The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 96

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 96

96 Episode 22. Goblin Dollar (4)

When Rockefeller was thinking like that.

Ricardo, who had already escaped the ghetto Nuovo, decided to meet a few more people to get more information.

All of them were people related to the Lyon Guild.

so time goes by

The last place he visited was one of the most prestigious mansions in Lyon.

Ricardo, who went to the owner of the place without anyone knowing, threw a word at Benjamin, who was sitting in the study with a look of nervousness.

“I have come to meet the one who spoke.”

Benjamin responded with a surprised expression, as only a voice came out without any pretense of popularity.

“It’s a surprise! No, how did you get in? You were cold!”

Benjamin, who wiped his surprised chest several times, turned his head toward the sound.

But no one was there.

“What, what? Where are you now? Where are you talking about?”

Ricardo seemed unwilling to show himself to him.

“It was a little different from what you said.”

“Is it different? No, what is the difference?”

Although Ricardo was nowhere to be seen, Benjamin, who remembered him when he had come before him, continued.

“Look. young friend.”

A chilling feeling ran through his spine, but Benjamin, who was struggling to shake it off, continued his next words with an expressionless expression.

“It sounds like you don’t know. He is of no help to you.”

This was Benjamin’s original plan.

If the Ismail family moves due to the interest on deposits, let’s get in touch with them secretly and get rid of a young man named Rockefeller.

Even on Ismail’s side, he thought that Rockefeller would be a thorn in his eyes.

“Who is being hurt now by paying interest on deposits needlessly? Wasn’t it the Black Label Union that supported you until now?”

“That’s right. Because of that, Black Label Union is suffering a lot of damage.”

At those words, Benjamin’s lips curled long.

“okay! That’s right. But did you leave him alone? How did you do it? did you deal with it? If it were you of the rumors, you would annihilate the opponent like a ghost.”

Ricardo responded with a cold expression to him, who had a strong look of anticipation.

“no. I just let it go.”

“What? You just let it go?”

Benjamin’s expression was incomprehensible.

“Why did you leave it alone? I don’t understand? Was there any reason to keep him alive?”

“You have a lot of questions. This time I will ask.”

Benjamin, who had become uneasy for some reason, swallowed his saliva in his throat without realizing it.

“What are you going to ask?”

“Tell me. He said that we do not need him at all.”

“right. no need Isn’t that normal? You’re not saying that because you don’t know where you stand right now, are you?”

“I heard that you also attended a guild meeting.”

“Guild meeting?”

“The guild meeting this time around.”

“Of course I am attending… … I did.”

“Then you must have heard what he said there.”

Benjamin nodded, rolling his eyes to and fro in the room alone.

“What did I hear? Rather, why don’t you show up? First, come and see me. Do I keep getting anxious because I talk out of sight?”

Behind him, sitting in his study, was Ricardo standing with a creepy look.

His expression was just infinitely cold.

“If you had listened to what he said at the meeting, you would have known his words that he would push out the Second Prince during the Crown War, right?”

“That’s it… … .”

Benjamin, startled, quickly turned his head to look behind him.

But there is nothing but silence.

“… … .”

After being silent for a moment, Benjamin noticed the presence of a cold sweat running down his temple.

Something… … The feeling was very unsettling.

‘This is dangerous.’

The opponent was from the Ismail side.

If it does, it will be cleaned up without even a mouse or a bird.

the moment I felt it.

Benjamin flashed from his seat! I got up and started screaming outside.

“Hey! thing… … .”

At that moment, Ricardo, who grabbed Benjamin’s back and covered his mouth, slowly brought a dagger to his neck.

Benjamin, startled by the cold metal feeling on his neck, stiffened in a standing position, and Ricardo put his mouth to his ear and spoke softly.

“Shh, there are people outside, so you shouldn’t be noisy.”

After Benjamin nodded several times, Ricardo, who sat him down, began to speak unilaterally.

“If we had made a one-sided request, this would not have happened. I would have understood then.”

Benjamin’s eyes widened as he swallowed dry saliva through his throat.

I don’t know why, but it felt like a grim reaper was coming in front of me.

“But if it’s like this, we’re in trouble. The sin of trying to deceive us for your own personal gain. That guilt is never light.”

Benjamin, who was about to scream to live even though his mouth was blocked, tried to make a move, but his body did not listen for some reason.

Then I felt a sudden loss of strength from my body.

Eyelids are too heavy

As he slowly lost consciousness, Ricardo slowly released his closed mouth.

“And it seems like it will only cause trouble if you keep it alive. You are the one who needs neither me nor you. Please quietly leave our job.”

With those words, Benjamin’s eyelids closed completely.

* * *

Unexpected news has arrived in Lyon, which is bustling with foreigners coming in like a high tide.

It was the suicide of Benjamin, the former guild leader of the Lyon Guild.

Benjamin, who was recently kicked out of the guild leader position, could not overcome the shame and committed suicide by hanging himself in the study.

There was even a handwritten suicide note, so no one questioned Benjamin’s suicide.

The reason was obvious, and there was even a will, so who would doubt it?

But Rockefeller was different.

Rockefeller was in a strange state when he heard the news inside the store.

Because he knew better than anyone that it wasn’t suicide.

‘Did he take care of it?’

At this moment, Rockefeller could remember the mysterious assistant who had come to him.

He was a pretty cute young man with curly silver hair.

‘It could be. Because the headmaster himself moved.’

After all, Ismail was a terrifying place to be the assassin’s master.

Because they were the ones who easily killed or saved people depending on the need.

