The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 70

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 70

Episode 70 18. Honey, I will be eaten by debt #3(3)

“It’s a reward, haven’t you already received enough?”

In her opinion, this was a case where the navel was bigger than the tummy.

Because the debt that the current lord owed was to the point that the principal was obscured by the huge interest.

“If it were like this, my father would go bankrupt without paying the interest. You couldn’t even collect taxes because you secured the land, didn’t you? Doesn’t that mean that I tell my father to do nothing and die?”

In the first place, this happened because of the lord’s fault.

If you couldn’t pay it back, you should have been careful from the beginning.

“miss. First of all, think about the loan that the Lord abused. I do not know what the lord was thinking at that time, but in the first place, the deed of borrowing was issued to repay it. Then the Lord must have had his own plan. Without that, you can’t just print out the IOUs like that without thinking.”

Stella countered.

“Isn’t it all for the sake of the estate?”

“It was for Youngji… … I’m sorry, but I can’t admit that. Of course, I know that most of the money was used to defend the territory. However, some of them were for the lord himself, and the lord spent too much money on the defense of the territories. There was no need to spend so much, but it is definitely the lord’s fault that he spent the borrowed money without thinking too much about it.”

“But if it makes this place safe, shouldn’t you be doing your own favors too? Defending the territory isn’t just the lord’s job, is it? You pay taxes, but as long as you live in this land, you have your own obligations.”

It wasn’t that Rockefeller had nothing to say about this either.

“Obligation… … That’s the answer with taxes. I hope you don’t think too much about the taxes we paid. Our duty ends with that, and the defense of the territory is solely the responsibility of the lord. Otherwise, we don’t have to pay taxes, and we have no reason to be loyal to the Lord.”

The lord levies taxes on the lord, and the lord uses the money to provide a safe home for the lord.

“Such logic… … Yes. Even so, people can make mistakes once in a while.”

“It’s a mistake… … Isn’t that a mistake, not a mistake? It seems like a deliberate intention to make a mistake.”

“Even if it’s wrong.”

Rockefeller shook his head slowly.

“miss. On a battlefield full of blood and flesh, even one wrong sword will kill you. It’s so much more terrifying than you think. On the battlefield, one mistake kills a person, but one person goes bankrupt for one wrong spend of money?”

Rockefeller smiled faintly.

“Isn’t that pretty good?”

As she looked for something to refute, Rockefeller continued:

“And there is no point in considering the Lord’s debt problem here. All of Young Ji-min are creditors who already have the Lord’s Deed of Loan. It is saying that all Young Ji-min, except me, owe a debt to the Lord. In other words, even if you convince me well, it doesn’t mean that everything will work out anyway.”

It was true, so Stella couldn’t even refute it and, in anger, clasped her hands on her knees tightly.

Then, seeing this, Andrew, his mouth tickled, and tried to say something, but then he thought of Rockefeller and refrained from speaking.

How long has it been?

At the quiet dinner, Stella slowly opened her mouth.

“The way… … Is there none at all? But the biggest creditor is Carter Banco, right?”

At that question, Rockefeller pretended to be concerned and started acting.

‘It’s a way, of course. The problem is that we have something to gain. Whether to give it to me or not depends on this conversation.’

“It’s the way. Hmm… … .”

Rockefeller continued to lead him in the direction he wanted.

“First of all, the young people are suffering endlessly at this moment due to the deed of borrowing that the Lord has recklessly abused. Now he’s raging with his Gold IOUs that are useless to anyone. because? Because a IOU that cannot be exchanged for gold is just a piece of paper.”

“That thing… … I know.”

“You speak as if the victim was the lord alone, but the biggest victims are us, who trusted the lord and lent the gold coins, and the numerous lords who used the Gold IOUs issued based on them as if they were money.”

She didn’t seem to have anything to say about this either.

As she bowed her head apologetically, Rockefeller was satisfied without knowing it.

“The Lord has committed an unforgivable mistake.”

“… … .”

“The mistake has already been made, and there is no remedy, and there is no will to solve it. In such a situation, it is only us, the victims, who have to deal with it. But if the young lady suddenly comes to us like this and harasses us like the perpetrators, we will have no choice but to be very disappointed.”

“I heard… … My thoughts on getting here are too short. You are the ones who have suffered the most because of my father, but I think I said this because I only thought of him too much. I’m sorry if I offended you.”

“I’m sorry. The lady did nothing wrong. What’s wrong with you? It was the Lord’s fault.”

The atmosphere was infinitely subdued, and there was no sign of improvement.

But Rockefeller, who knew the solution to this, slowly began to say the following to guide her in the direction she wanted.

“This is a way to solve this… … Oh, there is only one.”

In response to Rockefeller’s words, Stella gently raised her bowed head.

“Is there a way? This is a way to solve this problem.”

“Yes, there is only one.”

