can’t I borrow gold coins from anywhere else?”

“I visited all of them. Why didn’t you visit? I’ve been to all the nearby Bancoran Banco. However, there was no banco contractor willing to pay such a large amount of money. I guess everyone knows Helping me right now is crazy. I’m not even that friendly.”

“What about the church? We helped each other in times of need, didn’t we?”

“The church is already in tune with Carter Bancor. they’re the same They’re like trash people who do business with gods. Don’t even talk about the church. They are the ones who have teeth grinding even when they hear it.”

“Then you didn’t say anything to your Majesty? Even if everyone throws it away, there are still people who are in majesty, right?”

Youngjoo sighed openly.

“after… … If your Majesty had helped me then, would I be doing this? Your Majesty doesn’t even care that much about these margins. Do you have any reason to help me? Anyway, if I fail, someone else will take over, and he’ll pay a bigger tax here to show his loyalty to His Majesty. Then it will be Your Majesty has nothing to worry about. Rather, they might be more than happy to see a higher tax cut. I’ve heard that the imperial family’s finances are difficult these days. For some crazy war-maniac.”

Youngju shook his head.

“It’s all wrong. There is no way to survive, even if you search for a way in every way. just… … .”

His head became more and more droopy.

“I’m just waiting for the day I will die pathetic. Even if I do not know it, if the entire estate is taken as collateral due to debt, there will be no tax to be owed at that time, so a group of creditors who come again will catch me and hang me. At that time, the Seeers will not stop you.”

“Why the sears? Didn’t the seers say you were on your father’s side?”

“That’s also what I’m talking about when I get paid. I am not paying them now.”

“yes? What do you mean?”

Stella made a face that she couldn’t understand.

“If your father doesn’t pay you a wilted salary, who pays?”

“Who are you? Those bastards who made me like this.”

“Who is that? no way… … Isn’t that Carter Banco?”

“It’s Carter Banco. Now, the withers’ salaries are being taken care of by them.”

It has been the lord’s job since ancient times to provide for the salary of Shea, who is working hard to keep the territory safe.

However, one banco contractor is taking over the job.

Stella couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Why are you taking care of the salaries of the widows? I don’t understand.”

“I was really curious about that too, but when I looked at it from the side, it was all for a reason.”

The lord could remember the recent frequent visits to Carter Banco by his loyal servant, the Overseer.

what his money is.

Like the church members who were bought by Carter Banco, it seemed that he valued a single Banco contractor who took care of my salary even if it was oversea more than the permanent owner himself.

“Heh, Chiron, that guy is a problem too. How much have I taken care of so far? I became a banco dealer’s dog from when on because I couldn’t take even a single paycheck. Does this make sense?”

At this point, something crossed her mind.

“Is it possible that Banco pays for the widows because of Banco’s safety?”

“What happened? If I don’t take care of my salaries properly, the in-laws won’t work either, so I guess I was worried about that, and Banco started to provide horrendous wages for the withers. Thanks to you, I was the only lord who made me laugh. Now, even if a gang of robbers is attacked on the road, the Shearers will take care of the banco dealer more than I do. In particular, he would risk his life to protect that rockefeller.”

While he was living as a cadet in a distant land, Banco’s position in the territory had risen remarkably.

In fact, even if the owner of this estate was Carter Banco, there would be no awkwardness.

The seers who are in charge of policing the territory are loyal to Banco, who would think that the owner of the territory is the lord?

“ha ha ha… … How did my life turn out like this… … You are so pathetic.”

Stella said to the lord who seemed to have given up on everything.

“I don’t leave my father like this. How did you raise me? Even if everyone else abandons me, I’m on my side.”

“Yeah, I’m glad you’re on my side too. Everyone has turned their back on me, but my daughter is still on my side.”

With tears in his eyes, the lord got up from his seat and hugged his daughter tightly.

The moment when you feel the love of a woman.

Stella began to bring out the words she had saved.



“Right now, there is only one way for my father to live.”

“Am I going to live?”

The lord let out a small laugh as if it was absurd.

“haha… … I have a way to live It doesn’t look like much to me.”

“no. You can’t think like that. My father’s debt is mine, and my debt is also the debt of my future husband.”

“What do you mean? no way… … Are you going to get married now? Aren’t you full yet?”

“I am 16 years old now. It’s full. Some of my friends already have someone to marry by arrangement.”

It was too early

I was going to give it a little more love and send it off when I was about 20 years old, but I’m already getting married.

It was not a marriage of blessings, but a marriage sold out of debt.

What is the feeling of a father who has such a daughter?

“Son, I have no intention of letting you go yet. No, what the hell are you talking about leaving this father behind? Can not be done. no way.”

When the lord shook his head saying absolutely no, Stella looked at him as if he had no choice.

“There is no other way, right?”

“But this isn’t it, is it?”

“Then is there another way? If I could borrow gold coins from other places, I could live somehow, but that wouldn’t work?”

“That’s it… … .”

“Then there is no other way. I have already prepared my mind. Now, only my father will allow me.”

It was not uncommon for a daughter to marry in order to survive in a fallen aristocratic family.

However, the lord did not even think that it would be his job.

“Can not be done. no way. Who am I sending you to?”

“Anyway, my father has to let me go someday, right?”

“That’s it, though. Are you sending it now? That’s not it. Moreover, in this situation, it is even worse. You are being sold now.”

“I don’t think it’s for sale. If you’re going to leave your father’s side someday, you think it’s better to leave now. If you leave now, your father will still live, right?”

It was so true that even the lord had nothing to say.

time of silence.

After much deliberation, Yeongju opened her mouth with great difficulty.

“really… … Is that the only way?”

“Yes, this is the best we can do.”

After a while of silence, the lord, who had finally lowered his head, decided to give in to his daughter’s persuasion.

“If that is your choice. big black… … Because of this ugly father… … .”

“It is not. I am repaying my father who raised me as well.”

“I really didn’t know I would let you go like this. It’s all my fault… … .”

“It’s okay, I am. Because I am confident that I can live well anywhere. I’m not going anywhere to die, am I?”

“I wanted to send you to the one you love. I didn’t even think about arranged marriage. It will make you unhappy.”

“Wherever I went to get married, I just had to be happy. I’m fine.”

The conversation went like this, but the issue was who to marry.

“By the way. Who are you talking about marrying? As far as I know, no one deserves it.”

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