The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 95

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 95

Episode 95 21. Guild Meeting #2 (10)


Well-known as one of the three most famous houses in the novel, this place was quite famous for its murders and assassinations.

He was also a strong supporter of the Black Label Union, one of the two banco alliances in the empire.

‘The headmaster will come directly to you.’

Ismail, who was notorious as a famous assassin in the past, was so powerful that he stood shoulder to shoulder with two famous families famous for swordsmanship and magic. After receiving it, its prestige has now become a place where it was not what it used to be.

‘If it’s Ricardo, I became the head of the headmaster at a young age when my predecessor died.’

Rockefeller, who was convinced that the person who came to him was the head of an assassination family, continued speaking with a hidden expression.

“Looking at you smiling, it’s not that bad.”

If he is the head of Ismail, then why did he come here?

Rockefeller could easily understand why.

‘Perhaps Black Label Union suffered damage from interest payments.’

Thousands of people were coming to Lyon to earn interest from depositing gold coins.

Some of them must have been dealing with Black Label Union in the past.

However, when they took the gold coins they had left and returned to Banco in Lyon, it became a problem, and it seemed that their patron, Ismail, came directly.

‘If that’s not the case, then why would you come to me? Even if you don’t know, if the head of that country is right, then I’d be right.’

There, the owner moved directly.

This meant that the matter was more sensitive than expected.

‘Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with being careful.’

“Do you know anything about goldsmithing or anything else?”

Ricardo Ismail.

He was the owner of an assassin, far from goldsmithing.

However, as his nickname, the face of a thousand, he was very talented, so he could easily learn and imitate anything.

What does a goldsmith do?

It wasn’t that difficult for him.

It’s not perfect, but it’s just imitation to some extent, because it’s a piece of cake.


Rockefeller asked him again, giving him a short answer.

“How skilled are you?”

“It’s not perfect, but it won’t disappoint you.”

Rockefeller, who nodded lightly, stopped what he was doing and started moving to meet him.

‘First, let’s pretend to be deceived. After all, I didn’t come here with the intention of becoming a real assistant.’

“Let’s go upstairs first. What kind of tea do you like?”

The unidentified customer answered the question with a false smile.

“You can give it as you please.”

“Then herbal tea would be good. Wait a minute.”

I knew he wouldn’t drink anyway.

Rockefeller served tea as a courtesy and sat down with him.

“Come on, have a drink. It is best to drink tea before it cools down.”

Again, as Rockefeller had expected, he didn’t seem to mind the tea he served.

There’s a slim chance you’ve poisoned your car, but be careful anyway.

“I will drink tea slowly.”

Even Rockefeller had no intention of forcing it on such an opponent.

‘There must not be one or two opponents who poisoned in this way. After all, he has been doing this for a long time, but can he really drink tea served by others?’

Instead, I posed a formal question to him.

“I didn’t ask for your name. What is your name?”

“This is Thomas Martell. It’s commonplace.”

“Thomas… … Do you have any background in applying for this job?”

“Not much. I needed money, and I applied for this job because I was looking for people.”

“okay. Do you really need a big reason? If you need money, you can do this job.”

After that, very formal questions and answers began to come and go according to the hiring of assistants.

In fact, the question was meaningless to both of them, so even Rockefeller didn’t mean much to ask.


It was the opponent who struck first.

“I have heard that they give interest to the person who deposits the gold coins.”

“Yes, it is now forced by the guild code, and all bancoes belonging to the Lyon guild have agreed to pay interest.”

In response to Rockefeller’s answer, the other person softly narrowed his eyes and continued the conversation.

“Did you ever think that was wrong?”

“Wrong? In what way?”

“It’s about making money through it, which I agree with. Because the results prove it. But if it causes harm to people, will they stand still? I am asking about that.”

At those words, Rockefeller took on a worried face.

“People who have been affected do not stand still… … Did you mean by any chance the banco vendors belonging to the Black Label Union were in mind?”

“yes. I was saying this because I thought he would not stand still because he suffered damage.”

Rockefeller, who pretended to be troubled for a moment, smiled kindly and continued with the following words.

“Aren’t the worlds competing with each other anyway? If there is a good side, the bad side will inevitably be eliminated. This is the law of nature.”

The person who heard Rockefeller’s answer seemed to think for a moment, and then immediately asked the next question.

“Even if it’s natural, wouldn’t it be the case that the injured people hire contractors to trouble you? To some extent, they can even hire assassins from Ismail. It’s Black Label Union because we have a good relationship with them.”

What he said now was a kind of warning.

They are close friends with the assassin family, so be careful.

But Rockefeller had no bends at all.

He knew it was going to go his way anyway.

“That is a dangerous word. Of course, I think that’s enough. It’s a struggle for rights of adults because it can see blood differently from children’s playthings.”

As Rockefeller emphasized, one index finger was raised.

“But the flow of change has already begun. No matter what I do here, I will never be able to go back to the way it used to be, as the results have already been paid out.”

Rockefeller smiled again.

“The guild members here have tasted money, can they really go back to the past? I find it difficult.”

