The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 94

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 94

94 Episode 21. Guild Meeting #2(9)

When I looked inside, I thought that the structure of the store was similar to the previous one, so I thought it was right.

Only the atmosphere of the store and the signboard have changed.

One person who checked the signboard raised his voice at first.

“I told you! It is said that the guild leader came from a commoner family called Los Medici.”

Then, another person who judged that he could not be convinced by the shop sign alone immediately protested.

“What are you talking about! It must be a noble family I have never heard of, or it must be a fallen noble family.”

“Are you still insisting that you are from a commoner’s family? So have you ever heard of a family called Los Medici? I’m crying hard because I haven’t even heard of it.”

“Be quiet for now. Just go inside and ask.”

After fighting until the end, the two finally entered the store and met the new owner of the store.

“What did you come here for? The store is not open yet.”

Then Rockefeller asked them again if he remembered something.

“Perhaps… … Did you come to the store after seeing a job advertisement?”

When Rockefeller, who was busy cleaning up the store, asked in his rolled up sleeves, one of the two came up and asked him carefully.

“there… … I heard that the guild leader has changed recently. that… … Is a place called Los Medici a commoner family as rumored? Or is it a little-known aristocratic family?”

they didn’t know

The young man named Rockefeller, who is busy with packing things now, would be the new guild leader.

They only thought that the Rockefeller they encountered was his hired assistant, not the new guild leader.

Rockefeller then smiled and answered their questions.

“This is the third question I am asked today. The Los Medici family you mentioned has always been a commoner family.”

Then, one of the two who came, was happy.

“Look! am i right? I’m right! As rumored, I was the guild leader here from a commoner family called Los Medici.”

“under… … Does that make sense? This place has been in charge of the Lyon family from generation to generation. Someone from commoners that I’ve never heard of anywhere… … under… … .”

With a long sigh, he was tasting a deep sense of defeat.

The triumphant one asked Rockefeller something else.

“But where is the new guild chief?”

He looked over Rockefeller’s shoulder and asked, and Rockefeller replied with a smile.

“That’s me.”

“a? What did you just say… … .”

“I am the new guild leader, Rockefeller Ross Medic.”

Then the two of them could not hide their surprised expressions.

Such a blue young man is the head of the entire Lyon Guild!

“how… … .”

“I don’t understand. How could such a young man be the guild leader?”

“I know. So do i.”

Just in case, one of the two asked again.

“It’s not a lie, is it?”

When asked in doubt, Rockefeller simply replied with a smile.

“A lot of people don’t believe it. I understand too. It’s because I’m a bit young.”

“How at that age… … Excuse me, but how old are you?”

Perhaps because I was too young, Rockefeller was reluctant to reveal my age.

It was quite surprising that he became the head of a group at the age of less than 20.

“You are still young. That’s all you need to know.”

“Isn’t that a lie?”

“What is a lie? It’s all true. I am the new guild leader, and I took over this store as of yesterday.”

“Then what happened to the former guild leader?”

“I do not know. I only know that you are at home. You must have felt betrayed.”

“A home?”

Someone else suddenly intervened.

“I got cut from the guild leader’s seat, so it’s okay. it would be like me Where can I go?”

The former guild leader, Benjamin de Lyon, was shocked by the guild members who voted in favor of his being expelled from the guild meeting, so immediately after the meeting, he went into a state of absence.

Rockefeller went to visit Benjamin to take over the guild headquarters, but Benjamin, who did not want to see Rockefeller, gave only the key to the store through a servant.

“Anyway, yes.”

When the two passers-by, who had now finished their chores, were about to leave the store, Rockefeller wasn’t the one to let it go.

“By the way, did you two come here just out of curiosity?”

At that question, two passers-by, who were walking out of the store, turned their heads again.

“Yes, what do you want to say?”

“Now that you are here, talk to me. It’s still not the way the store looks, so it’s a bit like that to receive customers. Still, banco work is possible.”

I asked Rockefeller what he was wondering if either of them remembered something.

“Come to think of it, the sign for the store here said Bank, not Banco. Isn’t this spelled wrong?”

“Haha, that’s not it. In the future, all banco belonging to our Lyon Guild will be consolidated into one bank. Then it will be a completely different image from the existing Banco.”

“exactly… … How do you think it will change?”

“If the existing bancoes have lived through self-absorption without any connection with each other, from this point on, all bancoes belonging to the Lyon Guild will become one and be called the bank.”

Since it was the new guild leader’s words, the two began to shake their heads without questioning.

“That’s cool.”

“I think so too. Are the bancoes united into one? haha… … Terrible. So, can I pay back the gold coins I borrowed from another Banco here?”

It was a thoughtless statement, but the reply that came back was truly surprising.

“Yes, it is possible. In that sense, we become one.”

After speaking, Rockefeller asked again.

“by the way. Haven’t you heard this rumor lately?”

“What rumor are you talking about?”

“It’s a story about paying interest if you entrust us with gold coins in the future.”

Then the two of them started showing great interest in what Rockefeller had said.

They were not sure about the rumors they had heard, and they had been thinking about it for a long time.

“Is that for real? Are you really paying interest every month if you deposit gold coins here?”

“I was curious too. Is that real?”

Rockefeller gave a deep smile.

“Sure. Rumors are true. If you deposit gold coins in any bancor belonging to the Lyon Guild, we will give you 1% interest every month.”

“It was real. It was real.”

“No, what kind of money do you have in Banco to give interest to those who deposit gold coins?”

It was incomprehensible to them right now.

