The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 68

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 68

Episode 68 17. Honey, Debt will eat you up #2(4)

Speaking of a fallen aristocratic family, it was not popular.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to take her somewhere else?

But will there be any noble families who will show interest in the lord of the outskirts, who now has nothing but debt?

Lord Chester questioned that.

“Are you referring to the Bakuna Bourbon family around here?”

The Baku or Bourbon families were aristocratic families that were dominant in the area adjacent to the Montefeltro estate.

At that question, Stella shook her head.

“Your family won’t be able to pay the debt here. Normally, I wouldn’t know, but now I wouldn’t be interested. Would you rather hate it?”

Then where are you?

“Otherwise… … You mean the Lyon family in Lyon? If there is enough… … But they wouldn’t be interested in our family.”

Speaking of the Lyon family, they were very wealthy enough to pay off the debt the lord owed at once.

The problem was that the difference between the two families was too great.

“If you’re from the Lyon family, wouldn’t it be difficult even if your father doesn’t have any debts? It’s such a big family, so I don’t think they’re interested in us.”

Not even Lyon?

“Then please… … .”

The lord’s face, who had misunderstood something, brightened for an instant.

“Did anything happen with the son of a prestigious family in the Imperial Palace without even this father knowing? What is it?”

Expected question.

But those expectations were crushed one after another.

“Neither is it. I didn’t have much interest in dating because I couldn’t afford to live as a cadet. And your father stopped you from dating, right?”

“You still don’t know?”

“I know a few seniors, but there are probably no seniors who will show interest in our family.”

Yeongju asked in a deep voice.

“Then what? Where the hell are you going? I have nowhere else to go.”

“There is. Only one. It’s not the aristocratic family your father wants. But I will be able to pay off my father’s debts right away.”

“what? Where are you?”

I wasn’t stupid though.

The lord’s face changed in an instant and he immediately began to shake his head from side to side.

“Can not be done. no way! Are you sure you are not talking about an unscrupulous household that has no roots?”

Youngjoo prayed that it was never the place I thought it was.

But the reality is sometimes harsh.

“Yes, you are right where you think it is.”

Youngju’s doctor, no matter what.

In Stella’s eyes, this was the best thing for a debtor’s father.

Did he make his own decision, or was it a choice for his father?

She began to speak with a strong determination.

“You are the biggest creditor in the father’s debt problem. Then, if you marry the members of that family, your father’s debt problem will be resolved naturally.”

Stella continued.

“My father doesn’t have the power right now, but that’s different.”

“What are you talking about. Are you sane right now?”

Young-ju was in a state of absurdity because he was too excited.

It’s not like it’s anywhere else, it’s just a relationship with a commoner’s family.

It is also a place and words that might become enemies.

“It’s a commoner’s family. It’s a different place from ours, but how?”

“What does that matter? Is there a law that commoners are still commoners?”

Stella’s words continued.

“Father, even a commoner family can become an aristocratic family depending on their efforts.”

“What nonsense is that! A commoner is a commoner for life!”

“It makes sense. My father is on the outskirts of this country, so you may not know it well, but I know people who were once commoners in the imperial capital and rose to the ranks of aristocrats. Most of them were either because of their great contribution to the war, or they came from wealthy families and were promoted to noble families.”

“It must be rare!”

“Of course, it’s not as common as my father said. But is there a law that says that the Los Medici family here should remain commoners for the rest of their lives? Rather, if you took your father’s land as collateral, you would be more likely to become wealthy and rise into a noble family, wouldn’t it?”


Youngjoo had a trembling heart.

It’s not anywhere else, it’s the Los Medici family!

“Can not be done. Never go there.”

“Then is there another way? If there is such a thing, I will follow my father’s will and give up.”

“That’s it… … Let’s find it first. There must be another way if you look for it.”

“Are you looking for it? Is the person you are looking for drinking here on a fictional day?”

When the lord, who had nothing to say, shut his mouth, Stella began to speak again to persuade him.

“father. You have to think as rationally as possible. That’s probably the best thing we can do right now. If not, is there any place where I can realistically pay my father’s debts?”

“Ugh… … .”

The lord, who had his hair tied up and sat down, began to blame himself.

