The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 80

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 80

80 episode 19. Lyon Guild (8)


The store owner, facing Rockefeller, began to speak.

“Even the vendors here have different opinions. If a customer deposits gold coins, of course, they have to pay the gold coin storage fee to make a profit, but there are people who are angry about why they pay interest there. Some people don’t know like me. There are people who think that is right, and there are people who want to give it a try too.”

If any banco trader tries to pay interest, he will be blown away by the gold coins accumulating in the banco.

As such, ordinary people would prefer a banco that pays interest rather than a gold coin storage fee or receive banco, so gold coins accumulate only in such banco.

In addition to that, because of the high cost of storing gold coins, even those who have kept their own gold coins are entrusted with their gold coins in Banco, so the gold coins are naturally accumulated.

“Even the banco vendors seem to have different opinions.”

“Besides, how did you come up with such a thought? It could just be a coincidence, I think, or you… … .”

He was an unusual Banco assistant who even ate even the lord.

As an animal, it’s like a rabbit eating a tiger.

It was self-evident that he would soon become a goldsmith, but it seemed to him a great deal that a man who was only an assistant could do such a thing.

“I thought you might be a genius for this job. Because there are geniuses everywhere.”

“Haha, I’m not a genius. I am just an ordinary banco assistant.”

what a genius

I’m just using what I already know.

For Rockefeller, it was a no-brainer.

“By the way, the guild leader here wasn’t very angry about that. As you know, the guild headquarters is right next door, right? How loud was the whale whale? I thought my ears were going to fall off while listening.”

“I think so. I saw it for a while, but the guild leader seems to have a bit of a personality.”

“Because of that, all the gold coins entrusted to you by Bishop Berkis went out, so from the guild leader’s point of view, it’s understandable. The country would be angry too. But where is the money? The gold coins I entrusted to you can go anywhere else at any time.”

He continued to speak carefully, noticing the guild leader who was not even here.

“To be honest, it was a bit sloppy. Until now, it was kind of a pity that he was monopolizing church funds just because he was from the same family.”

“I understand. So, were all existing church funds managed by Lyon Banco?”

“Actually, Benjamin did it all by himself. How much is church money? There, every month, I ate gold coin storage fees, so where else could there be more business than this? The church also has a lot of money coming out every month, so the bishop who entrusted the gold coins to a member of the same family must have been secretly dissatisfied.”

“It’s all blood money, of course.”

“So the banco vendors here were a bit dissatisfied. Because he was wasting all the church funds alone.”

“I think I will be dissatisfied. If you are naturally greedy, you will have an upset stomach.”

“So, when I said that the funds went to the wrong place, to be honest, it felt like the ten-year-old congestion was going down. It was cool.”

Other people’s misfortune is my happiness.

The owner of the shop Rockefeller met by chance was also not far from what a normal person had.

“But I have a question for you.”

This time, it was not Rockefeller, but the store owner who was asking something.

“Is there anything left to pay interest like that? Is the loan business doing that well?”

Rockefeller first smiled at that question.

“It is a structure in which a profit is generated as much as the difference between the interest on the loan and the interest on the deposit. At that time, they offered a high interest rate of 3% to look good in the church, and in general, even if you pay only 1% interest, neither you nor you will be in a hurry to deposit all the gold coins.”

“That’s it… … That’s right. Of all the banco vendors, who would have thought that they wouldn’t be charged a gold coin storage fee? It was quite an innovative idea. That’s what I’m thinking too.”

The store owner nodded to me alone.

Meanwhile, Rockefeller continued.

“And unlike here, there is only one Banco in our estate, and the loan business is always cruising as we indirectly inherit the status of Lord.”

“Who are you lending to?”

“The target of the loan is to borrow as much gold coins as possible to the extent that they can fully repay it, even to our residents and the nobles located in the neighboring estates.”

Rockefeller took a few breaths to see if he had a lot to say, and then continued with the rest.

“Recently, there has been a major natural disaster on our side, so you and I are thirsty for gold coin loans. We are also secretly increasing our profits by lending them enough so that they do not die in debt.”

“Yeah, it’s been quite a mess lately. Did you say that the geography changed because of an earthquake?”

“Yes, it was a bad thing, but the lord and the people of Yeongji did well, so we were able to reduce the number of casualties as much as possible.”

“haha… … Anyway, it sounds like your business is going well.”

“Moreover, they have even deposited church funds and are receiving protection from the church without knowing it, so the business is thriving day by day.”

When you actually meet the person in the rumor.

The shop owner, who was skeptical of the rumor, had no choice but to listen.

“Right. Envy.”

“If you are envious, how about giving it a try like me? It’s not that difficult.”

As Rockefeller secretly suggested how he did it, the owner of the store, who didn’t even know his name, began to shake his head.

There was good reason for this.