‘It seems that he decided that I was more valuable than him. If it wasn’t for that, it would have been me who would have committed suicide.’

The word of pushing the second prince in the coming crown war sounded very sweet from Ismail’s side.

If not, would they have any reason to let them go for doing damage to the Black Label Union?

‘Of course not.’

When you’ve finished thinking like that, and you’re back to work.

An unwelcome guest came.

“You are here again.”

Someone said it was the same person who had come to become an assistant last time.

The head of Ismail, who introduced himself as Thomas Martell.

It was Ricardo.

“Yes, there are still job advertisements posted outside. I came back just in case. Did you find someone to work with?”

Others besides Ricardo came to study under Rockefeller, but none of them liked Rockefeller.

Ricardo was the same, but seeing that he came twice, he seemed to have a purpose.

‘Is it possible that I came here to monitor whether or not I would really support the Second Prince in the War of the Crown?’

I had a thought like that, but at the same time, I also had this thought.

‘No, why is the headmaster himself trying to monitor me?’

That was the question.

Normally, you would have someone below you do it.

Even though Isa was the head of the household, Iza was going out directly.

Was the Crown War that important?

‘Was the Crown War so important?’

“no. Haven’t been able to find it yet. I’m a bit picky when it comes to looking at people.”

Rockefeller thought for a moment.

Whether to make a rough excuse and send him back or accept it as it is.

‘It’s not like I can send it back if I want to. Somehow it will linger around me.’

Governor Lee Wang.

Rockefeller thought for a moment about having him by his side.

‘If you think well, it might be safer to have the author by my side. There will be a lot of people who will threaten me in the upcoming Crown War.’

Those who hold a grudge against them secretly send assassins?

It would be like spending a day in a tiger’s den.

That thought brought a smile to Rockefeller’s lips.

“Would you like to try it? I don’t think a better candidate will appear just because we wait longer.”

Then Ricardo also responded with a happy expression.

“If you give me a chance, I will work really hard.”

“It’s okay to learn slowly. First of all, I have someone to meet today, so please follow me.”

just had something to do.

Rockefeller went out of the store with the assistant he had just hired.

The assistant, who was suddenly dragged out of the store at the same time as the recruitment, expressed doubts.

“Where are you going all of a sudden?”

This was something Rockefeller could do alone.

But why not bring the greatest bodyguard of all time?

“I have someone to meet today. Do you know anything about Count Frank?”

Count Frank.

He was the developer of the Manastone Tank.

“I’ve heard of the name.”

“I am a Manastone Tank developer. I heard that the situation at the factory has been very bad lately.”

“Is there a reason why you are in a bad situation and that you are looking for it?”

Can you see him as an assistant?

In any case, Rockefeller, who came to me on my own feet, thought it was okay to tell me about it, and answered the question.

“The problem is that they don’t have money. To run a factory, you have to pay research and labor costs. If you can’t afford it, the factory won’t run. We’re going to come to fix it.”

“Why don’t you just help out for free?”


The Empire’s only firepower weapon against the monster weapons of other races.

There was no weapon as important in war as the Manastone Tank.

‘The Manastone Tank is important in many ways. Even for the sake of the war of gold and veins that will come soon.’

“Instead of helping you, I will ask for your share. Then, like Count Frank, you will become the owner of the Manastone Tank.”

Unlike Rockefeller, who was aware of the results of the Manastone Tank, Ricardo, who had heard bad news about the Manastone Tank, showed a slightly skeptical attitude.

“Aren’t you spending your money somewhere else? I’ve heard about the Manastone Tank, but I’ve heard it’s almost like a chunk of scrap metal.”

“It must be now. But if development goes well, no one knows what will happen later.”

“Yes, but the rumors are so bad.”

“You will find out later. It’s us anyway.”

Rockefeller smiled softly.

“I have a lot of money, so I have no regrets if I spend it on such a place. Even if it fails, that’s okay.”

have a lot of money?

Of course, as the head of the Lyon Guild, it could not be wrong.

“But it will cost you quite a bit more than you think, right? I heard that the cost of the mana stones that go there is quite a lot.”

Rockefeller responded with a confident pitch.

“I can afford it all. because? We have this.”

As Rockefeller pulled a goblin dollar out of his pocket, Ricardo gently narrowed his eyes.

Recently in Lyon, that strange paper currency was being used like money.

Gold and silver coins slowly disappeared because of that convenient paper money.

‘In the past, IOUs issued by Banco were traded like money to some people, but they were not widely used as they are now. But after the author became the guild leader, things changed completely. They’re all using Goblin Dollars.’

The goblin dollar, replacing gold coins, was spreading through the empire at a really frightening rate.

They can be exchanged for gold coins as much as the Goblin Dollars they brought anyway, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem anywhere.

Exactly, I didn’t know why, so I left it alone.

‘I’ve heard stories of borrowing documents with missing gold coins… … Maybe it’s an extension of that?’

It had nothing to do with me, though.

Still, I had that thought.

This guy named Rockefeller with him may be deceiving the whole empire.

‘Maybe someone with more terrifying thoughts than it looks.’

“What about that?”

When asked about the goblin dollars Ricardo had pulled out, Rockefeller still had a smile on his face.

“No matter how much Count Frank wants.”

If you were to lend gold coins, there would be a limit.

Anyway, the gold coins I had were limited.

However, there was no limit to the Goblin Dollars issued as collateral.

As much as the other person wants, just take a picture and give it to them.

That was the fear of the Goblin Dollar.

‘The real Show me the money.’

“All you have to do is replace it with this. Because this is the magic we have.

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