The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 90

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 90

90 Episode 21. Guild Meeting #2(6)

Rockefeller’s shout shook the entire conference hall.

In the crucible of chaos.

The guild leader, who even had a rib on his neck, continued to raise his voice while pointing at Rockefeller, who insulted him, and Rockefeller, who did not give in to this, also raised his voice against the guild leader.

“quiet! Everyone be quiet!”

“Still in a meeting!”

“Be quiet!”

When it became impossible to mediate the meeting even to the guild leader, some guild members who were not able to see them tried their best to silence the noisy meeting hall, but the guild leader’s voice nevertheless showed no sign of calming down.

“Who is kicking me out of here! no one is here! But now a young goldsmith would dare to drive me out? A cheeky bastard with this kind of hair and no blood!”

“You are no longer fit for the position, incompetent than cattle. For the sake of everyone here, please step back immediately. That’s good for everyone.”

“So there’s no one to pull me out of here? Why do you keep saying things like that!”

The guild leader, whose face was not even red and purple, sputtered from his mouth to saliva, and quickly glanced at the guild members who were sitting in the meeting room.

“Is anyone here dissatisfied with keeping this position? If so, come out!”

There was no guild member who rushed to that call.

Even if he didn’t like Benjamin in the first place, he couldn’t go out easily because the Lyon family had noticed.

“Look! Isn’t there anyone?”

Benjamin, who had managed to regain his confidence here and managed to calm his excitement, even showed a triumphant smile.

“Nobody! I don’t know anything about this… … .”

at that time.

Bishop Berkis, who had been watching everything silently, cut off Benjamin’s words and opened his heavy mouth.

“I agree.”

Everyone looked surprised.

It was only natural that a person I thought would never vote for said something like that.

“What now? Your Highness Bishop agreed.”

“Hey. Are you two from the same family? Does this make sense?”

“Isn’t something wrong? It’s kind of weird.”

“No matter how emotional you are. Even if I can’t say it, did this go too far?”

“Are you really in favor?”

“I don’t know.”

The reaction of the guild members was quite natural.

It was because he thought that no matter how much he hated the guild leader, he couldn’t reject someone from the same family like that.

So some who are still confused thought that Bishop Berkis might have been joking for a while.

However, the bishop’s expression, glaring at Benjamin Guildmaster knowingly and unknowingly, was infinitely serious, and there was no sign of any kind of joke being mixed here.

“But why? I’m a member of the church, so shouldn’t I vote for it here? How much have I done for this guild so far? If you’re like me, you can cast at least one yes vote.”

Benjamin, with his eyes wide open, asked with a trembling voice toward Bishop Berkis.

“Sir, Bishop… … now… … What did you say? Do you agree?”

“What do you say? You said you agreed to step down. After hearing everything, why ask again? Are you deaf?”

“It… … Are you sane? Are you chasing me? Me and no one else?”

“What? sanity?”

At the words of the guildmaster, Bishop Don Berkis began to complain.

“I said, ‘Let’s see. No matter how much they belong to the same family, how dare you make fun of that filthy snout! Are you really sane? How dare you speak such an insult to me in the presence of God!”

“But isn’t this too far-fetched? How could you do that to me, Your Excellency! We are nothing, and how could you do that to me!”

“I’d rather ask! You are not me and no one else, how can you do that! Are you with me? Are you from another family? But how could you do that to me? On the contrary, weren’t you the one who made the mistake from the beginning?”

“Did I do something wrong from the start? What the hell did I do wrong?”

“It was all wrong! Isn’t it the same now? Why was this meeting created? How the hell did you see me and the church to even hold such a meeting? You hated paying interest to the church so much! I so coveted the property of the Church!”

“under… … That’s our job. This means that the church is not going to interfere at all.”

“So you agree! You don’t fit the place at all! Get off the spot right now!”

“That is not for you to decide! It’s a matter for our guild members here to decide for themselves!”

“Thanks to someone who made me this far! But you dare say that in front of me? To speak like that in this place where God is watching! You want to be punished even if you are Genga!”

At that time, the guild members, who had been watching their fight, could easily comprehend.

Even if they are from the same family, if their emotions deepen like that, what would it be if they weren’t inferior to others?

If so, it was also understandable that Bishop Berkis expelled Benjamin Guild Leader.

“Anyway, I agree! Get the author out of there right now! Or maybe you know how I’m going to come out! You know better than me that you can’t do business here without me.”

Like laughing at him for being reckless.

Benjamin, who snorted openly, spoke to everyone in the conference room.

“Don’t listen to what the bishop here says. Because it has nothing to do with us anyway. And even if this party is over, there will be no problem.”