It was the existence of the guild leader who regarded Rockefeller as a thorn in his eyes.

“It is not as easy as you think. I don’t know from that side, but here, I inevitably have to look at the guild leader. Some traders tried to do something like you and went out of the guild leader’s eyes and suffered a lot. There wasn’t much of a fuss about whether the guild leader had such a crazy idea. You should have seen it.”

What Rockefeller felt during conversations until now was that the guild leader had more problems than he thought.

“From what I’ve heard, there must be a lot of complaints about the guild leader here.”

“Of course there are a lot of complaints. There are many things I want to do other than that. But I can’t help it, so I’m just doing it.”

Rockefeller questioned.

“I don’t like the guild leader so much, are the banco operators and guild members not thinking of kicking out such a guild leader?”

“You mean kicking out the guild leader? her… … .”

He judged that it was not an easy idea, so his reaction was unusual.

“To be honest, I want to get rid of that guild leader. He’s too stubborn, he doesn’t listen well to others, and he does everything that’s going well on his own, so there are a lot of complaints from the banco vendors here as well. But even if there are a lot of complaints, I can’t help it. It cannot be expelled.”

Rockefeller had a rough idea, but just in case he asked.

“Is there any good reason?”

“Is he from the Lyon family? And, as you know, in the Lyon family there is Sir Berkis. Even if we don’t look at him, we inevitably have to look at the church. The reason why we, Banco traders, who have to go to hell, can do business with such ease is because the church blinds us to them knowingly and unknowingly. Without it, I would never be able to do business.”

Although there were a lot of dissatisfaction among the guild members belonging to the Lyon Guild, it was all because of the existence of the church here.

“Since a long time ago, the Lyon family began to take an interest in the banco business here, and unknowingly, it quickly emerged as the center of imperial commerce. In fact, Lyon has never been such a great city. But they are people who want to do multiple jobs. Don’t you need money to do something right now? This is the place where you can borrow that money more easily than you think, so somehow it developed into a commercial city.”

His words continued.

“And in the Lyon family, there were such a banco trader and a church person, so we started to support each other. Banco dealers make money, and church people need money without knowing it, so they secretly overlooked what the banco dealers do in the church and grew up with each other.”

he inquired

“Lyon has grown so much, but because people like us are dissatisfied with the guild leader, how dare we rebel against the Lyon family? The Lyon family are the real owners of this city. Let me tell you.”

Instead of answering, Rockefeller just shook his head.

“by the way. You will also donate a lot.”

“There is nothing to say about the donation. If you don’t pay money, you can’t do business. That makes sense.”

If you look at the donations, it was like an unwanted expense.

Is there any way that banco providers do not have to pay donations?

‘There may be. If the banco vendors here hold church funds and call them in the form of interest, like I do, the church won’t just want donations. In that way, even the church will not be able to treat the banco traders who call on their wealth.’

Rockefeller thought next.

‘And at some point, you’ll be able to rely on it while watching the banco vendors. When that time comes, you will be able to get out of the coercive form of donation a little.’

“I heard you well.”

Rockefeller, who thought it was a rough conversation, started thinking about this conversation.

First of all, it was about the guild leader.

‘By the way, the position of the guild leader here is more steadfast than I thought. The biggest problem is that he’s from the Lyon family, who is the dominant force here.’

Is there no way out though?

it was not again

‘However, the relationship with the Bishop became estranged due to interest issues, and on the contrary, the relationship with me continues to improve, so the number of wins is worth raising. Once Sir Bishop supports me, Guildmaster Benjamin won’t be able to keep his position. The guild members didn’t look at the Lyon family, but after all, they continued to look at the church.’

“This is a separate question. As far as I know, I heard that the selection of the guild leader is conducted through the guild meeting.”

When Rockefeller recounted what he had heard from Carter, the shopkeeper quietly nodded.

“It is not. Because that is a long tradition that has been passed down since the early days of the guild. At that time, the Lyon family was strong, and it was also possible to receive support from the church, so the banco traders gathered and voted to elect the Lyon guild leader. And that tradition continues.”

“I’ve heard that no one is elected once every few years. Is that correct?”

“There is nothing specific. It is a form of naturally selecting a guild leader when the will of the guild members are gathered. Leaving that aside, in the first place only people from the Lyon family can become the guild leader, so who would be interested in voting for the guild leader?”

“Has there ever been a person who has become a guild leader other than from the Lyon family?”

“Haha, there wasn’t even one. I doubt that too. Will such a person ever come out? It will probably be difficult.”

It seemed difficult, he thought.

Because the arms bend inward.

It was because the bishop of Lyon had also been in charge of the Lyon family from generation to generation, so it was impossible for banco contractors who had to pay attention to them to appoint a guild leader from a family other than the Lyon family as the guild leader.

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