The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 78

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 78

78 episode 19. Lyon Guild (6)

“If you really do that, will you do it yourself?”

“Yes, first of all I need to be a goldsmith. That way, you can see less of the guild leader.”

“Doesn’t that seem like it will solve everything?”

“That’s right. That’s not all. I have to make an effort on my own.”

Rockefeller spoke right away.

“And the Bishop will have to make his own decisions.”

“What decision do you mean?”

“Will I choose someone from the same family, or will I have another person for the church and the bishop sit as the guild leader? That means you have to make a decision about it.”

“Hmm… … It’s difficult. You are only making difficult requests.”

Blood is thicker than water.

Still, it was common to take care of the same family.

“I know it can be difficult. You’re more likely to take care of someone from the same family as me. Because that’s right. But I believe you will know better, without me having to tell you, who is more profitable to you.”

“I need some time to think about that.”

“Yes, please make me and my brother goldsmiths instead. This is completely different from that, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

“I know that. Don’t worry too much about being a goldsmith. If I make a request, of course, the imperial family will also listen to it. Who dared to say it?”

“Then I will only trust you, Bishop, and move on my own.”

“Have you thought about how to move?”

“I just drew a picture. For now, I’m going to pass the time by pretending to be listening. If I want to become the leader of that guild, first of all, don’t I have to continue to belong to that guild?”

“I will.”

“Anyway, it seems obvious that I will need your help later, but first I will try to move on my own.”

“I see. I need some time to decide who to sit in, so I’ll come back when the time comes.”

“Yeah, then I know that and I’ll step back for now. Oh, I think I will be staying in Lyon for a while, so please call me anytime, sir, if you need me.”

“I see. I’m using your younger brother as my personal assistant if there’s anything I need, so I’ll always call you through Leo. Please tell Leo as well.”

“thank you. Oh, when will we know the result of the last request from the imperial family?”

“No matter how long it takes, it will take less than a week. In a week I will make you a goldsmith, come back in a week.”

“Then I’ll see you again in a week.”

After meeting with Bishop Berkis, Rockefeller was able to meet Leo immediately after leaving the room.

“Were you here? Were you waiting outside?”

“Did you get along well with the bishop?”

“Roughly. Leo.”

“Yes, Brother Rockefeller.”

“I think I will stay in Lyon for a while. Something happened.”

“yes? Lyon? Didn’t you say you were going to the Imperial Palace after staying in Lyon for a while?”

“It happened unexpectedly. It’s kind of a pain in the ass.”

Leo, who expressed his doubts, asked again.

“Perhaps… … Did something happen?”

“Things aren’t going well. So I’m going to stay in Lyon for a while and take care of our Leo.”

In a conversation like this, Rockefeller walked down the hallway with Leo.

As Rockefeller smiled lightly on the way to the cathedral entrance, Leo looked worried.

“Things didn’t go well… … Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No, there is nothing. I just need to know where I’m staying. I heard you said you were working as a secretary to your Excellency Bishop Berkis?”

Leo nodded at that.

“Yes, it seems that the Bishop is taking care of me. I am not yet a personal assistant, but I am learning many things under my personal assistant.”

“You are not yet an official secretary.”

“Yes, I have a lot to learn when I am young.”

“But at that age, where are you in such a position? It’s a place that other people can’t even think of, so you should be proud of yourself.”

The fact that Leo became Bishop Berkis’ personal assistant was not incomprehensible from Rockefeller’s point of view.

‘Well, thanks to someone, the church’s property is being called on. That’s normal.’

As they approached the cathedral doorway, Rockefeller patted Leo on one forearm to say goodbye.

“Then I’ll go see. Don’t worry too much hyung, you have to do your own thing. Because hyung can’t take care of everything forever.”

“You don’t have to worry too much about me. I’m not even a child anymore, but I can do enough to cover my face.”

“Yeah, I’m glad you said that. Anyway, I’m planning to stay in Lyon for a while, so let me know as soon as the location is decided.”

“Yes, let me know as soon as you decide where to stay. Whenever I have time, I will go to see Brother Rockefeller.”

“Okay, see you next time. I’m busy with work, so I’ll have to move right away.”

After meeting with Leo, Rockefeller took out his pocket watch and checked the time.

‘this… … Should I hurry?’

A lot more time had passed than I expected.

Rockefeller, accompanied by a guide who had been resting for a while near the cathedral, returned to the Ghetto Nuovo area as if running out of time.

Then, he went to Banco Lyon, where the guild headquarters is located, and was able to meet again with Guild Leader Benjamin, who had been waiting for him.

“How did it go?”

Asking him about the result at first glance, Rockefeller showed a good smile first.

‘You probably won’t get the results you want. But for the time being, you’ll have to match your rhythm. I need some time to prepare for this one too.’