Originally, Banco had received a gold coin storage fee, so it was even more so.

‘Of course there is a reason. That’s why it’s beneficial to us.’

“We are also running various businesses with the money we have, so of course we will return the money we borrowed back to you. It’s simple when you think about it.”

The two passers-by, who knew nothing, were stunned at the sound of just paying interest.

“Do you think this is really good? So why not leave gold coins at home? It’s not safe, and it doesn’t charge interest.”

“You are right. If you leave it in the corner, who else would do more than steal? I’d rather leave it here.”

Rockefeller stabbed them again.

“Now that you have spoken, leave your gold coins here. If you use our store more than anywhere else, we will take care of you there instead of 1% interest every month.”

“No, is that really true?”

“Hey. Are you paying more interest?”

“Can I believe that?”

“No, this man. That person is the guild leader here. Then, of course, there is no need to doubt. is not it?”

he asked, looking at Rockefeller.

“There is no need for us to doubt, right?”

Rockefeller only smiled at that question.

“of course. We, like other Banco, consider trust and trust as our life. There is no problem, if you have gold coins, you can entrust them to me. It’s a part of paying interest, so I’m sure you won’t regret it.”

At Rockefeller’s words, the two immediately ran to their house, swept all the money they didn’t have, and came back to the Rockefeller shop.

Then he deposited the money and handed him something unexpected from Rockefeller.

“This… … What is it? It’s the first time I’ve seen it.”

It was the Goblin Dollar that Rockefeller gave him.

If only the amount deposited by the existing gold coin deposit (document of borrowing) was displayed, what Rockefeller gave me now was made to be easy to use like money because it has granular units like money.

Like 1 goblin dollar, 5 goblin dollars, 10 goblin dollars.

“It’s a goblin dollar. In the future, if you deposit your gold coins with Banco, a member of the Lyon Guild, you will receive a new currency called Goblin Dollars instead of the old gold certificate.”

“A new currency? So, is this money?”

“Hey. Seeing that the units are divided into small pieces, it looks like it can be used like money.”

“Then bring it here.”

Before he could ask, Rockefeller answered right away.

“I’ll give you back gold coins if you hit it right. In other words, from our point of view, we have converted the existing IOU into a form of money so that you can easily use it.”

“Oh, is this really novel?”

“Then you mean if I bring this, I will exchange it for gold here?”

“Yes, you can think of it as the same as the existing IOU. However, the difference from the existing ones is that it is divided into several units to make it easier to spend like money. If you entrust us with ten talents, we will give you ten goblin dollars back.”

Rockefeller continued.

“And if you suddenly need gold and give us ten goblin dollars, we will give you ten talents right away. There are no fees here, just convenience.”

do they know

Behind Rockefeller’s smile lies his own devil.

Then one questioned.

“No, then. These goblin dollars are like gold coins. What kind of idiot spends gold coins that are heavy and uncomfortable to carry over something so comfortable?”

Rockefeller just smiled at the question.

“That’s it. I would use goblin dollars as money instead of gold coins.”

Surprisingly, the two of them looked at the Goblin Dollars before leaving the store.

‘If the plan is complete, we will be able to print money out of nothing. After all, people don’t really know the details. We’re just talking about our stability and trust.’

Seeing these two, Rockefeller stood for a while and then began to move again to finish what he was doing.

How long has it been?

Another customer came to the Rockefeller store.

Long, curly silver hair and deep snow like a lake.

He was as young as Rockefeller, a handsome young man with distinct features and a sharp impression.

He looked up quietly at the newly changed shop sign.

There, there was a signboard for a new store called Bank of Los Medici, not the old Lyon Banco.

Seeing this, the unidentified young man with his eyes wide open went straight into the store.

As he entered the store, Rockefeller responded immediately.

“What did you come here for? The store isn’t ready yet, so it’s a bit cluttered.”

It was a customer who didn’t really fit in with the store.

Would you say that the person who came to visit is a person suitable for a host bar?

As Rockefeller looked at him, who was staring at him without saying a word, the other party continued to stare at him with deep, deep eyes.

Rockefeller asked again, just in case.

“Are you from any other place? You didn’t come from the Sinclair family, did you?”

Since I became the new guild leader, it was not possible for everyone to come to the store to be shoppers.

Since he is the head of one of the two banco alliances in the empire, there may be some rare guests.

What is certain is that no matter how the other person is wearing the clothes, the dignity and feeling of the human body does not deviate much from the nobility.

‘I don’t think he’s from the Sinclair family?’

Curly long silver hair and lake-like eyes.

and a great handsome man.

There was one character that just popped into Rockefeller’s head.

I just wasn’t sure.

“Or are you from somewhere else?”

As the questions continued, he did not want to reveal much about himself, but lifted up a flyer he was holding with his fingertips.

It was a job advertisement that said they were looking for a job.

“ah… … .”

After a brief sigh, Rockefeller asked again.

“Have you ever seen a job advertisement?”

As soon as the opponent nodded, Rockefeller responded.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have an assistant with someone who is not friendly. You have to smile and talk a lot to do this.”

Then the visitor smiled at Rockefeller for the first time.

He opened his mouth for the first time, smiling brightly with his white teeth exposed.

“If anyone wants it, we can fit it all.”

The cold impression he had had until now had gone away, and only a smiling young man remained in the seat.

The mood changed in an instant, and Rockefeller was able to solidify the idea he had from the beginning.

Beautiful silver hair and deep snow like a lake.

And the one with the face of a thousand (千).

‘Riccardo Ismail.’

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