All of this stems from you.

But sending her daughter there, who won’t get sick even if she puts it in her eyes, didn’t make sense at all.

“under… … .”

A long sigh continued, and the lord, who had been immersed in many thoughts, began to mutter to himself.

“no. this is not how… … How do you deal with a family that was once a commoner? This… … ever.”

No matter how much the enemy family was, in the aristocratic world, there were no cases where people from two families were married according to each other’s interests.

For reconciliation, or for some kind of contract.

Each has their own reasons, but in this case, if it was to solve their debt problem, it was understandable to some extent.

The problem was that the place was a commoner’s family that was even fundamentally different from their own.

“Son, do you have no pride? There are commoners I don’t even get along with you.”

“Pride? Were we in a position to question it?”

Stella continued.

“Father, did I say that I knew people who became nobles from commoner families? But did you know it’s the other way around?”

“The opposite?”

“Yes, like us, there are people who are aristocrats only on the outside, who used to be aristocratic families, but they collapsed for a moment and live a life that is inferior to that of commoners. In the military academy, especially, there are many children from such a fallen family. Among the many ways to succeed in the Empire, becoming a soldier is the most realistic, isn’t it?”

“That’s it… … .”

“But from my point of view, those people are no longer aristocrats. There are many cases where only the outside is decorated with a nobleman, but the inside is already inferior to that of a commoner. I can’t even pay my tuition properly, so what kind of aristocrat is that?”

The lord, who had nothing to say, was silent again.

Meanwhile, Stella said to him as if complaining.

“We can be like that, too. Unless I can pay my father’s debts here.”

“… … .”

“And just because I thought like this, I don’t know if they will accept me or not.”

The lord, who had buried his face in both palms, raised his head after a moment of silence.

“Yeah, well spoken. As you said, is there no reason to accept you there?”

“Of course not. Why would you rather accept it? If you take on me anyway, you will have to bear the debts of my father.”


The lord began to shake his head vigorously.

“That rockefeller could take you and not pay my debt. Even if you are sold there because you are a foreigner, in principle, you are not obligated to pay off my debts in that family.”

That’s why I didn’t want to send my daughter away.

“Anyway, if it’s okay with you, it doesn’t matter what happens to me. Anyway it is Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean it’s over.”

“Even if I am an outsider, will I be still? That’s not it.”

“But how did you get that idea?”

“that… … .”

Andrew didn’t show much, but she couldn’t be ignorant of his love for him.

“I think Andrew likes me. therefore… … But I am not sure.”

“Andrew? who is that Oh, is it the second horse who goes to the military academy with you?”


“A man with no such foundation dared to look over my daughter.”

Yeongju was openly proud.

“I’m going to go find him right now!”


Yeongju woke up to Sechan’s daughter’s cry.

“sorry. How did I get so crazy?”

“Just because we want it, we don’t know whether it will be accepted or not. But if you accept it, you can pay off your father’s debt right away. It’s the same no matter what your father thinks.”

Stella continued.

“And I don’t care if Andrew doesn’t like me. If there is a lot of greed in that family, I wouldn’t abandon my father, the lord, like this. If we can go together, there are many things that we can benefit from.”

“Are you going together? With those who have no basis like that?”

“You still admit it, don’t you? Is there anything that my father, who is the permanent lord, has to lose by working with the people in that family?”

“That’s it… … .”

Only the sigh of the young man continued for a long time.

“How did we become like this? How come… … .”

Stella gave a stinging word to such a lord.

“Then why did you use the IOU so much?”

“I am a sinner. I am a sinner.”

Stella continued to speak to the lord who blamed himself.

As he was a father he had seen for a long time, he decided that he had been convinced to some extent.

“First of all, even if I want to get married there, no one knows whether they will accept me or not. Anyway, I’ll tell you something first.”

“Hello… … Is that the only way?”

“My heart has already been hardened. Now all that is left is the decision of the family and the father.”

“under… … i am a sinner how come you… … .”

“I’m fine. Really. I don’t take Andrew too badly.”

At those words, Yeongju naturally wrinkled his expression.

‘How can I have my golden daughter in a corner of the house that has no roots… … .’

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