“Again, your response was similar to what I expected.”

Rockefeller continued.

“He provoked me to believe and told me to hold on to church property.”

Guildmaster Benjamin, who looked like he was smiling at that, replied back.

“All the church members are like that. They’re so tightly closed, do you want to fill their stomachs?”

“Still, I just want to look good to God and the church.”

Then Benjamin wrinkled his face.

“You are saying that you want to be expelled from the guild. So you decided to stand with the church?”

Rockefeller still smiled at that question.

“Benjamin Ball. I told them I wanted to look good, when did I say I was loyal?”

look at this guy


“Unfortunately, the interest-giving business has been withdrawn for a while. If you don’t belong to the Lyon Guild, you can’t continue your banco job, isn’t it?”

At that time, Guildmaster Benjamin had a rather satisfied expression on his face.


As usual, Benjamin slapped his desk roughly and stood up.

“I knew I would! Without belonging to this guild, no one can continue the banco business. It’s the same with God. In Banco, trust is life. However, Banco, not belonging to a guild, does not gain the trust of everyone. Then what do you do if it breaks down? Where are you going to find your gold coins? All of them have our guild, so even banco vendors can continue their business with confidence.”

Benjamin, who had exclaimed excitedly to himself, sat down again and turned the chair at an angle.

Then he began to nod his head violently.

“I see. Okay, let’s go back now. Ah, I decided to withdraw it, so I withdraw it as soon as possible.”

“Then, will our Banco remain in the guild?”

At that question, Benjamin stroked my beard without realizing it.

‘He’s a pretty annoying guy. But it’s not the owner.’

“Now that you have listened to me, I have no intention of cutting you. If you didn’t listen to me, I’ve been thinking about kicking you out, but I’ve changed my mind since you said that.”

Benjamin continued to think.

‘I’m going to tell Carter to just cut him off. I think it’s kind of right to do that. I don’t know what to do afterward because he’s an annoying guy.’

“For now, I will leave you alone without letting you go. As long as you don’t gossip later, your estate needs at least one banco.”

It was the same with Rockefeller who hid the truth.

‘I’m sitting by myself and rolling the chandelier. Yes, I wouldn’t be able to stay there for long. If an incompetent person like you keeps sitting there, all the banco traders in the guild will not have fun.’

Banco Union.

It was a gathering of usurers, who were once persecuted by everyone, to protect themselves or to survive.

Only now, its meaning has changed a lot, and it has changed into an interest group to pursue more profits rather than simple survival. Being the new chief wouldn’t be too difficult, Rockefeller thought.

‘The seat you’re sitting in isn’t just for you. A place where only those who can truly satisfy the greedy banco traders who belong to the guild can sit down. In that sense, you are a baker’s head. It’s a feeling of expulsion.’

“It seems that he hasn’t been expelled from the guild yet. I am very happy.”

Is that your original personality?

Or maybe the position made him that way.

Benjamin, who was starting to get perky on his own, continued speaking arrogantly.

“Now that Governor Lee Wang has come to this point, I think it would be better to hold a guild meeting hosted by the guild chief and nail it down. I mean, you’re definitely wrong. Make sure you testify at the meeting.”

“A guild meeting?”

“Yeah, it’s a meeting place where all the banco vendors in the guild are called in every time something happens or every few years. There, a new guild leader can be elected, or new guidelines can be issued and forced on all guild members.”

Benjamin continued.

“Anyway, the guild itself is noisy because of that interest payment. They’re right, they’re wrong, and it’s not too much trouble. That’s what I’m saying for sure there. I think you were completely wrong. And I plan to forever ban interest payments on gold deposits by guild guidelines. What kind of stupid idea is this? A passing dog would laugh.”

Digging your own grave!

Rockefeller had a hard time keeping the corners of his mouth soaring.

‘What can I do to be alone? It looks like they’re holding a guild meeting and trying to completely bury my thoughts. That’s not it. Rather, the meeting will be your grave.’

“That’s not a bad idea. I also want to prove that I was wrong on the spot.”

“I’m alone,” said Benjamin, who shook his head in satisfaction.

“Once you know that. It’s probably hard to get together right away. Notifying all the guild members scattered here and there, and considering the time they gather… … The meeting will be held in at least two weeks. Hey, do you have some time?”

“What time is it?”

“Can you wait here in Lyon until the meeting is held?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then I’m glad. Please stay here for a while until the guild meeting. I will provide you with a place to stay.”

It’s not enough to dig my own grave, to even provide a place to a great man who will later put a sword on my back!

“I did not know that Prince Benjamin would be so considerate of me.”

Rockefeller hides his true intentions as much as possible and smiles kindly.

“Thank you very much.”

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