Rockefeller, who was quietly observing the situation like the other guild members, stepped out.

“I agree, too.”

The guild leader spit fire from his eyes as he engaged with Rockefeller who raised his hand proudly.

‘That bastard!’

“Well, no one! No one is going to kick me out of here!”

But that was his mistake.

The guild members who had been dissatisfied with the guild leader until now began to raise their hands one by one.

“What are you doing now! What are you doing!”

The more the guild leader, who starts to get excited again, keeps raising his voice.

The guild members who turned their backs on him jumped out one by one and raised their hands proudly toward the sky of the conference hall, and the number of guild members was well over half.

Even Benjamin, who was initially angry at the guild members who did not trust him and wanted to join the expulsion, gradually became overwhelmed with feelings of disappointment.

Apart from everything, he didn’t know until now that he was such a small being.

‘how… … it can be like this This… … You’re doing it too much.’

Those who came to him just a few days ago, smiled warmly and spoke with a mouthful, are now voting in favor of being expelled!

Rockefeller spoke in a calm tone to the guild leader, who was just engrossed in the majority of the votes in favor.

“According to many principles, you have been proven in front of everyone that you are not the right person for the position. If you have something to say, say it. Everyone is listening.”

this is wrong

Something is very wrong.

I tried to complain to the guild member who was sitting there, but it felt like no one would listen to me.

The guild leader, who had only blinked his eyes, began to speak in a low tone to everyone, feeling like he was grabbing the last straw.

“Looks. It’s okay to do it my way. That’s right. Instead of paying interest to the person who entrusted them with gold coins, it is correct to receive a deposit for the gold coins.”

He spoke calmly in an explanatory group, but the reaction he got back was just cold.

“why. He was swayed by the words of a young blue kid who had just become a goldsmith. Because that’s not it.”

Watching him try to convince him somehow.

Rockefeller just shook his head.

“How are you so sure you know that?”

“Then you are so sure what a kid like you knows!”

“Me? Didn’t I already prove everything in front of everyone?”

“What did you prove?”

At the end of Benjamin’s gaze.

Rockefeller was standing with Bishop Berkis in the background.

“If you’ve seen it all, are you still asking? There is nothing wrong with what I said. You are completely out of place. For the development of the guild and for everyone who is sitting here, please step down from the guild leader’s seat as soon as possible. It should be given to someone who is more advanced and better than you.”

After that, Benjamin had nothing more to say.

The result has been proven in front of everyone, what more can you say here?

“If I leave here. Then the halo of the church will no longer exist. Are you saying you’re going to kick me out though? Knowing that I can no longer do banco work without the halo of the church!”

Then Bishop Berkis, who was watching, came out.

“Don’t worry too much about that. If Benjamin leaves, I will probably not do any harm to this guild.”

As Bishop Berkis emphasized, he continued with the following words:

“Of course, if my person continues to hold the position of the guild leader here.”

As the meaningful words continued, Benjamin, who couldn’t see it, raised his voice again towards Bishop Berkis.

Then his index finger was pointing towards Rockefeller.

“That means. Are you saying that I will leave this place to that blue-eyed kid over there now?”

At that question, Bishop Berkis showed a cruel smile.

“why? There’s nothing you can’t do At least I’m a better person than you.”

“He was never even a goldsmith, and he is one of the perfect little kids who worked as an assistant for such a goldsmith! What in the world do you believe in, Your Excellency, to entrust this position to a child like that?”

“That’s it, that young man will prove it step by step from now on. I already have faith. I’m going to watch it slowly.”

“under… … .”

Benjamin sighed openly and asked the guild members who were sitting there.

“Do you think so too?”

Of course, there were some guild members who did not vote for him to be expelled, but that didn’t mean he was defending him.

I just took a neutral stance because I didn’t know what was going to happen.

The rest were dissatisfied with him.

“Everyone said nothing. You guys think it’s good for me to step out of this position. How much have I done so far?”

Then a guild member raised a voice.

“What did the guild leader do for us? The only thing he did was manage all the church’s property on his own and only took care of the storage fee. When was the last time you gave us church property?”

He shook his head openly.

“Your presence has been of no help other than not taking notice of the Lyon family and of the Church. On the contrary, didn’t you just use your position as the guild leader to bring your own rice bowls?”

Most of the guild members who were listening to those words began to shake their heads.

In fact, he was right.

“So, is it right for me to step back?”

Another guild member gave a voice to Benjamin’s question.

“Governor Lee Wang has come to this, so I would like you to give up the position of guild leader. That seat is a seat where the guild or someone who is helpful to all of us should sit, as the young man over there said. Ask yourself. Was I really the right person for the position?”

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