The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 97

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 97

97 Episode 22. Goblin Dollar (5)

Ricardo questioned those words.

“I’m hearing that you’re making money out of nothing and giving it to Count Frank, am I right?”

The opponent was the head of one of the three great families of the Empire called Ismail.

And an assistant who will help me with my work for the time being.

There was no need to hide what had already been publicly talked about at the guild meeting, so Rockefeller answered with a smile.

“It’s roughly right. So that’s what I said.”

Ricardo couldn’t hide his surprise.

Printing money out of the air.

Even while deceiving everyone.

‘I was right. I was going to help Count Frank by making the money I didn’t have.’

“Then there won’t be any problems at all?”

Ricardo’s financial knowledge was slightly better than that of the average person.

So it was not easy to predict the consequences of what Rockefeller was doing.

Because he lacked financial knowledge for that.

Rockefeller burst out laughing at that question.

“ha ha ha! Of course there is. If you print money you don’t have and sprinkle it on the market, how can there be no problem?”

“What kind of problem is there?”

“Are you curious?”

“Yes, a little.”

Rockefeller, who touched my chin for a moment, smiled and told me what he was curious about.

“If you remember the changes that have taken place in the Empire after the Fire Wars, you will probably get the answers you want.”

When the Flame War broke out, the Imperial Family created Bastard Talents to cover the scarce war funds.

They could not print the money they wanted with only gold, so they mixed copper with it to create false gold coins.

And the result was an increase in market prices.

“no way… … Are market prices going up?”

“In simple terms, yes. Before the Flame Wars, 1 talent was required to purchase an iron sword at the forge. However, after the flame war ended, the price of the iron sword rose more than before due to the bastard talents circulating in the market. Do you know why?”

“no. I don’t know the details.”

Rockefeller continued.

“The actual value of the iron sword was fixed with one pure talent, but as copper was mixed with the talent, the value of the talent decreased relative to that of the iron sword. So, how will the two change in order to become equal in value? The value of the iron sword was fixed.”

“That will require more talents. If it was pure talent, there would be no problem, but it is not.”

“you’re right. So the overall market price has risen. As the Bastard Talent was printed, prices also rose in line with the market equilibrium.”

Ricardo shook his head as if he understood.

“I know a little bit.”

“Simply put, the value of the talents you were using has dropped. And if I put this into my work, it’ll be easy to see what’s going to happen later.”

Ricardo nodded, thinking to himself.

‘The price is going to go up. Depending on how much the banco traders, including interest, deceived the Empire.’

“I have one question.”

Rockefeller did not avoid the question.

“Please feel free to ask.”

“If you keep going that way, there will be too many goblin dollars in the market. Wouldn’t that create a bigger problem than before? Still, I know that Bastard Talent has only 30 percent copper. But the goblin dollar is… … .”

Then Rockefeller shook his head.

“Even if there is a problem, it will not be to that extent. There is a limit to the number of goblin dollars that can be minted in the first place.”

“A limit?”

“Yes, there are limits.”

Rockefeller continued.

“The Goblin Dollar is an extension of our existing IOU. But this IOU must have some special paper made by the Sinclairs, not just printed out of any paper.”

“ah… … Then there will be limits.”

“The supply of that paper is, of course, limited. So there are limits.”

After that, Rockefeller showed a meaningful smile.

“And it is folding that monopolizes that paper. In the first place, all the paper used for the IOU is exclusively with the Sinclairs. With the authority of the guild chief.”

“That means goblin dollars… … .”

“I’m talking about monopoly. So it’s probably nothing to worry about. Did you just worry about that? There are a lot of banco traders like me, so what will happen if you randomly print Goblin Dollars? Wouldn’t the market price skyrocket too much?”

“yes… … To be honest, I was worried about that.”

“You don’t have to worry about that at all. In the first place, I had to give out that special paper so that other bancoes could print Goblin Dollars randomly. But they can’t print Goblin Dollars unless I give them the paper. I already have a monopoly.”

The more we talked, the more terrifying he became.

How can I control the supply of Goblin Dollars circulating in the market by myself?

“Even if you do that, it’s a problem, won’t it happen in the end?”

“Of course, there will be problems with the amount of goblin dollars I overdosed. We printed the value out of the air and diluted it with the actual value, but the price will go up. But since I’m in control, the problem is not going to show up right away, it’s going to show up very slowly.”

What followed was important.

“And that kind of problem will pass without a hitch due to public ignorance. And then they’ll think about it later. Why did the price keep going up?”

Rockefeller shook his head.

“There is nothing wrong with them. It is our fault for deceiving them.”

“Is it okay to deceive them?”

Rockefeller answered the question with a smile.