She wondered what the solution Rockefeller was talking about.

“Can you tell me what it is? I’m curious.”

“I can tell you here if you want, but before that, there is one thing you should know.”

“what is that?”

“Even if we knew how to do it, it would never happen without our own reasons. As much as we make sacrifices, it is only possible for the Lord to make sacrifices. That’s roughly what it’s all about, how are you? Would you like to hear it?”

She didn’t hesitate.

“Yes, I will listen.”

“If you hear it, I will tell you right away. First of all, the lord is completely incapable of handling all the borrowing documents that have been abused so far. I have no intention of repaying it, and I have no way to repay it. You will know this too.”

“Yes, I know.”

The way was all blocked.

Because Rockefeller immediately cut off the lord’s limbs.

In the name of the evil debtor.

“But at Carter Banco, we are well positioned to take on that debt.”

When the expected words came out, she began to rejoice.

“So you mean you can pay off all your father’s debts at Carter Banco?”

“of course. We are capable of that.”

“thank god… … .”

“But the problem is for good reason.”

Stella died at those words.

“reason… … You say?”

“Yes, honestly, isn’t it a bit ridiculous that we take on all the debts the Lord owes us with just kindness for no reason? Rather, we are creditors who should be indebted to the Lord. But would such a creditor take over the debtor’s debt without any reason? Isn’t this a bit absurd?”

“I understand. It must be difficult to bear all of that debt for no reason.”

So Rockefeller continued:

“Then how can we just take on the Lord’s debt? I would like to hear her thoughts on this.”

Stella started answering with her thoughts in mind.

“There must be a fair price for that. if not… … .”

“if not?”

“What if I become a member of this family?”

“Is it cold?”

Rockefeller laughed involuntarily at the unexpected answer.

At the same time, Joshua and Lucia, who were silently watching their conversation, started to give their own reactions.

“Are you saying Miss Stella will marry you here? I didn’t hear it wrong, did I?”

“Oh! really?”

Andrew was a bit perplexed.

He didn’t know those words would come out of Stella’s mouth.

Andrew, who had a look of embarrassment, was at a loss for what to do, and Stella, who was sitting next to him, grabbed one of his hands and looked for Rockefeller.

“I will marry Andrew. Instead, take care of my father’s debts at Carter Banco.”

“Hey you… … .”

“Andrew! Will you marry me?”

“Ah, that… … .”

As Andrew’s blushing blushing face was confused, Rockefeller, who was watching it, smirked.

‘I didn’t know that the daughter of the lord would come out so boldly.’

Their marriage was what Rockefeller wanted anyway.

Because there was a reason why it had to be.

‘If the two of you get married, it’s good for me.’

Rockefeller’s gaze turned to the other side, and the other two brothers seemed to welcome it without knowing it.

That is how much he had a crush on the daughter of the lord.

“If that’s the case, it would be our own reason to take on the Lord’s debt. But that alone is not enough.”

Wouldn’t it be great if everything could be settled by just getting married?

But that could not be so, and Rockefeller began to demand something more.

In fact, their marriage was also an extension of this.

“Give us all the land here, no, all the land that you have.”

Stella’s expression quickly hardened at the request to hand over all the land.

“It can’t be.”

“Why not? What is the meaning of our family and even getting married? At least it would be good for her. Isn’t that land going to Ammon?”

“I don’t care what happens to me, but what about my father?”

Stella continued.

“If my father gave up all the rights to the land, how would my father live?”

Land and manor were all the lord had.

Give it all away!

Of course, she had no choice but to protest.

“Your name is Lord, do you think you can rule this land without it?”

Rockefeller began to shake her head at her reaction.

It was a gesture of understanding.

“Of course, I know what your concerns are. A lord without a land, in fact, is vaguely even considered a lord.”

“But what kind of land is it? It’s not part of it, it’s all different… … .”

“But it is. This is a gamble we take with great risk. Instead of paying off all the debts that the lord currently has, we will receive the right to the land. In my opinion, if it is the Lord’s debt now, we can make that much demand.”

“Did I say I was going to marry Andrew? Is that not enough?”

“It is also an extension of this work, and it cannot end with the lady getting married to this family. Shouldn’t we also have something to gain in order to accept the young lady as our family?”

Wouldn’t it be great if everything ended with just your own marriage?

She knew better that she couldn’t.

“still… … .”

Then she suddenly had a question.

“By the way, if the land here is already tied up in the form of collateral, is it necessary to claim the land from us again?”

In Carter Banco, all the land owned by the lord was tied up as collateral.

The problem was that, due to the imperial law, the creditors could not use the land held as collateral at will.

“I have learned in many ways, and I understand that under the current imperial law, it is impossible to transfer the land that your Majesty has granted you to others without your permission. In other words, even if we are all talking amongst ourselves, we must finally get His Majesty’s approval.”

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