Rockefeller had a point.

Just looking at the current atmosphere, the effect of the interest payment according to the deposit of gold coins was enormous.

Almost all the gold coins in the Empire were being sucked into Lyon.

So, it seemed very difficult for the guild members who saw the effect to go back to the past when they did not pay interest on deposits.

“We are also supported by the Sinclair family. If I were to be assassinated, I would not stand still for the Sinclairs. Banco vendors in Lyon Banco will also demand an investigation, and if that happens, the Ismail family or the Black Label Union side may be suspected and harmed. What do you think about this?”

There was nothing wrong, so the young man who introduced himself as Thomas shook his head lightly.

“That’s right. This place and you are protected by the Sinclairs, so they won’t be able to move as easily as you said.”

“Even if you move, you will have to be prepared for your own damage.”

Then Thomas, a young man with a dark expression on his face, delivered a terrifying word.

“But I know Ismail is not afraid of retaliation. The opponent they aim for will die one way or another. So they are scary.”

Rockefeller also began to shake his head to see if he agreed.

“I heard that too. So I have no intention of pretending to be vague with them.”

After all, this seat was prepared in the sense of whether the Ismail family would kill or save Rockefeller.

Knowing this well, Rockefeller also began to bring out the words he had prepared before.

“I have no intention of ignoring the Sinclairs just because they are now protected. Who are they? It is one of the three most famous houses in the Empire. No one survived being stamped by them. This is a fact that everyone knows, so I won’t say it.”

“So what do you think?”

The atmosphere was somehow chilly.

I feel like I’m going to lose my job if I play the wrong tongue.

But even in the face of such threats, Rockefeller’s words were unstoppable.

“I intend to give them a reason not to harm me. Isn’t it all about interest? So, I plan to provide the revival of the family, which is their wish.”

Ismail was a place with a lower prestige than before due to problems related to pagans in the past.

So, more than anywhere else, a place where you want the revival of your family.

It was there that Rockefeller offered a carrot that he would never refuse.

“In what way?”

“I plan to work with them to push the second prince away.”

Christian Ismail.

As the second prince of the Empire, he came from the Ismail family.

Thomas looked slightly surprised when Rockefeller offered to support the second prince.

That was because it was completely unexpected.

“The Sinclair family is watching you, so you’re going to support the second prince?”

“Yes, this is a secret story between us. I intend to do that.”

Thomas asked again with a look of disbelief.

“I don’t know why. Is there any reason to push the second prince away just because Ismail is noticing?”

Of course, if you do not know the result, you should never do stupid things to push the second prince.

The most likely candidate for the Crown War was the 1st Prince, and if not, it was common sense to stick to the 3rd Prince.

But things didn’t just go as expected.

‘Especially in the position where the main character is placed.’

protagonist in the novel.

His name is Lee Han.

He had a very close relationship with the second prince.

So, overturning all the circumstances, the second prince will eventually win the war for the crown.

‘So that’s why I’m sticking with it. And how did this happen to my legs.’

“I heard about a man named Lee Han. Even if others ignore him, I don’t look down on him. As long as he is there, His Majesty the Second Prince will not be defeated easily. Maybe we will win the crown war. So, I plan to secretly help His Majesty the Second Prince without the Sinclair family knowing.”

Thomas narrowed his eyes gently.

“It’s kind of surprising that you know about Lee Han.”

“When you are here, you hear a lot of rumors here and there. Lee Han, he’s a very interesting person. I don’t know why, but I’m also watching Lee Han. But how do you know about Lee Han?”

“I also heard rumors.”

“It’s a rumor… … .”

With the same excuse, Rockefeller had nothing to say.

“Anyway, I intend to dodge their threats in this way. Come to think of it, I may have to meet them sooner or later. Because I have only one life, so I have to be careful.”

A young man who introduced himself as Thomas.

Ricardo Ismail was here today and could decide whether to save him or kill him.

Before coming here, I had met a former guild leader named Benjamin, and the young man named Rockefeller whom I met here was completely different from what he was talking about.

‘Contrary to what I thought, there were other people who didn’t need it.’

Those who told lies for their own sake did not end well.

This was especially true of those who were associated with Ismail.

“I know Ismail has a lot of ears here and there. If you’ve ever thought about it, Ismail must know it.”

Rockefeller smirked at that.

“I haven’t even told them yet, how can they know?”

“I don’t know that either. But the rumored ones probably know, right?”

“Hmm… … Still, I’ll have to get in touch. A lot of thoughts came to mind when I met you, who came to become an assistant. No matter how good money is, nothing can be better than a person’s life.”

The silver-haired man who came here to become an assistant left the store after having a meaningless chat with Rockefeller.

Recalling the departed Ismail Family, Rockefeller stood up and narrowed his eyes.

‘I’m Ricardo Ismail… … You’ll see the head of the famous assassin’s house here.’

Seeing that he was still alive, he seemed to have escaped the Ismail threat.

They were the ones who didn’t have much hesitation.

‘Maybe it would be better to have the author as an assistant.’


“Because I am a person who must live unconditionally from their point of view.”

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