“The development of the Manastone Tank is good for everyone. Even at this time, dozens or hundreds of people are dying every day at the borders of the Empire due to friction with other powers. If the Manastone Tank is fully deployed in such a place, the sacrifice will of course be reduced.”

As Ricardo gently narrowed his eyes, Rockefeller continued the conversation.

“For the sake of the cause, the sacrifice of the public must be followed to some extent. Wasn’t it the same with the fire war? If Bastard Talent had not been born, the Empire would have been different from what it is today.”

“There are other ways to help with gold coins rather than goblin dollars.”

“What you say makes you wonder if the assistant I hired is the right one.”

“… … .”

As Ricardo hesitated, not knowing how to respond, Rockefeller gave a faint smile, softening the tense atmosphere for a moment.

“Money is what it is. It should never dry out. In that sense, I’m trying to help Count Frank with goblin dollars instead of gold coins. Goblin Dollars, our money never runs dry no matter how we spend it. But not gold coins. Gold coins are depleted the more you use them. It’s best to save on that.”

Rockefeller’s expression was quite serious.

“And one thing to keep in mind. If you want to do this with me, you will have to completely change the way you think. Will you stand on the side of the public and represent their views? Or deceive them and join me.”

I knew he was the head of the Assassin’s House, though.

Rockefeller played it perfectly, as if he didn’t know it.

“Will you reign over them?”

There was only one thing Ricardo thought of when he saw what Rockefeller looked like now.

‘Dangerous but beautiful sleep.’

He was also the head of Ismail, one of the three great families of the Empire.

Those who long for the word dominion more than anyone else.

If the emperor or other headmasters sitting on the throne tried to rule over the masses with only their seat and power.

Even though he was just a commoner, Iza was trying to rule over them with something completely different.

Ricardo was feeling a lot right here.

‘It’s the first time I’ve ever met someone so attractive.’

To him, other people were just a piece of meat moving on two legs.

Those who kill out of necessity and live out of necessity are enough.

However, for the first time since birth, someone who wants to keep alive appeared.

Because his thoughts were so beautiful and powerful.

“I think I made a mistake. If my words have offended you, I sincerely ask for your forgiveness.”

“Not to that extent. But I want you to think differently from now on. This is what I want you to think from our standpoint, not the public.”

“I knew what Prince Rockefeller was thinking. I guess I was very ignorant.”

“Wait a moment. I am not yet an official noble. But a Rockefeller ball… … .”

“It is simply a matter of time. The imperial family will soon appoint you as the guild leader of Lyon. And I’m an assistant. It is only natural to show an example to you, the guild leader.”

It felt a bit awkward, but Rockefeller thought it was so, and moved on.

“Then do what you feel comfortable with. But it’s a bit confusing. Rockefeller ball… … .”

“You will soon get used to it. And you don’t have to respect me as an assistant.”

Then Rockefeller waved his hand.

“I’m comfortable with this, so I’ll do this for the time being.”

The two soon started moving again where they had stopped.


Ricardo suddenly had another question and asked Rockefeller.

“The goblin dollar you mentioned earlier. It just came to my mind, but wouldn’t this also be a problem if they just made commercially available paper instead of from the Sinclair family?”

It was a good enough idea.

But Rockefeller knew it was impossible, so he shook his head before answering.

“That is impossible.”


“At the beginning, Goblin Dollars were issued with gold coins as collateral, so if some banco traders ignore them and issue them randomly, there will be no gold coins left due to the return of Goblin Dollars.”

“Can’t it be exchanged for gold coins in a different banco instead of that banco?”

“The ability to identify counterfeit IOUs is something that every banco has. Even me.”

Rockefeller pulled out a magnifying glass from his pocket and looked at it.

It was a special identification artifact created by the Sinclair family.

“With this, there is no need to exchange false goblin dollars for gold.”

Ricardo shook his head.


“In my view, it is unlikely that the banco vendors in the guild will be making counterfeit Goblin Dollars. Rather, ignorant bastards will try to deceive us and everyone with counterfeit Goblin Dollars.”

“That would be a problem.”

Counterfeit Goblin Dollars have been a problem that Rockefeller has been thinking about since they first invented the Goblin Dollar.

“But there is a solution.”

Rockefeller was not here.

So the solution to the counterfeit Goblin Dollars could also be brought from there.

“Not right now, but if the goblin dollar becomes popular, we plan to solve all counterfeiting problems through the magic of blockchain.”


“You will probably hear it for the first time. I only know the concept. But with magic, I don’t think it will be too difficult to implement what I was thinking of.”

Completion of Goblin Dollars through Blockchain.

It was the ultimate currency Rockefeller wanted.

“And if it is done. You will no longer have to look at the Sinclairs in issuing Goblin Dollars. When that time comes, the paper woven with blockchain magic will be safer than the paper they gave out.”

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